my roommates had to ask me if i was okay

Stiles was fumbling for his phone as soon as he was out of the class and out of earshot of any of the other interns.

“Come on, come on, pick up big guy, I know you still have this number,” Stiles said to no one, bouncing on balls of his feet.


“Heyyy Derek! Aren’t you getting a little sick of being on the run for murder?”

“Wha- Stiles? How the hell do you know about that?” 

“I’m in the FBI,” Stiles said matter-of-factly. “We know everything.”

Derek said nothing.

Then, “What.”

Stiles snorted. “I got into the FBI intern program, we’ll be working with the actual feds on real cases, one of which is y-”

“Oh, wow, Stiles, that’s awesome,” Derek said from the other side of the line, cutting Stiles off. “Congrats, you deserve it.” 

“Wh- oh. Thank you, yeah, my dad is really proud.”

“He should be.” 

Stiles smiled. Then a sidelong glance from one of his classmates across the lawn and he remembered why he was calling. 

“But actually tho, can you please stop getting yourself wanted for murder? I’m getting real tired of saving your ass from the cops.” 

“I seem to remember that first time was entirely your fault,” Derek said flatly, but Stiles could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Hey, that was at least 85% Scott’s fault.” There was a pause. “Okay, maybe 50%,” he added, and Derek chuckled. “Unfortunately, buddy, I can’t hide you in my room this time - my roommate will start to get ideas.”

“Wrong ones?” Derek asked neutrally.

Stiles narrowed his eyes, even though Derek couldn’t see him, but chose to ignore the question. “So are you gonna tell me what happened?”

Derek took a deep breath and started. “Believe it or not, this is not my fault.” 

And They Were Roommates

Fandom: IT (2017)

Pairing: Reddie ( Richie Tozier / Eddie Kaspbrak )

Word Count: 2.1k

AO3 Link


Eddie wasn’t sure where he went wrong.

He had tried to be the best roommate possible. He kept his studying hours limited to the mornings. He always checked with his roommate to see if he needed the bathroom before Eddie got in the shower. He kept his half of the room neat and organized. He had tried to contribute to creating a good environment for both of them to come home to.

But Richie Tozier was a dick.

For @killerxqueer @trashrichie @homokaspbrak @delicateloser @sourcreamsalad who all requested that I do a bad roommate au!

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Merry Christmas @watsonofabitch!

I hope you enjoy this :D

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Bad Santa

“Wait, what?” Stiles sputters, spitting Cheetos everywhere. He twists round to stare at Scott, the episode of Brooklyn 99 they’re watching forgotten.

“Secret Santa.”

Stiles gapes. “Seriously?”

Scott shrugs, “I thought it would be nice.”


“Y’know, promote pack bonding or whatever.”

“And you couldn’t have mentioned this earlier?”

“I sent a text,” Scott’s face falls. “Oh, wait, I sent it a couple of weeks back, around the time your phone was broken.”

“Oh my god, Scott. When I didn’t get back to you, you could have e-mailed me. Or skyped. Or written me a letter or something.”

“There were giants, man. Actual giants. I was distracted.” Stiles rolls his eyes, and Scott sighs. “I honestly thought you knew. I didn’t make the connection between the lack of reply and the broken phone until just now.”

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A Crossroad Deal (3)

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Summary: After getting out of a long term relationship, you try to move on with your life. However, having spent the last three years unavailable, you are not sure you know how to get back out there again, let alone if you even want to. That is, until you meet Jeon Jungkook, the barista at your college coffee shop. He is more than happy to help you wet your toes in the dating scene again, but at what cost?

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: A little of everything

Word Count: 5k

College!Jungkook, somewhat FuckBoy!Jungkook

Warning: language, slight sexual references

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elevators [moonbin]

request: getting stuck in an elevator with moonbin and the elevator stopping may or may not be a prank pulled by astro to force moonbin to talk to the backup dancer he’s been crushing on

word count: 1473

warnings: none

“Y/N-ah! Are you coming?” Your friend Joosung asked from the doorway of the practice room. You both had met at Fantagio, where you were currently working as backup dancers for one of their pop groups, ASTRO. They were a very energetic group, and you always had a blast with them.

“I’m going to do a couple more stretches then head home. See you tomorrow, Joosung!” You waved to her as she went into the elevator with a couple other backup dancers.

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The Contest-Part 16

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

The five of us ended up at one of the casinos on the strip.  Don’t ask me which one, because the next day it would all be a blur.  Jensen bought the first round of shots and we toasted the happy couple.  

“I still think you guys are nuts and totally deserve each other.”  He said before downing his shot.

“You call that a toast, Jay?”  I commented with a roll of my eyes. I signaled for the bartender to bring another round.  I raised my glass and everyone followed suit.  “Here’s to Nikki and Misha.  She is officially your problem now.”

Everyone laughed as we downed our shots.  Nikki made a face and gave hers to Misha to finish. “I’d like to remember my wedding night, thank you very much.”

Then a group of fans recognized us and bought us a round.  Things started to get a little fuzzy after that.  I remember Misha reminding us we all had panels in the morning. 

 Jensen, who didn’t have any official duties until the Saturday Night Special the next night, said it was early yet and ordered another round.  I remember Nikki and I dancing with a bunch of fans who sent over a congratulatory round when they found out Nikki and Misha had eloped.

Jared and Misha finally came over and pulled us from the dance floor.  “Come on Dancing Queen, time to go.”  Jared told me as I stumbled into his arms.

“But I’m having funnn!” I giggled.  “Hey Mish, guess what?” I whispered drunkenly.  “You and Nikki got married!”

I don’t remember the ride back to the hotel at all.

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Chaebols: The Arrangement Pt3

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Length: 6k

Pairing: Kyungsoo x OC

Pt1  Pt2

The lighting was just right in the dining room. In one spot, on the table at the end furthest from the kitchen, with her back to the hallway door, it was just perfect. Jae-eun threw a sheet over the table cloth, set up her isle and arranged the beautiful summer flowers her father-in-law sent her, until they looked just how she wanted. With earbuds in, music turned up and supplies in place, she took pastel chalk to paper.

Jae-eun had been fighting the urge since the guys had been over for dinner a couple of months before. Her art had been something she stuffed in a box and set aside because it was what her parents asked, but she no longer lived in her parent’s house. She was grown and married, and here she could breath. She hadn’t even asked Kyungsoo his opinion. Once she had seen the rich blues, pinks and yellows framed by green stems and leaves, in a matte pink glass vase with an English “J” etched on it, she knew she had to do it.

It was her soul, splattered on canvas. Jae-eun always compared her art to music, like a choir. Each hue voiced its own sound, some loudly, some muted, some sharp and others flat, all coming together in a chorus of color. She was completely engulfed in the drawing, using her fingers to pull some of the color away or spread it around. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, stands breaking free brushing across her face, tickling her nose. Time was lost for her.

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It feels so normal now, the feeling of wanting to die.

August 9, 2015 | 10:24 pm

I moved in to my new condo yesterday. My roommate is asleep right now, so i did 4 cuts on my wrist. I don’t know why exactly, I just felt like I needed the relief because last night when me and my friends had dinner, I wasn’t really in a good mood. I was feeling down and drowsy so I just kept quiet. My friends didn’t ask what was wrong. It was okay though. Because I don’t know what the answer is either.

My dad called me earlier too. I was so happy about it. He told me what was happening with work. I told him about how I was doing too. It was great!

Also, I read my sister’s diary. It says that she blames herself for what I’ve become. Because she was the one who taught me how to cut in the first place. I don’t blame her though. I wanted it. It just makes me feel so depressed knowing that she blames herself for what’s happening to me. I don’t want her feeling like this because it’s actually my fault and I love her. 

Also, I already got diagnosed. I have Bipolar 2 mood disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. I wasn’t surprised. I guess weeks of being troubled that something is wrong with me got me ready for what’s coming. I accepted it already. 

My impulsivity of committing suicide still hasn’t gone. Like the other day, i have all my pills and I impulsively wanted to swallow it all for no specific reason. I just wanted to die. But then a friend from Tumblr messaged me coincidentally so I stopped and realized what I was doing. He practically saved my life.

It feels so normal now, the feeling of wanting to die. Like one moment that I impulsively want to jump off our building, I’d do it. That’s what my psychiatrist is afraid of. I told her to trust me that I wouldn’t do it. It was a lie. I don’t even trust myself. She told me she trusts me, but she doesn’t trust my mood. I don’t trust my mood either. So whatever happens, happens. I learned not to care for myself so far.

School’s starting on Tuesday. Let’s see what happens. Still nervous as hell and I still haven’t done what I’m supposed to do. I’m gonna design a recording studio for my Interior Design class. So i don’t know.



