my room mate is better than yours

Friend: Feysand

Me: You mean my High Lord and High Lady, sending sex to each other through their daemati powers, huntress with an artist’s soul and her sassy violet-eyed mate, the reason why the series actually started with ACOMAF, the wingspan-loving Cursebreaker and her bat, the example of how to treat your partner with respect, cabin-loving, one-room-at-the-inn trope enjoying, never even engaged but still a better couple than feylin, let’s do it non-stop now that we’ve stopped pretending to pretend and we can just be a couple, couple?

Friend: … yup.

Enough of the Rowan meeting Rhysand AUs for a second (though they are very pleasing)

Imagine Aelin and Feyre meeting.

The High Lady of the Night Court and the fire-breathing bitch queen of Terrasen, in one room.

Aelin sizing Feyre up like she might be some kind of threat to her Rowan, and Feyre raising an eyebrow at Aelin as if saying, “I have the most powerful High Lord in Prythian as my mate. You can have your warrior Fae.”

Aelin and Feyre starting to warm up to each other when Rowan and Rhysand get caught up in their “no-i’m-a-much-better-mate-than-you-alpha male” competition, their eyes meeting and both of them sighing because sometimes their mates can be cute but sometimes they were just exasperating.

Aelin coercing Feyre into helping her prank the males by disappearing into town for a few hours without telling them and watching the explosion of worry and Fae paranoia explode from afar.

Feyre painting and offering Aelin some advice on her tattoos and Aelin taking her out shopping and them binge eating chocolates and start telling each other anecdotes of the ridiculous situations the Fae territorial bullshit has gotten them into (Aelin couldn’t stop laughing when Feyre told her about the time Rhys almost choked Cassian to death because he decided to make inappropriate moaning noises while he and Feyre played cards in her room)

Aelin helping Feyre explore the book world by exchanging titles of the novels Dorian let her borrow and all of the books she read as the King’s Champion.

Aelin playing piano for Feyre because she told her about the time Rhys sent music to her down in her cell Under The Mountain to keep her from breaking.

Aelin and Feyre opening up to each other about the tortures they went through, Aelin talking about Sam and her parents and Arobynn and Endovier and Feyre talking about Tamlin’s betrayal and Under The Mountain.

Both of them looking at each other with tears in their eyes, forming an understanding that neither of them were monsters for the things they did; they were desperate, and that was something both of them knew.

Aelin and Feyre learning to care for each other as much as sisters.

A High Lady and the Queen of Terassen being the most badass tandem of all time.

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one chance

The thing with Kane away from the pitch is you get one chance. Captain Kane is different to off-the-field-one-of-the-boys Kane. Captain Kane is patient and tolerant and puts his hands on his hips when a chance goes begging, but he doesn’t hold it against you. Kane has rules off the pitch, the main one being ‘don’t fuck your team mates’, which is how Corey has ended up on the outer and Jimmy in the XI. They got busted, Jimmy was the one who pushed shower sex at the ground, but because Jimmy was the fuckee and Corey the fucker, Corey was the one banished from the dressing room, with Jimmy looking too pleased with himself.

“You know my rules better than most, Cozza,” Kane says, closing the door to the change room.


People are always ready to give Glenn advice, like he needs the help. His friends are ready to comment on his batting or why he’s not bowling, some even suggesting why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Siddle tells the media that he needs to let his bat do the talking, and that he shouldn’t talk. Glenn feel himself growl, when was the last time someone stayed silent in a press conference, Peter? That’s why Glenn has Aaron. Aaron doesn’t offer him advice, unless he asks for it. Aaron doesn’t comment on his form unless Glenn brings it up, he doesn’t offer bowling advice and he certainly doesn’t offer relationship advice. Aaron lets him not talk, just offering a shoulder or a hug and that’s all the help Glenn needs.


There is nothing quite like The Fremantle Doctor to relieve the heat. The boys move out onto the balcony, the cool wisps of ocean air cooling the sweat on their skin. It doesn’t help the batsmen in the middle so much, the sun screaming down on the ground. There is zinc across almost every nose, a nod to Mr Cricket, the favourite Western son. There are faded wide brimmed hats and sticky melted ice-cream fingers, next to beer snakes and sunburn that is so red it will sting for weeks. The day ends with a standing ovation and a raise of a bat. Another WACA day.

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