my room is such a mess but whatever

Don't take my waffles.

I will keep this brief to avoid boring you, and also because whenever this site reloads, which has happened several times now, I have to type this story all over again.

Back in high school, I HAD to leave for school really early in order to avoid being late. I may seem obsessive to you, but believe me, you would be too if you were in my situation. I had physics as the first class of the day, and the professor was REALLY strict. How strict, you might ask? Very strict.

Because of this, I had to make my breakfasts the day before I would eat them so that I could arrive at school on time. One of the things I preferred to make was waffles.

In the first half of the semester, my best friend’s cousin, who we shall call Phil, moved in with me. At first, I thought he was a great guy. We shared a lot of interests, like gaming and sports.

Two months later, everything changed. I woke up one morning, smiling at the thought of waffles with maple syrup, and hummed a tune as I completed my morning routine (the part before breakfast). I twirled downstairs and opened the fridge and gracefully lifted the container of waffles off the refrigerator racks only to find it…empty. My heart sank as I realized I would not have time to make anything else.

I grabbed a few granola bars (which I fortunately had bought the day before) and thought about the disappearance of my waffles. Sure, this may seem tiny and unimportant, but I needed my waffles in the mornings. They were my breakfast, and gave me the energy I needed to start the day. Sure, I had other foods, but granola bars and crackers just weren’t enough.

Just then, Phil walked in. “Do you know what could have happened to my waffles?” I asked him, holding up the empty container.
“Oh, sorry,” he said, “I ate those because I ran out of cereal and had nothing else to eat.”

“Nothing else?” I said, raising my voice, “Nothing else? Did it occur to you that we had, let’s see, granola bars? And that the waffles were MY breakfast that I make EVERY DAY?

“Sorry.” He said. “At least they were delicious.” I finished my granola bars and stomped off, deciding to let it slide because this had never happened before.

Until it happened the next day. And the next. When I confronted Phil about this, as he obviously had bought cereal at the store, he apologized, saying that the waffles were just really delicious and he couldn’t resist them. This happened for weeks, and no matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t stop. He would wake up earlier than I did if I was planning to do the same to him. Even if I hid my waffles, he would find them.

Then one day, I decided I had had enough. When I baked my waffles, I added…vinegar. And hot sauce. Lots of vinegar and hot sauce. I woke up to Phil’s angry shouts. He ran into my room, shouting, “What the did you put in those ing waffles?”

I tried not to smirk as I calmly replied, “Oh, just some stuff that I like.”

“Why the would you put that in there?” He screamed.

I couldn’t hide my smile as I said, “Because last time I checked, I was making these waffles for my breakfast, not yours, and I can put whatever I want in my breakfast. Let this be a lesson to you, Phil (This isn’t his real name, as you already know, so I didn’t call him Phil). My waffles, my rules. Don’t mess with me or my waffles ever. Again. Because you won’t like me when I don’t have my waffles, as you found out today.”

He never stole my waffles again.

most relatable lines in hamilton:
• “oh shit”
• “sweet jesus”
• “honestly it’s kind of draining”
• “fuuuuuuuuu-”
• “in the living room stressing”
• “uh, do whatever you want, i’m super dead”
• “i hadn’t slept in a week”
• “i’m young, scrappy, and hungry”
• “a mess, she looked pathetic”
• “i’m dying inside”

Pen Pal

The majority of Elsewhere U. students really interest me. Those who live in a liminal space and refuse to see anything out of the ordinary.

This is my first time writing in second-person POV (it happened on accident) and I hope you like it.


It started dully enough. Someone had written ‘Hello’ in the bathroom (in fancy curly purple script, so extra). Juvenile, but it was the single-stall Everyone bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library, so you were willing to write it off as a bored freshman or something. And maybe you were a little bored yourself. Or lonely. Because you replied. You bought a green Sharpie specifically to respond to the purple word on the light orange paint.
‘Hey. W/ u studying?’

You went to check the little-used bathroom a few days later.
'Humans’ was written in beautiful purple handwriting under your green message.
'Psych major, cool. I’m eng-his double major’
You hoped the janitors wouldn’t clean off or paint over this little conversation. It was a little like having a pen pal. A couple days later you had another reply in purple swirls.

'Would you do something for me?’
The request was weird, but so were college kids; and you could always just not do it, you didn’t know who you were talking with, and were pretty sure you weren’t being followed. Like 75% sure. 70% sure.
'W/ u need?’
'Bells NOT silver candy cream beads appreciation’
It took you a few seconds to understand that the beautiful words written at all angles on the wall were a list. (Seriously? Upside down?) It was a pretty cheap request, aside from 'appreciation’, but most college kids lived off dark humor, so you didn’t pay it much mind. Maybe they were doing a psych-sociology experiment; you didn’t want to screw up their data.

You got some cheap gold-painted aluminum jingle bells, thread, and a package of plastic beads at the craft store. They were the same kind of cheap beads a lot of the art majors wore on necklaces, so you figured that’s what your pen pal wanted. At the grocery store you added a box of unflavored single coffee creamers and a bunch of candy, including caramel with creme centers (you couldn’t tell if 'cream’ and 'candy’ were meant to be combined on the bathroom wall or not). You brought it to the single stall bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library and left the bag in the corner. You threw out the receipts, thought a second, then tore out a piece of paper from your notebook and grabbed your green marker.
'I appreciate you :)’ You wrote, messily folding the paper into a crane, the only origami you know, and leaving it on top. 

You went back to your dorm, finding a small pile of pretty-looking junk on a huge leaf on your pillow. Your roommate wasn’t there. Must be a weird prank or some new internet challenge or something. You sorted through the odds and ends. Pretty rocks, tiny animals carved from wood, marbles, pieces of broken safety glass cracked through with green-blue and so fragile that some crumbled off the sides when you picked them up (you cleaned the miniscule slivers of broken glass off your pillow with some duct tape)… Eventually you found a little purple origami turtle. You opened it to find writing inside. 

'Your assistance is appreciated*’
There was no other asterisk anywhere else on the paper, so it must have been a stylistic choice, not a grammatical one. You put it out of your mind and carefully refolded the turtle and set everything on your desk to deal with later. Maybe you’d give it to an art student, they always seemed to have little trinkets like that. Or trade, the student body really liked trading, or maybe most colleges full of poor college kids were like that.


In the week before midterms you suddenly awoke one night. You almost groaned and rolled over to preserve what sleep you could, but when you grabbed your blanket your hand landed on paper. You squinted at the post-it in the dim light, making out swirly fancy handwriting. Across the room, your roommate was asleep. Whatever. You stuck it to your phone and went back to sleep.

You read the post-it the next morning.
‘*I can help’

“What does that mean?” You asked your roommate, slightly accusingly. He frowned at the note.
“You should probably leave this alone.” He tells you seriously.
“Then why did it you stick it to me last night?”
“What? No I didn’t. My handwriting looks nothing like that.” He had a point. 
“Are you having a friend write the notes? Is a friend of yours messing with me by way of you?”
“No, I have no idea what that’s about. But if I were you, I’d steer clear of it. And make sure you have iron, salt, and cream on you.” Pippin was a theatre major, so he may be lying, but if he wasn’t lying his superstitions were true to his nature. The only group that could rival theatre majors for superstitions were D&D players.

You frowned at the post-it, debating what to do. You decided to stick it to the backside of the dorm door, adding your own post-it below in your green marker.
‘Help how?’ You didn’t think your roommate was the plagiarizing type, hopefully he only meant studying together because of how english, history, and theatre all came together.

You checked the back of the door after lunch to find a new post-it.
‘If you want to find out, come to the pool party tonight. I’ll find you.’
You debated. You knew you needed to study for midterms, but what if your roommate could help? What if he was trying (in a really weird roundabout way) to take your mind off midterms and get you to relax? You decided to go.

The pool party was more fun than you thought it’d be. You jumped in the deep end and swam around there early in the evening, before you could get drunk. They were playing good music, had more than just cheap beer in the coolers. You were genuinely having a good time.
“Hey.” A smiling girl in a bikini put her arm around your shoulders. “You’re Green Marker, right?”
“You’re Purple Marker?” You asked. She nodded. “How do you know Pippin?”
“I know all the theatre majors in passing. And I know anyone down that deep in the library could use a hand come test time. What do you say?”
“You’d help me study? Without plagiarizing?”
“You’d have to provide me with something, too. Fair’s fair.”
“What would you want?”
“What are you willing to offer?”
“More candy?” You tried.
“To help you ace your midterms?”
“Okay, um…”

You tried to think. People were always saying to never wager something you couldn’t bear to lose. What was something valuable enough to get studying help, but that you could bear to lose? You glanced around and realized you’d been slowly walking away from the party, into the darkness.
“I’ll give you…” She wanted appreciation. “I’ll give you my friendship. How’s that?”
“Wonderful.” She sighed, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight.


