my roomie is not pleased with me

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Ok so I've liked my bff for like 6 years now.He will be my roomie for the following 3 years.I tried to move on but the love for him doesn't go away.I never confessed to him because I'm scared of ruining our awesome and close friendship. He likes to flirt with me but I think it's just the way he is?I mean I never saw him do that with his other friends who are girls...Any advice please?:(

Did you just describe me and my boyfriend? That’s legit what happened with us 😂 he lived with me and my momma for a few years when we were younger since we were so close in school and he had no where to stay cause of family problems👏🏻 I really liked him and he was always playfully flirty~ turns out he liked me back …. I mean he ended up telling me but.. maybe you should tell him? Hint at it or something? But then I also understand that you don’t wanna ruin the friendship

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so sorry it took so long, i had like 5 ideas for this, and constantly was changing it, and then college blows and then personal shit too, but finally an imagine that was requested like 5000 years ago. So sorry, I hope you like it.


I was beyond excited for spring break. I was ecstatic to be going to the lake with everyone for the week. I really needed this little vacation, and what better way than a week away with my best friends. Sammy had just texted me and told me that they were outside waiting for me, so I finished checking my bags and headed out the door to see my favorite idiots all in the car.

There was G who was driving and Johnson was in the passenger seat. Then there was Emily, Sammy, Skate and Swazz all hanging out the back seat window. I laughed at the sight and managed to squeeze my bags in the trunk and hop in, being squished in the back with all our bags and Swazz.

As soon as everyone was situated, we were headed off to the lake, only a short 7 hour car ride. How bad could it be?

Let me tell you, it was terrible. Johnson and Sammy kept fighting over the aux cord. I had to watch Skate strike out with Emily like the whole ride there, and Swazz was high as hell and could barely comprehend what was going on, although I loved my dopey Swazz. G was mostly quiet, and I would always catch him looking in the rear view mirror at me and smiling.

So, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a thing for G. We have this weird sort of relationship, we’re a little more than best friends, but less than lovers. We would constantly flirt, but that’s as far as it ever went. Playful flirting.

It started when I started to hang out with the guys more. I was closest with Swazz out of all of them. I met him for the first time ever when I was at the gas station in a shady part of town at like 2 in the morning and some perv came up and tried to get me to leave with him. Swazz walked out of the gas station and walked over to me, throwing his arm around my waist and kissing my forehead and saying ‘sorry babe, they were all out of skittles’ and placing a pack of m&m’s in my hand and then looking at the guy, who’s eyes went wide and then resulted in him leaving.

So I thanked Swazz, and we started talking more and more and just really hit it off. I told him how thankful I was for him saving my life and then we just started to hang out after that. And then he introduced me to his friends, quickly hit it off with all of them and then I was in a group message with all of them. But that was like a year ago, and here we are now. I’m just glad Emily was here too. I couldn’t handle all these boys for a week straight, plus she was my best friend.

We finally arrived after a long 8 hour trip, if you count all the stops we made at gas stations. It was beautiful. Very private. There were only like 5 cabins around the lake, so they were spaced out quite a bit. The cabin was huge, but only had 4 rooms, so mostly all of us had to double us.

But we didn’t wanna be like, hey you’re rooming by yourself, so we drew numbers. It was 1-4, but only 1-3 had two sets of numbers.

Johnson picked 4, Swazz and Sammy had 1, Emily and Nate had 2, which left G and I both with the number 3.

“looks like you’re my roomie for the week.” I playfully bumped into him.

“looks like it.” He smiled down at me, throwing his arm around me.

“well, my room is right next yours, so please, I don’t wanna hear you have sex.” Sammy laughed, along with everyone else. I was gonna say something like ‘we’re not’ or ‘it’s not like that’ but Jack spoke before I could.

“hey bud, I make no promises.” Which caused everyone to laugh.

We headed up to our room and it was beautiful. There was a king size bed in the middle of the room, along with a door leading to an outside balcony. There was a tv up on the wall across from the bed, and then two dressers, along with our own private bathroom.

“so, which side of the bed do you want?” G asked as I drug my bags into the room and threw them on the bed.

“uh, I guess I’ll take the right side, if that’s okay. It doesn’t really matter to me though.”

“no that’s fine. I prefer the left side anyway.”

“so what if I said I wanted the left side?” I asked, grabbing some clothes from one of my bags and putting it in a drawer.

“well, looks like I would have been joining you then.” He shot me a wink. He’s literally going to kill me this week I swear.

Jack and I joked around some more as we finished unpacking. When we were finally done it was like 9 at night. And having been so wrapped up in school for the past 3 months, I was exhausted.

“you coming down?” he asked, heading towards the door.

“I’m actually gonna shower and probably get into bed. It’s been a rough past few weeks.”

“alright, I’ll be up soon then I guess, just gonna go grab something to eat and chill with the guys for a bit.”

“okay.” I smiled, and he was gone. I got my shit to shower and quickly made my way into the bathroom. Removing my makeup and conditioning my hair as I shaved, I was out in 20 minutes. I threw on a pair of sweats and a white tank top.

I walked out into the room, crawled in on the right side and turned on the tv. Soon I fell asleep to the sound of Nick Cannon wild-n-out.


I woke up the next morning feeling really groggy. I reached up and rubbed my eyes before everything became clear. I stretched, and heard Jack groan next to me. I turned my head to see that Jack and I were spooning. When we realized our position, we quickly, and awkwardly, separated. I jumped out of the bed and Jack got up as well, clad in nothing but his boxers.

I couldn’t help but look at his chiseled chest, and then my eyes fell to the tent in his boxers. I felt myself rubbing my legs together, trying to get friction, just from looking at him.

“um, I’m sorry.” He said, reaching up and scratching the back of his neck, a nervous habit I’ve noticed he had.

“no it’s uh, it’s okay, you said the left side was yours.” I said, twiddling my thumbs, a nervous habit I had developed.

“no it’s alright. I’d never admit this in front of the guys, but I’m a hardcore cuddler.” He laughed.

“oh? So the boys don’t know?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“yeah, and don’t you d-“ he started but he cut himself off as I went for the door, chasing after me. I ran out the door of our room and down the hall, but G was behind me by just a few steps.

I heard everyone downstairs, so I was running down the stairs, trying to make my way into the living room so I could tell everyone. I stopped in the living room and called out.

“guys you’ll nev-“ but I was cut off by Jack running and engulfing me in his arms and like tackling me to the floor, as gentle as a tackle could get. He had me pinned down, my hands above my head, as he straddled me basically. I was out of breath though, and laughing trying to tell the guys.

“guys” I laughed out, as Jack started to tickle me.

“don’t you dare” he smiled down at me.

“Jack’s a-“ but he cut me off, but placing his hand over my mouth.

By now, everyone had walked into the living room and was watching us.

“don’t.” he said sternly, looking at me. I nodded my head and Jack got off me and stood up, taking my hand and pulling me up. I smiled innocently and turned to look at everyone.

“Jack loves c-“ but I was cut off by Jack from behind me throwing his hand over my mouth and pulling me into him. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy.

“what the hell is going on?” Sammy laughed.

“nothing. She was just gonna say Jack loves cookies. Ignore her.” He smiled. “We’ll be back down in a second.” He spoke again, before turning us and walking back to our room. When we got to the top of the stairs he let go of my mouth.

