my saturday kitchen

  • Pastry chef: I can bake anything. Just last week I had someone request a birthday cake topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni, and I made it without a problem.
  • Customer: Impressive, was it hard to pull off?
  • Pastry chef: No. In fact, it was a pizza cake!

Cutthroat Kitchen Drinking Game:

  1. Drink when someone says, “I look down at my basket and realize I forgot (insert crucial ingredient)”
  2. Drink when someone smells/flips through the stack of cash when they get it 
  3. Drink when someone introduces themselves as a “fusion” chef of some kind
  4. Drink when Alton says, “You can turn to your opponent and say, Hey…”
  5. Drink when someone bids more than $8,000 on something
  6. Drink when the judge says something is dry or over-cooked
  7. Drink when someone says, “Oh hell no, that’s not going to be me so I have to win this!” or any variation
  8. Drink when someone uses alcohol and it creates bright red flames (there’s a technical term for it but I can’t spell it… flambay?)
  9. Drink when Alton makes a face at the chef when he standing behind the judge when the judge is tasting
  10. Drink when the judge says something is raw or inedible 
  11. Drink when someone gets caught in the doors or doesn’t make it through the doors in time
  12. Drink when someone makes something “deconstructed” 
  13. Drink when someone says, “I make (insert dish) everyday/all the time so I got this” or any variation
  14. Drink when someone uses the ice cream machine


I miss the blissful ignorance of my childhood, the days before I knew house centipedes existed.


Mark Gatiss, on Saturday Kitchen (2008).

A special shout out to @enigmaticpenguinofdeath for providing the links to the downloads!! I’m making more gifs (this is all the first 5 minutes of a 98 minute video), as well as replacing any of my non-watermarked reaction gifs.

Feel free to use however you’d like, including as reaction gifs, etc, but I’d prefer you not remove the watermark!!

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