I’m back! Last time I complained about my coworkers and management, and that’s exactly my complaint this time too.
After my toilet hugging stint I got back on my feet and went to work per usual on Wednesday, nothing at all was said about me not being there Tuesday, there was so sit-down with my Chef, nothing. I got introduced to the new night chef who started while I was out sick. Everything was very much a normal midweek and weekend. New chef seemed a decent guy, if a bit wet behind the ears, and I actually got on VERY well with the other pantry cook….until toda [Sunday]. Our station lead texted me this morning that I’m coming in at 3pm on Sundays now, cos we’ve started a new schedule that gives me 2 days off too (the worst 2 days off possible), which is fine. I usually come in at 3 anyway cos it’s a bit hectic once we start breaking down Brunch and setting up for dinner service. All hands on deck makes the kitchen run smoother during the transition, and it gives me a full hour to get my station restocked and ready to rock before service starts again.
So I get there at 3pm, everything is fine, other pantry cook and I are talking, she complimented my new pants and earrings, we’re deciding who is gonna do what tonight cos with the new schedule she leaves at 7pm and I close, since I now have Monday off as well as Tuesday. We settle on her being main station and me being pizza and desserts until she leaves, then I’ll switch to main station and our trainee (who is also my brother) will tap out on dishtank, where he’s basically the head night dishwasher cos he’s trying to train 3 newbies so he can fully switch to pantry, and come take over pizza and we’ll split desserts (we have a really good system where he plates and I decorate cos the owner WAXES POETIC about how I make the desserts look).
All is well. I’m setting pizza station up, making sure my speed rack is fully stocked with trays of rolls and garlic bread sticks, checking the servers salad bin, and clearing backline a bit…. I’m just starting to get everything together to make backups​ so all I have to do at closing is switch pans and clean….and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. The other pantry cook starts literally screaming at me cos of how I’ve set up pizza and rearranging everything from how it’s been since I started working here. I just stand there and let her rave, then calmly ask “What is your PROBLEM?” and she screams at the new chef she’s done with me and leaving. And walks out.
New chef comes over and starts yelling at ME. I’ve done nothing wrong at this point, so I defend myself, as there is NO REASON I should be getting a dressing down right now! He storms off, and apparently goes and talks her back onto the line….and tells me I’m done for the day, clock out and go home. What? So I’m trying to talk to him, and figure out how cos someone else had a shit fit all over me and WALKED OUT, it’s ME being sent home, and he drags the FoH manager into the kitchen and wants us to go to the office. Okay, sure, this needs resolved. As we’re walking I’m asking “what is wrong? What did I do? SHE went off on ME!” And they both flip on me about being insubordinate and blah blah blah. So I throw my hands up with a “Fine, whatever, I quit” and clocked out and went outside to call my roommate to pick me back up less than an hour after they dropped me off. I’m sitting there, crying in frustration, and my Work Mom (she’s the best) comes out and asks what’s wrong, so I tell her. And she talks to me for a while, and has good advice to go talk to both chef and FoH manager again. So I do. New chef does nothing but roll his eyes at me and tell me to “learn to adjust”, while also saying he will give ZERO TIME to actually try and get anything figured out and adjusted so we can actually WORK instead of me coming in each day never knowing if today is the day the other pantry cook goes off on me, cos she does at LEAST twice a week, usually in the first 5 minutes. I have to go from AB at 2:59 to YZ at 3pm and just magically be able to do it with no period of adjustment. Whatever, he’s new, he’ll learn that doesn’t work, head chef will deal with it. So I go talk to FoH, we sit down, talking, hash things out, agree to set up a meeting with the owner and head chef to address things, and we’re treating it as exactly what it is, chef sent me home for the day. (She’s literally heard me say “I quit” 15 times, she knows I’m not quitting, I’m just overly frustrated. Work is not the only place I do this, “I quit” is my way of removing myself from a situation before I blow up). New chef is treating it as I quit and walked out without permission…. Which, 1: You sent me home? Is that not permission? 2: I did not quit my job, I’m poor, I can’t afford that. I quit a pointless conversation that was pissing me off.
Yes, I did very seriously think about quitting the job, cos I’m to a point I can’t TAKE THIS anymore. But I talked to Work Mom, and Station Lead, and my roommate, and got calmed down, and decided no. Much as I want to quit, I won’t quit without notice. I owe my Chef and Station Lead that much. And I won’t give notice without having a new job lined up. I have rent to pay, 2 rats to care for, and a car I’m in the middle of buying from my Station Lead. I can’t be between jobs for even a second or my life falls apart.
Now I have to call the owners secretary tomorrow and get an appointment with him and Chef ASAP, FoH said Tuesday is free so hopefully I can get it then. But until that meeting? I’m currently in Employment Limbo. Do I have a job? Am I unemployed? NOBODY KNOWS.
And I am terrified of how this meeting will go and esp how it will end. This has been a week of hell for me in regards to work, and I have no idea what I’ll see once in the owners office. He’s a great guy, funny, sweet, caring….but only when he wants to be and it’ll benefit his business. Cos he started at the bottom, working as a singer/player at piano bars to pay his way through college, and now he’s an extremely good business lawyer who takes no shit.


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requested by kkenzthekat

A concept: Fuckboy! Jungkook asking his girl roommate (who’s lesbian)for advice.

Expanding: Fuckboy! Jungkook asking lesbian reader for advice when he’s actually in love with her, you choose the ending (I kinda want them to be together but I’m not sure)

genre: romance

word count: 1848

a/n: since you wanted a happy ending i had to change something - her sexuality, since you wanted them to be together i made the reader bisexual, hope that’s not a problem !!!

“Jungkook, you really need to get out more, I mean when was the last time you had a girlfriend?” you asked as you took out the cereal box from the cabinet. “Can we not talk about that? It’s been way too long, and it’s dry spell really isn’t helping.” he mattered, as he took out two bowls from another cabinet. “Well, is there maybe anyone you like?” “Yeah, but I’d never get a chance with her, no way in hell. Are you being a bit dramatic, I mean who wouldn’t fall for you?” “A lesbian or maybe an aromantic, even if they find me attractive?” “That’s true but you know what I meant. If you’ve ever got any girl questions, just come to your local girl, I’ll be able to help you out.” “Nice to know. Do we still have milk left?” Jungkook asked as he lifted his body onto the countertop. “We better, because I did not just go through all of the effort have no milk for my cereal.” You left as you walk towards the fridge and revealed that there was in fact still some milk left.

You removed the milk from the fridge and handed it over to your silly roommate. “Don’t you dare put the milk in first, I will actually hurt you so bad!” you complained as you remembered the time you caught him doing so. “Fine, fine, I won’t this time!” he chuckled as he added the cereal first. “What’s so bad about doing that anyway?” he muttered. “It’s sacrilege, Jungkook. Both you and I know that.” 

It was Friday night and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen, you had figured that he was probably in someone’s bed by now, good for him! It had been way too long since he got some. You ordered some pizza, put on some Netflix and a face mask as you prepared for the relaxing night ahead.

“___! This girl won’t leave me alone!” he whined.  “What did you do?” you asked, this seemed to be a regular occupancy. “I slept with her and now she won’t leave me alone! Please help me help me.” he complained and you heard some rustling on his end. “Fine, But how?” you sighed, seriously reevaluating your life. “Pretend you’re my jealous ex?” “The things I do for you Jeon.” you muttered as you got up to save the day.


“Jungkook, who is that?” you asked in an offended voice, attempting to remain serious. “I could say the same for you!” she screamed as she attempted to grab you. “I’m his ex, is there a problem with that?” you said, brushing her off. “What is she doing here?” “I don’t know what you mean!” Jungkook lied and threw his arms up in defence. “Baby, how could you not know! You promised me a date, remember?” you gasped as you lightly hit him. “Get this hoe out of my house! I don’t ever wanna see you again! Either of you!” she screamed as she pushed the two of you out of the entrance of her home. 

“You’re a lifesaver!” Jungkook chuckled as he swung his arm around you and the two of you made your way out of the building. “Don’t mention it! But you owe me one.” you laughed. “What shall it be, m’lady? A meal? A top you want?” he joked as you made your way home. “Hmm, since you interrupted my relaxing night, you have to by me all the food I want, for a week.” “A week?” he asked in shock. “A week.” you laughed. “Time to say goodbye to anything I want this week.”

“Dude, you haven’t asked me for any advice! I said I’ll be up for it!” you told Jungkook as you rested your head on his thighs. “I don’t know, it’s just this girl, she’s not like anyone I’d just hook up with, goddamnit she doesn’t even look like them! She’s just different, but I don’t know how to ask her out, I guess, also I don’t think she’s into me.” he muttered as he subconsciously played with your hair. “Now, I know a thing or two about liking girls and being in relationships with girls! They’re not as complex as I think, you just be straightforward. “You see the thing is I don’t think she’s into guys.” he whined. “Oh, I see your problem, have you ever asked her?”No, but she implied that she likes girls.” “You should ask her to confirm that, you’ll never know unless you ask.” “Okay, okay, maybe another time.” “Before we know it, fuckboy Jungkook will be gone!” “I’m not a fuckboy!” 

Two weeks later the two of you found yourself a my one of Hoseok’s infamous parties. It was quickly becoming a bore, even to Hoseok, “Let’s play truth or dare.” Hoseok suggested. “What are you, twelve?” Taehyung asked, as he chugged down some beer. “Is there a problem with that or do you have something better to suggest?” “Maybe not…” “Told you.” Hoseok smugly replied to one of his best friends. “I’m down.” Jungkook and you stated as you sat down on the floor around the coffee table. “Okay, I’ll start.” Hoseok enthusiastically spoke. “Spin the bottle then!” Seokjin told him as he sat down beside Namjoon. The bottle landed on no other than Namjoon, “Namjoon, truth or dare?” “Dare, definitely dare.” “I dare you to make out with Seokjin.” Hoseok smirked as he sipped on the contents in his red cup. “What the hell?” “Dude, you like him so, you might as well.” Jimin added. “What?” “I’m down if you are.” Seokjin chuckled at the flustered Namjoon. “Are you kidding me?”, Namjoon muttered but quietly added, “This has got to be the best night of my life.” “What?” “Nothing, let’s do this.” 

“Okay, time’s up lovebirds!” The next person the bottle landed on was you. “Truth or dare?” Namjoon asked you smugly. “Dare.” “We dare you to give Jungkook a hickey.” “A hickey? Do I not get any say in this?” Jungkook whined. “Sure, if you’re up for that.” “I guess, I’m down.” After everyone was satisfied with the lovebite you had left on your roommate you spun the bottle and it landed on the very host of the party. “Hoseok, truth or dare?” you asked him as you picked up your cup of booze.” “Truth.” “Okay, what happened with you and Yoongi when you were all alone?” you smirked, knowing everyone wanted the gossip. “If I take a bunch of shots can I pass on this?” he nervously spoke. “No way, no backing out.” Taehyung protested, high fiving you in the process. “Fine, we made out, that’s it.” “That’s it? He’s lying but let’s carry on, we don’t want Yoongi to beat us up for making fun of his lover over here.” Taehyung joked as he finished his 4th beer. 

