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He's Not Mine (G.D) The Finale

I shut my locker after tossing out another batch of post-it notes from my locker into the garage. As I walked through the hallways stares flew in my direction and I shifted awkwardly in my stance. “You think she’s pregnant?” A girls voice could be heard from behind me and I freaked out. Running into the girls bathroom. I lifted up my shirt and stared at my stomach. Grayson told me I wasn’t showing at all so I should be fine for a while. Although I doubted him, there was the tiniest bump on my stomach that was barely noticeable. I smiled at the reflection and ran a hand over my stomach lovingly. God, I was falling in love with my family already. At least I’m not a teenage even though 20 isn’t that far from being a teen, things could be worse. At least Grayson and I are financially stable enough to raise a child together, we both have a home, and we both love eachother. That’s all our child needs.
I emerged from the bathroom and it was like all the whispers behind my back became louder. “She was probably fucked in there.”
A guy said to another guy. “Sure it wasn’t Dolan? I heard he was hittin it.” His friend said. “Ethan Dolan? Or Grayson? I wouldn’t be surprised, she probably fucked both of them.” He laughed along with his friends and I bit back my tears. Suddenly my head started hurting.

“I have to go.”
“Sup Man-stealer.”
“Just a whore who steals her bestfriends boyfriend”
“What a bitch.”

Every mean thing that someone has said to me these last few weeks rang through my head constantly. It hurt. I clutched my head as I stumbled into the wall, sliding down it while tears streamed down my face. “Yo, that’s Dolan’s girl.” A boy besides me pointed out. “Yeah, no shit. Someone get help!” A girl shouted. My breathing got quicker and the whole room was spinning. Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Y/N!” I heard Grayson exclaim. He ran to my side and held me in his arms, rocking me back and forth soothingly. “Shhh, baby. Shhh you’re having a panic attack. You need to calm down.” Grayson whispered as I clutched his shirt tightly. Great, as if this school knew enough about me, now I’m having a full fledged freak out in the middle of the hallway for everyone to see. “Why the fuck are you here if you’re not even helping?!” Grayson shouted at everyone and the crowds dispersed. Soon it was just us, sitting in the deserted hallways. My breathing had calmed down and I was clutching Grayson more softer than before. Grayson caught my tears with his thumb before they soaked my shirt and held me close. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. “Don’t be.” He muttered and rubbed my back soothingly. I was able to regain my composure after a few minutes of us just sitting there. I didn’t want to go home because that would have made me look weak, even though Grayson insisted that it was fine. I assured him that I’d finish the rest of my classes for the day. He was reluctant, but after seeing my determined expression, agreed to walk me to my next class.

Later on…

I walked into class and sat down in the closest seat to the door. It was my last class of the day and I was ready to get the hell of of here. Everywhere I went, people where talking about me. It was honestly getting annoying now. Suddenly Y/BFF/N stormed in and tossed a piece of paper at me. “Tell me. Tell me. It isn’t true.” She growled. “I-”
“Shut up! Read it!” She hissed. I opened my mouth to speak but hesitated once I opened up the piece of paper.

In scribbled writing was the words:
Dear, Y/BFF/N

Oh poor you. First you boyfriend cheats on you with your bestfriend, then leaves you for you bestfriend. And now, he’s having a baby with your bestfriend! They would be the perfect family, don’t you think?

My mouth fell agape and I met Y/BFF/N’s fuming eyes. I crumpled up the piece of paper and felt my throat go dry. Who was out to get me? What did I do that was so cruel? What did Grayson do?
“So are you gonna apologize again? Tell me how DEEPLY sorry you are and that you were never out to hurt me?” She exclaimed. I swallowed back my tears and met her stare. “Cuz it’s bullshit. If you weren’t out to hurt me you would’ve called it off! How many times did he make love to you and then come over to fuck me? How many times did you guys actually fuck?!” Y/BFF/N scoffed. I felt the pain in that one, it was true. If I cared for her I would’ve stopped it. But trust me I tried, I really did.
Sure and how well did that work Y/N?
I mentally slapped myself and groaned. No. She’s just trying to make me feel guilty and I’m so done. So done apologizing and taking all the shit everyone’s been giving me for the past two weeks.

I stood up from my seat abruptly and narrowed my eyes at her. As if on cue Grayson walked in, Ethan, Aaron and Jack pilling in behind him. “You know what Y/BFF/N? You’re right. I’m not sorry. I don’t care. I wouldn’t go back to change anything because of I did I wouldn’t have a baby, and I wouldn’t have Grayson. And that’s all I need now. I’ve been doing a hell of a good job without you and all the hate you and your friends have been sending my way. So you could go do yourself and remove that stick stuck up your ass because it’s over. It’s been two weeks since Grayson cheated on you and we’ve all moved on from that picture incident.” I said angrily. Y/BFF/N blinked back her tears and nodded. “I just wished you told me.” She whispered. I nodded, “I wish I did too.”
“Im really sorry Y/BFF/N.” Grayson spoke up, the first time in minutes, surprising both of us.
Y/BFF/N nodded, smiling weakly as she watched Grayson slipped his hand around my waist as I leaned into him. The students all began to leave the classroom since the professor obviously wasn’t here, and they had better things to do than watch a soap opera in the middle of a class.
Another moment past, and the we all found the awkwardness to grow by the second.
“So, you are pregnant?”

I inhaled and shaky breath and nodded, bringing hand to my stomach before looking at Grayson. “Yup.”
“You guys make a cute couple.” Y/BFF/N said sincerely, and walked out of the classroom.
The door closed quietly, and we were left in the dark, quite classroom.
Grayson tightened his grip on my waist and I found myself smiling like an idiot. “I love you.” He whispered in my ear which made my insides melt.
“I love you too.” I replied, and rested my head against his chest. “I thought she was gonna kill me.”
I felt the vibration of his chest as he laughed, “Right. Cause shes so deadly.”
I lifted my head, and playfully glared at him. “You did not see the look on her face. Her eyes literally turned into slits.” He laughed and bit his lip before looking down at me.
Before I could question him, he bent down to press his lips onto mine. God, those lips..
I smiled when I realized they were all mine. Nobody else’s. Just mine. HE was mine

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