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could you write the got7 maknae line neighbour!au,,,,i love your writing btw

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  • specifically chose an apartment with enough space for a piano,,,,,,,which means his living room is just his piano and like a rug there isn’t any room for anything else,,,,,,
  • but that’s fine with him because he has his computer set up in the bedroom so he can play games and that’s all he really needs in his life youngjae is a simple man with simple hobbies
  • he also won’t admit it but he spent more money on coco’s bed than he did on his own (definitely waited for ikea’s end of year sale or something for that)
  • keeps everything pretty minimal in style, beige’s and whites. tries to keep his place tidy because he knows it would make his mother proud and he wants to leave as much open space for coco to play around
  • more dog toys in his apartment than there is furniture 
  • the neighbors all know him as ‘debussy boy’ because in the spring/summer when youngjae has his windows open the neighbors can hear him practicing clair de lune and it’s such a relaxing melody that someone will shout “encore!” just to hear youngjae play it again
  • he’s also just a really sweet, mannered guy so most of the neighbors don’t mind his music and some of the moms keep asking him to offer piano lessons so they can bring their kids over to be taught by him
  • and that’s exactly what he does because hey, rent is getting higher and making some extra money on the side is never a bad thing
  • but most of the time he can’t even bring himself to take the neighbors money,,,,,,,,,he ends up teaching on donations that the parents have to literally push onto him
  • and you’ve never been really interested in learning to play the piano,,,,,but you’ve lived across from youngjae for half a year now and every time you hear him play it’s like ,,,,,, it’s like stepping into a fairytale 
  • not to mention that when you see him, with that eye smile of his and that adorable innocent aura,,,,,,,like ok ok you might maybe have developed a little crush or whatever,,,,,,,,
  • so one day you as you’re taking the elevator up with him, talking about the weather, you suddenly go “i heard you teach piano lessons - can i possibly sign up for one?”
  • and youngjae seems a little surprised, mostly because his students are all children 
  • but even with his cheeks getting more red he tells you that sure, he’s free this sunday
  • and before you ring his doorbell on sunday afternoon you check your hair and straighten your shirt like one hundred million times but when you finally do, youngjae opens the door and apologizes in a stutter for the mess (there isn’t any mess tho lmao)
  • and you follow him to the pretty piano in the middle of his living room and you’re like “where’s your tv? o:” and youngjae is like “no ,,,, room,,,,,,,,,,, i watch whatever i can on my laptop!” and you’re like “you must really love playing the piano, it’s like this apartment is dedicated just to this instrument”
  • and you don’t even mean to make him embarrassed, but youngjae has to hide his face for a bit because he’s blushing and once you both sit down on the bench you confess you don’t have the first clue about what you’re doing
  • and youngjae finally seems less shy, smiling and putting his fingers on the keys and teaching you slowly what sound each one makes
  • and the time passes so fast as you two sit side by side and youngjae’s voice is so gentle and his laugh makes your heart beat a little faster
  • and then you try to play something on your own, but you’re clumsy and suddenly youngjae puts his hand over yours, guiding your fingers along the keys
  • and only when you’re done does he realizes that you’re basically holding hands and he’s like “aH IM,,,,,,,,SORr,,,,,,y,,,,,,,,”
  • and he moves his hand away but you’re like looking down trying not to hide the fact that you’re really happy ,,,,,,,, plus his skin had been so warm
  • two shy cute people that obviously think “they’re so cute” about each other but can’t even look into each others eyes 
  • and you thank youngjae for the lesson when coco starts weaving between your feet, nudging youngjae and asking him to take her on her walk
  • and youngjae is like “it’s no problem,,,,,if you want,,,,,,,,,you can come again,,,,,,,next week,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like “i’d love to!” and then you look around in your pockets for the money you had brought but youngjae stops you and he’s like “i won’t,,,,,,,,,,,think of these as lessons more like,,,,,,,d,,,,,,,,da,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omg does he want to say dates?????
  • and youngjae can’t bring himself to do is he’s like “like d,,,,,,da,,,dat,,,,” and you giggle and say it for him and he’s like yES,,,,if that’s ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like that’s more than ok and you’re like if you won’t take cash payment then can i kiss you on the cheek instead??
  • and youngjae would melt into a puddle if that was humanly possible but he nods and when you press your lips to his cheek you pull back fast and youngjae wants to say something
  • but coco’s barking cuts you two off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s cute though you both lie in the bed that night thinking about how you could go from being neighbors to being much more,,,,,,


  • gets in trouble with the landlord because he throws parties every weekend 
  • but he always gets away with it because the neighbors are like “he’s a young boy, let him live!!!!” and also bambam has killer puppy dog eyes. they’d work on just about anyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,minus like jinyoung
  • his apartment is a Mess. like im talking a real m e s s. his bedroom is just an assortment of clothing thrown into piles with shoes and accessories everywhere,,,,,,,half the time he ends up sleeping using an t-shirt as a pillow 
  • the only thing he keeps clean is a Buddhist shrine he keeps in his room as per request of his mom and if anyone even tries to go near it he’s like “i WILL chop your hand off” ,,,,,it’s really important to him
  • but yeah his living room is just,,,,like no one is sure what’s going on,,,he’s got like weird art on the walls and a neon sign he bought on impulse and like ,,,,, empty bottles from drinks and take-out cartons and underwear hanging off a lamp ???? glitter on the floor who even knows
  • his kitchen is even worse like when does he even do the dishes. does he even own dishes? nope bring your own dishes if you plan to not eat off like a frisbee when you come over
  • you know bambam at first because you hear about his parties, literally like you hear the party through your wall
  • and ten minutes later there’s a ring at your doorbell and some dude named jackson is inviting you over since there’s free drinks and food
  • and you’re like you know what ill go and that night you get introduced to bambam, who is apparently trying to attempt some kind of high speed dab balancing a bottle of water on his head and you’re like “why he’s doing that”
  • that jackson kid is like “oh, he’s doing it for instagram”
  • and as you continue being neighbors with bambam you find out he does a L OT for instagram
  • which is fine like,,,,,,,,,,,kids and their social media these days but before you know it you end up being asked by bambam himself for some help
  • and so you’re standing in his living room, holding up his phone and you’re like “are you sure this is a good idea?”
  • and bambam, who is attempting to do a handstand is like “anything for the internet is a good idea”
  • and you’re sighing like ok but if you come tumbling down im not going to catch you
  • and you start recording as he tries to lift both arms up at the same time to dab “upside down” which of course is a total failure like you predicted
  • and he goes falling legs, something sounds like it cracks and you’re like
  • “…………..bambam don’t move i think you might have broken your arm” and bambam whose just laying there motionless is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t move,,,,,,,,,,,it hurts,,,,,,,,”
  • and you don’t want to be an asshole and just leave him all alone once the ambulance comes so you tag along and the EMT is like “so what exactly happened?” and you’re like “he ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fell while working out.”
  • and you’re not sure if he believes the lie you’ve just told but the EMT shrugs and is like “it looks like nothing is broken, your boyfriend just has a fracture.”
  • and you want to be like boyfriend??????? since when excUSE me 
  • but bambam makes a sound of pain and you’re like “ok ok don’t worry, you’re not dying”
  • and somehow you find yourself staying by his side in the emergency room and after the doctor has patched him all up you go out and get the two of you some coffees from the vending machine
  • and bambam is sitting up in the bed and you’re like “let me the first person to sign your bandage” and you scribble something like “don’t ever dab upside down again” and bambam laughs
  • but also,,,,,, he looks up at you and there’s something sincere in his eyes when he tells you that he’s really thankful for you staying with him and that you’re really a good neighbor
  • and you’re not sure what’s gotten into you, but bambam looks so handsome,,,,, maybe because you’ve never been so close to his face before but his features are so gorgeous
  • that you have to look away and conjure up a laugh to hide your embarrassment from locking eyes with him
  • but knowing bambam he’s sly and he’s caught on
  • and you feel his free hand wrap around your waist and pull you closer and you’re like “oh!??” and he’s like 
  • “you took care of me, so how about i pay for our dinner tonight?” and you’re like “bambam can you even get your wallet out with one hand?” and he’s like “i can try, for you.”
  • and you have the urge to like pinch him for being greasy all of a sudden but also like maybe this goofy guy who actually loves your attention a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,is really cute and worth it to go to dinner with,,,,,,,,,


