my roommate sent me this

having vivid dreams and a shitty memory is a bad combination because sometimes I wake up with a lot of hazy memories that seem real enough but which, upon reflection, turn out to be fabrications. like last night I dreamt my roommate sent me a text asking me to refer to the tv remote as “william” and dream me said “aight I can do that.” then in the morning, still a little groggy, I said to her “can you pass the william please” and she went “the fucking what” and it took me a moment before I realised “oh that was a dream wasn’t it”

I’m back home for the weekend and my roommate sent me this. This is what she does without me: gets drunk and watches anime with the hamster

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I've got a cold and I laughed so hard the the "buttshirt" thing to that it sent me into a coughing fit and my roommate came downstairs to see if I was ok. 😂😂😂

<3 Haha sorry abt that but hey I’m happy it landed lol 

So my ex roommate sent this to me, and I can’t help but picture Sonamy as I’m listening to it. Sonic is the type of person who, even though he’s the fastest thing alive, either never shows up to anything or he shows up incredibly late. This habit of his has always driven Amy nuts. But I think it would be really cute that after they’ve started dating/living together, she stops minding it so much as long as they’re together.

I just picture this cutesy scenario where they’re trying to get ready to meet up with everyone but instead they just keep dancing in the room and innocently kissing and making out and stuff.

*throws romantic fluff at you*

So my roommate for next year looked at some houses last week and sent me a shortlist of places she liked, and so I went to go check them out today 

and her favorite one 


pros: beautiful, right by a stream, walkable to campus and bikeable to library, lots of parking space, plenty of space, surrounded by forest beauty


look, I love the guy, but I’d rather not be that close, you know 


Very sad bc I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but my uni’s luau was last week!! Relieved but sad that it’s over. I love participating in these beautiful cultures❤️

The first picture is of me after the show in the haku my mom sent up. The second is of me and my roommate in our costumes for a Samoan Siva. The last is of my sister and I in our Tahitian costumes (I was so nervous to dance half naked, I didn’t want more than just my hips to move if you know what I mean 😳) Really sad that I didn’t get a picture in my Wahine Auana costume tho

I just got home and my fucking roommate sent me 20 drunk texts while I was out and he left the back door wide open and fucked up the lock on it and opened my bedroom door and let my cat out who peed all over the couch I JUST washed and I am SO MAD!!!!

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E/R - Two Night Stand AU

(For those of you who don’t know, there is an upcoming romcom that just CRIES OUT for all the fandom AUs.)

Enjolras is completely and without question certain that this is not how one-night stands are supposed to work.

He can’t control the weather, of course, but at this point he would be willing to go out and scoop the snow out from in front of the door with his bare hands if he thought it would have the slightest effect, if only because he has no idea what to say. Grantaire is a stranger, they had sex, and it was supposed to be a way to move on, quickly done and quickly forgotten, but now they’re stuck.

“We’re going to have to talk sometime,” says Grantaire from the kitchen table, where the remains of breakfast remain on their plates. “Unless you’d like to take a vow of silence until the storm blows over, but I warn you, I’m not very good at silence.”

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