my school mascot is the indians so

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My school mascot is the 'Comanche Indian' and I want to know if there is anything I could do about this? It's a pretty small town in Texas (like maybe 4000 people) and the people in charge of the town are really stubborn old white guys who hate any change, right down to refusing to let new businesses in. We have no native american people living here and so there's no one to speak up against this. Any ideas??

Well my ma heads a committee, last I knew, for taking down local offensive mascots.

Start petitions, maybe educate the locals on how that is so wrong. I honestly have no idea because the basis has always been started around me for things like this.

@dearnonnatives any ideas?
Sign the Petition
Change Keller High School Mascot

here’s a clickable link from the ask i just reblogged! it would mean the world to me if you guys could sign and share, as there’s a pretty master counter-petition with SO MUCH support it infuriates me. 

long story short, my high school’s mascot is an indian. our cheerleaders dress in native costuming. our mascot (a white girl) wears a war bonnet. none of this is okay. for all the talk i heard in high school about being considerate and respectful, the administration certainly isn’t taking this seriously. i’m incredibly disappointed in them. 

hopefully we can get enough support to enact change. thanks so much in advance <3