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Bts reaction to your naturally curly hair:

Anon requested: Hello darling! Hope you are doing fine! ;) could I request maybe BTS reaction to seeing you first time in curled hair (your natural hair), because you hate it so much that you straighten it non stop so they even didn’t know that you have curly hair. I don’t know it makes sense, but it’s my personal problem. Having curly hair is hell.

Another request that took too long to get done. Thankfully that was the end of it, I am sorry for taking too long, it’s kinda a bit short as well. Thank you anon for the request, btw I have long, overly wavy hair too, but I haven’t straightened it in like 4 years, too lazy. I feel you tho, enjoy :)

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“Oh my God you look so pretty, come here, let me take pictures” he is going to keep talking about it all day, telling you to keep this look on because he loves it.


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“There is something different about you today…” he is going to say, not exactly being able to tell what. So when you casually say you don’t have your hair straightened, he’ll look dumbfounded while having an internal struggle like why does she straighten it when it looks this gold.


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“Come here and give oppa a hug” but it’s actually just a lame excuse to play with your hair, he will shamelessly ask you to keep it this way as long as he is around, because you look x100 more gorgeous naturally.

Rap monster:

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When you looked not so confident with your look, namjoon noticed and pulled you in for a passionate kiss, not caring who the hell is in the room, “Just look how perfect my jagiya is!”


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“No you can’t be the pretty one in this relationship” he screams while dramatically dropping to the ground, wailing in demand for you to stop blinding him with your beauty and you be like chill man it’s just hair. He put two and two together pretty quickly and put up this act to give you more confidence in your hair.


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“Wait here” and then disappeared. No goodbye or anything. He just took one look at you and ran the opposite direction. But when he came back he had loads of hair clips and bunny ears like you look so cute I couldn’t waste this opportunity.


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Probably the only member to find it breathtakingly sexy. Biting his lips as he approached you, he pushed your hip into his and whispered in your ear how beautiful you look and that he can’t keep his hands or eyes off you if you keep doing this to him

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Fic suggest! How angie and rafael will act when marco tells them he's going to marry tom?

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I had so much fun with this! I really really enjoyed writing this! I hope you like how I portrayed Angie and Rafael! I don’t mean for them to sound unsupportive, just surprised. You’ll see why in the fic! Enjoy!


“You and Tom?” Angie asked. Rafael was just silent. “But you two are so young. You’re only nineteen Marco.” She continued. Marco nodded.

“I know we are, and I know you wanted me to go to college and I know this is a little strange but, Tom needs me. And I really love him, I do.” Marco explained.

“Marco, you know we love and support you but…” Rafael trailed off. “You’re so young, I don’t think that this is-” Angie cut her husband off.

“Let’s hear him out, Rafael.” She told him. Marco smiled.

“Thanks mom.” He looked thankful. “It’s just, you both know Tom’s home life is not that… good.” Marco decided, for lack of better words. The couple nodded a bit sadly. They had always adored the demon and wanted him to be safe and happy, and it was more than noticeable when he came over in the dead of night because he felt unsafe at home.

“We know.” Angie assured. Marco sighed.

“Well, if he gets married he’ll inherit the kingdom. And he’ll have the power to have his father arrested for everything he’s done, not just to him, but he’s been a corrupt ruler for too long.” Marco explained. “There is an alliance of demons who all support us, and we’re going to keep quiet until the wedding is over and we have the power to get it done.” Marco continued. He then tried his hardest not to tear up. “But most of all… I’ll be able to keep him safe… he’ll finally be safe and I can help that happen.” Marco finished.

He looked up and felt a tear run down his face. “I love him so much… I’ve seen him hurt too much, I can’t do it, he can’t do it. I need to help him, I love him and I-” Marco got cut off when his mother walked around the table and gave him a hug. Rafael moved around and hugged the two as well.

“It’s okay Marco.” Angie assured.

“We support you.” Rafael added. “We know you love Tom, we were just confused, because you’re both so young.” He explained.

“But we trust that you’ll be okay. And we completely think that your reason is valid enough.” Angie assured. “I’m so proud of you, to help the person you love, you’re so strong and I’m so proud.” She told her son. Marco smiled and hugged his parents back.

“Thank you both.” He smiled. “Everything is perfect now, we just need to get married and then everything will be perfect.” Marco finished. It was all happening, the love of his life was going to be safe, and he was going to be with him forever. “But there’s one more thing, and I don’t want you guys to be angry.” Marco started.

“What is it?” Angie asked. The couple sat down across from him and looked curious.

“The wedding is tomorrow.” Marco admitted. “It’s just we need to get married fast!” Marco explained.

“We understand.” Rafael assured. Marco was surprised that his parents weren’t freaked out that the wedding was so soon. “You want to help Tom, and you guys have a plan.” Rafael reiterated. Angie smiled.

“It makes sense, we understand you want to help Tom.” Angie told him. Marco rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah it’s not just that.” Marco admitted. He blushed a bit. “I had a choice to make the wedding next week and what really influenced my choice was… I just couldn’t wait to start my life with him.” Marco admitted. “I didn’t even think, I just told him to make the wedding today because I couldn’t not be married for longer.” He smiled to himself. “It wasn’t just because I felt obligated to help him, I just need him in my life.” Marco finished.

