my roommate wants to fix me up with her brother what do i do i don't know what to do

always-a-marvel-fangirl  asked:

I'm more of a lurker on tumblr and I don't follow you (fixing that now), but I had to tell you your scientific kissing post was so perfect yet heartbreaking. I loved all of it, I'm just so happy other people get so invested in ships like I do. Would you mind sharing your favorite Skye/ward fanfic?

Haha I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Isn’t science great?! (In case you missed it or, you know, want to do science again…)

This is THE BEST question tbh. Because I have MANY fave Skye/Ward fanfics. And many fave authors. So, now that I think about it, this is also THE WORST question. But oh well. Also, I am bound to forget someone. (IF I HAVE FLAILED IN THE COMMENTS OF YOUR FIC, KNOW I LOVE YOU AND YOU HAVE MADE ME SO HAPPY EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT ON THIS LIST.)

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