my sand dunes


2017.04.27 🚴 ½ hr Bike Ride

Got the morning bike ride in, although it actually went into afternoon, technically. As summer goes on, I probably need to really try to get this done in the morning hours, but I really like to wait until most everyone who is leaving for work is gone so I don’t have to try and watch people coming out of their driveways and such.

Anyway, I went over the very small bridge near my house today to see how that was and I think that’s probably the little bit of peak HR I worked up. I am definitely not ready for the big bridge. That would be death. haha!

I’m not sure this is really getting any easier, but I’m getting it done, at least, and hopefully turning it into a habit.

Also, at mile 80 on the PCH virtual race, which makes me 71% done with that one. 

The Clone Wars (2008) Anakin vs. Dooku

As I’ve mentioned so many times before, The Clone Wars animated series is one of my most cherished pieces of Star Wars media, and the movie that was made to start off the series is no exception.

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The Moon Remembers

I wonder if the moon yet remembers
that star filled night upon the sand
nervous giggles, respiration elevated 
then with a smile you took my hand

The sand dunes kept their silent vigil
over our deserted stretch of beach
we shared our farewell to innocence 
heaven was close enough to reach

All these years later holding you near
your eyes radiant in the evening light
yes the moon and I both remember 
basking in your love we beam tonight