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grumpy-space-mullet  asked:

Hey I really liked that Coffee shop au! I was wondering what about a blogger/YouTuber au? Like what kind of channel would the paladins have and what not?

Ahh thank you so much!! And YES I LOVE YouTuber AUs here you go my buddy my pal please enjoy



Channel Name: PidgeGamerson

Channel Type: Gaming

Most viewed video: “Twelve Minutes of Me Destroying Lance At Mario Kart and Him Claiming I’m Cheating”

  • Sure, people subscribe for the gaming, but they stay for the gossip
    • “And sure, I love petty rivalries as much as anyone else, but holy shit that is a powerful Charmander, at some point….”
    • “Then she said ‘but is it gay if you’re non-binary?’ and I said ‘honey, everything’s gay if I’m non-binary’ then fUCK IS THAT A ZOMBIE”
  • Has a huge collection of fun graphic tees and they wear a new one every video
  • People love their horror game videos, not because they get scared easily, but because they never get scared ever
    • “Oh wow, there’s Slenderman. Not like that’s the whole point of teh game or anything. How terrifying”
  • Never Uploads On Time
    • “Please like and subscribe! And this is the part where I’m supposed to say that I post every Tuesday and Thursday, but since this is me we’re talking about, I’ll see you on Saturday”
  • Roomates with Hunk, so they collab often. Hunk is terrible at gaming and Knows It, but plays anyway because it makes Pidge happy


Channel Name: xxHUNKxx

Channel Type: Cooking/Advice

Most Viewed Video: “Surprising My Girlfriend Shay With Her Favorite Cookies!!!”

  • Has a huge collection of really really fun aprons and fans send him aprons all the time and it honestly makes him so happy
  • His Q&A’s always just turn into huge advice sessions but he doesn’t mind because he just loves helping people so much
  • His goal in life is to make cooking more accessible
    • “My friends say to me all the time ‘oh I can’t cook!!’ and that’s not true. Anyone can cook. You just need to learn how!”
  • Every video features Pidge as a taste tester
    • Pidge pretends to love spicy food
      • Hunk pretends to not know that Pidge hates spicy food
  • Signs off every video by saying, “and remember, you are beautiful, you are important, and I love you. See you next video!”
  • Out of all of the gang, his meet and greets always are the biggest because so many people want nothing more in life than to get one of his hugs
    • His channel has a huuuuge cozy family vibe
    • “I can’t wait to see all of your shining faces!”
    • Think Thomas Sanders vibe. But with cooking.


Channel Name: Life of Lance

Channel Type: Comedy/Vlogs


  • Is that one YouTuber who’s always collabing with someone
  • His channel is almost entirely memes and puns but people love it
  • Has the most subscribers out of everyone
  • His viewers roast him because he has Zero Fashion Sense
    • “You guys can meetup with me at Anime Expo! I’ll be cosplaying as Oikawa Tooru, and I’ll be in front of the convention center at four!”
    • His fans give him so many gifts
    • He loves it
  • On the first Monday of each month, he and Pidge collab for a prank video
  • Is super active with his fans on twitter
  • “Lmao I’ll never be one of those YouTubers who writes a book. It’d be a trainwreck” *one year later* “So my book, How to be a Really Hot Hot Mess is releasing next week”

Shiro and Allura

Channel Name: Fitness Planet

Channel Type: Lifestyle/Fitness

Most viewed video: “💞Couples Workout💞”

  • Manages to be both a hella professional channel and also really personal with their audience at the same time
  • Shiro and Allura alternate posting fitness video
    • Shiro posts on Mondays and Allura posts on Fridays
    • Shiro’s videos are paired with his gentle encouragement
    • Allura’s style of encouragement is more like an army general
    • Fans of the channel debate over which of the duo’s motivation type works best
  • One Wednesdays, they post miscellaneous videos, including, but not limited to:
    • Makeup tutorials
    • Diet tips
    • Fashion advice
    • DIYs
    • Day in the life videos
    • Collabs with friends

Not YouTubers


  • Lance’s roomate
  • Common victim of Lance and Pidge’s pranks
  • Is seen in almost every one of Lance’s videos
    • “Keith, will you be in my video?” “No” *Lance makes him be in the video anyway*
  • Is concerned with how many of his friends are YouTubers
  • “Keith, if you just made your own channel, you would have so many subscribers” “Not gonna do it Lance”
  • All of Lance’s viewers ship them
    • All of them
    • Keith pretends he doesn’t know that the ship exists
      • He knows it exists
        • Pidge writes Klance fanfic under an alias to piss Keith off 


  • Allura’s stepfather
  • All of Shiro and Allura’s fans reached out to him in support on Facebook when he and Alfor got married
    • He cried a bit
    • Alright he cried a lot
  • Is often used as a makeup model by Allura and Shiro
  • Doesn’t really understand YouTube but Tries His Best™
    • Is mostly just happy that Allura is following her dream