  • if the neighbors cat gets stuck in the tree, everyone knows to call him: the living giant of the apartment building, Kim Yugyeom 
  • the neighborhood kids adore him because they always beg him for piggy back rides or to sit on his shoulders
  • and he always stops whatever he’s doing to play with them and just be an overall cute angelic human being that we as people do not deserve 
  • has that kind of personality that makes people give him stuff for free and when he thanks them they’re just like “oh wait there’s something else i need to give you wait here a second-”
  • anyone who meets him instantly wants to take care of him,,,,he’s soft
  • his apartment is really well organized which is surprising for his age,,,,, like his closet is color coded and he matches all the patterns with each other
  • and he cutely hangs his laundry out on the balcony like his mom taught him
  • and just like,,,,,,,he’s so sugary sweet and simple
  • buys fresh flowers for his living room whenever he can. that’s the kind of person he is
  • and you’ve been pretty good friends with him for a while. he even helped you paint your apartment where you had to get on a stool to reach the ceiling and he just,,,,,,,,well stood there
  • and you know yugyeom has a passion for dancing, he’s always telling you about what song he’s practicing and who he met up with from different dance crews
  • but one night as you’re going up to the roof to just sit and think,,,,something you do every now and then 
  • you’re surprised to hear the faint sound of music beyond the door and when you open it
  • you can hear a song on full blast, and the sound of someones sneakers against the floor and you’re surprised to see the tall, lean, but familiar figure of yugyeom
  • and although you usually see him wearing some kind of long coat, turtlenecks and shirts from popular brands
  • you see that all he has on is a pair of old sweatpants and a plain black t-shirt, sweat visible around the neck.
  • his movements though,,,,,,they’re far more smooth than you could have ever imagined. you can tell he practices a lot, he’s so good that you can barely see any mistakes
  • and yugyeom doesn’t notice you until the song ends and you (embarrassingly) unconsciously clap
  • and it startles him to the point that he lets out a small yelp, but with the faint light from the streets below he makes out your face and smiles
  • and he’s like “why are you up here?” and you’re like “no reason, i didn’t know you used the roof to practice?”
  • and you can see him get sheepish, scratching the back of his neck and he’s like “my room doesn’t have enough space, plus i don’t want to be loud with my music. it’s so nice and free up here.”
  • and you nod looking at him with a still mesmerized expression and yugyeom laughs a bit and he’s like “don’t gape like that, im nothing special” and you’re like no what?? you’re so amazing???/ i never knew you were THIS talented
  • and he laughs again, but he’s really happy to hear you say that and you go over and pass him a napkin from your pocket and you’re like “your sweat!!” and he gets blushy again but thankfully you can’t see it 
  • but you’re also like “ill go, i don’t want to disturb you”
  • but yugyeom grabs your wrist before you turn and he’s like “if you want,,,,,,,,you can watch me some more,,,,,,,i don’t know if it’ll be entertaining though-”
  • but you’re already saying you’ll stay, sitting down comfortably by the portable speakers and yugyeom is like “pick a song!” 
  • and you shuffle through his music, settling on a chris brown song that makes yugyeoms eyes light up
  • and it’s really adorable,,,,,,the way he’s so passionate while dancing and then so cute when he’s just talking to you,,,,,,
  • very how should i put this,,,,,,,BOYFRIEND material  
The houses: on revenge and pranks


Gryffindors will most likely slap, punch or hex you right on the spot.
They don’t back away from a challenge and usually use their physical strength instead of magic. However, they don’t do resent and remember. After they have “told” you off they will most likely laugh about it.
Unless you are some kind of arch nemesis you are safe after the slap. However , you might wanna learn from your mistakes since their revenge will get worse and worse the more often you hurt them or piss em off.

We already know from the mauraders that gryffindor pranks will always make you laugh. However , sometimes they might take it too far and accidentally hurt someone which might backfire a bit.


Huffllepuffs set on kill them with kindness. You won’t even have a comeback to that because how does one reply to : “you are the sun to my earth” when you just told them to fuck off. Also if it gets really personal they will just pull you into one of the empty class rooms and put whatever slightly poisonous plant they get their hands on into your mouth and you’ll be puking your guts out for the better half of the week.
So yeah, don’t mess with them.

They don’t really do pranks but when they do they are quite endearing and only for a good laugh.


Ravenclaws will be as polite as possible but will crash and burn you the moment you piss them off. Instead on bad mouthing and spitting insults they will casually challenge you to a duel. Do not accept. They will burn you to the ground. Instead, apologise and they will most likely forgive you (you will also owe them but that’s still better than being dead.)

Ravenclaws don’t usually do pranks , they want their solitude and have other stuff to do.


Slytherins will use extra long, posh and complicated terms and words as well as facts and sarcasm to humiliate you in front of everyone. Also, their revenge comes slowly but steadily. Unlike Gryffindors they will not use physical strength but their brain to set up a foolproof plan to see you despair. Furthermore they usually don’t hex or punch you. Quite the opposite actually, it will be a mental attack that will lead to an existencial crisis or total loss of confidence.

Most of the times Slytherin think doing pranks is beneath them. HOWEVER, if this is about their pride and honour… run bitch.

AHS Hotel: “Her husband is going to kill you”

Your husband, James was nowhere to be found so you decided to pay Liz a visit at the bar.

Sally happened to be there too, so you sat right next to her. There was also an older caucasian man drinking alone just sitting 1 stool away from you. He looks like he is in his 60′s.

You, Liz, & Sally were having a nice conversation until the man randomly budded in saying, “you’re disgusting.” He was swaying his head as he was holding his drink. He obviously seemed drunk.

You turned your head to look at him and mugged him, not saying a word because you assumed he was just talking to himself. Then you turned back around to face Liz. Sally just looked at him as she was smoking her cigarette and Liz raised a brow at him.

“You’re disgusting,” he repeated while looking at me.

“What?” You looked back at him, with a confused look on your face.

Sally, still having a cigarette in her mouth said, “Excuse me?”

He pointed at me, while drunkily saying, “You have no respect for yourself. Look at what you’re wearing. And too much makeup.”

This man came out of nowhere. You felt more confused than you felt disrespected. You found it quite hilarious, actually. All you’re wearing are 5 inch heels with an all black jumpsuit that showed cleavage. It’s not like you were naked. Maybe this man was just having a bad day or maybe his wife cheated on him. I mean, he was alone. Who knows. But you weren’t going to let it ruin your day.

“Who gives a crap about what she’s wearing?” Liz annoyingly says to the man.

“Yeah, she looks hot. Fuck off.” Sally adds.

The man takes a chug from his beer. “Whore”, he sloppily words. 

You let out a fake laugh and flipped your hair. “You’re funny.” 

The old man is so drunk that he accidentally knocks his beer bottle, having the rest of the beer spill on you. He didn’t even care to pick it up, so he spat on the floor. 

Sally rolls her eyes and puts her cigarette in the ash tray. 

Liz picks up the bottle and quickly grabs a towel to hand to you. “Her husband is going to kill you.” She points at the man.

“It’s alright, Liz. Don’t worry about it. He’s quite hilarious actually. My day has been boring until this loser came along.” You said as you were patting your clothes dry with the towel.

“I ain’t afraid of nothing.” The man says while glaring at you, emphasizing the word ‘nothing’. He stood up, getting ready to leave but Liz walks around the bar and grabs the him by the shirt. “You don’t talk to the lady of the house like that! Do you hear me?”

“No Liz, it’s alright really. He’s just drunk.” You say to Liz, putting your hand on her arm to calm down. Liz was always so loyal to you because you’ve done so much for her as a friend.

“It’s fine, Y/N. Me and Sally are going to escort this punk out of here.” Liz says and glances at Sally. 

Sally nods her head and gets up. “We’ll be back.”

Both Sally and Liz take the man downstairs. Will Drake passes them at the top of the stairs heading to the bar. 

“Y/N, what was that all about?” Will points at them laughing, then goes to pour himself a drink.

“Long story. He’s just wasted.” You laugh back.


15 minutes pass and Liz comes back. Sally didn’t come back with her. She probably went back to her room or something.

“Damn Liz, took you long enough.” You said sarcastically.

Liz sashays to her spot behind the bar, popping her lips saying, “Yup.” She seemed like she was up to something, but you didn’t question it.

“It wasn’t a big deal, but thanks for having my back anyways.”

Liz puts one hand on her hip and snaps her fingers with the other. “Oh don’t worry about it. He was messing with my girl, Y/N. By the way, James said he needs to see you in the laundry room.”

“Uh laundry room. For what?” You were so confused. Laundry room? Out of all places, James wants to meet you there? Whatever. If your husband needs to see you, you’re definitely going to be there.

“Who knows, hun.” Liz shrugs.


Once you’ve reached the laundry room, you see James with his sleeves rolled up standing behind the man that disrespected you at the bar. The man is on his knees with his hands tied up in front of him looking afraid, but not saying a word. You figured James roughed him up a bit before you got there. “You will pay for disrespecting my queen.” You hear James tell the man as you walked in.


“Ah, darling!” James turns around and looks at you with excitement.

“What is going on?” You stood there surprised. You didn’t expect Liz and Sally to really go out of there way to bring the man to James. You really thought they both escorted him out of the hotel. No wonder it took Liz forever to get back. 

“This is the creature that Liz and Sally have informed me that said such vile things to you at the bar, no?”

“Yes. Yes he is.” You said with an evil grin. You knew exactly what James was going to do. So you cross your arms in front of you and watch him. You also remembered that James needed a fix as well. It’s been a little over a week since he’s killed anyone, anyways.

The man turns his head to look at James. “You’re never going to get away with this.” He turns his head back to face the opened laundry chute.

James leans over and whispers in the man’s ear. “I happen to disagree with you.”

Something about James right now just turns you on. You can’t tell if it’s because he’s looks sexy with his sleeves rolled up or if it’s because he’s so protective over you that he’s willing to kill for you. Or maybe it’s both.

James stands up straight, then roughly bashes the back of the man’s head with his hammer and throws his body down the chute. Good riddance.

James wipes his forehead with the back of his hand. You walk over to James and whisper in his ear, “I love watching you kill.” Then you leave the room to head over to your bedroom. You knew that saying that would turn James on and that he would soon be following after you.



I’ve been loving adding gifs to my stories lately! lol I like to make it feel as real as possible as you’re reading. I’ve been starting to get my story inspirations from looking up gifs.

Prompt #147

Submitted by: Katplushie

“Nope, we are NOT splitting up to look for them, we are NOT sending a scout into the room with things written in blood on the walls, this place is haunted as shit, we’re going to find the nearest weapons, stick together, and murder whatever f**ked-up monstrosity thought it could mess with my friends.”

dating with benefits │c.h



“Have you seen my panties?” You scratched your neck, glancing around the room with furrowed eyebrows.

“No.” Calum sighed, laying down on the bed again after putting on his clothes. The room smelt like sweat and old cologne - just like every other room smelled like after sex.