“Oh Marco.” Rafael looked like he was ready to cry and Angie was grinning bigger than one could ever picture. “I’m so happy for you!” He nearly cried.

“All we’ve ever wanted in life was for our son to be happy, and if Tom makes you happy then we don’t want you to wait! Why spend more time than you can being unhappy?” Angie asked. Marco grinned and nodded.

“That’s what I thought.” He admitted. “I guess I really take after you.”


The next day Angie helped Marco get ready. “Oh you look so nice Marco! You look so amazing! I can’t begin to explain!” She exclaimed. Marco blushed and smoothed out the dress Tom had given him.

“Tom told me this was what was customary for me to wear, I actually like it. It’s unconventional, yes, but I like it.” Marco explained. Rafael poked his head into the room and gasped when he saw Marco.

“Marco! My son! You look perfect!” He cheered. Rafael ran over to Marco and gave him a big hug, almost crushing him.

“Dad, stop, you’ll mess up my dress.” Marco giggled. Rafael set him down and Marco looked at his parents. “You guys really are okay with me marrying? So young?” Marco asked. Angie put her hand on Marco’s shoulder.

“Do you love him?” She asked. Marco nodded. “More than anything?” She asked. He nodded again. “How did you feel when you think about spending your life with him?” She asked. Marco didn’t skip a beat before his response.

“Elated.” He responded. “Thrilled and happy I love him so much.” Marco started laughing, but tear were pooling in his eyes. “Mom I’m so happy.” Marco started crying and she took her son into her arms. “I’m going to help him, and then we’ll be able to spend our life together.” Marco as sobbing, but it was completely of happiness.

“How can I be upset with you if you’re this happy?” She asked.

“We just want you to be happy.” Rafael rephrased her words. Marco smiled big and wiped away his tears.

“How was Tom?” He asked.

“Nervous.” Angie responded with a little laugh. She had checked on him earlier. Marco frowned and looked at Rafael.

“Dad can you go see him? He doesn’t have anybody with him today, he’s got Janna and Star, but it’s not the same as somebody like you and mom.” He explained. “Just go there and tell him you’re supportive of this, and you’re proud of him.” Marco urged. Rafael smiled and gave his son a hug and a kiss on the head.

“Of course, of course. I’ll make sure he gets the support he deserves.” He promised. “But when I’m gone, Angie, you promise me you’ll make our son look amazing for his big day. I don’t want you braiding his hair, I love you dear, but you’re bad at braiding. I’ll braid his hair when I get back.”

You were mad. You were beyond mad you were livid.

“Dark!” you howled across the house.

The sound of him getting up and making his way down the hall to your room only further irritated your nerves. The fact that he sounded so calm and collected. Always so calm and collected.

“Yes, hello,” he poked his head in.

You whipped your head around to glare at the fiend that has caused your grief.

“You were in my room,” you accused in a suspiciously quiet tone. He had sworn to let you keep some privacy to yourself, since he was already such a big part of your life. Maybe one day you’ll grow comfortable enough to let him enter and leave your room as much as his little heart desires, but right now, this was your haven. Your bubble.

Dark fully entered the room to stand before you, arms crossed, “Why would you say that?”

“Look at that,” you said in reference to the split glass of water that was on your desk.

“Must’ve been the cat,” he shrugged.

“You won’t let me keep a cat, remember?”

Dark put on a curious face and looked into the unknown as though he were pondering. “Why would I do that?”

“Because they get aggressive around you, that’s why.”

“But I never said you couldn’t have one.”

This grew increasingly frustrating, and you made a point to shove an accusatory finger into his chest. “Don’t change the subject. What were you doing in my room?”

The look he gave you made him seem to be the perfect picture of innocence. It was a load of bull, and you knew it, but it was also refreshingly cute.

“I wasn’t changing the subject. Why would you think you can’t have a cat just because they don’t like me?”

“Because you’re my boyf-” he held up a finger, “my beau, and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable when you come around.”

He uncrossed his arms and began to rub yours instead while asking, “Well, do you want a cat?”

“Kind of, I mean-”

“Then we’ll get you a cat. One that will make sure you’re loved and cared for while I’m gone.”

“That’s not the point-”

His finger rested on your lips as he quietly shushed you, making sure you knew he was looking into your eyes. “We can go get one right now.”


“Right now,” he said, pulling you out of your bedroom and aiming for the outside. “We’ll visit the pet store and you can pick one out. Or, you’ll visit the pet store and I’ll wait in the car.”

“Hang on.”

“And they won’t love you as much as I do, but they’ll take care of you just as well, right?” he pecked your lips swiftly. “Right.”

Okay. You were okay with that. All memories of why you were upset in the first place seemed like old events already. He had that effect on you, and you’ve yet to decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Trick or Treat - Dylan O’Brien *SMUT*

Author: stephobrien25

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Warning: SMUT, it’s pretty long 

A/N: So, this is my first smut that I am posting. I’ve had it hidden for a long time and I’ve only shared it with some friends on Twitter who encouraged me to post it on here. There’s a couple other smuts that I’ve written, which if everything goes well with this one, I’ll continue posting more. Since it’s October I found it fitting to post this one first. I hope you guys enjoy it and happy reading ;)


“Get out already!” My best friend shouted from the other side of the dressing room.

