my saryn

I finished the lines and will now take a break.

My brother’s Saryn Prime in all her glory, plus hearts.
Like I said, the arms were the hardest part, but the leg tumor was challenging as well. There are still a few mistakes here and there, but I don’t care.

I wish the void would give me a Saryn Prime, but I guess it hates me.


I will post the finished work to deviantart first and here later, but it will probably take a bit longer, because my hand hurts.


I have finally finished my most glorious fan art ever. I present to you, SARYN PRIME!

I absolutely loved drawing this but I got caught on the Overwatch hype train and never finished this piece. But now I did it and I’m extremely relieved!

I took LOTS of liberties with Saryn’s design but I hope the result is similar enough to the game one hahaha

I drew my own Saryn with custom colors. (Magenta and Aqua Green yeahhhh!)

I used to play almost exclusively Nova Prime but when I got Saryn Prime I found a new love! I actually quite like the rework she got because she’s much more interesting to play now and still really strong.

I hope you will like this artwork of mine and give love to Saryn!

Art © Blueem

Warframe © Digital Extremes