my roommates are judging me

Does anyone else pause and just stare at the screen when your ship does something so downright cute or makes a move or just stares intensely at eachother? Cos I do then I rewind and watch it again and again but I can’t do that when there’s people around like they’re like WHY DO YOU KEEP WATCHING THE SAME SCENE AGAIN AND AGAIN I KNOW THE LINES BY HEART but fam u don’t get it ??!?

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Prompt:  Hello you’re taking request yes? Could you write a bones fic where the reader gets a bit too drunk and he has to carry her home, please? :))
Word Count: 1195
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 6423/50,000
Author’s Note: I love this.

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today I bought the soft bottle to try and make some pancake drawings, it’s actually quite fun and easy to do!

also a tip to anyone who wants to try, keep in mind that the end result will be mirrored, so be careful when making faces that look at some direction the result may be weird


I’ve been watching this for 2 days and my roommate is starting to judge me but I don’t even care I die every time😂

jimhcpper  asked:

22, 34, 35

thank you! 

22 - Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?

a few people, actually. my friend Stephanie who I’ve been friends with for 10 years has always made me feel like she won’t judge me for anything. my friend/roommate Fiona has seen me super low & super messy and that makes me feel like I can tell her whatever. And then of course my beautiful saltmate @florabell who I’ve only known for a year + some, but who just gets me. We’re so in sync sometimes it’s crazy. 

34 - How late did you stay up last night and why?

so um… I actually spent the night on the floor of a walk-in closet last night 😂😂😂 - basically what happened was that I went out of town to see my uncle’s band play a show and I was supposed to stay with a friend, but she forgot and went out of town, so I ended up staying on the floor of my uncle’s closet because that was the only floor space big enough that he had that had a door I could close. Anyway, I think I went to bed around 2 something after we got back from the show. 

35 - If you could move somewhere else, would you?

yes & no. I wanna move back to NYC if I ever had the money to, but right now with my health issues I really need the support system from my family, so I think it’s good that I’m where I am atm. And I was happy to be in town and get to see all the gorgeous fall color this year.

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a little fic for thekingslover, because she’s home from holiday and we’re all so excited to have her back!! <3

prompt by a lovely anon: college roommates au, dean as an engineer, cas as an art student who leaves his stuff everywhere

read it here on AO3!

The alarm went off at seven in the morning, like always. Dean reached out blindly, his face still buried in his pillow, knocking over his empty water bottle and his stack of books before finally locating his phone and swiping his thumb across the screen, shutting off the shrill tone.

Across the room, Dean heard Cas groan loudly, and mutter a string of quietly vitriolic words at the alarm, at Dean, and at the world in general.

“Good morning to you, too, your highness,” Dean said, his voice slightly hoarse. He’d been feeling under the weather for a couple of days, now; it was probably the stress of turning in his final project that was undermining his health, but he didn’t have time to take a day and recuperate. His project was going exactly nowhere, and had been sitting on his conscience like an anvil for two weeks. Dean lay completely still on his bed, running through the same problems that he’d been going through last night, and all of yesterday, and the day before that one…

He breathed in and out, sharply, and sat up. He’d figure it out today, he was sure. But first, breakfast. He swung his legs out of bed, stomach grumbling. He was absolutely –


Dean hopped on one foot, grimacing.

“Shhhh,” Cas murmured sleepily.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Dean said loudly. “Did I wake you up when I stepped on another one of your goddamn pencil-sharpeners?”

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Introductory - HunHan’s World

hi ^w^ 

So @hunhan-never-dies wanted me to do a post, just so I can get used to the Tumblr format and everything…sooooooo, I’m going to do a little HunHan introductory :D (beacause they’re just so perfect)

Oh! My name’s Benny by the way ~ First year Law Student, and proud! :3

hehe, aren’t they cute? They’re like two Koala bears that can’t be seperated from each other >w< it must be hormonal attraction…. >///<

Sometimes I miss their little airport moments ~ Know why? Because they were the most genuine. It’s not like they were on stage, they never had to perform or impress anyone…they were just being themselves together ^3^

hehe, look at them being goofballs :3 

^w^ always together ~ two peas in a cozy little pod

And the way they look at each other with eyes of adoration ;w; I miss them so much…

Ahh, early debut HunHan…by far, one of my favourites >w<

Even amongst the huge crowd, still together *awwww*

*my roommate is judging me so much because I literally can’t stop smiling* these two are so perfectly wonderful :D

Relationship goals? xxx ^///^

because Disneyland is the most romantic place on earth :P 

These bring back so many memories :3 happy happy happy ~

Arghh, my wifi keeps dropping out so I have to end it there for now ^3^

<3 HunHan is life!!

Review of Empire of Storms

Disclaimer: This is is my personal opinion. I am in no way stating what I say here is canon or accurate. It is my personal interpretation. If you disagree with my opinion or want to share your view on this with me–go for it! But if you are going to send me hate, do yourself (and me) a favor and don’t bother.


Non-Spoiler Section:

Rating: 4.25/5

Commentary: And so the highly anticipated 5th book has finally come out and I devoured it in ~6 hrs. upon receiving it in the mail yesterday. This book was amazing (I expected nothing less from Sarah J. Maas) and completely blew me out of the water with the plot twists, revelations, and the main pairing (kasfjkad so many feels). There were so many points in time (especially towards the end) when I kinda just slid down in my chair, had to stop reading, and just whisper, “Oh my fucking god. Oh my fucking god. Holy shit.” 

But for all its glory and excellence, there were bits of the book that I was a bit mehhh about which is why I docked off 0.75 points. In my personal opinion, Empire of Storms wasn’t as good as Queen of Shadows or Heir of Fire (my most favorite book in the series) for various reasons. I just felt that the very emotional and raw side that was very present in Heir of Fire and about 55% present in Queen of Shadows just kind of took a backseat to allow for the action to take the front stage. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I kind of was just hoping for more–especially with Dorian’s arc. Some of the romance between the side-but still main-characters had me raising my eyebrows just simply because of how rushed or lust-driven they were. I don’t have any problems with the pairings themselves (because they’re REALLY interesting) but I had issues with the they were executed. 

Overall, though, this book was such a fun ride and I’m glad I sat on my ass for 6 hours to read it.

Spoiler Section

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my roommate tyler jøseph

me: Tyler, Judge Judy is on!

Tyler Joseph, yelling down from the shower: <\:¡:ŸÕÚ’RÊ TĤĒ ĴÚÐĜÉ:¡:/>

me: oh no

Tyler Josesph, singing like the sweet angel he is while sliding down the stairs in a beautiful penguinly fashion, hands raised like a friggin child in kindergarten: ŠÉT MË FRËÉÊËÈÉ

16491) I can't stop binging. All I see is skinny people everywhere and it makes me feel like an elephant. My roommate seriously judges me when I don't eat, so I binge in an effort to make her happy. Why can't I stop this endless cycle? Why is so hard for me to just commit to becoming skinny? Why am I so afraid?