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Art by the lovely EvaKosmos ( @eva-kosmos)

“We’re okay down here… For now. But there is something wrong with this place, Joker. We need to find Shepard and get her the out of here and we need bac—“

“… Need what, buddy?” Joker paused as he shift his attention to the small console to his right giving the now blank scanner a double take as it pulse the emptiness around them. “Garrus… Mako…? Hello, is anyone there? Do you copy…” His voice wasn’t calm or collected; it was rushed, panicked and confused. “EDI, what just happened? My line just— there’s no way that’s right— what the shit is happening… This piece of crap scanner says we’re the only ones out here… Run some diagnostics, will y—”

“There is no need for such measures, the Normandy’s systems are all at peak functioning levels. The scanner is not malfunctioning, Mr. Moreau. The Normandy is the only vessel within a 1000 meter radius… it appears that the Rosalind has vanished.” EDI replied back in her smooth electronic voice.

“Vanished? What the— are you telling me it pulled a Houdini with our crew on board?” He slid his chair towards the bright blue ball EDI spoke from as he anxiously page Garrus for a fourth time.

“I understand your reference but I do not see its relevance, Mr. Moreau.” When EDI spoke this time her undertones were darker and she even seemed annoyed if that were possible, but as she continued her voice returned to that cool cathodic tone everyone was used to. “My readings exhibit that at the exact moment the Rosalind was untraceable by Normandy scanners, all connections with Team Mako were disabled simultaneously; Suggesting the Rosalind had instantly displaced itself and all those onboard.”

“You can’t just— that doesn’t just happen, EDI…” Joker’s voice was hurried as he turn back to his main console and began clicking away with a heavy sigh. What losing them meant, he wasn’t sure. But he really didn’t want to find out. “You’re telling me you really can’t read them? Any of them? No vitals- just… nothing?”

“I apologize, but I am unable to provide any valuable information.” EDI’s tone was low as she replied in disappointment.

“Looks like we’re screwed.” Joker straightened his hat as he tried calling Garrus once more. After a second he shoved his empty mug to the ground in frustration breaking it in two even pieces. “Damnit… Not again…”

“We will find them… Jeff.”

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Iceburn 30 day Challange

day 7 Meet the family

Elsa sat in her bed watching Hans poor the morning tea. He hummed something as he worked, though it wasn’t something that Elsa could put her finger on.

“My lady, are you going out with you sister today?” Hans asked still back facing her.

“Yes, your more than welcome to come with.” Elsa said sitting up more. It dawned on her that she had never met any of him family other than Andrew and was curious about them. “Hans?”

“Yes My Queen?”

Elsa rolled her eyes and smirked back at him. “Oh aren’t you cute.” She heard him chuckle back. “When will I get to meet YOUR family- I mean you have met mine… I would love to know more about yours.”

Hans started to shake at the thought of his family. What his brothers would to to her, what his father would say to her, or what his mother would say about her. He looked into the refection of the serving platter at himself- he had no family- even Sitron had been taken from him and brought back to the southern Isles.

But then the thought hit him- there was someone who loved him. He picked up the tray and walked over to Elsa sitting on her bed. “well my lady-” centering their faces in the reflective surface of the platter he introduced her. “this is my family.”

(sorry my scanner is a piece of crap)

Slow progression of a Steven Universe background study is complete. I’m happy, but my hand isn’t. Whoops. Gouache and watercolor on blue-tone Rives BFK print paper. I have a lot of small-size, pre-soaked pieces left from my print-making classes and I hate wasting good paper.

EDIT: side-note, I apologize for the terrible scan. It was too wide for my crap scanner, so I had to scan it in halves and photoshop them together @m@

aCTUALLY YOU KNOW WHAT let;s have a throwback from my heavily parapining days as muchtodoodleaboutnothing (r.i.p.)

i went through all the crap and picked out some of my favorite pieces from my days as a young idiot drawing crossover boys (and girls) in weird love

under the cut because whoa i drew these two (three) a lot, so come along and reminisce with me friends here we goooo

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