“Truth or dare, Jungkook?” “Dare.” he replied, seemingly prepared for anything. “I dare you to buy us all pizza.” “Dude, seriously? A couple weeks ago I spent the whole week buying ___ whatever she wanted to eat! I’m going to be broke because of you!” he complained but carried out the dare anyway because “you never back out of a dare”. “Okay, ___, truth or dare?” Jungkook asked you when the bottle landed on you. “Truth.” you replied, completely unfazed by whatever he may ask you. “Do you only like girls? Like exclusively?” “Nah, I’d fuck with guys if they were down.” you calmly replied as you took a sip from your red cup. “What? We’ve known you all this time and thought you were just lesbian!” Hoseok shouted. “Well even if I was I wouldn’t be just a lesbian, I’d be as fab as I am now but no, I’m bi.” you chuckled. “That’s something new we learnt about our long term friend.” Namjoon added, still somewhat in shock. “How did y’all not know?” Taehyung chuckled as you handed him another beer.

“You knew?” Jungkook asked. “Yeah, you should really listen to her more often, or maybe just spend more time hanging out with her. I mean, I have known her the longest, with that I learnt many things about her.” he smirked as he took a sip from his newly opened can. “I live with her!” Jungkook said in defence. “Not good enough, bro.” Taehyung laughed as he, once again, high fived you.

“This whole time you’ve been bi and we’ve all been oblivious to it!” Jungkook laughed as we walked back into our shared apartment. “You never asked until today! How would you have known?” you chuckled as you walked towards the kitchen to find a bite to eat. “How come Taehyung knew?” he muttered. “Like Taehyung said, I’ve known him the longest and have told him a lot, so…” you didn’t really know how to finish the sentence so left it there. “Is there anything going on between you two?” Jungkook asked you as he took out some ice cream from the freezer. “Nope, not at all. Just best friends. Also, it’s 2am, why are you eating ice cream?” “You went to that party in sweats, don’t question me!” he whined. “Sweats are comfy though, and if you’re gonna have that, at least share.” you laughed as you grabbed a spoon and made your way into the living room.

Jungkook was sat on the sofa and naturally, you rested your head on his shoulder. “Any progress with the girl?” you asked as you took some ice cream. “Not really.” “Why don’t you practise asking her out with me? I’ll be her.” you smiled as you sat up and faced him. “Okay?” “Go for it!”

“___, I’ve actually liked you for a while now and it’s taken me so long to organise my feelings and thoughts but everything about you has drawn me into you, from how you’re so different to everyone I’ve been involved with in the past, how you wear these sweats to a party or how you hate when I add the milk in first but what I love the most is how the two of us fit together so well, the simplest things about you make me smile like an idiot, so yeah, please go out with me.” he said, feeling a huge weight lift of his shoulders but when he saw your frozen reaction he panicked. “I’m sorry, was that too real?” he muttered, trying to look away from your eyes. “Jungkook! Are you kidding me? This whole time you liked me?” you half shouted. “Yeah, kinda.” he chuckled as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Dude, I like you too!” you laughed. “What?” “Yeah, I like you! For fuck’s sake, you have a hickey made by me on your neck!” you said, bursting into a fit of laughter. “I hate you!” he whined as he lightly pushed you away. “You just said you like me though, hmm? What’s it gonna be, Jeon?” you teased when you calmed down from the fit. “Ugh, just go on a date with me already.”

Camp Velaris ~ Chapter one

Being sent to a summer camp full of rich kids to work as a councillor is the worst thing ever, according to Feyre Archeron, At least until she meets a certain violet eyed councillor and his friends.

Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight  Nine  Ten

So this was it.

Camp Velaris.

Home for the next three months. 

It’s bigger than I expected. Huge, actually. Four brick buildings ring around a courtyard area with picnic tables dotted here and there. An opulent blue lake shimmers behind the parking lot, where my father has just parked the van. Over the roofs of the buildings I can see rock climbing walls, abseiling towers and zip lines stretching through the skies. Well, this was certainly not a half-rate summer camp. It was a place for rich parents to dump their trust fund kids while they went on a luxury cruise. Not that I was bitter or anything,

Okay, maybe a bit.

“Well, Feyre, what do you think?”

My father’s voice snapped through my daydreaming, and I twisted around to face him.

“It’s very… grand.”

He chuckled, the sound almost as alien as the jet skis I could see on the edge of the lake. “You better get used to it, honey. I know it’s a lot different than what we’re used to.”

No shit.

“I better get going.” I said, starting to open the van door. “I don’t want to be late. First day and all.”

Obviously, I was not a trust fund girl getting dumped at a camp for the summer while my dad went on a wine tour of Europe, or some other rich people shit. I was the newest addition to the camp councillors of Camp Velaris. Yippee.

“At least let me help you sign in.”

“Really, dad, it’s fine. I’m a big girl now.”

Nineteen, in fact.

“I know. It’s just… You’re my little girl Feyre. I’m going to miss you.”

At this, I patted his shoulder reassuringly, trying to muster confidence myself.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. But if you need anything…”

“I won’t. No go. Enjoy yourself. But no drinking. And no boys!”

I rolled my eyes at him, incredulous. As if I would meet anyone here.

“Goodbye, dad. I’ll call you as soon as I can.”

We gave each other an awkward one armed side hug. Not a lot of room in a tiny van. Not to mention the suitcase and backpack I somehow had balanced on my knees.

We said one less goodbye before I climbed out, trying the best I could to not drop all my luggage. Miraculously, I managed and, after one less wave, walked into the building I knew as the reception. According to the map I was given prior to my arrival.

The reception area is a medium sized room with wood panelled walls and a smooth linoleum floor. In the centre of the room is a large desk, with no visible papers or any other things you would usually find on a desk. A state of the art computer sits neatly in the desk and behind that is a woman who, despite rapidly tapping on her keyboard, her acrylic nails making the sound a thousand times louder, is having a rapid phone conversation. She still hasn’t noticed me.

I clear my throat and her head springs up. She hurriedly says goodbye to whoever was on the other end of the phone and smiles at me, propping her hands under her chin, somehow looking more organized and classy than I ever would.

“Yes, dear?”

“Um. I’m Feyre. Feyre Archeron?” Somehow it came out as a question. “I’m here for the councillor job.”

“Oh yes! Hold on a second, let me just check.” The woman, whose nametag I cannot read, begins tapping again on her keyboard. “You’re also helping out with our arts activities, yes?”

“Oh. Um, yeah.”

“If you could just sign here for me, dear.” She hands me a clipboard. I quickly sign the form, confirming that I am, in fact, Feyre Archeron, a nineteen year old art student from Ohio.

I hand it back, and she types a few more things out onto her computer.

“Welcome aboard, Feyre! I’m Alis, the head councillor-slash-secretary-slash-assistant manager at Camp Velaris.” She hands me another pack not unlike the one I received a few months ago when I first signed up for this job. “In here you’ll find all you need to know. Which room you’re in, what activities you’ll be helping with, a general schedule etc., etc.”

Alis also hands me a nametag, a pass and a pile t-shirt.

“This is you’re official pass. With it you can go anywhere in the camp. Try not to lose it, dear. You will also be expected to wear the shirt whenever you’re leading camp activities. Well, that’s all you need to know for now. Your roommates will inform you about the rest.”

“My roommates?” I had never been told about roommates.

“Yes. You’ll be sharing a room with a few other girls. I hope that’s okay.”

“No, it’s fine.” Just a little unexpected.

“You better get going, dear, or it’ll be time for dinner before you know it.”

“Goodbye, then. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I turned to leave, somewhat clumsily attempting to pick up my suitcase with full arms. I had reached the door when I hear Alis say,

“And Feyre?”

I half turned around, looking at her from over my shoulder.

“Welcome to the family, dear.”


My dorm was beautiful.

Certainly not what you’d expect from a summer camp. It wasn’t really even a dorm. It was more like a cabin. A million dollar cabin. There was only one flaw in this. Roommates. My experience with them hadn’t been a completely positive experience. And by roommates, I mean sisters. We were always bickering about who was hogging the mirror or who had stolen an outfit. The arguing had toned down since Nesta went to college, but fights still happened from time to time.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed open a door with one shoulder.

To a completely empty dorm.

Well, not completely empty, obviously. On the bed in the right hand corner someone had obviously been there. Clothes were strewn around and on the bed, and several shoes lined the floor. On the opposite side of the room, the side nearest to the door, was another bed, meticulously made, with a black suitcase neatly pushed under the bed.

Which left me with the bed in the free corner of the room. I dumped my suitcase on top, too tired from the drive here to even think about unpacking. Besides, there was no rush. The kids didn’t arrive for another two days. I stretched, my muscles aching from the six hour drive in a cramped van. I also stank. Not the greatest first impression to give your new roommates.

Groaning, I stood up and walked towards the ensuite bathroom, a small room tucked away in a corner. After a hot -and relaxing- shower, I quickly dress in jeans and a sweater and pull my hair up into a messy bun. I’m just sitting back down onto my bed when the door swings open and a girl walks in.

I quickly stand up, not wanting to be too awkward.

“You must be Feyre!” She says excitedly.

“That’s me. And you must be…”

“Morrigan! Or Mor. Whatever! I’m just so excited to have a roommate who I don’t have to worry about murdering me in my sleep.”

Wait, what?

Instead of voicing my concern at a potential killer roommate, I stick out my hand. But instead of shaking it, she pulls me into a hug.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived. I was helping the boys unpack.”

“It’s fine. And who are the boys?”

“Oh, just my cousin and our friends. You’ll meet them later. They’re also councillors.”

Okay, aside from a possible murderer as a roommate, I found I didn’t mind having people sharing a room with me that much. Well, I didn’t mind Morrigan that much. Sure, she was a little messy and loud, but she talked me through what Alis had missed.

I still hadn’t met Amren, the other roommate, yet, but Mor said she was hardly ever here.

“She has her own apartment somewhere. She won’t tell anyone where, but she sometimes stays here.”

“How many summers have you been working here for?” I asked as we began walking towards the canteen.

“Five. Ever since I turned sixteen. Me and Rhys, my cousin, came here before that as kids. I loved it so much I couldn’t resist working here.” She links my arm, tugging me towards what I assume must be the cafeteria. “Come on. I’m starving. And they always do an all you can eat before the kids come.”

