my room is black and white only

I wake up, slowly, taking in the surroundings. The faint moonlight is lighting up my dark room, and my alarm clock reflects 4am in the morning. Shuffling around, I come inches from a face.

He’s snoring peacefully. The jet black hair which adorns his head is rumpled, sticking out in different angles and settles on his forehead, creating a fringe. His lips are slightly curved, in mirth, probably dreaming of something pleasant. The contours of his cheekbones are highlighted by the faint moonlight, and he looks so picturesque, like he’s been kissed by the beautiful night itself.

I wish, I could capture his beauty in a black and white frame, and hang it where only I can appreciate it. But, alas, I’m no painter. Maybe I could write songs about how his brown eyes dance and twinkle mischievously sometimes, but I’m sure I’d do them no justice. It’s angelic innocence, that’s how he looks at the moment.

But right now, I just try to take in his overwhelming scent surrounding me like my favorite blanket, and I want to bottle it up and keep it with me forever. His heavy arms feel like the home I’ve always craved for and I want it to be the only weight I ever feel on my body, and drown in them.

His eyes flutter open, immediately focusing on me. He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t tease me for watching him sleep, doesn’t smile, just studies me like I was, a few seconds ago. I feel his arms tighten around me, pulling me closer to him like an anchor to a boat. Lips hovering over my forehead, he gives me the lightest of kisses and my eyes involuntarily shut.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m in love again.

—  little love stories #1

Sometimes I randomly get super sad and start feeling empty. Like I could be the happiest person in the room. Smiling big smiles, spreading cheer and then all of a sudden my smile falters and my heart skips a beat. Everything turns to black and white and I can’t see a future for myself. I didn’t even know if one exists. I forget what it feels like to actually live and be happy even if it was only two seconds ago that I was laughing. It feels as if there’s just this demon hovering over me waiting for my weakest point to break me and make my life a thunderstorm cause I was enjoying the cool breeze before it became a vicious wind.

5SOME! Hair and Makeup

Words: 2.8k

Warning: 5some! 69, blowjob, eating out, anal, grinding…I just

Request:  Another 5some?? Where you walk in on the getting changed after a show and it escalates from there? Sorry if it’s a bother :/

I placed my pen onto the clip board and sighed. I was working with the boys from 5sos, I was there make-up and hair person and they wanted to dress up as Kiss today. So not only did I have to do their make up, I had to make them look half decent with Black and white face paint. Not that it was a hard thing because lets be honest they could wear any make-up and they’d all look hot still. 

They’d done the interview and show and managed to somehow get to there dressing room without consulting me. I had a lot of things to do and them not checking in with me was pretty hard because I have to get them ready for the award show tonight. I walked into the dressing room where the boys are and looked down at my clip board.

“Ok so for the award show Michael you’re going to have a slight hint of eyeliner on as it makes you look hot and-”

I looked up and gasped. “S-shit I’m so s-sorry” The boys were changing into their clothes and i’d never really seen them in just there underwear, even though they’re know for walking around naked, I had never been blessed enough. I held my hands over my eyes and turned around.

“Never seen a boy in a pair of underwear before?” Michael snickered

“No no I have but I was dating him and stuff” 

“Stuff?” Ashton asked

“Y-yeah, please put your clothes on” 

“What do you mean by ‘Stuff’?” 

“I think you know, clothes on please”

“But Y/N, we want to know stuff” Calum spoke, I felt someones hand grip my waist and I removed my hands from my face and turned around. It was Luke and his piercing blue eyes were travelling over my body. He stroked up and down my sides and his hand went under my shirt rubbing circles into my hip.

“W-what are you doing” I stuttered

“You’re supposed to help us right?”


“Well pretty lady, we’re all so horny and we want you to help”

“Thats unprofessional, I can’t” 

“Please Y/N” Michael whined, I looked over to him and he had a pout on his lips, I looked into his eyes and I saw them twinkle. Luke kissed down my neck and Michael and I were in a trance as he walked up to us. Michael tilted my chin up and kissed me, his soft lips pressed against mine. Luke sucked onto my sweet spot and I moaned into Michael’s lips. Michael swiped his tongue against my lips, taking control of the kiss. I reached around running my fingers through the back of Luke’s head as he licked over the spot he’d been sucking on. Michael ran his tongue over mine and sucked onto it, feeling the smoothness of his tongue. They both pulled away from me and I kissed Michael a couple more times before he stood up straight. 

“So do you want to help us?” Michael grinned, I scanned down his half naked torso and the waistband of his boxers, there being small black hairs above where his dick was. If I knew any better my eyes were probably in the shape of hearts right about now. I walked forward slowly, swaying my hips and kissed in the middle of his chest, looking up.

