my screen froze


“Give me a hug?”

Happy Hug Day everybody! o(〃^▽^〃)o

first time i’ve been happy that my screen froze

bonus: that single second we got to see diana smile cuz y’know appreciate the small things

anonymous asked:

i was scrolling thru this blog while going to the bathroom except that i slipped and my phone managed to land right into the toilet. if my screen had froze on some screenshot of anal safety snails i would have killed myself and came back just to haunt this blog

True shit post


My Candy Love Episode 34 with Armin

Note: at 25:51 in the video my Screen Video Recorder froze on me. The only thing missing is me going back in forth between the gym, courtyard and hallway trying to get the dialogue with Kentin to appear.  

J-Hope + V
J-Hope + V


* Everyone sorry for the delay- adding gifs my laptop screen froze! Thank you for requesting purpledonut8 and two lovely anons. Hope I done justice with this audio. > J-HOPE (right) and V (Left) < 



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