An incredibly nice, and filling, dinner later, I am sat cross legged on my bed while Mor rifles through her suitcase.  She holds up two dresses to me.

“Which one? Or are dresses too formal for a bonfire?”

“The red one. And which bonfire?”

She shoots me an incredulous look before answering. “Alis didn’t tell you? Every year before camp starts all the councillors have a huge bonfire. Get to know the newbies. Well, that’s what we say. Everyone knows it’s a chance to get shitfaced.”

Sounds lovely.

“You’re coming though, right?” Mor asks me, going into the bathroom. “I mean, you have to. It’s the last time to do anything before it gets too crazy. Tomorrow’s all about getting ready for the kids.”

My uncertainty must have shown on my face, for Mor’s face turns pleading.

“Feyre. You have to come. You can meet my friends!”

“Fine. Fine, I’ll come. But this is peer pressure, you know.”

“You’ll thank me later, Fey. Trust me.”  

The Bucket List

Pairing: Steve x Reader 

Warnings: none? 

Prompt: you talk in your sleep

word count: 3390

A/N: this strayed so far from the prompt but I liked it too much to stop writing it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. It could be really shit!!!! I wrote it running on four hours of sleep, so please don’t judge me if it’s bad, I just wanted to write something nice for you guys. 

“You talk in your sleep—“ Steve spoke as he entered the kitchen, pulling the bag of oatmeal from the top shelf.

I looked up from my bowl, a small stream of almond milk dribbled down the side of my mouth. “Huh?” I questioned as I wiped it away with my sleeve.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at me in confusion and a little bit of disgust, “uh—“ he shook his head, “you talk in your sleep. I heard you last night.”

I furrowed my brow as I shovelled down another mouthful of cereal. “What was I saying?” It interested me to know what I spoke about in my slumber. My college roommate had always told me that I did it, but my punishment for chatting away to myself was never knowing what I’d said—she was tough on me.

“You were talking about a handsome man in blue, I can only assume that was about me.” A small smirk played on his lips as he placed his bowl in the microwave.

“Okay Rogers,” I warned, “don’t reach. Now what was I really saying?” I asked again—a slight blush creeping onto my cheeks. The truth was I had the biggest crush on my training partner. It was just like high school, when you’d get a crush on one of the senior boys. Steve was the senior boy everyone had a crush on and I was lucky enough to train with him. It pleased me to walk into the gym every day and watch as he went one on one with the punching bag—his training shirts were always tight, accentuating his ungodly muscles and he was always so damn nice—but what I liked most was that he never played down my ability to fight. He fought me like he would fight any enemy and that in itself was the most attractive thing about him.

“Are you blushing (Y/N)?” He continued to smirk at me, knowing he was getting a reaction.

“Oh jog on.” I waved him away, “I see you shirtless every day, pretty sure if I wanted to—okay you know what nevermind, I can’t talk about you like that.” I began to toy with my cereal instead of eating it.

“Jog on—“ he repeated me, “is that a British thing?”

I rolled my eyes and poked him in the chest, “tell me what I was saying.”

“Fine, fine!” he put his hands up in defeat. “You were talking about the ocean—saying you were scared of it. You said something about a giant squid taking you away and pecking you with its beak.”

“Mmmmm,” I leaned back in my chair, “now that sounds more like me.” I really did have an irrational fear of giant squid.

“You’re really scared of the ocean?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yep,” I got up from my seat and meandered to the sink.

Steve turned to face me, “but you can control it?”

I scoffed at his comment—I always seemed to get the same reaction when I told people. “Just because you can control something, doesn’t mean you can’t be afraid of it.”

“Wow,” he nodded his head in agreement. “That’s so deep.” He took a sip of his orange juice just as I went to lightly slap him on the head. The juice went sputtering out of his mouth and I let out a loud gasp.

“Oh wow—“ I couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m so sorry.” I grabbed some paper towel from beside the sink. “Oh my gosh.” I dabbed at his mouth before I could wipe the table. “You should’ve seen your face.” He rolled his eyes and grabbed the paper towel from me.

“Very funny.” He sighed as I sat back down—still chuckling at the mess I’d caused.

“Hey,” I tilted my head, sending him a tight-lipped smile “you shouldn’t make fun of my quotes.”

He shook his head, in disbelief “I never disagreed with you, but whatever you’re right.”

“I know I am Rogers, when am I not right?”

“When you’re left.” He looked up at me, the biggest smile plastered on his stupid face.

“Ohhhhh my god.” I didn’t want to laugh—I really didn’t. In fact I was certain that I was laughing at him and not with him. “You—no” I slapped my hands over my mouth in shock. He’d just told what was possibly one of—if not the worst joke of all time. “You really need to never tell that joke again, please I beg you.”

“Oh,” he frowned, “I got it from Scott—I thought he was the funny guy.”

“Scott is the funny guy, let it stay that way.” I leaned over the dining table to pat him on the shoulder.

“I’m scared of the ocean too by the way.” He quickly changed the subject—I slumped back into my chair when I noticed the blue of his eyes deepen.

“Well that’s because—well, yes—well, okay, yep.” I awkwardly got up from my seat. I hated that sometimes I was so calm and collected around him and then two seconds later I was the definition of ‘awkward mess’. “You know what, I’ll just see you at training.”

“Uh—okay,” I could tell he was confused by my suddenly erratic behaviour, but he went with it nevertheless. “I’ll see you then.”

I awkwardly waved before scrambling out of the kitchen.

“He said he was afraid of the ocean too and I freaked out, cause you know he’s been through so much with the damn sea—“

Wanda couldn’t wait for me to finish my sentence—she instantly burst out laughing. “Wow,” she calmed herself down. “I can always count on you to make my bad days better.”

“Don’t laugh at me,” I whined, “this is really bad.” I knew I couldn’t blame her for laughing because I really was a joke.

“Okay no, no” she stopped herself from laughing again. “I’m telling you now,” she placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. “If there’s anyone he likes in this whole facility it’s you!” I didn’t know where she’d pulled the idea from, but I liked it. “You haven’t embarrassed yourself—I can bet that he’s forgotten about it already.”

“Yes, but I keep making myself look stupid—eventually he’ll remember.” It was only a matter of time before Steve realised; I wasn’t funny, I was just a mess.

“You’re his training partner, he knows how fierce you are! So for you to be awkward outside of that dojo means nothing! He’s seen you in your rawest form, he knows the real you.”

“It’s just the fact that I try my best to flirt or create some banter and then I ruin it.” I shoved my head into her pillow and let out a loud groan.

“You really don’t see how great you are. All those awkward encounters? They add to your character and show that you feel something.”

“Jeeze,” I whistled under my breath as I lifted my head. “You really know how to be the supportive friend.”

“I know,” she smiled sincerely. “I didn’t have anyone when I thought I was making stupid mistakes, so the least I can do is be a good friend now that I have one.”

“Wow—“ I placed a hand over my heart, “I’m pretty sure that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Stop it,” she laughed, “I’ve been nice before.”

“Hmmm,” I pretended to think about it. “I guess you have.”

“Hey—“ Steve said as he waltzed into the gym “what are you doing in here before me?” He knew the drill, he’d box and I’d walk in and pretend to be unfazed by his perfect form.

“Well,” I struggled to speak as I did my push ups, “I don’t like to admire hot and sweaty Captain America every day.”

“I always knew you were admiring me,” he dropped his bag and then lowered himself onto the mat next to me. “You having a bit of trouble there?”

My arms felt like jelly and there was sweat dripping from every crevice, I was on my 65th push up and I only needed one more to beat my personal best. I managed to squeeze in another three before collapsing into a heap. “I never have trouble.” I joked as I struggled for breath.

Steve chuckled as he got back up. He walked over to my gym bag and foraged for my water bottle. “Here,” he said placing it down next to me.

“Thank you,” I breathed—sitting up, before I gulped down almost the entire contents.

“So you never denied that you were admiring me.” The stupid smirk that I was far too accustomed to graced his face.

“Shut up,” I mustered enough strength to elbow him in the ribs.

He grabbed my elbow and pulled me closer. “That’s still not denying it.” It was the first time he’d ever been so cheeky around me and I had to say; I loved every single moment of it.

“You know what.” I wriggled myself free from his grip and grabbed my water bottle—without warning I squirted it in his face. “Is that enough denying for you captain?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Shit—“ he lifted his shirt to wipe his face and the bottom of his torso peaked out from underneath. I had to stop myself; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he caught me. “I’ll get you back for that (Y/N)” he warned.

“I’m sure you will,” I said casually—as if my heart wasn’t about to explode.

“Enough of that. Down to the serious stuff.” He wriggled himself around so that he was sitting in front of me.

“What,” I fake gasped. “You mean we weren’t being serious just then?”

He laughed lightly before shaking his head. “I was thinking that we could find the spare pair of gloves in the storage room and spar today.”

My arms felt like they were going to snap off, but I couldn’t resist sparring with Steve. He was just so precise and agile—all his movements were so natural, yet so unpredictable. “Sounds good to me.” I huffed before gulping down the last bit of my water.

“Great!” he sprung up, “I’ll go find the gloves.”

“Wait!” I shot up as well, “I’ll help you look.”

The two of us stood at the door of the storage closet, not sure where to look first.

“Christ, this is a tiny room.” I coughed as dust particles bombarded my throat.

“You’re not wrong.” Steve agreed as he crouched down.

“I regret not bringing my gloves today.” I said as I mirrored his actions, our shoulders pressing against each other as we both rummaged through random crates.

“Well—“ whatever he was about to say was cut off by the sound of a siren blaring.

“Shit!” we both stood up at the same time. The door to the storage room slammed shut within seconds, ultimately sealing us inside. The shock of it all caused me to stumble back into his arms.

He caught me gently, as if I were as light as a feather. “I forgot there was a lockdown drill today,” he let me go and I awkwardly shook myself upright.

“Well that’s just dandy isn’t it?” I flopped down onto one of the crates. Hiding my face so he wouldn’t see the blush that had crept onto my cheeks.

