my roommate 21st birthday

Need something to "cuttle?" Try a stuffed cuttlefish!

Hey guys! I know I’ve put stuff out there for commissions before, but I have a new thing for you!

Stuffed cuttlefish!

They are cute. They are soft. And they can fit your shipping needs if you so desire~

These little guys are made of fleece and are about 8in long. Any color you want, I can make it in as long as I can find the fleece to do so.

How much are they?

These cuttlefriends are $5 a piece with $2 for shipping. (Basically that means: however many you get x $5 + $2.)

You mentioned shipping before. What do you mean?

I mean for fandoms. I know people have a lot of ships. How this can work can be making two or three in specific colors for your favorite ships. Or, I can do one side one color with the other side the other color. I can even add symbols on them (like the zodiac signs in Homestuck or symbols for OFF or something for Nightvale) for a small extra fee.

How much is that extra fee?

Well, that depends on the symbol you want. Some are a little more complex than others, but really it shouldn’t be more than a $2 additional charge. Just talk to me.

Below are a couple pictures of what these little guys look like. I made my first ones for my roommate and first moirail for her 21st birthday, and she LOVES them. She says they’re great to “cuttle” with and are really soft and cute.

If you are interested in getting some of these cute stuffed cuttlefish, please message me, and I’ll talk out details with you!