“No. I look slutty.” I heard her sigh and could practically see her rolling her eyes.

“Isn’t that the point? Come on let me see!”

I looked at myself one more time in the mirror. My costume was supposed to be like one of the costumes Christina Aguilera wore in Burlesque. The corset is blood red color with black lace creating different patterns. My boobs were practically spilling out of their confines. The lower back of the corset flared out a bit and covered most of my ass. My lower regions was covered by some sexy laced, black hipster panties. On my legs I had on some sexy red fishnet stockings that are connected by the red strings of the garter belt. And to finish up, some black ‘fuck-me’ pumps.

Slowly I opened the door.

“Oh my god! You look HOT! Dylan won’t be able to keep his hands to himself!”

“You don’t think it’s too slutty?”

“Trust me when I say there will be other costumes that will make you look like Mother Teresa.”

I laughed, “I do look hot, don’t I?” I posed sexily and she wolf whistled. “I’m taking it! Now all I need is a wig, contacts and a mask.”

“Why do you - wait. You were serious about your plan?”

I rolled my eyes, “Yes. Do you really think Dylan would make a move on me knowing it’s me?”


“Don’t,” I interrupted. “You and I both know he only sees me as his best friend and nothing more.”

“But, this is your V-card we’re talking about.”

“I know, but what better way to lose it than with someone I love?”

“And him not recognizing you?”

“You see? Now you’re getting it! Can you help me untie this corset?”


I looked at myself once more before leaving my room. I didn’t look like myself at all. Perfect! The woman before me had luscious black locks, green eyes were barely seen behind the mysterious mask, her plump blood red lips giving the mirror a sexy smirk.

“Ready to go?!”

“Hell yeah!”


Once at the party I realized my best friend was right; the girls here looked like they walked off a porno shoot. Shaking my head I looked at her, “I’m going to try and find Dylan. Wish me luck!” I shouted above the music.

She looked like she wanted to argue, but I walked away before she could say anything. I didn’t need cold feet when I was this close.

Dylan told me he was dressing up as Spider-Man this year - unfortunately, so did other guys. Making my way to the kitchen, I heard a laugh I would recognize anywhere, turning around I saw him. There he was with his mask off, all his muscles showing in that latex suit and drinking from a red cup.

God, did he look hot. His body in that tight suit was doing things to me. The image of him kissing me upside down, flashed in my mind and I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped me.

I don’t know how - I guess I laughed pretty loudly - but somehow above the loud crowd and music, Dylan must’ve heard me because his head cocked to the side and his eyes locked on me. A small smirk played across his lips and he made his way towards me.

‘Oh God,’ I thought. ‘Here we go.’

“Hey, were you able to hear our conversation over there?” For some reason he looked nervous as he tried to look anywhere but me.

“Hmmm. What if I was?” I had practiced talking a bit more deeper that my regular voice, so he wouldn’t recognize me.

His eyes widened, “Well, what you heard - I mean - We were just - “

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Relax, I didn’t hear what you guys were talking about. I was laughing at the fact that a certain Peter Parker, isn’t good at keeping his identity a secret.”

He suddenly looked down at his costume and laughed, “I guess not,” he held out his hand to me. “I’m - “

I quickly put a finger to his lips, “Let’s keep up with the Halloween spirit, yeah?”

Dylan looked at me strangely , but smiled. “Wanna dance?”

Twenty minutes later we were both still on the dance floor, sweaty and having a great time. At one point Dylan gripped my hips and pulled me even closer to him, nuzzling my neck in the process. I could feel his hard bulge pressing up against my stomach. Smiling to myself I abruptly turned around pressing my barely covered ass into his groin and smirked when I heard him groan. Dylan lowered his head and began kissing my neck making me shiver, his grip on my waist tightened as he kept pushing his hardness into me. I couldn’t suppress the moan when he lightly bit my neck and licked the slight pain away.

Upon hearing me moan, he swiftly turned me to face him, and I nearly melted at the look he was giving me. His whiskey colored eyes were dark with lust and he was looking at me like he wanted to devour me. His eyes landed on my lips and I couldn’t help but lightly bite my lower lip. DYlan’s eyes got even darker if that’s possible, “Fuck it.” He said before lunging for my lips.

Kissing Dylan was indescribable, his lips tasted like alcohol and sin and I couldn’t get enough. His rough hands gripped my ass and a moan escaped my lips granting his tongue access to mine. My arms went around his neck, softly tugging at his hair making him groan into my mouth.

I felt his hands make way to the ties of my mask and I quickly broke away. “Wanna head upstairs?” I whispered into his ear. Instead of answering he grabbed my hand and practically dragged me up the stairs. Thankfully, I knew the people who were throwing the party, so I already knew which room we could use for the night.

Once inside the room, I had barely closed the door when Dylan turns me around and presses his lips back to mine. My hands went up to his hair and I started to softly tug. The soft moans he was making was driving me insane. His hands went up to my breasts and he started to roughly grope them, making me break the kiss and gasp into his neck. Again he turned me around and I felt him push the bulge of his dick against my ass, “I can’t wait to see you out of this costume.”