“Sorry,” He sighed as he pulled up a crate next to me.

I took a second to calm myself before looking at him, “it’s not your fault.”

We both sat in silence—instructions blared from the speaker in the dojo, but they were muffled by the titanium door that had sealed us in. I fumbled with my fingers for a while, before turning to look at Steve.

“What?” I questioned—my voice catching in my throat when I realised he’d been staring at me.

“Your eyes—“ he gulped, “they changed colour.”

“Oh yeah,” I averted my gaze to the floor—I was embarrassed by the whole situation.

He placed his knuckle under my chin and gently turned my head, so that I was looking at him again. “They’re—“ he hesitated for a second, “they’re beautiful.”

His comment struck me—I honestly felt like my heart was going to exit my body through my throat.

He didn’t move his knuckle from under my chin; instead he moved his face closer to mine. In fact, he was so close that I could smell his aftershave, which by that point should have faded—so close that I could feel the heat radiating off his skin.

“This is a really small room.” I repeated, as a lump began to rise in my throat. Was he going to kiss me? Or was he just moving irrationally close to me for no reason? I had no idea.

He smiled, “you say the dar—“ the clanking of the titanium door struggling to opening broke us apart. I’d never moved faster in my life—I felt like Pietro as I stumbled to my feet at the speed of light.

“Um, you know what? I’m not feeling so great. I think I’m gonna cut this short, if you need me I’ll be in my room.” I didn’t wait for a response—I rushed out of the dojo and toward my room, leaving him as confused as ever.

I was half way through a pint of ice cream before there was a knock at my front door. “Bloody hell,” I muttered under my breath as I set down the dessert and slinked towards the door.

“Hi—“ Steve said as I flung the door open. “Can I—uh—I just came to check if you were okay.” He ran his hand through his hair nervously.

“Uh hi.” I narrowed my eyes— still not quite sure why he was standing there, considering I was perfectly fine. “I’m okay, is there a reason I wouldn’t be?” I moved aside and gestured for him to come in.

“It’s just that you left in such a hurry before—“ He held on to the back of his neck as he spoke, “I thought maybe I did something wrong.”

“Oh—“ I bit my lip, remembering just how close we’d gotten in that moment. “No, you—you were fine.” I resumed my seat on the couch. He stood beside the armrest, awkwardly staring down at the TV.

“You can sit down you know.” I chuckled as I patted the spot next to me.

“You know I—nevermind.” He sat down without any complaints to which I replied with a smile.

“Your hair is still wet,” I reached out to feel it. When I realised how weird I was being I pulled away, but was caught off guard when he entwined his hand with mine.

“I uh—“ he quickly shook his hand away and the two of us averted our eyes to the TV—unsure about what had just happened. “What are you watching?” he croaked.

“American Gangster—hey do you still have that list of movies you need to watch? Surely this is on there?” I distinctly remembered him telling me about his lists and how he’d aimed to finish everything on them.

He let out a small laugh, “you still remember that?”

My mouth formed an ‘O’, “I am shocked that you have such little belief in me and my listening capabilities.”

He laughed louder this time,“you’ll be happy to know that it is on my list and that I have in fact seen it.”

“I’m so proud,” I beamed as I clapped my hands together. “Look at you, de-fossilizing yourself one step at a time.”

His face fell in an instant, and I felt like I’d been stabbed. I’d upset him and I hadn’t meant to. “Look I better go.” He got up from his seat, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Hey wait!” I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down. “I didn’t mean it like that.” I hadn’t meant for my comment to hurt him, but I realised that it’d been a dumb move on my part. “I’m proud of you, you’re not a fossil and even if you were, you’d be my favourite.” A cheesy grin spread across my face as a small smile fleeted on his.

“Favourite fossil huh?” he raised an eyebrow in question.

“Favourite.” I leaned forward and in the spur of the moment I kissed his cheek.

We were both taken back for a second—each of us knowing it was out of character for me.

“(Y/N)” Steve said quietly, “there’s something on my list that I need your help to finish.”

“You need my help?” I wasn’t quite sure what he would need me for. There was nothing I could do that the others couldn’t—apart from controlling the sea, that there was exclusive.

He nodded, his eyes turning the dark shade of blue that I’d only seen once before.

“You’re not going to kiss me are you?” I snorted, trying to play it off as if it weren’t a legitimate question.

“Uh—dammit.” He slapped his hands against his knees and got up. “I’m such an idiot.”

“No, nO, nOo, NO!” I scrambled to my knees and waved my hands in the air like a mad woman.“I mean, no don’t go anywhere not no don’t kiss me.” My voice was frantic.

He sat back down, his head in his hands as he let out a frustrated groan. “So you want me to kiss you?” Now it was his turn to be confused.

“Yes!” I almost shouted, “I would like nothing—“

He didn’t wait for me to finish, before I knew it our lips were pressed against each other. His hand roamed to the small of my back, pulling me closer so that I was able to straddle him as our lips moved in sync. I couldn’t believe what was happening—after all those days of admiring him, Steve Rogers was kissing me and he wasn’t holding back either.

I found myself lost for breath as he deepened the kiss. His hands balled into fists as he grabbed ahold of my t-shirt—he was trying to pull me closer, but I was already as close to him as I could be with my clothes on.

“Fuck,” he moaned as I fumbled to pull his black v-neck off.

“Wait,” I breathed as I pulled away.

“What?” He asked, staring at me cautiously.

“That was the first time I’ve ever heard you swear.”

“Dear God,” he said as his lips caught mine once more. “You are really something else.”

I pulled away again and surveyed his face, “like a good something else or?”

He laughed out loud and I couldn’t help but laugh either, he was just so infectious. “Good I promise.”

“Okay cool” I grinned before wrapping my hands around his neck. “Cause I’ve had a crush on you for a while now.” I whispered my confession against the skin just below his ear. A massive smile spread across my face when I heard him mutter something inaudible under his breath.

“Oh really?” He smirked, as one of his hands slinked under my T-shirt so that he could trace shapes against my skin.

I frowned as I led my index finger around the outline of his abdominal muscles. “I hope you’re not laughing at me internally.”

He leaned forward and placed a small kiss to the corner of my mouth. “I swear I’m not. I think you’re the funniest woman alive and honestly I want to spend all of my time with you.”

“Is that why you set up so many training sessions Rogers?” I tapped my finger against his nose and he kissed my chin.

“Maybe,” he grinned as he gently pulled me back down. “Is that why you attended all of them (Y/N)?”

“Mhm,” I sucked in my bottom lip as I stared down at the man in front of me. “That’s not even a question.” I answered—our foreheads pressed together.

“Then let’s not waste time dwelling on it.”

“Hey Rogers?”

“Mmmm?” He mumbled in response.

“Why am I the only one with a shirt on?”

Chris Kreider - Quiet (Requested)

Originally posted by thatchydemko

A/N: Sorry for the long wait on this one but my internship is kicking my ass. Enjoy my lovely followers!

Warnings: A little steamy but I wouldn’t call it smut 

Word Count: 834

Request: Hi can I request a chris kreider one? where y/n is is new girlfriend and she meets the team for first time when they come for a game in montreal . He ask her to come and just cuddle in his hotel room (since he shares the room with a teammate you can choose which one haha) but she ends up sleeping there but during the night they wake up and things get heated 😏they do some dirty things trying not to makes sounds or something hahah(sorry thats a very specific and long request hahaha)

“So that went well” 

“Yeah, everyone was super nice,” you said as you pulled the blanket back on your bed. Chris was in town with the team as they faced Montreal earlier in the evening. After the win, you headed out with Chris and some of the guys for supper. Even though you and Chris had been together for more than a year it was your first time meeting them and you were nervous. However, after a couple of drinks, you felt like you fit right in. 

“I wish we had more time together,” Chris said with a sigh over the phone. 

“Me too” you answer as you crawled into your lonely and empty bed. 

“Come to the hotel,” Chris said.


“Really?” Chris asked surprised. Every time he had asked before you always said no because you were shy and knew he usually had a roommate on the road. 

“Yeah” you said and pulled yourself out of your bed before you could change your mind. “I’ll just get dressed and be on my way, text me your room number.” 

“Okay can’t wait to see you,infront” Chris said and you could almost hear the smile in his voice. Once you hung up you got changed into some joggers and threw on a hoodie before heading out the door. The drive to the hotel wasn’t long and soon enough you were in front of the hotel room door. You weren’t sure if you should knock or text Chris, not really wanting to take a chance at waking up Derek. You were about to pull out your phone when the door opened in front of you and the image of a shirtless Chris greeted you. He immediately pulled you to him, wrapping his arm around your waist and giving you a kiss. 

“Hi” you whispered quietly after you pulled away from the kiss. 

“I missed you” Chris answered as he pulled you into the hotel room. 

“We saw each other less than two hours ago,” you said with a giggle.

“You know what I mean,” Chris said as his lips trailed down your neck alternating between kissing and sucking. You felt the blush rise up your neck, you knew exactly what he meant. Chris’ hands kept moving and pulling at your jacket and then hoodie “off please” he mumbled between kisses. You obliged and let him remove the jacket and the hoodie leaving you only in the t shirt you had on earlier and your joggers. 

“Won’t we wake up Derek?” you asked once your mind cleared enough and you looked behind Chris to see the other ranger facing in the opposite direction and looking completely asleep in the very dimly lit room. 

“Let’s just say it’s his turn to sleep with earphones on” Chris smirked. “We can’t be as loud as I would like but I just want you”. He said and you felt the back of your legs hit the bed and before you knew it Chris was pushing you back and climbing on top of you. Your t shirt came off soon after and as soon as Chris’ mouth started sucking on your sensitive nipples you could help but let out a loud moan.  Chris chuckled a little and looked up at you, “You have to keep quiet for me babygirl” he said, his eyes dark with lust.

 You just nodded and ran a hand through his hair, pulling him back up to you to connect your lips. You wrapped your legs around his waist and felt his hardness against you, you had to bury you head in his neck to stifle the moan coming out your mouth. Since you and Chris were doing the long distance relationship thing, these encounters were few and far between and it wasn’t hard to get you going.  

