my scalebabies


My cousin’s kids visited the farm today, and they wanted to hold all the snakes, so I let them hold (or at least touch) my three best scaled kids. The kids were not very good at holding snakes but they were very enthusiastic about it, and I think that definitely counts.

Probably the cutest thing was, after seeing me hold Isis (the BIG snake) over one shoulder (like you’re supposed to with big sneks), I brought out whitesnake (the tiny baby corn snake) and Jo immediately put her over one shoulder the same way. Of course, whitesnake is wiggly and turned herself into a necklace, but Jo tried.

(photos by @mamaspark)

A little snake related rant (or more like related to people who keep snakes):

There won’t be a million pictures of my scalebabies every day for one simple reason: I don’t want to permanently stress them out. Snakes are wild animals, they don’t like being touched and carried around all the time (even if some snake keepers seem to do that…) neither do they think it’s fun to roam around your room/apartment/house because the humidity and temperature outside their tanks/enclosures just isn’t right for most snakes! They also don’t like to cuddle and no, even if your snake lies close to you that is not cuddling! They are simply looking for warmth and it happens that we humans are pretty warm most of the time.

Especially after you fed your snake or when it’s going to shed: LEAVE IT ALONE. Please. You just cause unnecessary stress to your animal and that isn’t healthy at all.