I slightly turned my head to look at him and smirked,” What are you waiting for then?”

He growled low in his throat and began to untie the corset. MInutes later I was just left in my underwear, stockings and heels. I didn’t dare turn around, but I could feel his eyes practically burning into my skin.

“Turn around,” he said huskily. Shivering at the sound of his voice, I slowly turned around. I was nervous, but at the look on his face my nervousness vanished. The way he was looking at me was the way I’ve always dreamt of. “God, you’re a walking wet dream.” At his words a surge of confidence went through me and I slowly walked towards him.

Without taking my eyes off his I slowly kissed my way up his neck to his ear, “This is better than a wet dream baby,” I bit lightly on his earlobe. “Touch me,” I whispered. Dylan didn’t need to be told twice and his lips were back on mine, while his fingers started to pinch my nipples. When his wonderful mouth latched onto my left breast, my knees almost gave out on me. He chuckled deeply and looked at me, I saw his hand lift up to untie my mask again. Quickly I reached down and gropped his hard dick through his costume. “Unzip your suit and sit down on the bed.”

I saw his adam’s apple bob, as he nodded and started to unzip his suit. Once his spidey suit was off he was completely bare and my mouth watered at the sight of him. As he sat down, I made my way towards him and slowly trailed my fingers down his chest loving the way he trembled under my touch. Kneeling in front of him, I reached for his hard cock and licked my lips and how delicious it looked right in front of me. My pussy was practically throbbing from how turned on I was.

In an agonizingly slow pace, I began to move my hand up and down, rubbing the tip with my thumb. Dylan’s loud groan brought me out my trance, looking at his face a wicked thought came to mind and I smirked up at him. Keeping my eyes on him, I licked from the base all the way to the tip and lightly sucked. When I felt his hands on my wig, I stopped and ‘tsked’, “Nuh uh. Keep your hands by your side. If you so much as move your hands I’ll stop what I’m doing. Got it?” Dylan could only nod. I brought my lips back to the tip and began to softly suck. His taste was addicting and I moaned around his cock.

Right after I moaned, I saw his hands move and I stopped, “What’d I say Spidey?”

“Fuck! I know, I know, but your mouth feels so fucking good wrapped around me.”

“Mmm,” I licked the tip. “Be a good boy and stay still alright? Next time I’ll stop.” Without waiting for an answer, I took his balls into my mouth and sucked. Dylan’s arms tensed and his eyes were screwed shut. Knowing that I’m making him feel this way was enough for me to feel like I could combust in any moment. Taking him back into my mouth, I began to suck and suck hard wanting to taste his cum.

“Fuck! Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned.

That was all the encouragement I needed and I tried something I’ve never done before. I deep throated him and he all but screamed, as his cum hit the back of my throat. Once I swallowed everything I kissed my way up to his chest and straddled him before bringing my lips to his in a fierce kiss.

Suddenly I was underneath him and I could feel his dick getting hard for me again, “I’ve never cummed so much before. Where have you been all my life?” I could see the softness in his eyes as he looked at me in awe.

‘I’ve always been here,’ I wanted to say. But instead of saying anything I brought his head back down and kissed him with as much passion as I could. I felt him try to take my mask off again and I backed away, “Please,” he begged. “Let me see you.”

“I promise tomorrow you’ll get to see the real me,” I lied for I’ll be gone by the before morning. “But for now let’s keep the magic going,” I rubbed my leg on his already hard member.

Sighing he kissed my neck, “Promise,” he whispered.

My heart tugged, “Promise.”

Dylan began kissing my neck, leaving marks in his wake all the way to my breasts and he slightly sucked making me arch my back. He bit onto the nipple making me gasp aloud and writhe underneath him. His treacherous tongue made his way over to my other breast giving it the same attention. After a while I felt his tongue leave a trail of saliva all the way to my soaked through panties. Looking down at him, I saw him grab the hem of my underwear with his teeth and oh so very slowly pull them down to my feet. I felt his fingers unbuckle my heels and he slowly massaged the soles of my feet making me hum in pleasure. His lips was suddenly on my legs kissing his way up to my thighs. Dylan softly bit on the insides of my thighs and blow on my already sensitive core, turning me into a writhing mess. A mess completely at his mercy and touch.

Looking at me he lowered his head and licked from the bottom all the way to my clit. The most loudest and vulgar noise left my mouth and I didn’t want him to stop. “You like that baby? You tasted ravenous,” he growled into my pussy. It was a feeling I would never forget, he would go so slow, I’d think I was going to go out of my mind; then he would pick up the pace as if he couldn’t get enough. I lost it when he stuck two fingers inside my pussy and sucked on my clit at the same time. “That’s right, cum for me baby.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I needed him inside me. “I need you,” I whimpered. About a year ago, I had broken my hymen, so when I did have my first time, it wouldn’t hurt as much. I was ready.

“What’s that? You need what baby girl?”