“JACK’S A HARDCORE CUDDLER!” I screamed, and I heard Jack groan as I ran towards the room we were sharing, as he chased after me. And then he tackled me onto our bed. I was laughing like crazy.

We stared at each other, as he hovered over me, holding my hands above my head again. His face was close, and I just really got lost in it. His eyes were glistening, shimmering actually, a nice brown/hazel color. They were mesmerizing. And then his jawline. I watched as it clenched in our close proximity. His jaw line literally gave me life. And then I looked at his lips. God they were perfect. And I wanted nothing more than to know how they would feel to be against mine.

Jack must have thought the same thing cause in a matter of seconds, his lips were on mine. I wanna say it was totally unexpected, but I’ve always wanted to feel his lips on mine, but the fact that it actually happened completely shocked me.

He pulled up and looked at me wide eyed, and I’m sure I mirrored his expression. He stood up and I quickly jumped up off the bed.

“(y/n)” he said, looking at me.

But I freaked. I just ran out the door and down the hall, down the stairs and then out the front door. I couldn’t deal with this right now. See, I’m the type of person who runs away from my problems. And I don’t do feelings very well. I’ll flirt like crazy, but then when something actually happens, like a fucking kiss, I freak out. And then I end up pushing the person away.

I started out walking along the edge of the lake. And then I sat out on the dock, thinking about everything. I mean, would Jack and I even be a bad thing? I mean, he’s nice, and he’s cute, and he’s funny, and he makes me laugh and smile, but like what if he ends up cheating or something. I don’t wanna lose all my friends if we break up or something. Maybe I’m just completely over thinking it all. Jack probably doesn’t even like me. It was probably a ‘in the moment’ thing.

So after 3 hours of sitting out on the dock and thinking about shit, I decided to head back. I could go back and talk to Em about it or something. But when I got up to the house, Emily was gone out with Nate.

I sighed and headed up to my room, only to find Jack on the bed, I sighed and went to turn around and leave.

“(y/n)” his voice was soft.

“Jack.” I sighed, reaching for the door handle to leave. I couldn’t do this.

“no (y/n) listen.” He said, grabbing my arm and pulling me back, flush to his chest.

“Jack let me go.” I said, annoyed, and started wiggling in his grip, but he just grabbed me tighter.

“Jack” I groaned, finally getting out of his grip with a huff and sitting on the bed.

“(y/n) I like you. A lot.”

“okay.” I said.

“is that all you have to say?”

“yeah, can I leave now?” I rolled my eyes.

I always got like this. I always would push the guys away after I got feelings and something happened that would make me more attached. It just always happened.

“no. You can’t tell me you don’t feel anything.” He sighed, defeated tone as he got on the bed next to me.

“Jack.” I said, fiddling with my thumbs.

“look at me and tell me honestly that you don’t feel something for me.”

I stayed silent, fiddling with my hands in my lap. Jack’s hand came and cupped my cheek, making me face him and actually look at him. His eyes sympathetic and hopeful.

“I-I can’t.” I sighed, closing my eyes.

“exactly!” he cheered.

“Jack, I can’t do this. I don’t wanna get hurt. I don’t want our friendship to get messed up. I don’t wanna lose you.” I whined.

“stop (y/n).” he said, gently stroking my cheek with his thumb before talking again. “stop overthinking this. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“you don’t kn-“ but I was cut off by his lips on mine. But instead of like the first time, I kissed him back. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It was so much better than what I thought it’d be.

I soon got lost in the moment, and moved so I was straddling his lap. His hands were down on my butt, and mine on his shoulders. I started grinding on him, which caused him to let out a low groan. Things were getting hot, no doubt.

I reached for the bottom of his shirt and started tugging on it.

“(y/n)” Jack breathed out, pulling back and looking at me.

“what?” I groaned.

“I don’t want just sex. I’m serious. I like you a lot.”

“Jack.” I groaned, rolling off him and plopping on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“no listen.” He kinda chuckled, throwing his arm around me and snuggling up with me. “I’d love nothing more than to fuck you senseless right here and right now. Trust me. I’ve thought about it hundreds of times, but I don’t want this to be just sex. I really do like you a lot. And I know you. You don’t do feelings well, but I’m not gonna let you push me away on this.”

“I do feelings” I whined. “I just don’t like when people are all up in my feelings, and asking about all my personal shit and making it a big deal.”

“then well see how this week goes for us, keep it lowkey? And when we get back I’ll officially take you out on our first real date.”

“fine.” I groaned, rolling my eyes and rolling off his lap, which caused Jack to whine. He pouted and looked at me and then pointed at his lips. I laughed and leaned over and pecked them lightly.

“we should probably get ready for dinner, Emily said she was gonna make something.” Jack said as he had me wrapped up in his arms.

“yeah, probably.” I sighed, getting up and shuffling through my drawers for an outfit. I felt Jacks hands slip around my waist.

“Jack.” I laughed “I have to figure out an outfit.”

“I know, I just like being able to finally hold you in my arms” and then he kissed me “and kiss you.”

“alright cheeseball, let me find an outfit.” I said, prying out of his arms.

I picked out a pair of jean shorts and then found a nice black tank top. I turned and saw Jack in just a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Jack smiled at me and wrapped his arms around me in a big bear hug.

“can we take a picture?” he asked, kissing my forehead.


We took a few pictures and then went down to dinner. Sliding into our spots at the table, sitting next to one another, and Jack played footsie with me the whole night. I couldn’t help but smile sideways at him. He was being so dorky, it was adorable.


It’s been about 4 days at the lake, and we only have about 3 days left. It’s been really relaxing and so great to just spend time with all my friends. Jack and I have also gotten a lot closer, and a lot more like the couples I often see out on the street and out on dates. Ya know, the kind you see and you just wanna punch them for being so lovey.

It was currently like Thursday night, and we were out by the fire, drinking. Em and I were dancing around, already having a slight buzz. We were feeling good, and Jack looked so hot. So I couldn’t help but chug the rest of my drink and make my way over to Jack, who was sitting around the fire talking to Sammy.

I waltzed right over and sat on Jack’s lap, which took him completely by surprise, and Sammy too. I smiled at both of them and then snuggled into Jack, who wrapped his arms around me.

“what’s going on here?” he laughed, high clearly.

“uh-“ Jack started but I cut him off. I turned and placed my lips on his, and pulled back and giggled.

“I like Jack.” I smiled proudly.

Sammy laughed “Swazz, I told you they’d hook up before the trip was over.”

“hey, we haven’t hooked up.” I defended as Swazz joined our conversation.

“Please don’t, cause I’ll owe Sammy $100 if you two do.”

“how do we know you haven’t already?” Sammy asked.

“oh trust me, you’ll know.” Jack laughed, kissing my neck.

The night went on and soon it was 1 in the morning, and I wanted Jack. So Jack and I stumbled up into our room, giggling as he carried me over to the bed, his lips on mine, before stumbling and tripping, us crashing onto the bed.

I was on top of him, and he was laying back, his hands on my ass as we sloppily made out. He slid his hands up to my shirt and started tugging at it. I smiled into the kiss and sat up, peeling my shirt off, leaving me in just my bra and shorts. I had just threw my shirt to the floor when Jack grabbed my hips and flipped us, so we were not laying in the middle of the king size bed and he was over top of me.