You already felt the pleasure building up in your stomach just from grinding against Chris so when you felt his fingers slip into your panties and slip into you exploded within seconds. You had to bite into Chris’ shoulder to stop you from yelling out his name as you let the pleasure roll through you. The rest of the night passed in a similar fashion, both you and Chris using each other to muffle moans. You both eventually fell asleep shortly after Chris tugged one his shirts on you and wrapped you tightly in his arms.

“Can I take the earphones out now?” you were woken up by Kevin yelling out “is everyone decent?”

“I like waking up to you,” you said and turned to face Chris.

“Me too,” he said before leaning forward to give you a kiss. 

“Me too” Kev added from other bed where he was fiddling on his phone. You just rolled your eyes which made Chris laugh. 

“Let’s make it a habit” Chris whispered, taking a serious tone.


“Move in with me?” Chris said and you immediately searched his face for some kind of doubt. 

“Okay,” you smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

“Can I move in too?” Kev asked.

“No” and Chris answered in unison.

anonymous asked:

Pleaseee write part 10!!!!🙏🙏🙏

*Matthew McConaughey voice* Alright, alright alright…Here’s part 10 of Fratboy Harry. This has been so much fun to write, you guys. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the love and requests. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and I felt like this should be the end of this series. I really hope you enjoy it!

You awoke with a jolt. Sitting up, you felt a deep burning in your stomach. The room was spinning, and the fact that it was dark didn’t help. For a second you forgot where you were until you recognized the record player and vinyl collection that sat underneath the window.

Bolting out of bed, you ran for the bathroom. You barely made it to the toilet before the vomit rose to your throat. When you thought you’d expelled everything you possibly could, another wave of nausea came over you. As you fell to your knees, you suddenly felt a hand grab your hair, pulling it back out of your face. Your body trembled while another hand rubbed your back. You stayed there on the floor beside the porcelain throne for a few minutes until the sickness subsided. Lifting your head, you wiped your eyes.

“Here,” said Harry, handing you a tissue.

“Thanks,” you muttered, taking it from him to blow your nose.

You rose to your feet, Harry standing with you, his hand still on your back.

“You okay?” he asked, his voice deep and raspy.

“Not really,” you shook your head, though it hurt to do so.

“C’mon. Let’s get you back to bed.”

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Bad Liar- Chapter Four (JB GOT7)

Here is the long awaited chapter four! This series won’t be extremely long, but decently lengthed!

Genre: Fluff, Angst, and a little suggestive.

Jaebum/JB (GOT7) X Original Character

Collage/University AU

Warnings: Swearing. May cause slight heart break, and rage towards characters.

May contain: Brief mentions of BTS members.

“Uh, hey…” JB said awkwardly pulling away from Amie quickly.

“Um, sorry I didn’t mean to intrude. I was, uh… Sorry.”

“No-no it’s okay we were just, you know… It’s okay,” Amie stammered out looking at the floor as she brushed past me to get inside.

Suddenly I was left out in the hallway, mildly embarrassed, with JB. His hands were now buried in his pockets, lighting kicking the ground as he too, had his face to the ground.

“I really didn’t mean to walk in like that. It wasn’t my intention to disrupt you two, I was just going to give Jimin his headphones.”

“Oh yeah, how was your date?”

“It was good.”

“Just good?”

“I mean, not too much happened. It was a pretty normal date.”

“Are you going to keep seeing him? Like, are you going on a second date?” JB asked, smoothing a fly away strand from his face, slicking it back with the rest of his hair.

“Yeah, probably.”

“Anyways, I should probably get going. Have a good night okay? We should hang out soon, just the two of us. Are you free on Friday?.”

“I’ll check my schedule. Get home safe, okay?”

“Aren’t I always?” He winked, walking back to the staircase.

I rolled my eyes, smirking to myself before walking back into the dorm room. I saw a flushed Amie, sitting on the couch while scrolling through her phone. “So, you and JB… Are you guys an item?”

“Huh? An item. No, I don’t really do boyfriends. You know?”


“I just don’t think I’m ready to be tied down quite yet.”

“Oh? Well, does JB know? Despite the bad boy look with the leather jacket, and the piercings, he’s really loyal… He likes having one girl to spoil.”

“Really? He’s so hot that he looks intimidating. I would never suspect that he could be a big softie.”

“The only thing intimidating about him is his temper. Seriously, watch out for the clench jaw. That means he’s pissed. Give him a pillow, walk away, and leave him for 5 minutes. He’ll beat the crap out of the pillow, and then he should be good,” I warned, grabbing some food from the fridge.

“Oh really? Hmm, maybe I should snap him up while I have the chance then. It’ll be my first real relationship.”

“Seriously? You’re like 23.”

“Hey, I said I’ve never really been the committed type” she grinned, shrugging her shoulders.

“Wow who hurt you…?” I laughed walking back to my room.

I closed the door behind me and flopped face first onto my bed. With a loud groan I started rocking my body side to side in frustration. I hate that I keep inserting myself into awkward situations. I decided to make the best of my situation by just taking the time to be alone. I grabbed some cookie dough ice cream from the freezer, ran a hot bath, and “read a book.” By reading a book, I mean I opened it, put it back down, and then basically took a nap in the tub.

“Hey Micah!”

“Yeah?!” I yelled through the door.

“Do you want to go shopping with me tomorrow?”

“Sure! What time?”

“Just after your class!” Amie called back.

“Okay, I’ll meet you by the main bus terminal.”

“Cool, good night! Don’t take too long, you’ll turn into a prune.”

It’ll be nice to spend some girl time together, since we haven’t gotten to do much since we moved in together.

I waited by the bus terminal, hands in my pockets. The air was a little chilly today so I decided to wear a comfy sweater-dress. I was excited to go shopping with Amie today, because taking a look at my closet… 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t an erotic novel, it was my closet. Every shade of grey, black, and white, as well as the occasional olive/army green could be found there. Amie often wore cute pastel clothes, or just some kind of color. I hardly ever saw her wear black or grey.

“Micah! Are you ready to go?!” A voice yelled.

“Yup! If we take the 181 we’ll be there in about 20 minutes.”

“Forget the bus, JB’s driving us. I called him last night and asked if he would take me to the mall but he said he didn’t like shopping, but that he’d still drive me anyways.”


“He’s waiting for us by the south campus entrance, let’s go,” Amie said tugging on my hand.

Now I was in the backseat of JB’s car, feeling like the third wheel. Amie interlocked her hand with one of JB’s while he drove with the other. “It’s a safety hazard, you idiots” I thought to myself. Though I know saying that out loud would make me sound like a jealous bastard, even though I was soaking in self-pity. Oh, what I would do to hurl myself out of this car right now.

“Hey, hey Micah! Are you listening?” Amie asked, peeking her head back at me.

“Huh? Sorry. I was just thinking.”

“That’s okay. Anyways, I was thinking what if I helped you pick an outfit for your next fancy date with Jimin?”

“Oh, you don’t… You don’t have to do that. I don’t think we’re going on a fancy date soon anyways. I mean, we’re both university students.”

“I want to pick you out an outfit. It’ll be a thank you gift since you had to lease out the dorm by yourself since I didn’t have my registration completed. It’s a big deal having to put down the entire deposit by yourself” Amie smiled.

“Okay, fine. You lead the way” I sighed getting out of the car. Amie instantly linked arms between JB and myself, leading the three of us inside.

“I didn’t know I was coming inside too” JB replied.

“You’ll be our bag boy for the day. Right? Won’t you do that for your new girlfriend?” She pouted.

“Fine baby, I’ll do it” he smirked before kissing her cheek. I looked away and rolled my eyes so hard, I could have probably seen my brain if I tried hard enough. The first store we went into Amie was instantly pulling things off the racks. If there was one thing you needed to know about Amie was that if shopping was an Olympic sport, she’d take home the gold metal every time. She could shop, sow, and DIY herself into the next life time. Most of her clothes had some kind of vintage feel to them, and some kind of alteration.

“Why don’t you look for something?” JB asked.

“I don’t really have the money for anything. I just wanted to spend some girl time with her but…”

“But I’m here, and it’s ruining the mood, right?”

“A little. It’s okay though. You’re her boyfriend after all…”

“Hey, I’m still your best friend. I hate that you’ve been acting a little awkward with me recently. Are you okay?”

I wanted to say ‘No, it feels weird having my ex-boyfriend/best friend dating my friend/roommate. I hate that I still have a little bit of feelings for you when it’s obvious that you’ve moved on.’ “Yeah, I’m fine. Just, now that I’m dating Jimin, I feel a little guilty hanging out with you. Since you’re my ex after all. Most guys would be pissed if they found out they are still hanging around their ex’s. It’s not really normal.”

“Oh, okay. Well we both moved on, so I don’t see how it’s a problem. I respect you staying loyal to him though.”


“Micah, you have to try these on right now.” Amie squealed while thrusting a bunch of hangers at me. I saw dress, after dress, in every color of the rainbow. Purple maxi dresses, pink satin dresses, and even blue velvet ones as well.

“Come on out!”

“Yeah, one second. Can you help me with the zipper?” I opened the door slightly while Amie stuck her hands in the change room to assist me. With the same hand, she tugged on my wrist to pull me out of the stall and into the walk way where JB was sitting on the couch surrounded by her bags.

“Well? Isn’t it perfect?!” Amie said stepping back, while drawing JB’s attention to me. His mouth went agape, and locked his eyes on my torso.

“It’s beautiful,” I exclaimed looking into the mirror.

“Can I pick a dress or what?! It’s red-wine colored, which means dark, and it’s suitable for evening outs. It has long sleeves which makes it modest and elegant; plus, the sleeves compensate for the shorter skater skirt. The lacey material also adds both sex appeal and class, and finally it has an easy glide back zipper, which means it’s easy to take off… If you know what I mean” she winked. I started blushing at her last comment a little; staring at my bare feet against the wooden floor.

“What do you think JB, from a guy’s perspective?” Amie asked.

“I think you take too much time thinking about the meaning of clothes.” Amie smacked his shoulder, while he laughed it off.

