my rotting out

Ho, Hey

Summary: You overhear your boyfriend Cas saying that he doesn’t feel like he belongs, so you do everything you can to show him just how wrong he is.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader (surprise, surprise)

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: FLUFF OVERLOAD. seriously so fucking sweet and fluffy. like, my teeth rotted out as I wrote this.

A/N: so this starts out in episode 12x03, “The Foundry”, and this is loosely based off of the chorus of the song “Ho, Hey” (hence the title) by The Lumineers. I actually didn’t originally plan on ending it the way I did, it just happened, and I hope yall enjoy it. Cause this fic is HELLA fluffy. OH YEAH, and “olani hoath ol” means “I love you” in Enochian :-)

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Your eyes fluttered open, your brow furrowing at the empty spot beside you in the bed you shared with your boyfriend, Castiel. Where’s Cas? you thought.

With a groan, you tossed your blankets to the side, standing up and stretching before leaving your room to go find Cas. You had become so accustomed to sleeping next to him, it was almost like your body knew when he wasn’t there, refusing to sleep until he was back beside you. Where he belonged.

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Summary:  If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” - Winnie the Pooh; Phil takes some time to reflect on Dan’s birthday.

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2858

A/N: our favorite memechild is 24 today and i’m an emotional wreck, so here have a birthday fic. ( i tried a new writing style - phil’s POV - that i’m not completely sure about, so i’d really appreciate it if you guys left me some feedback!)

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Anybody else get kinda ticked off when people say “we saw more character development for Anakin in Clone Wars than in Episode 3!”?

Like, duh?

The Clone Wars is 6 seasons long and it goes from the near beginning to the near end of the clone wars, of course there is more character development? ROTS is less than 3 hours long.

Could the development in ROTS gone better? Hell yes. Still not cool to compare a movie to a 6 season long show, though.

She says
“let me taste you”
I say “all you will taste is sadness”
My inside rot out with grief
Hollowed like a casket
I no longer find pleasure in touch
Not when my body has been trivialized
Into nonexistence
I’ll tell you now
That I taste of stained tears
Stained blood
That is not on my hands
But no more mine than what runs through my veins
Stained pain
Soaked into my bones
Eroding them
Till they ached
Stained with tire
Death stains

But still
She says
Let me taste you
Because she wants to know
If I feel how she feels
Her bittered core is no longer sweet
Her tongue rough with ripened sorrows
Wounds that are never allowed to heal
Her finger tips sensitive to feel someone
Scared that they will be snatched away next
That she will be snatched away next
But she’s a gambler
She still wants
To get close to another
Who’s life is the world’s Russian roulette
Who’s teeth
Baton beaten out
Are the dice in Death’s game of chance

She says
Let me taste you
She wants to find solace on our lips
A healing circle between our shared warmth
Bulletproof vests through our intertwined hands
Our shared pain deflecting what our skin cannot
Our jaws were not made to bite bullets
But to comfort the mouths
Of those who have screamed Sanctuary
For far too long

She says
Let me taste you
So that when our heartbeats quicken
Our faces flush
And our still hands shake
From a mixed force of desperate fear
And yearning
Instead of
From straining them up to the sky
For heaven is so much closer
When you don’t compy
She knows
That among the bodies
we are still alive

—  Tasting Safety