It didn’t take long for all our clothes to be shed and he was eating me out. I was a moaning mess. My hands were in his hair, pulling on it, causing him to let out low groans, vibrating my core, which made my back arch and me moan out his name.

“god baby, you’re so hot.” He spoke, his voice raspy.

“Jack please.” I whined. I needed this.

Jack sat up and looked in my eyes and smiled before coming down and kissing my lips. I sighed into the kiss, completely happy with this, and then I felt him teasing me with his tip. I whined, bucking my hips up, begging for more.

“hold on.” He whispered, crawling off me, leaving me all hot and flustered. I watched as he dug around in his suitcase and pulled out a condom, smiling at me as he ripped it open and slid it on. I finally saw his size and I swear I came right there and then.

Jack crawled back on top of me and started kissing my neck as I felt his tip slowly slide in. Both of us moaned as he filled me up, and then when I had adjusted to his size he kissed my lips and started thrusting in and out. Slow at first, but then he picked up his pace. I was moaning and the sound of our skin slapping together started to fill the room.

Jack pulled out, which totally confused me, cause I knew he didn’t cum yet, so I looked at him and he smiled.

“ride me babygirl.”

And in a second I was hovering over him, slowly easing down onto him. We both let out a long moan as the feeling, and soon I was bouncing up and down on Jack. His hands found their way to my ass and then he held me up as he started to slam up into me, the sound of his balls slapping my ass filling the room along with my moans.

“oh god.” I moaned out, throwing my head back.

“fuck.” He groaned “you’re so hot babe, I’m almost there.” He grunted.

“Jack. I-I’m clo-“

“shh, I know baby. Just hold on for me okay?”

He pulled out again and repositioned so we were doggy-style. My face was in the pillows as Jack just slammed into me, causing me to scream out. His hands on my hips to rock them back and forth, to meet his thrusts. Both of us were moaning, the sound of our skin slapping together, and the sound of his dick sliding in and out of my wet folds filled the room, and the headboard slamming against the wall.

“fuck Jack.” I cried out as I came, no warning.

I was shaking as Jack rode out my high but also tried to reach his. A few thrusts later I felt him cum and he let out the hottest moan that I swear could have made me cum again. He rode out his high and then finally pulled out, removing the condom, and getting up to dispose of it in the bathroom. He walked back out and jumped into bed, pulling me into his chest.

“that was great.”

“yeah.” I panted, feeling super tired.

“sweet dreams babygirl.”


I woke up the next morning and remembered everything about last night. It was great, but I really did wanna try to wait for that with Jack. But it happened, and I don’t regret it. It was great. I heard Jack groan next to me and I smiled as he pulled me in tighter to him.

“Jack.” I giggled as he started to kiss my bare shoulders.

“babe.” His morning voice, good god.


“I wasn’t really expecting that but I mean, if you’re offering.” He started, and then let go of me and laid straight on his back. I turned and looked at him and saw him adjusting himself down there and I laughed.

“I didn’t mean that idiot. I meant like pancakes and waffles breakfast.” I giggled, laying on his chest and kissing his lips.

“oh right, let’s go.”

We got dressed, which took a little longer than expected because someone couldn’t keep his hands to himself. When we finally made it downstairs, I walked a little slower than Jack of course, who couldn’t help but laugh at me.

We finally sat down and started breakfast and it was…awkward. Something was up. Conversations seemed forced and I was worried something was wrong.

But Sammy finally cleared it all up.

“my one fucking rule guys. I didn’t wanna hear you.” And he looked straight at us. Jack sported a proud grin and I blushed so hard I had to look down at my lap as everyone erupted into laughter.

I love my idiot friends.

I mean, with dating Derek there is the whole “dating the boss” type situation that they would hear no end to.

Isaac: Why isn’t Y/N practicing on the mats today?

Derek: She was too sore to move after this morning-

Peter: Ew! Gah! *covering ears* Warn a guy next time!

Derek: *Epic sigh and epic eye roll* No, Peter.

Peter: Yes, Peter!

Isaac: *looking sick* Yes, Isaac, too.

Derek: Idiots! She tripped on the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night sleep walking and had an epic fail, wiped out and fell on her ass. She has a bruised tailbone because of her *shouts pointedly, looking toward his room where she is laying on a heating pad* addiction to junk food!

Y/N: *from the other room* You leave me and my crunchy little delicious and sweet little friends out of this! *pause* And can I have some more ice cream please?

Derek: Who gave you ice cream in the first place?!

Isaac: *walking by with a bowl of ice cream in hand, looking at the floor, sheepish* She just looked so pitiful when she asked, I couldn’t say no.

Peter: *walking past with a can of something in hand* You forgot the whipped cream.

Derek: And they were complaining about me.

Happy Pride Month everybody! My lovely artist roomie made this awesome picture of my two OCs Adriana and Jackie to celebrate! I love how it turned out! They look so cute together!!! I’ve been staring at this picture for about ten minutes and I can’t get over how much I love it! If you want to see more of my roomie’s work, check out their Instagram and give them some likes! Tell ‘em that Mo-Mo sent you! ;) I hope that everyone has a great Pride Month!



221B Con 2017 Intro!

ahhhh it’s next week omg

Name: Rachel

Pronouns: she/her

Age: almost 26 ayyy

Located: Northern Kentucky

What do you do in fandom?: All day err day I’m part of TJLC and basically I just read/write fanfics, make shitposts and memes, etc

How long are you staying?: Friday afternoon-through sometime Sunday

How are you getting there?: Driving

Cosplays: Sherlock’s Shirt Janine, with a Jealous John™ posterboard lmao (pictures of which should hopefully be up tomorrow) and also maybe some yuri on ice cosplay?

Roomies: @vanetti and @librarylock 💕

Where to find me: No idea yet! It’s my first 221b con but I imagine I’ll be buying tons of stuff from artists and just hanging out!

Drinks: Probs not, I pretty much never drink, but I don’t mind it!

Hugs: Fo sho. Bring it in fam.

Pictures: Please!

Anything else?:

I’m super looking forward to my first time at this con! I’m excited to make friends with anyone and everyone, I don’t bring fandom bs with me anywhere and I don’t tolerate pettiness or arguments, especially in person, so there won’t be any negativity! And I’m pumped to meet all my tjlc friends that will be there and eat katsudon with them. XD

Contact info: Tumblr is great! I am willing to add anyone fun to Facebook as well :)

Reblog this intro: If you want to lmao


Name: Engie (pronounced like the letters N-G)

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 27

Located: Northern VA

What do you do in fandom?: Lately, it’s been mostly making photo manips/graphics and working on cosplays, but I also make fanvids and gifs, and write fics and sherlock songs!

How long are you staying?: Thursday afternoon through Monday afternoon

Cosplays: My new cosplay is a secret, but I’ll be wearing that on Saturday! And I’ll likely be in my TARDIS dress at some point!

Roomies: @coloringthegreyscale , @beejohnlocked , and @astudyinsnoggy!

Where to find me: I’ll be on the crafting panel (Fandom Un-raveled: We’re Crafty) on Saturday morning! Other than that, definitely the burlesque, the costume exhibition, and karaoke! ^_^

Hugs: I like hugs (but please ask first!)