“I swear to God, it’s the third time I’ve lost them at your place.” You gasped and continued trying to find your underwear in the mess that was Calum’s room.

It wasn’t until recently that you and Calum began messing around. And you messed around a lot. It was every other night, every time one of you got bored.

“What are you doing this Tuesday?” Calum questioned while you were sticking your ass out in the air, trying to find your underwear.

“Tuesday? It’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?” You said with your back facing Calum as he fiddled with the cluttered sheets on the bed.


“Well, then I’m gonna get drunk on my own while crying to romcoms.” You answered with a smirk, turning around so fast that your skirt was flaring in the wind. Your hair looked like a mess, you just knew it, but you felt like you had this power on Calum. Like you could command him to do anything.

“Can I cry with you?” Calum chuckled, shifting between looking at you and staring at your feet.

“That’s a lame way of asking someone on a date.” You cocked your brow, wanting a more clear invitation. Calum coughed a couple of times before re-arranging his question to fit your preferences.

“Can I take you out on a date?”

“Is that another booty call?” You joked, tilting your head to the side with a grin.

“You are impossible to talk to!” Calum laughed, jumping around on the bed and grabbing your wrist to drag you onto the bed with him.

“Calum!” You squealed as you were laying on top of Calum, his heart pumping against your chest. “I’ll go out with you if you plan it.”

“Deal.” Calum nodded before smashing his lips into yours.

Curse Jar recipe

Disclaimer: Don’t curse without good reason. Consult your deity of choice about this, or maybe a favored oracle, or a friend. I’m assuming if you read this and act on it, you’re prepared to take responsibility for your own actions.

I prefer to do my cursing during a waning moon, but you can do as you wish.


  • One medium-sized jar with a screw-on lid (because “Screw you!” lol get it)
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Ancho chili powder
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Rice vinegar
  • Paper to write your curse sigil on
  • And paper to write the name(s) of the cursed. It’s flexible, you can use this for however many individuals that have pissed you off.
  • Optional: you can totally piss in the jar, if you’re into that. The idea is a loud and violent FUCK YOU so why not?

You can make your own cursing sigil, or you can use mine of you want. 

As you can see, it’s a sigil for “GET WRECKED”.

Place the sigil on paper in the bottom of the jar. Next, go the name(s) of the cursed. Then add the rest of the ingredients in whatever proportions you like, just fill it all the way up. Don’t give ‘em any room to breathe. During assembly, I find it helpful to say a little spell or chant, to aid focus. Here’s one I wrote that you can alter for your needs. Whatever you choose to say, put all your hate and anger into the words. Really spit it out with all the frustration and rage that you can.

Into the curse jar you fucker(s) now go

Discomfort and suffering now shall you know

You messed with my (life, pride, friends, dog, etc), un-rightfully so 

So here’s what I’m giving you (if cursing more than one, add “two” or “three” here):

Pepper to stop you from speaking your lies

Vinegar’s sour, surrounds you with flies

I’ll piss on your grave, it’s you I despise

And therefore you fucker(s), you’re/are cursed

All day and all night, you’ll feel the effects

Of this witch’s powerful and righteous hex

You’ll have no more friends, you’ll lose all respect

Cuz you were (insert what they did wrong here)

You’ll whine and you’ll groan, but have no relief

Your shit is now wrecked, I take joy in your grief

The curse will be broken, you’ll turn a new leaf

When you realize what you did wrong

You want to include the clause at the end because it’s satisfying for someone who wronged you to see the error of their ways, and this stops any bad shit from flying back at you because you caused someone unnecessary suffering. I believe curses are a good thing when used righteously, but there’s no reason to fuck someone up forever if they realize what they did wrong.

And fix it. When they realize what they did wrong, and they fix it. If they don’t fix it, hell, just curse 'em 'till they learn. 

So yeah, there you have it. A simple curse jar. Screw the top on tight, and shake it hatefully every day. They’ll get what’s coming to them.

I’m actually really lame and love musical theater and I cry and laugh at everything and I have so much to learn and so much room to grow. And sometimes it may seem I have it all together but I totally don’t and I’m constantly messing up and making terrible mistakes. Remember that whatever I share on social media is most likely the high of that day or week or whatever. It’s all curated and particular. Behind closed doors I am like 100x lamer, more emotional, more insecure, etc. Just like you guys, I’m still in school, figuring out my life.



Paring: Wolf!auSehun/Pregnent!reader

Summary: not getting enough sleep was bad but messing with your werewolf boyfriend better.

Originally posted by sehurn

I was in the kitchen baking some chocolate chip cookies because of the baby craving it. Whenever I tried to ignore it and sleep the baby would kick me, keeping me awake. As I set the timer and waited ten minutes till they finished I saw a strange green item stuck under the couch in the living room. Waddling over to the couch and trying my best to lean over to grab it, I realized I couldn’t lean with my 8 month pregnant belly in the way. I was forced to ungracefully curtsy to get to whatever it was under the couch. Getting my hand around the spherical object, I pulled it free and stood up, examining it. It was an old tennis ball. Hearing the ding of the timer I walked back to the kitchen, forgetting to put the ball down till I went to put on the oven mit. I set it on the counter and reached for the cookie sheet, setting it on top of the oven. I heard the front door open, he must be back from his run with the pack “Y/N?” I heard Sehun calling me “in here Sehun” I called turning back around.

“Y/N what are you doing up, you should be sleeping!” he began to nag me as I looked up at him, he just kept rambling on about how it was crucial I got enough sleep in my current state, but I wasn’t really listening. While he was going on I slowly reached my hand behind me on the counter, grabbing the tennis ball bringing it around so it was in front of my body. “It’s not good for the baby you both need your sleep” he kept going but just as he was about to start on why it would be bad, I threw the tennis ball into the living room “not enough could mean th-” midway through his rant he stopped, his eyes following the ball watching it bounce and disappear under the coffee table. “What are you doing?” he said turning back to me, glaring slightly. “Whenever I throw a ball, I watch your eyes follow it and I can see you resisting the urge to chase it, and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

His glare intensified “I’m not a dog, stop doing that when you wanna distract me, besides you need to listen to me!” I rose one of my eyebrows at him “if you had waited, I would have told you that your kid wanted cookies and wont let me sleep unless we eat some, so I was baking” I said, turning around so I could eat my creations. Behind me Sehun wrapped his arms around my protruding stomach resting his head on my shoulder. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t know. They shouldn’t be keeping you awake either” he whispered in my ear. He reached around and picked a cookie up before I slapped it out of his hand. “No, my cookies” I said still eating the one I had, “why?” he whined looking at me with big puppy dog eyes “because this is your fault” I glared up at him, he looked confused “how is this my fault?” he asked “you got me pregnant so this is your fault” he just laughed and stared at me adoration in his eyes.

He got down on his knees and lifted my shirt till it sat just over my bump “do you hear her? If you had let her sleep she wouldn’t be mad at me, she’s very tired providing a home for you, you have to be nice to her.” he talked to the baby, nuzzling into my stomach and placing a light kiss on it. The baby inside kicking at his hands, causing him to smile wide at my belly. Standing back up he took both my hands kissing me as well. “Come on let’s go to bed, we all need it” taking both my hands leading me back to the bedroom, tucking me in first and crawling in beside me. Spooning me and placing both his hands over our baby. Finally going to sleep.

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wonwoo-senpai  asked:

soonhoon + youtube!au ~

“Hey Jihoon, can you come here for a sec?” Soonyoung yells for his roommate to enter his room. 

There’s a grumble that Soonyoung can hear, but sure enough, Jihoon walks in about two minutes later with an eyebrow raised.


“Say hi to the camera!” Soonyoung says excitedly.

“I already told you, I’m not doing another video with you,” Jihoon says exasperatedly. “Once was more than enough.”

“But my viewers like you,” Soonyoung pouts, “they think you’re cute.” 

Jihoon walks over to flick Soonyoung on the forehead, and narrows his eyes.

“I am not cute.” 

Soonyoung turns back to the camera, completely ignoring Jihoon’s Death Glare.

“See, he keeps saying that but I actually agree with you guys.” Soonyoung pauses, and leans in to read something on the computer screen.

Jihoon clears his throat. “Um, can you at least tell me why you called me to come over? I was trying to prepare our dinner?” 

Soonyoung turns around and laughs.

“Come and read this,” he gestures for the other to come over. Curiosity getting the better of him, Jihoon obliges and leans in to read the running comments on the screen. 

hes so cute!! soonyoung u lucky dude
w ow bf goals??? he’s COOKING for u soonyoung u better be Grateful 

“Oh my god, Kwon Soonyoung,” Jihoon’s voice raises, “did you forget to mention that you’re livestreaming?” 

Soonyoung turns around and shrugs, giving Jihoon another pout. “You always make me delete scenes with you in it but I always want to show you off.”

“Anways,” he leans in to whisper into Jihoon’s ear, “you’re not actually mad, are you?” 

Jihoon rolls his eyes, and reaches out to mess Soonyoung’s hair. “Whatever, you’re being dumb. I’m leaving.” 

Before he leaves the room, he turns back to the camera and says in a louder voice, “Tell him to treat me better!!” 

Soonyoung laughs as he turns back to face his audience of almost fifty thousand people. 

“I suppose he’s right, I treat him like a prince but he treats me like a king. Anyways, I gotta go soon, pray that I won’t get too much of a scolding. Love you guys and do look forward to my next video!” 

