my scans

James Wilby as Maurice Hall & Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder in Maurice (James Ivory, 1987). 1800px of heartstopping beauty, not to mention the Edwardian menswear porn…

My new edit, my new scan, direct from a photographic print taken directly from from the negative. Please reblog – not repost, not recrop. Thank you. (The great thing about being able to scan the real thing is that there is no pixel limit.) Enjoy.

Ultra Jump ad for Di molto bene Minissimos for Josuke, Crazy Diamond, Koichi, Rohan, and… OKUYASU

We’d seen the Josuke one before (it comes out in September) but I confess, if the others were announced, I’d forgotten about them so Koichi and Okuyasu were a nice surprise.