Drinks: Yep, I have my graduated cylinder ready to go!

Pictures: Yes! Just ask! And please tag me so I can see ^_^

Anything else?: I try to cover it up, but I’m shy. It’s hard for me to go start conversations with people, so I might just be floating about and chickening out on actually initiating conversation. I’m also going on my own this year so double that! I’m an introvert so even if I’m having a fun time, I might have to leave for a bit to recharge! I can also be bad with names sometimes, but I always try to remember! I really can’t wait to see all of you (while simultaneously wishing for more time to work on my cosplay - jeez, why am I ALWAYS down to the wire on this?!)!

Optional Contact Details: Just send an ask or IM on tumblr!

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Title: Anticipation

Athlete: Andre Burakovsky

Word Count: 3,504

Requested?: Yes

Request: I received two requests like a day apart so I’m combining them, Can you do an Andre Burakovsky one? And the other request was Can you write an Andre Burakovsky one? Maybe about your wedding day or something?

Author’s Note:  I hope you both enjoy the story!

Your name: submit What is this?

Snickering on either side of you is what pulled your from your sleep.  You fully stretched out as you attempted to wake for the day.  “What are you two laughing about?” Your best friends were in the bed with you and still amused by something which occurred before you woke.

“We were just wondering if Andre woke up in bed with two of his groomsmen.” You couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh.

“I bet the long lost roomies stayed up all night gossiping.” You turned to your left looking at Nina.

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Kicked Out (Part 3) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

A few days after waking up in Joe’s spare bedroom, I notice the shift in emotions. Whenever I walked into a room he would go silent and watch me. Today was the last day I would let him walk on egg shells around me.

Walking into the living room that Joe and the boys were sat in, as soon as they realize I’m in the roomie goes silent.  

“I’m not fucking dealing with this shit anymore,” I say exasperatedly throwing my arms into the air, “Stop acting like I’m one word away from breaking!”

“Y/N were just worried,” Joe says standing up from the couch cautiously hands braced out in front of him as if to keep me standing.

“No!” I shout, “You’re fucking pissing me off! I’m fine now! Please stop treating me like I’m made of glass!” I shout making Joe’s eyes widen and Jack spring up.

“Y/N,” Joe says.

“Please, just treat me normal,” I beg.

“Calm down!” Jack shouts making me jump.

I laugh sadistically, “Oh I’m so clam. But can you all please chill out? I live here now, I’ve got nowhere else to go so you’re going to have to deal with me being here.”

Joe makes his way over to me eyes locked with mine. And before I can react his arms are around me soothing me into a calmer mind frame. “I’ve just been worried about you Tiny.” He whispers into my ear.

“I’m fine,” I say, my eyes welling up with tears.

He pulls his face away enough he can see mine. “I know that you’re lying, but if it would help I’ll stop being an asshole now.” He grins making me grin back.

“Hey, guys?” Oli’s voice makes its way to my ears.

“Yes mate?” Joe asks slinging his arm around my neck keeping me close to him protectively.

“Are you done being sibling goals yet? Can we finish the game now?” Oli says laughing. Joe shoves me away from him and runs over to his sofa and grabs the controller and continues his game.

“Can I hang out with y'all now?” I ask.

“Come on Tiny,” Caspar says patting the space next to him and Maddie. I make my way over and give Maddie a hug. Sitting down next to her.

“Hey lovely,” She greets placing her hand on my thigh in a friendly manner.

“Hey,” I smile glad to be interacting with people again.

Friends? Lifelong. (Dean/ Jensen AU) Part One

Part One


The point of a co-ed dorm was so that you could live with opposite genders on the same floor. Not in the same room. However, my female roommate wanted to move in with her boyfriend, who just so happened to by my best friend Dean’s roommate. I was pleased to find out he was moving in with me. Without notifying anyone in the rest of the building, Dean carried all his belongings to my dorm and glanced at my old roommate’s bed.

           “Hey roomie.” He smirked. I stood up and pushed my books back to run over to him and wrap my arms around his neck.


           “You get to see me even more now.” He smiled holding me tight before releasing his grip a moment later.

           “I’m not complaining.” I responded.

Dean and I have known each other since pre-school. We just so happened to end up going to the same school the rest of our lives. We were always with the same teachers until high school. We had a few of the same classes but our schedules would be a bit off. He lifted his suitcase up on the bed and threw his book bag and duffle bag on the bed as well, his pillow, blanket and sheets tucked under his arm.

“Let’s make your bed first.” I said grabbing his things and moving them to my bed. He nodded and ran his hands through his hair. It was naturally standing up but when he ran his hands through it, it looked a little more ruffled. The scruff on his face complimented him more than any other guy I have met. We spread out the sheets and he took one of the corners.

           “It goes this way.” He said beginning to tuck one of the corners in.

           “No Dean, flip it.” I said.

           “I’m pretty sure I’m right, sweetheart.” He said. I stood back and crossed my arms across my chest.

           “Okay. Go ahead.” I said. My confidence suddenly worried him as he second guessed himself and realized I was right.

           “Oh, sorry.” He said removing the corner he had placed. I rolled my eyes and took the other end helping him make the bed. He threw his pillow on top and his blanket before looking over at the closet in the wall. “Is that all you’re hanging?” he asked noticing the only thing I had in the closet was my “Special Occasion” dress.

           “Yeah, all my things are in the dresser.” I replied returning his bags to his bed before climbing back in mine.

           “What are you so focused on already? It’s only the second day of classes.”

           “Philosophy, he already gave me notes.” I frowned flipping through my textbook.

“Sucks.” He responded pulling out shirts and hanging them up.

“Yep. Do you have anything yet?” I asked.

“For someone who hasn’t decided on a major, hell yeah.” He responded.

“Which class?”

“That stupid earth science or whatever.” He shrugged. I laughed at his irritation and looked at the TV to see an amber alert flash across the screen. “Damn.” He frowned at the screen. I nodded and turned it off. “Do you work today?” he asked in attempt to change the sudden sad emotion vibrating through the room.

“Um, yeah for a little bit.” I sighed. I worked at the University Library. I put back books, checked people out, and upkept the place.

“I might go with you.” He responded as he finished up hanging his clothes and put his bags on the floor of the closet.

“Okay. It would be nice to have someone to talk to.” I said. He leaned back on his bed, but looked at me with something clouding his eyes. I ignored it knowing how he can get a little moody. He reached for his phone suddenly that I could hear was vibrating.

“It’s Karlie.” He said. I nodded knowing that his recent girlfriend was extremely demanding. He asked me for my opinion on her after a group outing and in all honesty, I felt he could do a whole hell of a lot better, but he thought that I was just being too harsh for only knowing her for one day. However, the longer they’ve been together, the more unhappier Dean was. And he was beginning to notice. “What?” he answered the phone pulling me out of my thoughts. Dean was one of the sweetest guys you could ever meet, and him answering the phone like that never happened in my nineteen years of knowing him. “Give me like a half-hour.” He responded. I furrowed my eyebrows as he hung up, threw his phone on his bed, and sat down.

“Half hour?” I asked.

“She wants me to come over.”

“Dean… her house is literally around the block…”

“I have to prepare myself for her insanity.” He sighed getting back up and sitting on my bed.



“If you’re this unhappy then why don’t you end it?”

