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[150817] S. Coups Twitter Interaction with Fans

Intro Tweet: [17 Coups] Woozi left to record. Baton touch!

Fan: Seungcheol-ah~ *cries* I miss you, I almost died!  Are you all gathered together and recording now?
SC: Yes. *laughs* What we’re doing is a secret!

Fan: Would I be able to have a boyfriend like Oppa…before I die
SC: Of course, because you are pretty.

Fan: Oppa, if you’re going to go, please go to my heart. Ah, you’re already there, but can’t you come again?
SC: Settle down!!!

Fan: Oppa who’s always thankful *cries* please accept my heart ….
SC: Owned
(T/N: He’s like saying “you got me” or something like that.)

Fan: Ah, I’m hungry. I am dieting so I can look good when I meet Coups when the 2nd album comes out. I want to meet you looking pretty. I’ll look cool, wait for it.
SC: It’s OK even if you don’t diet.

Fan: Oppa, is it OK if I won’t get married and just wait for you?
SC: Wait for me. 

Fan: Oppa, in all honestly, you changed your hair color to black to drive me crazy, right? If so, you succeeded.
SC: Mission accomplished. 

Fan: Oppa, why is your skin that clear? As I was watching the music show, I got so surprised, I passed out. Share the information about your skin lotion.
SC: I don’t really use skin lotion….

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
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