Blood and Letting: A Feysand Pregnancy: Part Eight


Mor peered into the room. Her son’s hair was up atop his head, his fingers working a sketch as he sat cross legged in the chair. The cuff in his ear glinted in the darkness. His sleeves rolled up, showing the swirls of stars and paint tattooed on his forearms. He hadn’t moved almost the entire day. Bay had been sleeping for the past eighteen hours and Nate hadn’t left the room.

“Pumpkin, did you get any sleep?”

Nate looked up at her, he had a pencil in his ear, the charcoal on his face darkened his eyes even more than she thought possible, the ring in his lip lighter. His voice was scratchy from misuse.“Yes.”

She frowned. “Don’t you lie to me, Nathaniel. I may be seven months pregnant but I can still ground you.”

He sighed, digging into his chair. “No, Mother. I did not get any sleep. I wanted to be awake when Baylor woke up.” He looked at Bay. “He was tossing all night.”

She glanced at the bed. Bay was curled into onto his side, his wings tucked behind him, his hair in his eyes. He appeared to be sleeping soundly now. She looked back at Nate. Her son’s eyes were still on Bay.

She sat on the edge of the chair, curling a piece of his hair behind his ear. “You think he had nightmares?.”

He looked at her and whispered, “I think I locked him into them.”

His face was so worried and guilty, but was also set with a quiet steel. He would do whatever it took to get Bay to sleep. “Nate-”

A groan came from the bed. Sitting up, Bay palmed his eyes before looking up. Nate’s eyes snapped to Bay. They were wide. Bay slid his glasses on. The sleepiness in his eyes drowned out by anger.  “Where’s Ash?”

“Living room,” Nate said.

“I wasn’t talking you.” He looked at her. “Where is he?”

“Living room,” she said.

He walked around them both, his hands clenched at his sides. She looked at Nate. His face paled, his eyes following Bay out of the room. He looked at her. “Oh no.”

Rhys leaned against the wall, his arms crossed. They had been here for a few hours, Azriel gleaming information from Keir. It was hard to break Keir, but they were getting their information, one cut at a time.

Keir sat in the iron chair, chained to the floor. The mess of golden hair atop his head damp with sweat and blood.

“Do you think this will be the last?” Keir asked. “Those abominations you call children, they will always be hunted. If not by us then by someone else.”

“And each one of you will die by either my or my mate’s hand.” Anyone who went after his children would learn just how much of a monster he was.

He knew Azriel wanted information about his son. What it was that Nathaniel was keeping from him. What Keir did to him. But he was waiting, gathering information about the coup that almost ended with him and Feyre and their children dead.

“Who were you working with?” Truth-teller slid into the male’s skin, Azriel’s voice a deadly quiet that had broken many before Kier.

Keir’s face contorted, “No one.”

“Let me ask, one more time.”


Black rage sat in his chest, his nails cutting into his palms. Nate had looked exhausted, his face bordered between relief and worry. He didn’t give a shit. He would deal with Nate and Cassian after he dealt with Ash.

He surveyed the living room. Ash and Aysel and Cassian were in it. Ash sitting in a chair and Cassian holding Aysel, the Princess in a gray top and black leggings, her wings out behind her; he almost smiled as she squealed at him. Almost. Cassian looked up at him, his face carefully blank. He ignored him and grabbed Ash by his collar, “You’re coming with me.”

Ash’s face paled as Bay dragged him out of the town house by his shirt. He didn’t want Aysel to see him like he as angry as he was. He shoved Ash against the side of the building.


His fist connected with Ash’s stomach. Ash keeled over coughing, his hands on his knees. “If anyone, anyone else had done a violation like that to me they would be dead. Touch me again and you will be too.” He has had enough people touching him.


“I just had to get through yesterday. That was it. I would have been fine. But no. You had to drag me into my subconscious with my dead mother.”

Ash whispered, “You had nightmares?”

He smacked the side of Ash’s head. “It was the anniversary of my mother dying. What the fuck do you think?”

Ash’s face paled. “I can do something about that. I can heal them so you can sleep better.”

“Do you really thing I would let you into my head? After the stunt you pulled?” He didn’t want anyone to know about the nightmares he had. The ones that weren’t about his mother. He kept mental shields every second of every day just incase someone tried to get into his head. “I’m not letting you near me ever again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care if you’re ‘sorry’. I am so pissed at all of you. But you, you promised to not touch me. You were hurt and could have gotten yourself killed.” He crossed his arms. “Tell me, Ash. Did you pass out?”

He winced. “I-”

“Of course you did. What the fuck were you thinking?”

Ash pushed off the side of the building, starting towards him. “I was thinking that my brother was having a meltdown and I could help him.”

He didn’t want his help. “Worry about yourself. I’m fine.”

“You are far from fine. And who will worry about you?”


‘And you are doing such a bang up job with that, you self destructive midget.”

“At least I have a functioning brain you arrogant ginger giant. The next time you lay your hands on me will be the last.” Ash stared at him, his green eyes seeing something that Bay didn’t want seen. “Stop looking at me like that. Get back inside.”


Cassian kept Aysel on his lap, watching Bay storm through the House and back down the hall. Ash trailed in after him, his eyes narrowed in thought.

“I’m assuming that went well,” Cassian said.

Ash slumped into a chair, his chin rested on his fist. “You ever have a problem with Bay not wanting to be touched? I did and he threatened to break my hand. ” Oh he knew about that. When Nate and Dacia locked them in the Court of Nightmares.

Cassian shrugged, “The kid doesn’t like being touched.” He knew Bay had been in fights at the Court of Nightmares and in the camps. He also suspected he had been hurt before coming to live with him and Nesta. He wasn’t stupid enough to ask. Bay would shut him down and stop talking. Rhys got in his head though. He had told him what he found and Cassian was near murderous. “It would appear both Nate and Bay are hiding secrets from their parents.”

“No wonder he reacted so violently towards me touching him.”

Cassian leaned back, his hand still holding Aysel on his lap, his daughter gripping his hair. “You have been friends with Bay for eight years. You are just now realizing this?”


Azriel wiped the blood from his hands. He had gotten what he needed. Names and places. He couldn’t shake the feeling something was off. He told as much to Rhys.

“I tried getting into his head. His mental blocks were still in place. I couldn’t get in.”

Azriel nodded. “We got what we needed. I’ll have my shadows search for the people responisble.” He slid Truth - Teller in its scabbard before looking at Rhys. “I need to check in on Mor and then I’ll be coming back.”

“Do whatever you need.”


Baylor stood in the doorway, his eyes narrowed at him, his face flush with anger. His hair was still a mess, the freckles at his shoulders were stark against red skin. He had been outside. With Ash. Dread sat in Nate’s stomach. “Get the fuck out of my room.”

Excuse me,” his mother said. Her tone bordered on warning and amusement. She still sat on the ledge of her chair, her hand resting on her stomach. She gave Baylor a stern look.

Baylor’s ears reddened. “Not you, Mor.” His eyes slid to him. “I’m talking to Nate.”

Nate shut his sketchbook and sat it on the bed before standing. “Mother, can we have the room please?”

His mother stood, her golden hair falling around her. Her hand on her stomach. She reached up, kissing his cheek. “Don’t kill each other.”

His mother left, leaving just him and Baylor in the room. The silence was deafening but the look on Baylor’s face was so much worse. Hurt and betrayal and anger. It was enough to break him.

You,” Baylor stalked over to him, his finger in Nate’s chest.“Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

“You were suicidal.”

“And now I’m homicidal. Feel better?” At least he wasn’t turning on himself. So he did feel better actually.

Nate grabbed his hand. “Baylor-”

Baylor pulled his hand away from him. He snarled, “I had one day, Nate. Just one. But you and Cassian just had to hold me down so Ash can knock me unconscious with his magic.”

“I know,” he said quietly. “But you scared the fuck out of me.”

Most of the anger drained from his face, leaving mostly betrayal. He sighed forcefully. “I’m sorry.”

“Are we okay?”

“I’m still angry. And I will be for awhile.” Baylor’s brutal honesty was something he loved. Baylor lied to a lot of people, at least about how he was feeling. But not him. Baylor never lied to him. “But..we will be. Eventually.” Relief shot through him. “Can you promise me you will not do it again?” His voice was quiet, almost a whisper. He knew promises from him were binding. Nate didn’t break his word.

“No, I can’t. Your mental health is more important to me than staying in your good graces. If it helps you, I will do it if I need to. So will Ash. Even if you hate us afterwards.”

Baylor studied him. His face carefully blank and closed. He was at war with himself. Like usual. His thoughts going so fast he can’t make sense of them.

Nate’s shadows picked up his father. He was taking a break from Keir. Knowing his routine, he would go back and demand answers for him. He needed to get in there before his father returned. Nate looked at Baylor. “Do you still want to talk to Keir?”

Baylor’s face hardened. “Yes.”

Nate nodded. “We’re getting Cyrian.”


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Out of all the people in their niche little group, Inari was the easiest to get annoyed at. He was so stupid! He didn’t get things, or he made such– such aggravating remarks! Futaba seriously didn’t get how Akira could just sit there and talk to the stupid fox-face, have an actual conversation with him and enjoy it.

“It’s easy,” he’d said when she asked in so many words, the clacking of dishes their only company. “Yusuke’s not so bad, Futaba, just strange sometimes.” He grins a little, using the back of his hand to brush his bangs that really need a good cutting out of his eyes as he looks over at her. “Some people could say the same about you.”

