my scanner is awful

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I promised myself to draw my ’‘Everybody loves Tenma’’ but I was not able to and my friend @inazuma-sakka wanted to see my art so HERE IT IS.


Art inspired by these posts. Halloween event was one wild, long ride, and it was awesome.

Go look at @ask-danganronpa-students. Now. It’s CUTE.

Found this on reddit. Here’s what the artist had to say about this picture.

Britaniaj21 (artist)

Hello everyone! Im new here and would like to share this drawing i did of Lautrec of Carim and his goddess Fina. Please excuse the awful quality. My scanner could not scan the paper properly and i had to take a picture of it with my camera. It is 11'x14’, graphite on bristol board. I would love to hear your feedback if you have some!

I tried to draw the Red Tearstone Ring and Ring of Favor as recognizable as possible. The Ring of Favor is also the bangle Fina is wearing on her arm. I assume (if she had made an appearance in the game) she wouldnt have had her hair exposed, since many of the goddesses/woman are wearing veils and hoods, but i wanted to draw her soft and natural in contrast to Lautrec’s cold, hard exterior.

Sorry for the rant! I hope you enjoy :)



Quick sketches of the shadowhunters (main cast). 

also excuse the awful lightning, my scanner is broken so i had to take pics.

i feel like, i’ve finally found a style. idk. 

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Hand-drawn map of Westeros, which I did for George’s ( @mechanicalseasons ) birthday :) I wish I had a better quality photo but my phone camera is awful and I don’t have a scanner big enough so this will have to do. I reckon it could be the most detailed single map of Westeros in existence because I took the details from several different maps, none of which showed the entire area shown here :D