I grabbed onto his head and kissed him, “I need you to fuck me. Right now.” I said against his lips. Dylan just groaned and kissed me so hard our teeths crashed together. I felt the tip of his dick rubbing against my wet folds making me squirm, reaching down I guided his dick into my pussy. Without any warning, Dylan plunged inside and I cried out in pain and pleasure. I was so wet and turned on I could barely feel any pain and immediately began to rock my hips against his.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”

“Keep going. Oh, please don’t stop.”

He scoffed above me, “Yeah right.”  

I was about to laugh when he rolled his hips in a deliciously way and hit a sensitive spot, making me groan aloud. My hands went to his back and I scratched as his hips slammed harder into me. My thighs wrapped around his waist as I kissed his neck, “Oh god, oh god. Shit so good. Mmm I’m gonna - oh fuck.”

“That’s right baby cum for me. Cum.” His words became my undoing and I saw stars. “Oh my god, Dylan!”

I felt him grunt and pull out before spilling his seed onto my stomach. Last thing I remember was snuggling into his chest, smiling and drifting off into a blissful sleep.


When I woke up the next morning, I felt deliciously sore in all the right places, but I felt somethings were wrong. One, I forgot to take my contacts off so my eyes were burning. Two, I was not in my room. Three, I felt a hot rigid body next to me. Turning around I saw a sleeping Dylan and I froze. Shit! I forgot to leave unnoticed. I quickly tried to think on what to do when I felt Dylan stirring awake.

Once his opened and he saw me, he smiled softly. But then, his smile faded away and a look of confusion came across his face. Apparently while we were sleeping my wig and mask came off, and by the look on Dylan’s face he recognized me immediately.

“What the fuck?!” He yelled as he got off the bed.

“Ummm….trick or treat?” I smiled.

“What the hell is going on? Did we - of course we did. Fuck I should’ve known. I can’t believe I was so stupid.”

At this point I was beyond upset and embarrassed. “Stupid?! You’re calling yourself stupid?! We have an amazing night and all you can think about saying is that you’re stupid?!” I was trying not to cry.

He looked at me and saw my eyes wet with unshed tears “Oh baby, - “

“NO! Don’t ‘baby’ me! You see this is exactly why I planned it out like this. You weren’t supposed to know! I just wanted my first - “ I stopped and looked away from his stunned face.

“Your first time?! I was your first? But why? This doesn’t make any sense.”

I sat up exposing my chest and scoffed, “You really are an idiot Dylan.” I saw his eyes linger on my bare chest before looking back at my face. “These past couple of months I’ve started to develop these feelings for you, but no matter what I did, I could never get your attention. I just figured you didn’t want me. So, I came up with this brilliant plan of having a one night stand with you, and just try to move on.”

“Move on?” He whispered.

I looked at him then, “Yes move on, Dylan. I can’t keep on being in love with my best friend. I’m so tired of having these unrequited feelings. It hurts knowing you’ll never feel the same. And now - “

My words were cut off when his lips were on mine. My eyes widened in surprise, but I kissed him back.

“You’re not going to move on, because you are mine. And I’ll be damned if I see you ‘move on’ with some jack off who can’t please you or love you the way I can. The truth is, I love you too, so much it hurts and I didn’t know how to tell you. I was afraid to fuck up the friendship we have. I went out tonight to get my mind off of you, because I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my damn mind. So when I came up to you last night, it really wasn’t to ask you that question, I felt drawn to you. And turns out that last night ended up being the best night of my life. I love you so much.”

I couldn’t stop the grin that spread across my face, and I kissed him with everything I had. We made love again that morning, and again when we reached his apartment.

Since then Halloween became our favorite holiday.

Bad Boy Meets Bad Girl

New school, new people, new country. Will Y/N be able to keep up her bad girl image or will she fall soft for the schools bad boy?

Fresh Start 


Masterlist // PT2 PT3 PT4 PT5 PT6 PT7 PT8 PT9 PT10 PT11 PT12 Epilogue


Here I was stood outside my new school. I’d just moved from the UK to LA because my parents wanted a change, instead of redecorating they thought it would be a good idea to move thousands of miles away from my friends and family, ‘start a new life’ they said ‘clean slate’. I took one last drag of my almost burnt out cigarette before throwing it on the ground and standing on it to make sure it was out, like it actually mattered, before walking towards the blue doors trying to ready myself for the hell that I was about to be thrown back into.

“You must be Y/N” I was greeted the second I walked in by a young woman in her early twenties sat at a desk with a computer to the side, “yeah” I said with a forced smile walking towards her, she turned and knocked on the heads door or 'principles’ before peeking her head through, balancing on one leg with one hand resting on the door frame and the other on the door handle, she informed him of my presence before quickly shutting the door and sitting back at her desk. “He’ll be with you in one moment” she said with a smile before drawing all her attention back onto her computer, I returned the smile before looking around at all the off white walls that were plastered with bright posters filled with positive messages as if it would help make whoever saw feel more comfortable.