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These Three Words | M.C

I love Little Mix, they’re amazing, so I’m excited to write about this song. I also listened to this song on end when my emotions were a bit crazy because of my feelings. lol fun times. ANYWAY! Thanks for the request and if you have a request I’ve yet to answer, please be patient - I often have to listen to the song on repeat for ages to write. Enjoy!

Inspired by this song

He stood in front of the mirror and styled his dirty blonde hair to imperfect perfection before picking up his aftershave and spraying it. He was dressed to the nines, ready to embark on yet another date this week as I sat on the sofa in my PJs ready for yet another night in. It’s been like this almost every night for I don’t know how long. Michael enjoyed his time out on the dating scene, while I just stood in the sidelines and watched as girls were brought back to our apartment after he had wooed them on their date, ready to give them a night of euphoric satisfaction. And I hated it. 

Michael was my best friend. We were like two peas in a pod. Except this pea is totally and utterly besotted by the Sydney born. It shouldn’t be this way. It should never have happened. But I did the thing. The thing where you accidentally fall for your best friend. I hated it. It was pure emotional torture. I daren’t tell him how I felt. No way, no how. We’ve been too close for too long and it’d be weird for him, I just know it. Welcome to the friendzone- population: me. 

He was quite the ladies man. He’d take them on the most breathtaking dates, it was truly amazing. It really had me jealous. 

“Hey Y/N?” 

I snapped out of my daydream that I had drifted into after studying his beautiful facial features from his reflection in the mirror.

“I’m hoping to get home by midnight, can you make sure you’re in your room by then? I don’t want things to be awkward.”

I grunted a reply. 

There was a stab in my heart. Here we go again. Another night where I had to make myself scarce for Mr Loverboy to be able to satisfy his needs once more. It had become such a regular thing and every occurrence broke me just that little bit more.

“Also, I know you’re ordering takeout again, but can you make sure you clear it before you go? I don’t want the place looking a mess when I’m tryna impress,” he wiggled his eyebrows. 


That came out a little harsher than usual. 

“Whoa, someone’s on their period.” 

Excuse me?

“What did you just say?”

“I said ‘someone’s on their period.’ Jeez, Y/N, don’t take it out on me.” 

“Don’t blame shit on me being a woman, Michael, that’s so fucking sexist,”  I snarled. 

“What is your problem?” He asked in a harsh turn as he spun around to face me, while fixing his collar.

“Nothing.” I mumbled. I had to bite my tongue and stop in my tracks. 

“Well you’re acting like something is up, so out with it, already, I need to leave in 10.” He checked his watch to ensure he was running on time. 

“I’m just sick of this,” I huffed. 

He walked towards me, his expression questioning what I’d just stated, egging me to elaborate.

“I’m sick of having to adjust my living arrangements to suit your love life.” 

There was a pressure of emotions building up inside me, ready to hit the brim. It has been too long and I don’t know how much longer I can keep my little secret to myself.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I had no idea my life got in the way of yours so much,” he spat with sarcasm. “You know I’d do the same if you could be bothered to go out and find someone.”

“Are you insinuating I’m too lazy to go get myself a fuck buddy?” I scoffed. 

“Hey, you know full well she is not just a fuck buddy, Y/N.”

“Maybe she isn’t, but are we going to talk about the previous girls? Like Cait or Emma? How about Whitney or Zoe? Huh? How about them? Because I’ve not heard those names since they left your bedroom.” 

“At least I can get some.

My heart stopped as eyes met with his, hurt glazing over them.

“Are you… are you saying that I’m not good enough for anyone?”

The anger fell from his face. He knew what he had done.

“No…no, Y/N. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that…” 

His hand reached to the back of his head as he rubbed it as he tried to think through what he had just said. 

“Yeah, well you’re probably right,” I bitterly laughed. “Nobody would want me.” 

I brought my legs to my chest as I thought about the truth that Michael so evidently gave me. 


“I mean, come on, not even you would touch me with a fucking barge pole.” 

“I didn’t say-” 

“And you’ve had some pretty cheap thrills, easy to please so you benefit with pleasure.” 

The irritance filled his face once more. 

“That was out of order, Y/N, and you know it!” 

The anger began to build up in his eyes, turning a darker shade of green, pissed at the insults I was spitting. I hated this. I hated us fighting. Because all I wanted to do was scream to the Gods above about how I felt. 

“Really? Was it really? I mean after all, you always think with your penis and you never even consider me!” 

“You know what? I don’t fucking need this.” 

He began to storm out of the door but halted before kicking over the hall stand in anger, a crash and thud echoing in wake of his action. 

“You are so infuriating sometimes, Y/N,” he called out with frustration. As much as he wanted to leave and get to his date, he and I both knew he couldn’t just end it on an argument. 

“Yeah, well get fucking used to it, bestie.” 

I picked up the bottle of bud on the table and began to harshly chug it back. I needed to forget this stupid fucking fight. All because I can’t control my emotions. 

He entered the room once more at a forceful pace. His hair was now a tangled mess from the amount of times he played with it in frustration. 

“What the fuck is your problem?” He spat once more. 

“YOU. Alright? You are my fucking problem, Michael. You are.” 

He looked at me, taken back by my comments. Never had we been so harsh towards one another. Tears began to brim in my eyes as I rapidly blinked them back.

“I’m so fucking sick of you. Sick to my teeth. Because every night I have to deal with you coming back with some bitch draped on your arm. You’re drunk and giggling this stupid laugh and then head to your room so you can fuck her loud enough that the neighbours clearly knows which one of us is getting laid. I have to sit back and watch you get ready to go out, I have to spend my nights alone with alcohol and the TV to keep me company because that’s all I have. That’s the pinnacle of my wild nights out. And then the crescendo of it all is getting to block out your loud sexual activities as I cry myself to sleep. Yeah, every Goddamn night I fall asleep with my eyes stinging with tears because this is what my life has come to. Living with my best friend except not living, just simply existing in his bachelor pad because he’s out on the game consistently. And because my heart fucking hates me. Because I’m in love with my best friend and have been for so long but didn’t do anything about it so now I’m forever in the prison sentence that is the friendship zone because someone like you will never look at someone like me. And I know I’ve done the damage now. So go, go on your stupid date and I’ll be sure to be out of the way, probably already asleep after packing because I can’t take this anymore, Michael! I can’t do it.” I screamed out so much that my voice began to break. 

Michael’s was shellshocked. Hell, so was I. 

“You… you what?”

“Can’t you fucking hear? Or did the screams of the girls deafen you? I love you,” I choked out before getting up and heading out of the room.

A strong hand gripped my wrist and tugged me back, almost causing me to fall backwards. 

“No. No, Y/N. You don’t drop a bombshell like that and leave,” Michael shook his head furiously. 

And there it goes; our five years of friendship swimming down the drain. 

“Why? It’s not like there’s anything else to it, is there?” I scoffed. “You’ve made it clear that you are happy in your current lifestyle. So let’s just save it and not cause anymore damage.” Tears were threatening to overflow. 

“You can’t just come out randomly after five years, after all this time, after I’m finally getting somewhere with someone and proclaim your love, Y/N. This isn’t fair.” 

“Love never was a fair game…” I muttered under my breath. 

He began to pace back and forth, hands tugging at his bleached locks. 


“I need some time. I need time,” was all he could manage. 

“What, to go ahead on your date?” I rolled my eyes as tears began to threaten to spill over. 

“I need some time alone.”

He headed out the door with a slam following close behind. Silence fell in his place. Everything I once knew had been changed for good.

A/N: I am SO sorry this is so bad. 



Stark Reunion Be Like
  • Sansa: Well it's just us to hold the Stark legacy now, Jon. And by that I mean just me, really, since you're a bastard and all.
  • Jon: Harsh.
  • Sansa: Deal with it, Brood Boy, we're all that's left of the Sta-
  • Bran: (thrown into room) WAIT! He's not even a Stark! He's a Targaeryn!
  • Sansa: ...
  • Jon: ...
  • Bran: (crawling forward) No really, I saw it while grabbing this tree...
  • Bran: I was trained by the Three-Eyed Raven, and Hodor helped me escape the Night King, and oh! Uncle Benjen's still fighting on the other side of the Wall!
  • Servant: Lady Sansa I have more missives from FUCK ME RUNNING IS THAT BRAN
  • Bran: what
  • Arya: (rips off servant face) BRAN OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY I DON'T HAVE TO AVENGE YOUR DEATH!!
  • Jon:
  • Sansa:
  • Bran:
  • Arya: oh, yeah, sorry, trained to be assassin, face-swap-thingy, list of people to kill. Blah blah backstory.
  • Sansa: How long have you BEEN here?!
  • Arya: Couple of weeks now. Your security is SHIT I've been watching you sleep and could have killed you a dozen times over. Can I have my old room back, btw?
  • Jon: I swear to whatever messed-up being brought me back from the dead, if one more of us comes out of the bloody woodwork I'll...
  • Lady Stoneheart: Yoooooooooooooooooo
A Trip to the Station

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from The First Letter

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Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

As always, let me know what you think.

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So its not about my job, its my step dads job.

Hes a long haul truck driver. Hes also a trainer, so he trains new drivers and when he takes his home time they come with, and vise versa.