“Daddy’s got big bucks.” He winked. I grabbed my pillow and hit him with it. He laughed and put his hands up in surrender. “I’m joking! I just… I don’t want to hurt her.” He sighed.

“Dean, she orders you around! Did she ask you to come over? Or did she tell you to get over there.”

“She told me.” He mumbled.

“Exactly. That’s not what you want. You want to be in control. Be a man, not a wussy.” I teased.

“I’m not a-,”

“Prove it.” I said.

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

“Okay.” He nodded and stood back up walking over to his bed and picking up his phone.

“Break-up in person, not over the phone.” I sighed as I highlighted a line in my textbook.

“Dammit.” He sighed. He grabbed his keys and left the room.


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anonymous asked:

what animals would the mysme characters be?

I need to restrain myself from making half of them damn cats;; 

It may be a bit weird but that’s what my brain told me to do.

Zen - Peacock Coyote

Jumin Han - Python

Yoosung★ - Penguin

707 - Skunk

This was Vanderwood’s opinion don’t blame me

Jaehee Kang - Owl

“cat project?”

Saeran - Hedgedog

adorable but you better don’t touch it

V - Hummingbird

Vanderwood - Panthera (not only because of the coat ok;;) 

Can you see it’s face? Yes, he just saw the state of Seven’s room

I know that people usually say that Jumin is just a cat, but there’s a reason why I see him as a kind of snake, so please, don’t yell at me;;

Please help me

Hey guys, so i haven’t posted in the longest time. It’s just one bad thing after another since the 2nd this month. Out of no where, and with no reason given, i was fired along with my roommate. We both worked at an animal hospital right up the street. Our supervisor didn’t like us and I guess she decided to have us just officially fired. That’s the only reason i can assume we were fired. 

Because of this, only i got a final paycheck, my roomie did not. my final paycheck was also only $111 which was then turned into $25 after trying to help my roomie get a new job. It’s not her fault though. She’s been nothing but helpful. My dad, the one who was supposed to be helping me ended up taking more money from me. he took $40 from me then had me buy ubers to get around so my roomie could get this job. 

my uncle has offered to help me but has yet to actually pull through. We just got an eviction notice because we don’t have the money for rent. We have until the 18th to pay. That’s really short notice but it’s all i’ve got. Our rent is about $1,400 at the moment. My roomie has $500 right now. She’s going to get an extra $300 tomorrow when he pay off the rest of her loan and get the credit from it. I tried applying for a loan just now but they said it was denied until they could actual look at it so we’re going to the actual loan place in person to figure it out. hopefully i’ll get $400 from it. 

even with all of this chance of $400 i still need $200. my sister has offered to help but with the uncertainty of that $400 i need your help, kiddos. I really REALLY need your help. this apartment is all i have. My roomie now has a job, i have a job interveiw set up but we don’t have time to get paid and make rent. So please! please! please! help me. I’ll be more active and posting more art if you guys help me. please. this is my only option. I’m sorry for having to beg like this but i have no where to go if i lose this place. please help me.

my paypal is:

Just A Bet

Chapter 3

“We were once friends remember”

Savannahs Pov

“So what does Luke like?” Tiffany asked as we sat at the table well it wasn’t my choice they made me sit here while “we” come up with a plan.

“Vaginas” I said then I took a sip of my drink

They both laughed but I meant what I said.

“Okay we need to actually think” Lee said with her pen in hand ready

Ugh why do we need to think and write things down.. I’m sure I could do this on my own without all this.

“Fine..” I groaned and I took the pen from her and paper

If it was going to get done I might as well do it.

“He likes music and he can play the guitar” I said as I wrote it down on the paper

I looked up to see Lee and Tiffany staring at me

“How do you know that?” Tiffany asked

I rolled my eyes and spoke “ we were once friends remember”

They still didn’t look convinced but I don’t care, it was the truth.

When me and Luke were friends when we were 12 he got his first guitar, I remember that because my mum helped me buy it for him and I remember how much he loved it and he started to teach himself how to play it.

They don’t need to know that I bought him a guitar because they will use that and there is no way I’m doing that.

“Okay what else?” Tiffany said

Luke’s Pov

I was so tired.

I opened the door to my trailer and just threw my bag somewhere, I don’t care where it went right now.

Detention lasted so long.

It was so boring, it was only me and Savannah and obviously we didn’t speak, she basically slept the whole long ass hour, at first I started throwing paper at her but that got boring and she didn’t even know I was doing it.

Cal asked if I wanted to go back to his after but I said no, I just want to lay my head down even if it is in this shit hole I call a home.

I would go home to my own home I grew up in but there is nothing left for me there.

Not since my mum left and my dad became an ass.

Only the boys know about it and they always offer me to come back for a proper bed and food but I don’t need there pitty.

I layed my head down on my shitty sofa bed that doesn’t look comfortable but it is, it suits me just fine.

I never have anyone back here, no one needs to know where I live that’s my business and I bet everyone would love to hear about.

I’ll never hear the end of it!

Luke Hemmings is homeless!

Savannah will love that! I know she left her house but she has blackmailed her mum into paying for her apartment at least I found this place on my own and I don’t need to pay any rent because who the fuck would want this.

I’ve to made it as good as I can, there isn’t much too it.

I managed to get my guitar hung on the wall that was free.. I didn’t want to just set my only guitar somewhere it can get damaged.

I’ve had jobs here and there but I can never keep them so I always get fired, I’ve given up on looking for another job from the last one I had.

At least I managed to save up for a car with the last couple of jobs I had, it’s nothing big and it isn’t a good model but it does the job.

I don’t normally drive it to school but if I’m too tired in the morning I will or I’ll walk.

I don’t live far from the school which is good so If I’m not hungover I usually walk.

Cal has a motorbike but I would never trust myself with him driving so I just walk.

One day I will make money with my music.

One day I will get out of this place.

I sat up from my bed and grabbed my guitar and notebook, I have so many thoughts and ideas floating around my head, I like to write them down and try to make a song out of them.

I got to start somewhere.  

Savannahs Pov

I was ready for this, well I was trying to tell myself that.

Lee and Tiffany have gave me a week to get this to happen and I’m not sure how this is going to go.

I mean making Luke think I like him and get him to like me is going to be so hard, I hate him so much and I know he hates me.

I looked in my wardrobe trying to find something that I don’t normally wear but all I own is black jeans and black/grey t-shirts.

“You can borrow my dress..” Lee said from the door way

I turned to look at her with wide eyes.. A dress.

I haven’t wore a dress since I was about 6 years old.

I started to laugh but stopped when she just stared at me

“have you ever seen me wear a dress? You must be joking” I said laughing then turned back to look in my wardrobe

She walked more into my room and then said “I know but if you want this to work you can’t just wear jeans you want him to want you and for that you want to be able to have easy access..”

Ugh! I know she’s right but a dress??

I rolled my eyes and turned to her “ Fine let me see the dress”

She grinned and walked out of my room to hers.

Seconds later she comes walking in with this bright pink dress.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!? IS THAT???” I shouted looking at this awful dress in her hands

I have never wore pink in my life and I won’t start now

“This is the dress I was talking about, Luke will defiantly show you attention if you wear this” she said

I looked between her and the dress and spoke

“The only attention I will be getting from him or anyone is laughter! I am not wearing that” I said to her

She groaned and walked out of my room annoyed

“TIFFANY!!” I shouted and she came walking into my room and said “What?”

