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Being Best Friends with Benny Weir and Ethan Morgan Would Include...

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- Geeky star wars references all day

- Calling them E & B

- Being relived when Sarah comes into all of your lives because without her you would’ve gone crazy

- Helping Benny fix his screw ups while doing magic

“Okay I guarantee it’s going to work this time.”

“Whatever you say Benny.”

*you get hit with a bunch of pink magicy stuff*

“Y/N did you always have a tail?”

“A tai- What! BENNY!”

- Helping Ethan out when Jane starts getting too involved (making sure she isn’t scared for life) with the supernatural stuff.

- All those wild clean-ups in Ethan’s house before his parents get home.

- When Jesse hits on you they basically go into big-brother-protective-mode.

- When Rory jump-scares them, you basically karate chop him.

“Hey guys!”

*Ethan and Benny scream*

*You turn around and smack Rory*

“Oww, what was that for?!”

“Sorry Rory.”

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What kind of Spy would a typical Ravenclaw be? (Pls with pictures if possible) (i, love your blog pls keep up the good work 😍👌👍🙏)

This came at such a perfect time because I just rediscovered M.I. High (ikr what is this 2007?) so unless you’re british this will probably make zero sense but hey, you asked for spies so I’m going to take this opportunity. Also I’m going to talk about the other houses as well sorry I’m just reliving my childhood


The ultimate ravenclaw is Tom. He’s super smart, great at using his initiative, and would rather work as technical backup than risk getting his head blown off. Great at using his resources to creatively solve a problem and extremely adaptable. Also he’s hilarious

Rose is also an obvious choice for ravenclaw. Again she’s the nerd of the team. She has so much random knowledge just because she’s interested in learning pretty much anything. She also has a tendency to disregard other people’s feelings which I admit ravenclaws can be prone to doing


Keri. Her whole thing is that she uses her brain to learn other peoples moves and use them against their creator. That’s the most slytherin thing I’ve ever heard. Also she doesn’t always respond that well to criticism because it hurts her pride. Sassy af


Carrie is a total hufflepuff. She’s all about positivity and being a team player. She works super hard at everything and somehow manages to train to be a near-olympic gymnast whilst saving the world and going to school. how ??

Also zoe is a complete hufflepuff- her number one priority is always her friends and she’d do anything to protect them. She loves being a part of something 


Blane and Dan are both pretty similar and incredibly gryffindor. They’re both very hot headed and have a tendency to rush into a situation. They also have a knack for disobeying orders and definitely enjoy leadership roles. Make sure to look out for their friends but definitely have a soft spot for playing the hero

I’d also probably put Daisy in gryffindor. She’s incredibly social and also enjoys being a trend setter. She thrives on attention and being part of a community. Doesn’t want people to judge her based on her family and refuses to use that to her advantage


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