Some of his trainees have been pretty weird, some became friends. One of them had quit after getting certified but is coming back to the company and has requested my step dad to retrain him. Its alright, according to him.

So his current trainee is really weird. Hes nice, he just has weird habits and a home life that seems dysfuntional.
Theyre taking some home time right now, so since Im in the guest room rn, they set up a bed and stuff in the office for him. But the walls dont go all the way to the ceiling so you can hear everything that goes on in the room.

-his wife constantly complaining and belittling him over the phone, him telling her to stop giving him attitude, and their bickering.

-him slurping on whatever he drinks

-him… sucking… his teeth. He sucks on his teeth. My step dad said its bc this guy used to do meth and it messed up his teeth and left jim with the weird habit. Its so loud. He does it in his sleep or while hes eating.

Idk like hes nice enough. A bit odd. But the teeth sucking and phone calls are just… really odd and i don’t want to say its annoying bc i feel rude but… i mean…

My step dad says he’s horrible and i feel bad for both of them tbh lmao

Aromantic is when you don’t experience romantic attraction (romantic attraction is “oh I’m so lovey dovey about you” although they can still date and have sex.)

Asexual is when you don’t experience sexual attraction (sexual attraction is ”gosh dang it I need your body specifically.” They can still want sex, they just don’t experience their body saying that about a person) (I’m aro ace so idk what attractions are like so correct me if I’m wrong please-also SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME THIS I DON’T UNDERSTAND ATTRACTION.)  Someone can be both asexual and aromatic (hello), but in this case, Logic is Aromantic and asexual while Morality is just Asexual.

there is no point to this fic, it’s basically just word vomit. it was just an outlet before I created You are loved (and this was how it was supost to be before some writers *glarings at @stary-puppy @analogically-prinxiety @sanders-sideblog and @prinxietyhell * encouraged me to make it agnsty.

thanks to @sanders-sideblog for the help!
@starrykid @prinxietyhell @doctorwho @doctorshufflepuff @dan-yuna

puns taken from Tumblr posts (one from arodorable) I don’t remember who made most of them but they were on Tumblr when I saw them.

trigger warnings: mentions of wanting kids and being told they cant because they’re asexual, they mentions of sex, but its not explicit


“But you always talk about how much you love everybody! How could you not have had someone you’ve wanted sex with?”  Prince asked him too shocked. Morality flinched. He had heard all sorts of stuff about this, “Impossible! That doesn’t happen!” “Come on! A guy like you must have at least one action in your lifetime!” “Yeah right!” But it didn’t make it any less uncomfortable to talk about.
“You literally embody all of Thomas’s extreme emotions, how could you not have at least felt one tiny attraction??”  Prince asked.
Morality hesitated, not sure how to answer Princys questions. He always thought it was fake, or forgot it existed but he always found out that it was a real thing and it always confused him.

“I don’t know.” Morality said meekly, “m-maybe I just- I don’t know.” He didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Prince could sense this so he spoke up;
“Don’t worry you’ll find your prince, princess or non-binary royalty someday!” Prince gave Morality a hug and walked away. Morality felt uncomfortable, he had never had that feeling towards anyone before and he didn’t think he ever will. Did people really have that feeling all the time? he wasn’t sure how to react.
He decided to go to Logan, He needed someone who understood, and some company. Anxiety was sleeping-which was something he rarely did so he didn’t want to wake the emo side.

Walking to Logic’s room he thought about the conversation he had with Prince. He couldn’t remember a time when he had any sexual attraction, he always thought everyone was exaggerating or thought they were just pretending so they could relate to their older siblings. He always nodded along with the others when they talked about it since he didn’t want to be left behind, but it always felt weird to talk about “how hot someone was.” He always thought it meant beautiful until Logan corrected him (which was shocking to everyone, but he understood sexual terms very well-well, at least most of the terms.) Reaching Logic’s door, which was already open, he could see papers sprawled across the desk he sat at.

“Logan-” Morality spoke up.

“What is it now!” Logic snapped. Morality jumped back, biting his lips. He didn’t realize he had tears in his eyes until Logic turned to him and panicked.

“Oh crap-uh I don’t- how do I comfort-?” Logan stood up and walked to his crying friend, reaching an arm out to hug them awkwardly. Morality laughed at the awkward hug.

“I’m glad you find my pain funny.” Logan answered. Morality suddenly felt bad, but calmed down once he saw Logic was smiling.

Logan was glad he could cheer Morality up, but he had no idea what to do now. Morality was the one that was good at these things, or even Anxiety. Anxiety must be sleeping if Morality wasn’t going to them.

“Do you want to talk about it or?” Logan was hesitant to offer anything, but he read somewhere that you should let them speak and let them know you were open to listening. Morality sniffled wiping his nose on his wrist before answering;
“Will I ever be loved?”
Logan grabbed a tissue when he saw Morality wipe his nose, and was suddenly confused and shocked. Why would Morality even think that!?
“What are you talking about? Thomas loves you, Anxiety and Prince loves you, I -”

“No, not that kind of love but- uh romantic love.” Morality was feeling childish and small right now. Logan was confused before he remembered there was a thing called romantic attraction.

“Oh.” Logan said.

“I’m sorry, but its just-everyone is bothering me about my asexuality ever since I said I haven’t felt that way towards someone, and everyone is freaking out about it. Anxiety asked me a couple questions, which to be honest was uncomfortable, but better than the other’s questions, but they all had some form of “you’re lying” or “but you said you wanted to have sex and then you don’t?” and stuff like that. I mean- it’s confusing enough they don’t have to add to it. It fine if they’re trying to understand-that I don’t mind, but when they keep pestering me about it it gets… annoying and … hurtful?” Morality didn’t know how to describe it.

“I get it. Not everybody knows I’m Aromantic, but I’ve had plenty of people ask me about crushes and make up delusions about how I’m lying or whatever it is. Truth is, they can’t understand and that sucks. All we can do is try to educate them on this matter and hope for the best.”

“How do you handle their questions?” Morality asked

“Well for one, I usually just answer them honestly and listen to what they have to say. Usually everyone thinks I’m an emotionless robot so they aren’t surprised, but sometimes, like Princey for example, he would get confused and pester me until he gives up.”

“That sounds awful!” Morality was shocked by how the others had reacted. He didn’t know that they had thought him to be an emotionless robot!

“It’s all good. It’s better than the “that doesn’t exist!” or “You’re just seeking attention”-which is ridiculous since they didn’t know I was aroace until they asked about crushes-but hey, I can’t understand how allosexuals think. Although, it’s always fun to think up a good comeback for when they say stuff like that again.”

“Yeah, it sucks.” Morality agreed.

“It does indeed, and when they find out you can have sex and feel honey they get confused or even offended. Like, sheesh, I don’t make the rules, it just happens but perhaps one day they’ll understand, or at least stop pestering us about it.”
“It’s just-” Morality hesitated. He wanted talk about it but he wasn’t sure Logan would understand.

“What if I can’t find someone who respects my boundaries?” He asked. Logan frowned.

“Why do you ask?” Logan asked,

“Well,” Morality hesitated, “it’s just that, if everybody I talk to about it thinks I’m faking, there’s a high chance my partner is going to think I’m faking too. I just- what if I fall for someone and they don’t accept it? What if they want sex, but I don’t?” Morality felt uncomfortable. Normally he didn’t go to someone about his problems, but it was overwhelming him right now.

“Morality, being aromantic and all, I don’t experience this “falling I love” you’re referring to, but there are plenty of ways to fall in love. You could fall in love with the trees, the birds, the bees, whatever basically. You still have time. Even if you never end up wanting to do that with someone its okay. They will respect your boundaries. You deserve it. And if they don’t then, Thomas, Prince, Anxiety and I will Hunt them down and make sure that they are aware that we are not to be messed with.”

This made Morality crack a smile. Logan had a thought.

“Come on let’s lie down for a bit. I want to watch the constellation in my room change again.”

Morality beamed. At certain time of the day Logan’s room-well ceiling to be exact- would change colors and stars so that you could see the different constellations, and galaxies. Sometimes when morality was younger Logan would bring him in here and just try to explain the stories behind each of the constellation. Morality didn’t get it of course but he enjoyed the company and watching the stars change. It wasn’t in real time, but it was held from memories Logan had of seeing pictures or memorizing the star’s positions. Even though he could not name most of them; They were beautiful.

They were lying on Logan’s bed, feet touching the ground, because they were laying on the sides of the bed, staring at the ceiling, just starting to talk about things allosexuals would say to them. How frustrating it was to not be understood. How upsetting it was when they thought people told them they were aro or ace because they were emotionless, or too emotional.

They talked about how they felt and who they thought they would date or have sex with if they wanted. (Logic wasn’t interested in dating anyone but he would totally have sex the guy from biology, while Morality thought the smiling person in Thomas’s class the day before was adorable and someone he could see himself kissing one day.) Then Logan started talked about how confusing it was for him when he first noticed he was aromantic and asexual.

“I don’t know I just-everyone was starting to feel things and at first I thought that they were just exaggerated for effect, but then, it just grew for you guys while I stayed the same? I’m not sure, I never understood the concept of love outside of friendship. I literally cannot see myself in love with anyone. I might love someone, but never in that way. Oh, and every time someone asked me if I had a crush I would have no idea how to answer because I’ve never had a crush! However, if I told them that they thought I was just faking so I was frustrated and confused. I did a lot of research and at first I thought I had some form of disorder where I couldn’t feel emotions, but I felt pain and everything else that people felt, just not-that one feeling.”