“Please tell me you have a decent enough dress for me to wear? Or something” I said to her

She nodded her head and walked out to her room

I hope it isn’t another pink dress.

I closed my wardrobe and layed down on my bed groaning..

Why did I agree with this!!! I shouldn’t have this is such a bad idea!!!

Tiffany walks in with a black dress that looks decent enough.. She holds it out and for once she has something nice in her wardrobe.

“Well?” She asked

I sat up and said “I like”

Lee walks in and starts.. “ Oh yeah he is going to notice you in that…NOT! You need to stand out, how about this dress”

She walks back out of my room but I’m not bothered by what she says because it is another pink dress she can shove it!

She walks in with a smile on her face holding a red dress which doesn’t look too bad.

She held it out and said “you should wear this, you want them to notice you!!”

Ugh fine she is right this time.

“Okay I’ll wear it” I said

Tiffany smirked and so did Lee and then Tiffany spoke “Now it’s time for your makeup”

My eyes widened at her words.. Oh no.

I don’t wear makeup, well not a lot and by the look on her face I know she wants to cover me in it.

Ugh this better work


As they were painting my face I started getting cold,this dress may be a bad idea.

It shows off my leg tattoos that I love, not many people have seen them so I bet the teachers will love this.

But I’m not the only one with tattoos that are visible

The one I love is my skull tattoo.. It starts off shaded in grey and then it blends into a dark red, it’s pretty cool. It took 3 hours within 2 days to get it done and it hurt like a bitch because its at the bottom of my leg.

But I love it.

I plan to get more soon.

“Lift your head up” Lee said gripping my chin and pulling my face up

Ohh that fucking hurt.

“Careful” I warned her and she laughed.

I can’t wait to get this over with.

“You look so different” Lee and Tiffany said as they were finished.

I hope not too different, I don’t want to look like a clown I hope they done a good job.

“Can I see?” I asked

They grinned and got the small mirror they gave been hiding from me since they started painting my face.

Lee held the mirror up and I finally got to see what they done.

They didn’t do a bad job, I look like I’m going out clubbing but they done well.

“Well?” Tiffany asked

I looked away from the mirror and stood up and spoke “ I like it”

They both clapped and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shit it’s time we go” Lee said, she was right I looked at my phone and it was 8:45.

We all grabbed out shit and walked out making our way to school.

Luke’s Pov

That party was mad!

My head is busting!

I stayed at Cals last night, when I woke up I had forgotten about that so when I walked into the kitchen I got a nice view of a naked Calum.

“How mad was last night, I can’t remember how we got home” he said as he made us coffee

I groaned as my head started to hurt again and I said “ Neither do I”

After we drank our coffee we both took turns getting a shower because we have to go to school.

I was glad Cal felt up to driving because I didn’t fancy walking to school, Cal doesn’t live as close as I do.

When we got to school Mikey and the girls were already there.

“Another party really?” Hailey said as we neared them

“Oh shut up, you’re just jealous you weren’t invited” I said to her

She laughed and said “Please.. As if I would be jealous of a party that you went to that you probably don’t remember”

I didn’t bother speaking to her even if she had a point

She grinned at me knowing she was right and I turned my head

“It can’t be” Brittney said we all didn’t know what she meant until she pointed at it.

We all turned around and Cal spoke “ Is that Savannah?”

I couldn’t speak I didn’t know what to say.. Why the fuck is she dressed like that?

The closer they got the more looks she was getting and she was loving it..

What the hell is going on?

“the fuck happened to her?” Cal said staring at her

She smiled at me like a genuine smile.

I felt sick to my stomach.

What is she playing at??

Savannah’s Pov  

I felt sick to my stomach having to smile at him!

Although the look on his face, on everyone’s face was priceless!

i really got him!

“Did you see his face!"Lee said as we stopped at our lockers

I was glad we all had lockers near each other.

"it was priceless” Tiffany said

I was about to speak and then I smelt them before they spoke

Okay.. I need to some how flirt with Luke..

This shall be good.

I turned around with a smile on my face even though I wasn’t smiling inside.

They all looked shocked.

It was just Luke, Calum and Mikey.. The two bimbos must not have followed them.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Calum asked making me almost laugh

Ugh I hate having to go through with this.

Mikey walked over to his sister to talk to her.. I hope she doesn’t spoil our plan

So now it was just me, Luke, Calum and Tiffany standing together

“What do you mean?” I said nicely to them

This is hurting my inside being nice to them!

They looked at me as if I was stupid and then Luke spoke “Your joking right? Since when do you wear dresses?”

I moved a little closer to him making me look at me even more confused and then I spoke

“it’s cute that you care about what I wear Luke” I said sweetly

He backed up and screwed his face up and spoke “okay whatever is going on don’t make me apart of it”

He walked away along with Calum who gave me a weird look and I couldn’t help but almost laugh

I bet I really fucked his head up there.

This could be fun.

“The look on his face when you spoke so nicely was amazing, I wish I filmed it” Tiffany said

Lee walked back over to us and spoke “ Well you defiantly got their attention, Mikey tried to grill with asking what you were up to but of course I wasn’t telling him”

“this is going to be so much fun fucking with him” I said and then we heard the bell.

Ughh! I hate school.

I wish I never came today.

I have another detention today, which means I’m going to have to flirt with Luke.. Great.

By break time I wanted to go home.

So far I have been shouted at and told to get out of one class, I hate teachers. If they can’t teach properly they shouldn’t teach at all! It’s not my fault I’m the only one who will tell them.

I groaned as I sat down on my seat in the canteen, I was so hungry.

“So what is your plan to fuck with Luke now, he’s seen you look like that.. Now what?” Lee asked as we sat eating.

I shrugged my shoulders and then turned to look for him but he wasn’t in the canteen.

I knew just where he was.

Making out with some girl not in our year probably in the bathroom.. Then I got an idea.

I know just how to fuck him up.

“I know just what to do” I said to Lee and Tiffany then I got up and they asked where I was going but I didn’t answer.

I walked out of the canteen and to the bathroom.

Of course when I opened the door the to girls toilets there was Luke pushing a girl up against the wall, if I’m not mistaken I think it’s the same girl from yesterday.

They turned to look who it was but Luke rolled his eyes when he saw it was just me, he let down the girl from the wall, seriously I don’t know why that wasn’t uncomfortable.

The girl rolled her eyes and then just walked away from Luke and out of the bathroom just like she did yesterday but she was fixing her shirt.. God if only I had came in a couple of minutes later I would have seen them having sex.

Not something I haven’t seen nor want to see again.

“Seriously you need to stop cock blocking me Hamilton” Luke said fixing himself and then he went to walk out but I stopped him

“So were on last names now Hemmings?” I said

He looked down at my hand that was on his chest and then back up to my eyes, I swear he glanced at my lips but it was for a second.

I felt sick to my stomach although I would have already won if he did kiss me, then this would be over with

“What is going on with you lately? Are you stalking me or something?” Luke said who looked back down at my hand on his chest then he slapped it away

Which I didn’t like, I wanted to put it back on his chest just because he slapped it away.

