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Star Wars: The Galactic Atlas

I’ll try and post scans when I get my scanner working, but for now I just wanted to summarise some key points of interest in the Galactic Atlas, which is a new Story Group-approved book:

- It features the first visual representation (that I’m aware of) of Brendol Hux, father of the much-beloved Armitage. He’s rather doughy and stern looking (you wouldn’t want to invite him to your Christmas party).

- It features a visual representation of Rae Sloane that is clearly a trace of Nikki Amuka-Bird in character as badass Jupiter Ascending character Captain Diomika Tsing. This pleases me.

- The description of Kylo is rather intriguing and, shall we say, diplomatically stated: “His Jedi training with Luke ended in tragedy when, seduced by the dark side, he betrayed the other students and was responsible for their destruction.” This is interesting because it represents a notable change from an earlier iteration of the Atlas (pictured), which provided the following account: “His Jedi training with Luke ended in tragedy when, seduced by the dark side, he and his Knights of Ren slew his fellow students.” The KOR have been eliminated, and there is no mention of Kylo killing his fellow students. This, as far as I’m concerned, is strong evidence in favour of the destruction involving Luke’s students turning on him, rather than the students themselves being massacred.

- Apparently, Kylo was trying to turn Rey to the dark side when he interrogated her. Suffice to say he had a funny way of showing it!

- They finally nailed the timeline down - The Force Awakens happens 34 ABY, 30 years after Endor. That basically means Kylo is just 29 as of the film’s events (since Leia got pregnant right after the events of ROTJ).

* The Atlas is prefaced with a note explaining that the historical accuracy of everything in its pages is rather questionable. But it’s a very interesting and nicely produced book, nonetheless.


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Finally! A sort of proper new painting! I can’t get my scanner to work on my new computer, and it’s dark now but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to show it, so this is a not so ultimate photo… It’s nicer in real life!

“In the Gloom”
A3 size (29,7 x 42 cm / 11.7 x 16.5 “)