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tfw your teammates don’t forget about you and love & appreciate you ;u;
happy birthday to my boy georgi, forget anya, you deserve happiness!!! 


(im just a few hours late, but still hbd!) 

we call my cat “one broom roo” because her name is roo and one is the number of brooms she is afraid of



The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black was one of the largest, oldest and wealthiest pure-blooded wizarding families in Britain, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Many wizarding families in Britain are distantly related to the House of Black. Their family motto, Toujours pur, translates to “Always Pure” The House of Black is synonymous with elevated status and wealth. The Black family tree is displayed in the drawing room of the family home at 12 Grimmauld Place in London, England on an intricate tapestry, as an ornate mural. It starts in the Middle Ages and shows the dominant line of the family up to the present day.

Black Wednesday

Hi precious 😊 yesterday was a beautiful day in Moscow. It was actually 16° can you believe it? So I spend a wonderful time in center. Walkin around Red Square, taking some pics, listening street musicians (note to myself-find a boy who plays cello) 😊 and now.. back to reality, wednesday, didn’t started so well. I couldn’t get up, so I missed the class. The cleaning lady’s came into my room and start yelling about something that is not even my fault. OK, through my eyes full of tears thinking about airport again😁 aand here comes a new roommate. I had more roommates than boys in my life. Am I a roommate slut? 😁 anyway, she’s from Czech and seems really sweet!
Stay tuned…

Did I mentioned that now is 1°???

like Trucy brings a boy home with her and theyre gonna sit on the couch and watch TV and stuff and Trucy specifically tells her father to stay out of the living room for the night and he’s like ok ok so right after the boy gets there Apollo shows up and just walks in the door and Trucy’s like “excuse me for a second” and she goes and finds Phoenix and shes like “FCUKSKDJDJJDJEF OF ALL NIGHTS WHY DID U PICK THIS ONE TO INVITE APOLLO OVER TO GO OVER A CASE” and Phoenix is like “its a really important one sweetie” but he’s trying rlly hard not to smile and finally Trucy is like fine whatever and goes back to the living room,, Apollo’s like “so Mr. Wright what case are we going over?? i didn’t know we had any right now” and Phoenix is like “we dont.” and he explains that Apollo is gonna have to be his spy to make sure this boy doesnt make any sudden movements if u know what i mean,, because Trucy only specifically said that Phoenix had to stay out of the living room
anyway i have a whole floor plan for the Wright apartment in my mind but they have like an open kitchen that opens into the living room so you can see the couch from back in the kitchen and the fridge is right at the edge of the kitchen so Apollo is at the refrigerator and he’s got the door open but he’s looking around it trying to be subtle but ofc Trucy sees him so she tells her date “let me go get us some drinks” and she goes in the kitchen and Apollo quickly ducks back around the refrigerator door and Trucy’s whisper yelling behind the fridge door so her date wont see like “WHAT 👏🏻 ARE 👏🏻 YOU 👏🏻 DOING 👏🏻” and Apollo’s like “im getting some juice” and Trucy gestures to the shelves of their fridge and she’s like “does it take you 5 minutes to realize that we dont have any juice” and Apollo looks and damn shes right theres no juice foiled again and she just shoos him out of the room
so then Phoenix and Apollo have to get more creative so theres a window right next to the TV thats mounted on the wall so the window almost directly faces the couch so Phoenix gives Apollo a walkie talkie and they go outside and Phoenix is like “you’re going to climb up that window, very discreetly look in, and tell me what you see using this walkie talkie. got it?” and Apollo agrees so he’s scaling the side of the agency building up to the apartment part and when he finally gets up there he peaks in the window and he gets his walkie talkie up there and he’s like “Mr. Wright Trucy has her head leaning on this kid’s shoulder,,, and they’re holding hands” and Phoenix is like “holy shit” so Apollo’s like “Mr. Wright thats all i see so,, how do i get down from here” and Phoenix kinda laughs and he’s like “i dont fucking know thats why i sent you up there” lmao neither of them are experienced in climbing
so Apollo has like a rope and harness and everything on so they he could effectively get up here and he turns around to look at Phoenix and in the process he loses one of his footholds and he screams and starts to fall and Trucy and her date hear it through the window and they’re like oh my god??? so they rush to the window and the see Apollo hanging like half upside down outside the window and Phoenix looking mildly concerned and kind of embarrassed on the ground and then both of them look up to see a very angry Trucy in the window and her date’s like “wow you know im into rock climbing too?? your family seems pretty cool Trucy”
this leads to Trucy’s date trying make Trucy’s family like him by inviting them to go rock climbing with him (because he remains clueless to their real intentions and Trucy wasnt gonna tell him) and even though Trucy would honestly rather he not spend time with her embarrassing family, the date keeps telling her how important it is to him for her family to like him so Trucy tells Phoenix and Apollo they cannot refuse,, even though neither of them know a damn thing about rock climbing
but thats a story for another day (tomorrow)


I finally finished my fanfic trailer for fictorium’s sad, beautiful, amazing Next to Normal!

So happy :)


On this day in history, 28th of September 1793, wedding of grand duke Alexander Pavlovich (future tsar Alexander I of Russia) and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeievna (Princess Louise of Baden).

Princess Louise Maria Auguste of Baden was born in Karlruhe, Baden (Germany) on January 24, 1779.  Her parents were Charles Louis, Hereditary Prince of Baden and Princess Amelia Frederica of Hesse-Darmstadt.  Empress Catherine II (the Great) was considering candidates for the bride of her eldest grandson Alexander and was favorably impressed by Louise, who was 12 years old at the time.  Louise, along with her younger sister Frederica, went to St. Petersburg, Russia in the fall of 1792.  Empress Catherine was enchanted with the young princess and Louise was attracted to the tall, handsome Alexander.It was said that there could be no more beautiful and charming princess in the world. Although Alexander was initially shy and didn’t know how to treat her, he eventually warmed up to her, and later admitted that he liked her. After a few weeks, Alexander proposed to her. Empress Catherine was overjoyed and Louise was received in the Orthodox Church and was baptized as Elizabeth Alexeievna, Grand Duchess of Russia. The couple was formally betrothed in May, 1793 with Catherine the Great being the one excanging their bethroval rings and the wedding occurred on September 28, 1793. Elizabeth Alexeievna looked resplendent with the diamond-studded Order of St. Andrei on her silver brocade gown.  Catherine the Great compared them to Amor and Psyche. The bride was fourteen and the groom was fifteen. The wedding festivities lasted for two weeks.

Pictured: Portrait of Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich by Jean-Louis Voille (1792), Portrait of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeievna with roses by anonymous (1795)


“I remember when Aliya came up to me at the Olympic Games after team finals. Someone had told her about the article where Valentina was pouring dirt on her and stated that ‘Aliya had absolutely no chance of taking any medals and that she is finished as a gymnast’… I remember how wounded she was, and how she quietly told me: “I just heard what Valentina said about me”. At that time I told her: “Screw Valentina, you know what you can do, so get on there and prove it!” I believe that Aliya’s incredibly strong personality tremendously helped her to win the four medals during the Olympic Games, the highest count of all participants! That was Aliya’s answer to Valentina …” — A. Alexandrov