“I’m not stalking you, last time I checked this was the girls bathroom but I did want to talk to you” I said to him

His eyes widened at my words and he stepped back and suddenly Cocky Luke was back.

“Oh what does Miss Savannah Hamilton want with me?” He said as he leaned against the sinks looking at me smugly..

Ugh someone remind me why I’m doing this again??

I really do hate how he says my name.

But I have to do this.. A bet is a bet.

I took a breathe and then I walked closer to him until I was just at his feet, suddenly the smug look was gone.

I could almost feel his breathe on my face..the joys of being nearly the same height as him..

Suddenly the air in the bathroom changed and I looked into Luke’s eyes and he looked in mine

This is weird.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out after school..together..alone” I said sweetly moving a little closer to him.

Kill me now.

So guys what did you think???

i hope you liked this chapter i tried my best to get it done!

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cabalbrothers  asked:

Might I inquire to know what tfc is, exactly? What does it stand for? I presume it's a book series, is it not? It seems decent, so I figured I'd ask.


tfc is short for the foxhole court, which is both, an alternative name for the all for the game series by nora sakavic and the title of the first book.
it centers around neil, the son, the puppy (i love neil very much) and his freshmen year with the palmetto state university’s foxes. the foxes are a team that is unusual in two aspects:

A) they play a sport called exy, something that the author herself came up with and that my lazy ass likes to explain as “lacrosse. just…better.” all you need to know (for now) is that it can be pretty violent, is co-ed and neil loves it very much.

B) their coach, david wymack (please adopt me), chooses only players for his line-up who come from “questionable” backgrounds. (i.e. abuse, drugs, complicated family drama etc.). therefore they are a fractured mess with no real image of team spirit. (hence great chance for C H A R A C T E R D E V E L O P M E N T )

you would think this is enough to make up a pretty decent bookseries with angsty athletes and their everyday drama but BEHOLD. because besides characters that take this sport seriously in levels ranging from me and any sport to oliver wood and quidditch the foxhole court is served with a side of mafia, death, and pain. i don’t want to take away too much hence my lack of explanation but let’s just say when i started the series i expected none of this darkness, i died about 29292 deaths and i loved every second of it.

what really makes this for me (besides its intriguing plot ofc) are all of the characters. and when i say all of them i mean literally all of them. usually you’ll find series with secondary characters that are just there to fill plotholes, never once important again. you don’t waste a second thought on them usually. then there’s this gem, where all of them have a layer to their personality that gets you interested in them, not a single one seems to be unnecessary and i love. every. part. of it. since talking about all of those lovely minors would take weeks probably i’ll settle on the mains right now, my children, my family, the foxes.
(i’ll try to keep this as spoilerfree as possible, but still, there could be some i didn’t recognize as such. there definitely are.)

they can be devided into two groups:


Andrew Minyard

  •  u kno those moments while reading where the character is being a dick throughout all of ut but you still think “yup, i’ll get attached to you” 
  •  that’s it 
  •  ‘sociopath’ , on drugs that cheat on all of his emotions
  •  can be pretty scary 
  •  has knives -> ready to cut a bitch at any time of day and will do so 
  •  also very protective and the mom friend

Aaron Minyard 

  • Andrew’s twin 
  •  angry about all the things. constantly.
  •  he may seem like he doesn’t care. it’s because he doesn’t. (this is what canon says but my heart says that SOMEWHERE,,,,DEEP DOWN,,,,,) 
  •  how did i grow so fond of this grumpy midget (the twins are tiny. like. tiny.)

Nicky Hemmick

  •  the gay cousin 
  •  no srsly, he’s the twins cousin and he’s gay
  •  half mexican 
  •  if this was a supernatural thing nicky would be the friend of the main character without special powers but a hell lotta sarcasm 
  •  has a boyfriend in germany 
  •  can talk for hours where is the off-button

Kevin Day

  • you know how i talked about oliver wood and quidditch? 
  •  kevin is the oliver wood of exy 
  •  “coach you can’t cancEL EXY” “kevin there are people dying” 
  •  insensitivity, arrogance and determination all list kevin in their definitions but he can pull it off and still remain your child 
  •  just watch him take over your heart bc he will


Dan Wilds

  • used to be a stripper 
  • is now captain of the foxes 
  •  also my mom 
  •  idk man when i read it dan was just so #relatable to me??? 
  •  will fight.

Matt Boyd

  •  (i keep forgetting but he is a) rich kid from nyc 
  •  a good bro 
  •  literally so unproblematic??? 
  •  absolutely in love with dan 
  •  the parents those two

Allison Reynolds

  •  please step on my face 
  •  has money and you won’t forget it 
  •  raging feminist 
  •  couldve enherited her parents business but chose exy 
  •  did i mention STEP ON MY FACE

Seth Gordon

  •  hates everyone 
  •  except allison sometimes 
  •  matts and neils roomie 
  •  weird sleeping habits 
  •  grumpy cat

Renee Walker

  •  the christian sweetheart 
  •  can and will fight. politely tho. 
  •  “who doesn’t like renee???!!!!!” (-nicky) 
  •  she literally baked cookies for the team 

i love all of those children so so so much. so. much.
as well as this series. i just finished it today so have some general (bait) information
(this is just all my thoughts in no particular order)

- tackles certain subjects that are usually romanticised/ written in an unsatisfactory matter really well (such as rape, selfharm, abuse etc) ((putting a trigger-warning here though, it can be really dark, like i mentioned!!))

- some pretty decent queer representation

- neil was confirmed demisexual so my ace heart sings

- you can literally not. stop. reading.

- everyone speaks like 5 languages??? they keep switching??????(fairly often they soeak german and it was pretty fun for me to translate it in my head and see what it would sound like)

- i feel like a not small amount of twenty one pilots songs would fit this series pretty well but im not into top enough to confirm 100%

- the author has a tumblr with loads of usefull background info (since she’s focusing on a new series this year there probably won’t be many additions but tbh there is so much already there isn’t even anything to complain about???)

- you know how ever series has that one/handful of character(s) that make you want to scream out because theY  HAD ENOUGH AND THEY DONT DESERVE THIS SHIT JUST GIVE THEM A BREAK? its all of them in this book. i can tell you who wont get a break and its YOU

- and last but not least the first book is FREE on amazon and smashwords! the other two (the raven king, the king’s men) are a dollar each!! join hell now for 2 $ !!!!

im publishing this because all of my followers should need to get following message out of this incoherent pile of thoughts:


Just Roommates: Part 2


HEY GUYS! A big hug and a bigger thanks to everyone who liked my story.

Check out part 1.

Here is part 2! 

Plot- Jungkook as your roommate + College adventures lol. 

Characters- Reader, Jungkook. 

Word count- 1.5k+ 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Part 4  

casual texting shit- part 1, part 2  



Anything in the world would have been fine, but living in the same apartment as a GIRL was just a no for me. The reason why I had moved into an apartment was so that I could avoid being around the campus girls. But look at me now, I’m crying into a pillow, seeing a girl almost naked in my house. I’m so mad at everyone. They said that they will send in a ‘nice roommate’ who is perfect for my lifestyle and comfort… but no one told me that when I meet that person first will be like this. I want to die.

“I’m sorry are you okay?” a surprisingly soft noise and a warm hand lands on my shoulder. I got startled at the touch and quickly sat up straight.