Bang! The entrance doors flew open to reveal a boy with red hair, eyebrow piercing and the most breathtaking green eyes. He was wearing a black leather jacket that looked old, a nirvana shirt with a hole or two and ripped skinny jeans that bunched up at the top of his black boots. He walked to the front desk where the receptionist was not happy to see him “you’re late Michael, wa-” she was cut off by him “for the principle to deal with me, I know Sammy” he added with a wink, knowing the name alone would wind her up, her eyes filled with anger but before she could respond the principle came out “you must be Y/N” he greeted with a smile before turning his attention to Michael, my guess is he was the school’s bad boy. “Why are you late Michael?” he asked with a stern voice, Michael just shrugged with a smirk, his eyes flickering between me and the principle, every time he looked at me I could feel my cheeks get a darker shade of red from embarrassment causing him to chuckle.

The receptionist quietly called me, I walked towards her and she handed me my schedule and a small torn off piece of paper with two numbers, she explained the longer set of numbers were my locker combination and the two digits above was my locker number, before telling me the principle would show me to my first class. I thanked her before turning around to find Michael staring at me, not even trying to hide it whilst the principle gives him a lecture about him being able to do so much if he just applied himself. My eyes began to dart around the room avoiding eye contact with him.

“Y/N, what’s your first class?” the principal asked, his voice soft, I panicked unable to find words to reply so I handed him the piece of paper with my schedule on instead with a sheepish look.

“Science, room 115 with Miss Lean. Perfect!” I was surprised and confused with his enthusiasm “I can take you both there and make sure Michael attends this time” he added looking at Michael with a stern look before handing me my schedule back. He said goodbye to the receptionist and I flashed her a smile before following him through the hallway and to the classroom, he looked back occasionally making sure Michael was still following. The principle made small conversation as we walked, asking about my home and telling me that Miss Lean was nice and I had nothing to worry about. The whole time I could feel Michael’s stare, watching my every move.

The principle lightly knocked on the door to the classroom, I was stood behind him, Michael behind me. He slowly opened the door and began to walk in, I followed looking straight ahead knowing everyone else in the room had there eyes on me. Michael brushed past me causing me to move out of his way out of habit, he put his hand on my lower back to stop me from bumping into him and flashed me a smile before retreating to his table in the back, the only empty table there was.The principle turned to reveal a short woman with blonde wavy hair that sat on her shoulders, she was in her early thirties to late twenties, her smile lit up the room and made me feel a little at ease. “This is your new student Y/N” the principal informed smiling down at us. “It’s nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Miss Lean” she had a soft cheerful smile “hi” I almost whispered with a smile before looking down at the ground “do you prefer to be called anything else?” she asked still smiling. I looked up at her   “Y/N/N, I go by Y/N/N” (Y/N/N – Your nickname) she nodded before handing me a thick textbook “this is what we’ll be reading from, take a se-” she looked through out the classroom for an empty seat before realising the only seat left was next to schools bad boy “there’s an empty seat next to Mr Clifford back there” she added before pointing in the direction. I thanked her quietly before walking towards him with as much confidence as I could muster at that moment.

When I made it to the last row I noticed a boy in a football jersey winking at me with a smile, looking me up and down, I scoffed at him earning a scowl. Just as I turned to walk behind Michael I noticed the jocks hand move towards me, quickly grabbing at his wrist and tightening my grip making direct eye contact “you’re not my type pencil dick” his mouth opened and face filled with shock, earning chuckles from everyone near by, including Michael. I flashed him a smile before letting go and putting my book on the table, “what’s the matter baby, you not into boys?” he piped up making his buddy snicker “no, I prefer men who don’t feel the need to assault someone in order to get there attention”. The room filled with silence and shock from my quick response, I continued to sit there staring at the board waiting for Miss Lean to carry on with the lesson, which she did, causing everyone’s eyes to shift from me and back to the board.

Not long after the bell rang causing everyone to jump up and rush out of the classroom, I pulled out my schedule and checked to see what I had next 'English, 119 Mr Rhodes’ I sighed before standing up taking my book and schedule with me, heading down to my next class, wishing this day was over already.


Ugh, why oh why did we decide to take those extra two rounds of shots?

Oh come on Sam, this throbbing headache and queasiness is so worth the amount of fun we had last night.

anonymous asked:

I just cleaned my room. I looked nice and everything was neat and perfect! I leave to do dishes and my little brother ruins it... RUINED IT!!! CAN I PLEASE KILL HIM?!

Nope.  I got you covered. 

*drags your brother into your room by his collar*  Alright brat, time for you to learn the importance of cleanliness.

Another great and favorite scene here (they’re all favorite hahaha !) unfortunately you understand that we’re not going to abuse either can’t post everything hem… but if you rewatch it, Otabe and Magic entering the room with their moves oh my god, just perfect !! Look at Yuihan guys ! Love how they feel so close to us ! Yes Sakura can’t believe it…. Yoga and Magic screamin, just perfect !! It’s sad but…. Otabe thinking like she has big responsabilities about Majijo and it will be hard to protect it…

askrickthecactus  asked:

4 and 6

4. What does your perfect room look like?

My current room I think is the perfect one for me. It’s the smallest in the house, which is great for me since I’d hate having a big bedroom. A bed with the computer desk right next to it and a bookshelf next to that. Everything is in reach and it’s real cozy. Plus the sun never reaches my window which just makes it better.

