my scan no steal

regarding dgm ch225

hi, i just wanted to say that @starbudspresents will still be putting out the new dgm chapter! please consider checking out our release even if we finish later than other groups, as I am sure the chapter to come will have plenty of rich connotations that @panthaleia, @shinylyni, and @togaochi will share with us all! \o/

Ink, ink, and ink

Random detailed sketching a few years back when I was 17 ♢

G tech pen 0.3, scanned from my journal.

disclaimer: You may not use, steal, reproduce any of my art or photos for any financial or personal use without my consent. If you decide to do so, I. will. hunt. you. down. With that being clear, there is no harm in asking for permission and/or commissions. You are very much welcome to do so. That is all, thank you and have a good life. :)