“Uh I think so- never mind- I-I-I f-freaked out.” I stammered hard. From the corner of my eye I saw her, she was still in her towel, I noticed her eyes… they were very deep and from candle light reflection made them even more deep. I could feel her empathising with my situation from the look on her face.

“So, did I… I mean I should have waited and had a talk with you- “I cut her off and gave her my jacket looking away. “You will catch a cold.” I went into my bedroom without any delay or talks. I couldn’t have her sat there like that, talking to me. It was just really weird. I open my windows to just see how dark it was outside. This ‘Girl-Phobia’ of mine was really getting me to the edge. 

After all, I am a 19-year-old with raging testosterone.

I was blanked out at the thought of living with the opposite gender. Things could be just fine or maybe just so much worse. Either way, I was going to suffer.

It was 10pm and I was hungry fuck. I exit the room to see that girl was sat by the window in our living room, looking a bit sad. Now obviously, I had to do something about the person living with me being sad. Not going to lie, she was kind of cute.


“Um, so, hi.” I awkwardly went up to her and just spat the most awkward greeting of my life.

“Oh, hey.” She looks up at me, fixing her hair and face and gave me a cute smile.

Aiggoo. Wae?!

“Earlier was really awkward and bad, so sorry about that.” I tried to makeup and apologise.

“That is fine I guess. I’m Y/N, by the way.” She told.

“I’m Jungkook. You’re new, here right?” I asked her trying to keep it chic.

“Oh, yeah I am. I think you helped me earlier today?” she said.

“Did I? I don’t know, I think I did, but, I don’t know, well, I must have, I’m too nice you know.” WTF JEON JUNGKOOK DA FUQ YOU SAYING?

“Haha, oh god, I think it was you so thanks!” she gave me shy look.

“You’re welcome, y/n.” I went to shake hands with her.

As I was proceeding towards her, I tripped onto the cushion and fell all over her.


I was on top of a girl, ashamed and feeling awful af. She smells amazing though. OKAY WHAT-

“I’m so sorry! Oh, my god!” I locked my eyes with her as I apologise. I could almost feel her boobs which wasn’t helping at all. But I had to compose myself up. It was 10 seconds later, before I could get up off her and leave back to Korea. I felt my stomach rumble. She covers her face up and giggles in second-hand embarrassment.



“Jungkook” he is. And he is literally on top of my soul right now. Jesus fucking Christ, I could see his muscular arms and those clavicles and that slaying jaw line and that fucking face of his-


I had my eyes locked with his but my eyes were silently scanning him through, in those 10 best seconds of my life so far. I was surly heated up a little, but god, HIS STOMACH WAS HUNGRY, SO WAS MINE!


“Ahem, Jungkook.” I awkwardly spoke.

“Aish.” Typical Korean boy; He gets up off me and fixes his grey t-shirt.

We didn’t speak for like, 5 minutes. We were just sat there, in a dark room with candles and silence.

“Excuse me.” he barely heard him as he quickly left the apartment.

I just laid down on the mattress and had a mild thought on how cute this boy was. He didn’t seem like Jimin at all assuming how they could even be friends at all. I lay on cold mattress contemplating on what had just happened. I turned on some music for distraction and soon after went to pee.

It was 12 am almost and as I got out of the washroom, I noticed a pizza box. As I went near, I saw a little letter kept underneath. I was blank for a moment. I opened the letter and read it,

~~~~“Hi. So, I’m sorry about everything. I never planned on getting things so awkward on meeting my roomie for the first time. I hope I didn’t freak you out too much TT TT. 

Since you are my roommate now, have my contact- 0xxx0x00x0. And remind me to give you the keys later :).

p.s. this is my little apology delivery. Please eat well and dress warm for the night, y/n. 


I clutched my heart and almost stabbed myself with those words in the heart.

CAN THIS MAN BE ANYMORE SEXY?! WELL, I MEAN NICE?! I was just worried for nothing. I was pretty sure he got uncomfortable too. This gesture of his made me feel all warm inside and things were no longer feeling strange from what happened earlier. I hope everything goes well.

“I wonder if he has eaten or not?” I say to myself as I stuff my mouth with the as delicious pizza as himself. Jesus Christ.

I read that letter about 15 times before saving his number in my phone. I kept the letter safe inside my diary and recalled the whole day in words. Soon after I went to sleep peacefully.




I saw the balcony glass door was ajar. I rubbed my eyes before focusing on what was going outside.



“Oh mah gerd.” I screamed internally on seeing him wearing a vest, bandana and shorts and flexing those arms as he did the shoulder press exercise.

I went closer to see the proper image and only saw something inevitably hot. How his sweat was dripping down his neck to his chest and god had given me the chance of seeing his dark eyes being really charismatic. asdfghfjgkhlj. If this is what I was going to wake up to every morning, then I ain’t even complaining no more. 


Without making a sound, I moved away, not letting him know that I was lurking on him. I quickly freshened up and took a shower. I straight up went to the kitchen and thought of returning the favor, I guess. I made us both, toast, omelettes, some pancakes and orange juice. What a typical breakfast though.

“Woah, Y/N!” Jungkook exclaimed from behind me.

“You scared me!” I was trying to stay calm there.

He just giggles at the little table all full with food.

“Care to have some?” I offered him a seat which he gladly took.

“Yah, this is great!” his face had the sexiest look besides looking like a child in that moment.

“Thanks. And, thanks also for yesterday.” I told him.

“I think we’re good now?” He asked as he offered me a bite of his pancake. I just nodded and took the bite.


“Ah~ I’m so full. Thanks again, Y/N! I will go wash up now.” He says before walking towards the washroom. 

After a few seconds of him leaving, I widen my eyes in realization.



This girl is really sweet! She made me breakfast. I think I will survive living with her. It doesn’t seem too bad. But I can’t let her know that I am actually uncomfortable and really intimidated by her presence. And I have major issues with her being a girl JFC. The letter really helped me when I utterly had words to say. No need to worry JK, let’s go and have a shower. Chill man.


As I entered the bathroom and was about to turn the water on, the sight I got greeted with was Y/N’s “woman stuff” and by that, I mean, serious woman stuff.

Please kill me.

Did I just see a fancy black lacy bra and its matching underwear, owned by my roommate of 12 hours?

Living with a girl was going to get a bit untamed.


Thanks, y’all for reading. <3 xD PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKED IT OR NAH. TX.

(Part 3: coming soon!)

Dash! and Marsh!Fic: "Won't you be my (alien incubating) neighbor"

So excited to have written something for another of @monster-at-heart‘s stellar comics! Thanks so much for letting me borrow Marshal – hopefully he can warm Dash’s cold, pizza-clogged heart. ;)))

Even over the call link, light years away, Dash can tell that Harvey’s patience is thin.

“What’s the readout say, Dash? And give me the honest answer – the first time, please,” Harvey says.

Dash glares at the end of the thermometer. He internally debates lying and decides he doesn’t have the energy. He feels like absolute dogshit.

“One oh two,” Dash sighs, scratching the back of his achy neck.

“Point…?” Harvey pushes. Nothing gets past this guy. Except slime creatures, sometimes.

“Point three,” Dash croaks, defeated.

“You know the drill, man,” says Harvey. “Anything over 102 this early in the game, you get yourself to a hospital.“

Keep reading