6. What fictional place would you like to visit?

Mitakihara from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Or any place in that universe, I just really want to meet Kyubey and make a contract~

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dragons-new-artist  asked:

4 , 60 , 130 , 132 , 134 , 141

4. What does your perfect room look like?

My room just consists of my bed and a small piece of furniture. I guess that should be considered as perfect? No idea lmao

60. If all jobs had the same pay rate and hours, what job would you want to have?

I want to get paid for the art and music I make, frankly.

130. Which of your scars has the best story behind it?

None. Most of the scars I have are just cat scratches and wounds of me falling while climbing up hills and shit. 

132. What were some of the biggest turning points in your life?


134. What do people think is weird about you?

The fact that I spend about 60% of my time in front of my laptop, maybe.

141. What is your favorite fragrance?

No idea, I just use whatever I have.

Cuddles Long Overdue

Hiii I love your one shots :) Could you write one where cedric likes y/n (she’s in ravenclaw and she’s a bit shy) and she’s the only one who’s oblivious to his liking to her. she’s been pushing him away because she’s worried for him since he became champion. but he like tries to be with her as much as he can like walk her to class etc, and he ends up asking her to the yule ball and admitting his feelings, and she ends up admitting hers too? Sorry if it’s too specific haha xx

  • Warnings: none
  • y/f/n = your friend’s name
  • Masterlist here
  • Request something here

I stopped in the middle of the empty hallway, trying to catch my breath and remember what had happened. 

All I could remember from dinner tonight was sitting with Cedric, my friend, at the table, waiting for the Goblet of Fire to choose our champion. I remember hoping that Cedric wouldn’t get chosen, because even though the teachers said that everything would be fine, we were going into dangerous times and anything could happen. 

I remember suddenly getting very cold as Dumbledore read out Cedric’s name from the little slip of paper that the Goblet spit out, dropping my fork onto the table, and running out of the hall. 

I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, tears threatening to drip from my eyes. Out of all the 17-year olds who put their name in the goblet, why did Cedric have to get picked?


Cedric suddenly appeared out of the corner of my eye and I straightened up, wiping at my eyes to make sure that no stray tears were still on my face. 

“Hey, Cedric!” 

“Y/n, what are you doing out here?” 

I forced a smile onto my face and beamed up at him. He looked worried, his facial expression started up the butterflies that just refused to leave from my stomach.

“My… my stomach just hurt a little and I thought I’d go lay down on my bed.” Lies stumbled out from me, and I cringed. I had never lied to Cedric, and it hurt to start. 

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The Riley Diaries Pt19

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: The last episode of GMW gave me inspiration not only for vidding, but for writing too. The next chapter I post will be the last - I already wrote it but I will still not post it because I might decide to change something. I really hope you like this part and that you are still enjoying the story, even though I didn’t update it in a while. Also - Sorry, Auguste.
Enjoy xo

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5 Part 6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15Part16 Part 17 Part18


Riley’s POV

Four days have passed since I last talked to Lucas, since he completely shut me out. But I deserved that, no one can change what I did. I was still home – somehow I couldn’t go to town before my flight tomorrow - I wanted to stay here with my parents as long as I could. Sitting in my room, I was looking at the perfect dress I had picked out for prom, even though I wasn’t going.

“Come in,” I said when I heard someone knocking on my door.

“It’s me, honey,” Maya said with a smile while she was entering my room, “I am here to try and change your mind for the last time.”

“You don’t give up easily, do you,” I laughed and got up to give her a hug.

“I want to party with you and Joshy before you leave for Spain,” She started dancing in the middle of the room.

“Joshy,” I threw my head back laughing, “I have to use that.”

“Hey, he’s mine,” She gave me a judgemental look and jumped on my bed.

“I already dated him, he’s all yours now,” I sat next to her and chuckled at her expression.

“I forgot about that,” She shook her head, “You are messed up, Riley Matthews.”

“You have no idea,” I laughed and then looked at my dress again.

“See, I want to be the prettiest girl tonight,” Maya obviously traced my gaze, “But it would be a crime not to wear this beautiful dress tonight and have fun with your friend.”

“Lucas hates me,” I sighed and turned to her, “I can’t go and pretend I am happy.”

“If you are not happy why don’t you stay here and change things,” Maya reached for my hand, “Why do you insist on running away from my brother when you know you want to be with him?”

“I don’t know why, Maya,” I looked down, “Something in me is fighting the feelings I have for him.”

“Then beat it,” She squeezed my hand, “He is suffering, you are suffering. Just try one more time – come tonight.”

“Maya, I –“

“No,” Maya didn’t let me finish, “Just come, try to work things out but don’t push him – simply talk to him, tell him that you are willing to stay and just start over.”

“I don’t know if I am willing to stay, that’s the problem,” I took my hand back, “I am really excited to leave and meet new people and have a new life.”

“But you can’t escape Lucas, you can’t escape what happened to you,” Maya sighed and half smiled, “We are here, and we accept you the way you are. There is always time to travel and meet new people but you will always regret leaving him – believe me.”

I stayed silent for a moment, thinking that Maya may be right. I really loved Lucas, this may be the first time I am admitting it but I have felt it for a long time. Do I really need a new life, do I really need new people when I found some of the best friends here? I was now more confused than I was before.