“that’s kind of how it felt for me, except it was just recently when I realized that sexual attraction was completely different from romantic attraction and it all just sudden made sense!”

they stared in silence for a second before Logan interrupted.

“I’m surprised.” Logic said.

“By what?” Morality asked
“It’s been almost an hour and a half… and you haven’t made one pun about being asexual or aromatic.”

“Well I knew you would be more of a fighter than a lover if I did that!” morality gave him a cheeky grin. Logan stared at him, realizing something.

“…how long have you attempted these puns without me knowing?”

Morality pretended to look at his watch (his wrist was bare he had no watch)

“About an hour and a half, I believe.”
Logan groaned.

“How come I never get your jokes?”

“They’re not very straight, just like us.”

“Huh? That makes no sense!” Logan turned his head to face his friend.

“Allosexuals make no sense!” Morality laughed. This time logan rolled his eyes and smiled at the joke.

“Very funny Morality.”
“I have more.” He cleared his throat before continuing, “you’re as straight as an aro.”

“I don’t get it, I’m aro- oh I get it, but you go one thing wrong morality! I’m not straight!” Logan argued as Morality laughed.
Moralitys laugher died down a bit. It went silent again until Morality sighed.

“I don’t know how to be a romantic at all. I need someone to teach me.”

“Hey, don’t ask me I’m aromantic, not a romantic.” Logan said. Morality sat confused until his eyes widened and he sat up.
“Aww! You just made a dad joke!”

“It’s a play on words, but it’s my favorite.”

“Another one Logan! You’re on a roll!”

Logan sighed, he had only made two puns but he continued.

“What do you call a group of aromantic people sitting next to each other?” he paused before saying “a row.”
Morality laughed and made a few more aro jokes that earned a smile from Logan.
Now they were talking about people who said they couldn’t experience one attraction without the other.

“What about when people ask when you find someone cute?”

“I think animals are cute, but that doesn’t mean I want to date them.” Logan pointed out.
Morality laughed.
“I’m not sure why that made you laugh but anyways; asexual people can still experience romantic attraction and date or even have sex if they want; Aromantic people can experience sexual attraction and have sex or even want to date!”
“Yeah but-I don’t know. It’s just… sometimes I do think I will want to have sex with my partner, but what if I end up not wanting to do that? What if I just want to… be with them without sex.” Morality didn’t know what to say, it sounded like Logan had accepted his own Aro/Ace identity with no problem. Morality wasn’t even sure if he was asexual. He was definitely not aromantic. None of this made sense to him.

“It’s okay if you don’t get it now. You’ll get it someday. Even then, you don’t need a label to allow yourself to feel however your feeling.”

Morality was tired of hearing that, but at the same time he knew it was true. Why couldn’t he just accept he didn’t know and move on?

“I know, but I’ve never experienced this sexual attraction feeling before and it bothers me so much. Do you ever wonder what its like?”

“Well to be honest, not often. I do wonder how it could be great, because from all the stories about loving this person but not their partner confuses me. Besides think of it this way, You’re not distracted so much by how attraction you have towards this one person-”

“Uh, maybe not but I will always worry that my partner will always want sex when I least want it and-and then I worry about mentioning how much I don’t want to try it or worry about how they will react to me not wanting it even when I want kids, or how much they’ll hate me after I tell them so I’ll have to-”

“Whoa Morality- is someone pressuring you?” Logan was confused and worried. Morality had too much emotions for one person sometimes and he needed a break from it all, but he had never seen Morality this upset. Maybe they’d have to wake up Anxiety for this after all.

“No no no no! I’m not even dating anyone yet! I’m just- I’ve heard so many different stories and I don’t know how to react, and if everyone around me acts like I’m some sort of werido about not wanting sex or experiencing the attraction, then how will they react if they were my partner?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not why they think you’re a weirdo, but just know this, You don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable doing.”

“yeah, but it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.”

“if anyone pressures you to do something you’re uncomfortable with let me know and I will annihilate them with my secret weapon.” Logan joked. It was an inside joke they had since they were kids, but they rarely used it. Morality smiled a little, but it wasn’t a smile. He just smiled because Logan was trying to cheer him up though it wasn’t working. Logan knew if he had faked a smile while they were already talking about other struggles it meant either he didn’t want to talk about it, or he wasn’t ready to talk about it.

Logan thought for a minute before deciding to move so he was properly on his bed. Morality frowned and moved so that Logan’s feet wouldn’t meet Morality’s head,
“Come here.” Logan said laying down on his bed with his head at the head rest. Morality looked very confused.

“I promise I wont do anything you don’t want me to, just come here for a second.”

Morality hesitated but went to the edge of the bed. Logan grabbed morality and pulled him towards the bed. Morality laid down besides him and snuggled up closer.

“Is this comfortable?” Logic asked.


“This is all some people want. For some people this is more pleasant than cake-” (morality gasped at that,) “I’m asexual too morality I know about the symbolism of cake, and how hurtful it is to consider something better than cake -” (logic rolled his eyes as he said that,) “-now shush, I’m trying to comfort you. Now look, in your entire life have you ever made anyone uncomfortable?”

“Well there was that one time when I wouldn’t stop annoying Anxiety about that time he-”

“I’m not talking about teasing them, I’m talking about make them so uncomfortable they don’t feel safe enough to be around you.”
“why not?”
“because that’s just wrong!”

“exactly! Your partner will know that this is wrong. If your partner really loves you, they will do anything they can to make you comfortable and feel secure. Yes they might tease you, and yes they might make you upset or angry, but as long as they don’t make you feel unsafe or insecure then you have nothing to worry about.”
Morality snuggled up to Logic it was nice just talking to him,  but it was better knowing that Logic was trying to comfort him.

“I just want to hear about the stars right now.”

Logan lit up and brought his attention to his ceiling.

“Sure! So you see that star right there? Yeah that star is called the Pistole star and is the most luminosities star that we know of! It is ten million times brighter than the sun isn’t that neat! Oh and when the stars are twinkling its because of just our wafting atmosphere…” Logic continued to pull out random facts about stars while Morality listened. It was nice just to be here with his friend.  
At least he wouldn’t have to worry about Logan leaving him.

How to talk to and share offerings with your deities in the astral

Disclaimer: this is how I do it. Ymmv. Feel free to alter this method until you find what works for you.

Part one: Create an altar space for the deity.

The method I learned for this step was called creating a “compressed temple.” Basically what I did was create a sigil specifically for that deity’s space, outlined the basic astral structure, linked the two, and then charged the sigil. As energy was caught by the sigil, it made the astral space more solid and filled in details.

You can do this in several ways; I’ll tell you how I did mine. ((note, I did these individually and had a week dedicated to each deity. I definitely don’t recommendtrying to create more than one compressed temple at a time.)) First, I created bindrunes for each deity. Then, once you have the symbol you like, draw it on your skin somewhere. Use an activity to charge it. For Thor, I drew the symbol on my hip and charged it by going to the gym. Freyja’s was charged with energy from the job fair I was required to attend and the symbol was drawn over my heart. Hel’s was charged during meditation on a cemetary visit with the symbol over my sternum.

Anyway, however you wanna do it, that’s cool. Once you feel like you’ve successfully filled that space with lotsa energy and all that good shit, go ahead and visit it. Make sure it’s all stable and has what you need.

Now leave and let it settle. Give it at least 24 hours before you disturb it again.

Part two: Figure out what you actually want to do.

Do you want to chat? Give them a cool thing? Share a meal? Just leave offerings? Decide now. It determines what I do next.

Part three A: Just leaving offerings

If all you want to do is leave offerings, find a place in this space you’ve created that you feel would be suitable for making offerings. Then all you need to do is leave your offerings! You can use this space for ritual, casting, whatever. Anything that you’d do to worship in the physical realm (and then some) can be done here and it’s really all up to you what that entails!

Part three B: Actually speaking with the deity

To speak with the deity (or other spirits), make sure you have a place to sit and chat. In this space, prepare something to eat or drink–my go to is fresh baked bread and tea or mead–and make sure the place isn’t a mess. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just….don’t let it look like my room after a particularly low spoons week, if possible.

Whenever you’re ready, just request the presence of the deity/spirit. It may take a few minutes for them to appear, but in my experience, it’s rare that they don’t show up at all. Once they’ve arrived, take a seat, offer your food/drink, and get to chatting. For the star’s sakes, please use your manners when addressing deities and other spirits. You don’t need to fawn over them (unless that’s how your dynamic is? idk ymmv) but make sure you aren’t rude.

Then all you have to do when you’re done is bid them goodbye, have them leave, and clean up.

Part four: Advice

  1. Don’t be rude
  2. Seriously don’t be fucking rude
  3. It is possible to get impostor spirits, especially if you’re not all that familiar with them. Take the appropriate precautions.
  4. I have one space dedicated specifically for speaking with my gods and meeting other spirits and it is separate from my main space (which now contains one big forest and a whoooooole lot of spirits. it’s a little too public for my liking when it comes to meeting beings). I definitely advise keeping yours separate from other spaces you may have.
  5. Keeping it separate also means that if you accidentally have something you don’t want sort of…infect the space, you can just cut that one off from yourself and get rid of it instead of having to deal with it in your other spaces and maybe never quite getting rid of it.
  6. As a final reminder