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do you think maybe the article was once again a ploy to get fans more invested and supportive of louis, like i've seen some people say that his lack of promo was to get the fans reeled in and way more involved than we should have to be.Loved reading your opinion on it!

Hola! And thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed this post that I made as my immediate reaction to that article. 

I had some time to think about this interview some more, and to consider what the general public takeaway was from it, and while I do stand by everything I said about it, I can’t argue that there hasn’t been a positive reaction to the article from The Guardian’s readership. I can’t help but imagine that everyone’s introduction to Louis Tomlinson renders them like

And then hearing his story has them like

But it’s really hard as fans to see something that you feel like aggressively underwhelms people when it comes to Louis’ talent and you wanna be all

If anyone talks about your fave in a way that doesn’t align with your personal views you’re bound to be like

But it’s hard when Louis is out there being all honest and you’re really proud of him because he’s such an incredible person

You just want everyone to be excited about his music as you are and know your’e gonna be blastin those tunes come the 28th of July

I think the best takeaway from this is that from the Guardian readership in the comments section to his fans, everyone is cheering for Louis Tomlinson


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