“I guess I can come tonight and see what happens,” I gently smiled.

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Anniversary Secrets

A/N: hello everyone!!! Nothing to say really, but I loved writing this prompt! Oh, and F/C stands for favorite color

Pairing: Dan Howell x reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: cussing


Today was a very special day, and I really couldn’t be more excited. Well… Almost.

Of course, I’m excited for spending Dan and I’s first anniversary as a couple, it’s been a great year! But I love him.

Usually, loving someone is great news, but not when he doesn’t love you back. At least, he hasn’t said anything yet. I really wish it didn’t bother me as much, but it’s all I can think about it.

These are all my thoughts as I get dressed into a F/C dress that comes to mid thigh. I wear matching heels and makeup. I was also happy that my waved hair was actually looking good for once. Sighing, I step out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where Dan had just finished getting ready. I pushed away the doubts and just focused on the moment. Which definitely wasn’t half bad.

He stood up to greet me while fidgeting with his fringe. Once he was content with his hair, he straightened up to look at me. He stopped and stared at my shoes, then my dress, and finally my now blushing face. He strode over to me slowly, taking his hands out of his pockets.

“You,” he said. “Look beautiful. Not that I’m surprised.” He didn’t look too bad himself. Sure, it was a simple black tux, but it complimented the brown in his eyes and in his hair very well. Very. Black was definitely his color. He cupped my cheek and leaned in to kiss me after I murmured a soft ‘thank you.’

We then pulled away. “Okay, are you ready for dinner, my lady?” He asked royally, offering his arm. I giggled and answered, “Why, thank you Mr. Howell.”

Dan and I were now seated in the lounge, but transformed. All the lights were shut off, the only source of light being the candles placed throughout the room. In the center of the room was sat a platter filled with all my favorite Italian food. We had mindless small talk over our nice dinner.

There then came a silence. It wasn’t awkward, but rather comfortable that we were in each other’s presence. I took this time to take a step back and look from the outside.

The candles illuminated the room with a romantic glow. The ones on either side of the platter of food put a soft glow to Dan’s face. Ugh, I was so goddamn lucky. He just looked so perfect, the room looked perfect, my heart felt perfect, and…
"I love you.” I froze. Did I just say that? No, no… Yes. I said it. Softly but surely, my secret confession was out in the open. Dan quickly looked up from his plate at me with big eyes. I just froze and waited for a response. Surely, he’d say it now.

After I count to 10, I shyly say, “…Well?”
“Umm,” he gulps. “I- Y/N- th-that’s a big thing to say-” I didn’t let him finish as I stood up quickly, wiping away the tears that dared to fall from my eyes. I didn’t give him a second look or thought and went into the cold of the storming night, Dan calling for me to come back.

Dan’s POV

Oh no. I messed this up so fucking much. I do love her so damn much, so why can’t I say it? Am I scared of commitment? And, of course, she left her phone and coat. How was she going to survive the storm in that dress, alone, with no source of contact?

I sat thinking for minutes before I finally decided that I would just have to go looking for her. I jump up, and grab my coat, phone, and umbrella. I had to find her. I was going to.


I shouldn’t have done that. Especially without grabbing my coat. By now, it was storming hard, the rain falling at a slant because of the wind. It stung my face like needles. My arms were wrapped tightly around myself to attempt at retaining some body warmth.

But the worst of it all wasn’t the rain, the wind, or the cold. It was what happened with Dan. I know I shouldn’t have pressured him into saying anything.
I still wish he said it. Even if he didn’t mean it, even if he didn’t love me, at least I’d have something to hold onto.

I find a secluded park bench that seems to be the only place sit. I take a seat and let the rain pour on me, giving up on trying to shield myself from it. I sat that way for a good hour and a half before I heard a voice calling to the wind.

I turn around to see a tall figure dressed in all black with an umbrella. A familiar fringe and a voice calling my name.

“Y/N? Y/N! IS THAT YOU?!” He runs up to me, and I turn back around. Dan kneels in front on me, taking a hold of both my hands. “Why did you do that, are you crazy?!” “No,” I answered. “I’m in love.”

He stared at me and took a deep breath.
“I love you too.”

I scoffed, “You do realize that I find that hard to believe? I’ve loved you for a while, and now that I say it, you happen to say it?”

“Look, Y/N,” Dan said desperately, yelling through the rain. “I do love you! I love the way you wake me up in the morning with peppered kisses. I love the way you bite your lip when you’re concentrating. I love when you randomly kiss me, and how you love to cuddle. I LOVE you, with all my goddamn heart, you have to believe me!”

He pulled me to stand up with him under the umbrella. Needless to say, I was beyond shocked. We stood under his umbrella, inches apart. “Dan, I love you,” I said quietly. “I love you too,” he laced our fingers together. We closed the gap between our lips.

The kiss was full of love, unlike the ones we’ve had before. After we pulled away, he pulled me into a tender hug.

“Oh my God, Y/N,” he said seriously. “You’re freezing. Oh, we have to get back to the flat, I don’t want you to get hypothermia or something…”

“Wait, Dan,” you stopped him. “Happy anniversary.” He smiled. “Happy anniversary, love.”