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There’s a difference between loving him right and letting him step all over you.
—  Love advices and schtuff #4 // lily rose.

@sir-scandalous, I finally get to draw chu, AAHH!! Ur persona’s so cute, I’mma cuddle u so hard!!! >:3c But, in all honesty, this is also a gift, for putting up with my depressive state this past year, including recently. I know of no one else that can do what you can and I am EXTREMELY grateful that you worry about me, (even tho technically it should be the other way around >:p) Anyways, yeah, thanks for putting up with this dragon demon’s stupid emotions ;p <3

Oh, for those reading this, follow him, PLZ!!!! He’s a way better artist than me, he deserves more followers!!^^

Okay, but au where Steven’s excited to bring Garnet to the Beach City Renaissance Fair for the first time.

What Steven doesn’t know is that they might meet a certain five-time world champion and a silver medalist, who happen to be Garnet’s favourite athletes.


Paint Splattered Stars in a mini paint can! 

This piece is a miniature paint can filled with around 280 origami, paint splattered stars! As you can see from the picture, it’s only about half as tall as a normal Converse shoe, and comes with a rainbow assortment of stars. Each star is handmade and hand paint splattered by me. This piece comes as is, with all of the stars inside- coming to a grand total of $15. Check out it and the rest of my schtuff on Etsy, as I do custom orders for almost anything!

Survive the Night (Music Box Version)
Survive the Night (Music Box Version)

After hearing MandoPony’s awesome song for FNAF 2: Survive the Night, I was like, “If I did a music box cover for the FNAF Song, then why not make a music box cover of this one?” So here it is, the music box version of Survive the Night! I didn’t include the verses because laziness kinda got to me…! But I hope you’ll enjoy this!

Original Version:


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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 © Scott Cawthon
Survive the Night © MandoPony