“Seriously though, you look good.”

“Perfect, you should get it!”

“You know, I work hard. I deserve to treat myself a little bit! I am going to get it, even though it’s… Oh my God, $120?! FOR THIS LITTLE AMOUNT OF CLOTHING? I HAVE SWEATERS WHICH COSTED LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE AND COVER MORE OF ME!”

“You’re such a stingy girl. Just buy the damn dress, and then we’ll get you some shoes to go with it. If you want, I’ll buy you the shoes. You should buy the dress, it looks really good on you” Amie suggested.

“No, you don’t need to buy me anything. This isn’t ‘Pretty Woman’ and I don’t need your money.”

“Stop being a shit and let me buy you some damn shoes. I saw some really cute black strappy wedges that would look so cute with almost any outfit! You’re a size 8, right? I’ll be right back, okay?”

I just waved her away before going back into the changing room and getting back into my normal clothes. “Oh, you’re still here? Why didn’t you go with your girlfriend?”

“Too many bags, I don’t feel like walking, so I thought I’d wait for you instead” JB shrugged as I purchased the dress.

“Why don’t we go put her bags in the car? Here I’ll help you,” I said while grabbing a few bags. “So, how have the guys been?”

“They’re doing alright. They miss you a lot. You should stop by and hang out with the rest of us like old times.”

“Meh, I doubt that they even miss me. They just miss me walking around in booty shorts around them.”

“Oh, just shut up, and in the defense of those booty shorts… I never let you walk around in those things around the guys.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about jealous and overprotective JB. Haven’t seen him in a while, next time he’s around, tell him I say hello.”

“Hey! You know how I feel about girlfriends. I don’t want anyone trying to make a move, being disrespectful, or even having a single unclean thought about someone I love. My girlfriend, means that she’s mine. I’m not sharing with anybody!”

“Hey, haven’t seen you in a while Jelly-bum, how’ve you been doing all this time?” I laughed.

“Shut up. I’m trying to be less temperamental, be nice,” JB pouted while putting the bags in the trunk.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Come on, let’s just get back inside.” I spun around on my heels, walking faster towards the shopping mall.

“Hurry up slowpoke! We got some more bag carrying to do!” Jaebum yelled while running after me, grabbing onto my waist, spinning me around a little before taking off ahead of me. I couldn’t help but dizzily laugh and start sprinting after him. With all the power I lack in my legs, I sprung up onto his back, and forced a piggyback.
“Oh my God, it’s like deadweight on me!”

“Hurry up my noble steed! For we must partake in the act of “shopping” once again!“

"I was going to go along with this, until you said that…”

“Go fuck yourself, my noble steed!”

JB finally put me down once we got through the parking lot to be greeted by a half smiling Amie. “Sorry, we went to go put your bags in the car.”

“Yeah, I saw, I walked outside and saw you guys by the car. I just had to use the washroom so I went back inside.”

“Oh okay.”

“Oh uh, by the way. The store didn’t have your shoes in your size at the moment. Sorry, maybe next time, okay?” Amie said, stroking my arm lightly.I’m not sure how someone petting your arm could be condecending, but that’s how it felt.

“That’s totally fine!”

“Um, I don’t mean to be a total ass but would you mind if JB and I spent some time together alone?”

“Don’t worry, that’s okay. I understand, I can just bus home. I’m just going to go look around a little bit before. I’ll see you later?” I asked.

“I can just drive her home quickly before, it’s a little rude to just ditch her like this when you invited her out in the first place” Jaebum added.

“No, it’s okay. You guys go and do your couple things. I’ll see you guys later.”

Amie smiled at me, and took JB’s arm, leading him away from the entrance and towards the chain of restaurants. I’m not going to lie, I felt a little shitty getting ditched like this, but I understand at the same time. She just wants to be with her boyfriend. Rather than feeling shitty, I decided to just go into the shoe store and look around for some heels on my own.

“Hello, how are you doing today?” The sales clerk said.

“I’m doing fine, how are you?”

“Doing just lovely, what brings you in today?”

“I’m looking for some heels to go with this dress I just bought, but also with other outfits too.”

“So black is probably your best bet. What kind of heel do you prefer and what size?”

“Any one that is easy to walk in. I’m clumsy. I usually go for wedges, and size 8” I admitted.

“I have the cutest pair of black strappy wedges! You’re also, very lucky. We sold the last pair in that size to a young blonde girl a few minutes ago, and she came back about 2 minutes later looking angry and returned them. They are perfectly fine, she basically walked out of the mall and came back in and decided she "wasn’t feeling” the shoes anymore. As long as you don’t mind someone owning them for like 2 minutes, you can purchase them. She didn’t even try them on.“

"Was the girl who bought the shoes wearing a pastel pink dress by the way?”

“Yes, she also had a cute leather purse, which I adore! is she a friend of yours?”

“Yeah… She is.”

Wait, why did Amie lie to me? Was she angry that JB and I went to the car without telling her?

The one where aubrey finds out (bechloe Friends AU one shot)

Aubrey just arrived at the hotel where the bellas were staying for the USO tour, the other bellas arrived a little earlier considering all their individual schedules were different and she had to finish some last minute work at the retreat camp before she can finally get off, she realized that the window on her room was exactly opposite chloe’s she was about to call the room number when suddenly she saw beca, she was there and she was hugging chloe from the back, kissing her on the neck and slowly pulling down the zipper of that dress chloe was wearing and then it hit her. What the hell was happening? she had no idea about this and all she can do was scream and close her eyes while she turned around only to see fat amy with jessica and ashley at her door “aubrey what is happening?” fat amy quickly asked “what is happening?you tell me!look at that window and tell me what is that!?” Aubrey didn’t know how to feel she just witnessed her two friends getting it on like wild rabbits “oh my god this is bad, okay just come here and we’ll explain” “yeah just take a deep breath and let us tell you what is going on” is what all jessica and ashley had to help aubrey calm down.

“Okay so you’re telling me this has been going on for 6 months?“Aubrey asked amy as the three explained to her what clearly was a situation she had no idea about. "Yes i know because beca is my roommate and these two know because chloe is their roommate” fat amy replied “they didn’t want to tell you because well because of this kind of reaction” jessica added “well don’t get me wrong i’m happy for them and i saw it coming but oh my god” while aubrey was still in a state of shock she saw the three bickering like parents on wether they should tell beca and chloe about this but she wanted to have some fun with this secret “i think we should keep it, i wanna play with this situation for a little while” Fat amy was very intrigued “and how are we gonna do that?” “I’m gonna try and seduce beca and we’re gonna see how they’ll react” aubrey had some thoughts but settled with this one which obviously is not going to be hard cause duh.

It was dinner time and all the bellas were together, beca and chloe were sitting side by side and aubrey purposely sat beside beca. “So beca…i heard being a music producer can be very stressful and i know a way to take all that stress off, if you want i can come by later at your hotel room to teach you some stuff” she asked seductively with her hand on beca’s lap. Beca didn’t know what was going on, she was confused and maybe a bit scared of this aubrey because well let’s face it aubrey never looked at her in that way before. “Uhm aubrey you okay? Is there something you wanna tell me?” aubrey looked at her and grabbed her hand “Well there is…but you’re the only person I can’t tell it to, and the person i want to tell it to the most” she caught chloe’s reaction, her face looking very confused and jealous and a bit scared all at the same time. The whole night was aubrey getting all cuddly with beca with some lingering touches at some very inappropriate places. “Okay i think i’m gonna head upstairs to fix some laundry, beca wanna do it with me?” chloe asked “sure i’ll do it with ya” beca quickly replied “wow i didn’t know you two do laundry together now” aubrey asked seriously “ha yeah well that’s us” beca replied nervously and as if she wasn’t nervous enough aubrey grabbed her hand passing her room number with a note that says call me.

“Chloe, babe you have to believe me. Aubrey was definitely flirting with me look she even gave me her room number with a call me note” chloe was at beca’s room trying to fit all the pieces together with how the evening just went “i know bec, i saw her hands on your lap and heard everything, but why?” chloe can’t think of any reason why aubrey will do this “Can’t it be just because of me, i mean i AM pretty hot” beca swear she saw chloe’s eyes rolled “yea well there’s that but there has to be something else….unless” “unless what chloe?” “Unless she knows! That’s the only explanation tbh” beca stood up from their cuddle on the bed “well what about me and my sexy bod and aubrey’s possibility of wanting this…..wait..SHE KNOWS!” chloe laughed and grabbed beca’s waist “well if she knows she still doesn’t know that we know she knows” “what do you suggest my lady?” chloe winked at beca and explained her brilliant plan for revenge with aubrey.

“Call her now” chloe couldn’t wait to start this so called competition “i am…jeez, wait it’s ringing” aubrey answered the phone “hello who is this?” beca looked at chloe for some help but all she got was a laugh “Hey aubrey this is beca, just wondering if maybe you could come by later and maybe….you could teach me how to take all this stress off and maybe…even more” beca asked, now being the seductive one, chloe was beside beca now encouraging her with a dozen of thumbs up and a lot of silent “yes” but what they didn’t know was fat amy was in aubrey’s room “uuhm well okay i have to get back on about that” aubrey replied and quickly hanged up “she wants me to go to her room!” aubrey exclaimed “what?shawshank will never do that to chloe….wait let me check my phone” fat amy checked her phone and saw beca’s message informing her that aubrey knows and she has to keep her mouth shut or hell will break loose “well this explains it, they know that you know” aubrey was shocked “okay but now we have the edge again, they don’t know that i know they know i know” aubrey walked to the phone confidently calling beca “hey beca, yea i’ll be around there in 10, can’t wait”

“Okay you got this babe just pretend like you wanna have sex with her that’s all” chloe said while fixing beca’s hair and spraying some mint spray in her mouth “what if I can’t do this” beca said “of course you can, you’re on my team and my team always win” chloe was serious “at this?!” beca retorted “just go get some”. While the two were preparing, fat amy and aubrey were doing the same thing. Aubrey wore a dress with some buttons to cover her cleavage and added some perfume fat amy gave her saying it’s some kind of a babe magnet. With a bottle of wine and two glasses on her hand she knocked on beca’s door and took a deep breath ready to put on a fight. “okay go inside the toilet and hide” beca said to chloe “okay you got this hot stuff” chloe ran off after kissing beca for some good luck.

“Hello aubrey” beca greeted as she open the door “well hello beca, you gonna let me in? I have wine” aubrey said while smirking at beca “well of course, come in come in” aubrey quickly opened the bottle of wine and both of them stood there just quietly drinking “should we take this to the room?” beca blurted “wha?” aubrey a bit too surprised with that “i mean that is why we’re here right?” beca asked, building all that remaining confidence she has “oh yea, but first i want you to..rub some lotion on me” now aubrey was blurting stuff out “yes. well i have lotion. I’ll get lotion”. Beca went straight to the toilet chloe was hiding to get the lotion “okay chlo she’s not backing down, she wants me to rub lotion on her” chloe automatically pulls beca in for a kiss “you have a very big reward after this so go and win” beca nodded “hell yea i am”. Aubrey was on the front of the door talking to amy while beca was getting the lotion “amy she’s not backing down she went to get some lotion” fat amy thinking carefully for a way they can break beca quickly “okay button down woman, beca has to see those boobs she’s a sucker for those, now go”. Beca got back in the room seeing aubrey with her bra all up front walking towards her “so uhm this is my bra” beca felt like she was gonna die from all these “i can see that…” aubrey walked a bit more closer to beca “i’m gonna kiss you now” beca gulped “not if i kiss you first”.

Both of them awkwardly moving closer to each other and before aubrey was about to kiss beca, beca shouted “okay no! I can’t do this” aubrey moved away “and why not!?” asking proudly “because i’m with chloe, because i’m in love with chloe” chloe walks out of the toilet looking very surprised with that announcement beca made, beca grabbed chloe’s waist and looked at her “i love you chloe” chloe was about to cry her heart very full at this special moment “i love you too beca” they kissed and for a second they forgot aubrey was there “well it’s about time”

Meeting the neighbors

Amelia has just moved in Seattle, when her roommate kicks her out of their apartment to have sex. She is just sitting on the floor outside waiting for time to pass when meets her hot ginger next door neighbor and sparks fly. Fluff and cuteness. Also Amelia’s described outfit is the one she is wearing during the intervention (Private Practice 5x08).

It wasn’t long before Amelia had just moved into her new apartment that her roommate Maggie was kicking her out to have loud hot sex with an intent named Andrew. So she was left to sit alone on the floor of her new building, seeing she hadn’t even had the chance to change her clothes from her trip from LA and look more presentable in order to explore the city and all the hot guys it offered. To say the least she was screwed and unbelievably bored so she decided to sit on the floor like a child praying that Maggie’s sexcapades would soon be over. After a while the door of the apartment on the opposite wall opened to reveal a handsome and muscular red head who appeared shocked at the sight of the gorgeous woman sitting on the floor.

“Are you alright” asked Owen concerned.

“Oh yeah I’m fine. I just moved here and my roommate kicked me out to have sex with a hot young guy” responded Amelia like it was the most normal thing in the world. Owen laughed.

“My roommate does that quite a lot too. Just yesterday I was sitting right here as well hoping my torture would soon be over” said Owen. Now it was Amelia’s turn to laugh.

“I was just heading out to get some coffee. Do you want to come? To pass some time and cry because you’re not the one having hot passionate sex” asked Owen hoping the beautiful stranger would say yes.

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Fight Club Chapter 3

You find yourself at a party one night, alone. You never would have guessed the adventure that it would take you on when you meet a handsome, silver-haired stranger.

Contents: Angst. Smoking.

Read Chapters 1, 2

Reader POV

The next few days of classes made for very little time to reach out to Chanyeol. We exchanged scattered, “hey, can I see you soon,” texts here and there, but, with us studying different majors, our classes overlapped and we were always on complete opposite sides of the campus.

I was interested to see how Yixing would interact with me after the way things had gone over the weekend at the party. I arrived at class that afternoon to find him in his normal seat next to mine. He was heavily focused on what he was writing, and jumped a bit when he lifted his head and saw me next to him.

“You snuck up on me,” he laughed.

Originally posted by ygyixing

I was relieved to see that he seemed to be unphased by the events from Saturday. Perhaps he had just been drunk that night and didn’t remember much of it. I wondered if he was aware that I had spent time with Chanyeol on Sunday. If he was, he did not seem phased by it.

“How was the rest of your weekend?” He closed the textbook that he was copying notes out of and turned his body toward me. He leaned forward and his eyes locked on mine, as if to show his attention was fully targeted on me.

I started unpacking my notebook and pens as I said, “it was good! Yeah, I really enjoyed myself this weekend.” I grinned and felt a blush crawl over my cheeks as I recalled the events a few days earlier with Chanyeol.  I waited to see if he was would pry about what I had done other than attending the party, but he just said, “that’s good to hear!”

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Congrats on the Hatty

Word Count: 1056

Player: Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes)

feat. Teuvo Teravainen (Carolina Hurricanes)

Warning/s: none

This is a repost of my own work!

Originally posted by nhl-canes

You were watching the door to the locker room closely. The families of the other players were waiting next to you, everyone pretty happy after the 5 to 1 win against the flyers. It had been a great game and everyone was proud of their team. Some of them were looking at you from time to time, a pair of women sending you confused glares. Maybe they thought you were someone’s girlfriend that hadn’t been introduced to them yet?

You hoped not to miss your brother. Because if you wouldn’t get to see him the whole surprise thing wouldn’t have worked out the way you planned. You slightly tugged at the hem of your jersey, looking up as the door opened and the players began coming out. 

The second that he came out you saw him, but he was so concentrated on talking with Sebastian Aho, he didn’t even look up. They would have walked right past you, if you wouldn’t have said anything.

“But the two assists were great.”, his friend said.

“I agree. They were pretty great.”, you said loud enough for them to hear. 

Aho looked slightly confused but Teuvo’s head snapped around and a grin spread on his face, mixed with surprise!

“Y/n!”, he cheered, quickly pulling you into a bone crushing hug. You were lifted from the ground as your taller brother spun you around a little, before setting you back down.

“Nice to see you too, Teukka.”, you mumbled with your arms around his waist. He was so freakishly tall you couldn’t do anything else, although you weren’t really small yourself.

“How- I mean how are you even in the country?”, he exclaimed, not believing you were really there.  

The last time you had seen each other seemed to be months away. On Christmas with your family in Finnland.

“I got an offer to check out the University of North Carolina. So I thought, why not surprise my lovely brother? And it just so happened to be a game night.”, you grinned.

Teuvo loosened the hug, absently tucking a streak of your hair behind your ear with a big smile.

“I missed you.”, he uttered.

“Yeah, I know. I missed you too.”

You stayed in the hug for a little while, before you separated, both taking a step back. And as you looked at your brother, trying to find the little changes in his appearance since you had last seen him, you suddenly felt guilty and embarrassed. Because you had totally forgotten that his friend was still there, staring at the two of you.

“Congrats on the hatty.”, you greeted him.

“Thank you.”, he replied with a smirk, his accent very familiar from home.
Teuvo realized that you had never formally met his roommate, so he turned around slightly, introducing you.

“This is my little sister Y/n. Y/n, this is Sebastian Aho. Obviously a teammate of mine and my roommate. Tell me, how long can you stay?”

“I have to meet someone at the University tomorrow at 1 PM. But I have to get the last bus back to Chapel Hill so that would be in two hours.”

“Why don’t you just stay for the night and take a bus tomorrow?”, Teuvo offered, as you started walking out of the PNC Arena.

“Would that be okay?”, you asked not only your brother but his roommate too.

“Sure.”, both said.

“Well then I’m gonna take you up on that offer.”, you said getting into the car you knew was your brother’s.

“When is she going to come?”, Sebastian asked as Teuvo was turning off the TV.

“She should be here any minute.”

“And why is she coming again?”

“Campus is closed, classes are canceled because they have a state of emergency. Something is wrong with the water so I thought it would be better to have her here, you know?”

“Yes.”, Sebastian said absentmindedly. 

He didn’t notice that Teuvo was beaming at him from across the room, a smile on the older one’s face. Because while Teuvo was already 23, you were a year younger than Sebastian, making you 18 although you would turn 19 soon.
When Sebastian noticed the look on Teuvo’s face, he looked up.

“What?”, he asked.

“Oh nothing, just tone it down with the heart-eyes if you’re still too chicken to tell her.”, he smirked.

“Uh- no I- uh.”

“I don’t have a problem with that, Sepe. Plus I think she likes you too. So why not go for it? Although I have to inform you of the part in my lifelong contract as her brother which says that I have to break your bones if you hurt her. But I know you wouldn’t, so were good on that one.”, Teuvo finished, just as the doorbell rang.

“Hey, Y/n.”, he greeted as he pulled you into a hug, taking your bag from you.

“Hey, Teukka. Thanks for offering me to stay here.”, you smiled but you were already looking into the Appartement. You entered and while Teuvo closed the door you went into the living room.

Sebastian was still standing there, slightly flustered from what Teuvo had seen. You didn’t ask what was going on, instead, you just went directly to him and pulled him into a hug.

“Hey. Good to see you.”, you greeted quietly.

“Hi.”, was his shy reply as he carefully wrapped his arms around your waist.

“You might want to get some coffee later?”, you asked, your heart racing as you separated. 

Your best friend and roommate in your dorm had pep talked you into this for two hours straight before you had to go. You wanted this since the start of the semester but you weren’t sure what he would reply.

“Yes.”, Sebastian blurted out.

“Coffee?”, Teuvo asked behind you. You wheeled around and send your brother a glare that said: You’re not invited.

“I have to go pick up some stuff later today. Glad you two got something to do while I’m gone.”, he quickly saved himself from the situation, earning a relieved glare from you.

That was close. But now you had to get through a date with Sebastian without dying from cardiac arrest. Nothing easier than that, right?