“I would love to help” I whispered, brushing my lips against his. He ran both his hands over my cheeks and through my hair, to the back of my neck. He pulled me forward and kissed me again, this time getting straight to the point and sucking on my lips and swiping his tongue over my teeth. He tilted his head to the side kissing me at a better angle and pulling me close to his chest. I placed my hands on his collar bones and moved to wrap around his neck. He moved his hands to my waist as he moaned into my mouth. He kissed over my lip and pulled on my lip between his teeth. I could already feel myself getting wet, the way Mikey was looking at me. His green eyes blown with lust, the pupils wide and just shimmers of green. 

“Fuck” I whimpered, licking over my lips and tasting Michael. I looked over at Ashton who winked at me as he lent up against the wall. He motioned his hand for me to go over to him and I did so. Ash ran his hands under my shirt as he peeled it off my body. Ash stroked over my breast, the skin just above my bra and he leant forward kissing the skin. I pushed Ashton’s hair back as he sucked on the skin. I let out a mewl as he licked over my collar bones. Ashton’s lips were definitely under appreciated as he sucked onto my skin. I bit my lip and walked further into his face so I was situated between his legs. His hands came underneath my skirt, to my ass as he massaged it. I leant down as Ashton sucked on my neck. Ashton stroked up my body and unclipped my bra. I held my boobs up as he pulled my bra from my chest and placed it next to him. I let go and he held them in his huge hands.

“God they’re so perfect” He moaned rolling them around in his hands. His thumbs and forefingers squeezed my nipples as I leant down into him. I kissed over Ashton’s jaw, one of my favourite things, it was scattered in brown hair’s which complemented him very well. I felt two hands on my ass and they weren’t Ashton’s as his were tweaking my nipples. The hands on my ass pulled down my panties under my miniskirt, dragging them tightly against my skin. I stepped out of them leaving me in just my Black high heels and mini skirt. 

“Look at this ass” Calum groaned. I giggled into Ashton’s neck sucking on the patch of hair just below his jaw. Calum’s plump lips kissed over my ass, sucking small love bites into the flesh as I sucked onto Ashton making hickey’s. I bent into Calum’s face wanting him to do more to my ass. He kissed the dip of my back and down my ass nearing my back hole. He licked a stripe from my entrance up to my back. 

“Eat her out good” I heard Luke say from the side of the dressing room. Ashton latched his lips around my nipple and sucked onto it. He flicked his tongue over the brown nipple and moaned around it sending vibrations. Calum spat onto my back hole and ran his fingers across it, lathering up the hole. I grinded my body into Ashton as twirled his tongue around my nipple. Calum slid one of his fingers into my ass hole and I parted my lips. Ashton kissed my lips at my discomfort and pinched both my nipples bringing my face closer to his. Calum pumped his finger in and out of my hole. I breathed deeply shutting my eyes and leaning my head onto Ashton’s. 

“I want her to ride me” Michael whined. I was getting used to the feeling of Calum’s finger and opened my eyes. Ashton stood up from the desk and Michael slid down into his place. He gave me a cheeky smile before taking off his boxers. He let his cock free and I looked at it, it was a lot redder then I imagined. I kissed the tip of his dick bending down before I reached up pecking his lips. Calum entered another finger into my hole as I stroked Michael’s cock. Michael ran his fingers down my body towards my ass, he pulled my ass forward, Calum’s fingers slipping out my ass. Michael brought me towards his lap and I sat down over his thighs. I placed my hands on his shoulders and lifted myself over his dick and sat down. 

“Shit” I stuttered, feeling his large cock fill me up. I ran my fingers  over the dip in his body between his collar bones and shoulder and dug my nails into him. I slowly started grinding on him, rubbing my clit against his tummy. I wrapped one of my arms around him and my other one caressed his small chub underneath his armpit.  I dug my nails into him rolling my hips and 

“You’re always running after us, you need to be treated like a princess. How’s about I fuck your ass whilst you keep riding Mikey?” Calum whined, kissing my shoulder. I reached round my arm running my hands through Cal’s hair as he sucked onto my skin. 

“Answer me Y/N” 

“Yeah” I breathlessly moaned, I rotated my hips on Mikey’s. Mikey leant his hands on the side and I ran my hand over his tattoo’s. Calums stomach was now flushed up against my back and I felt his dick pushed up against my ass. I felt Calum press his tip against my ass. His mushroomed tip prodded my entrance and I shut my eyes, waiting for the impact of being double penetrated. I slowly moved my hips on Michaels, his dick rubbing against my walls, I felt my pussy’s juice drip onto Michael as he smirked rubbing my clit. 

“You fuck me good Mikey” I moaned resting my head on his as Calum edged his cock inside my back hole. Calum gripped my waist as he slid slowly inside me. I stopped riding Mikey and focused on the small pain coming from my back end. Michael sensed my discomfort and kissed me. His red lips slotting into mine and moaning onto them. Calum held me tight, wrapping his arms around my chest and clinging onto my breasts. Calum slowly grinded into me, my ass clenching every time he would fill me up. I started moving my hips in time with Calum, rocking myself onto Mikey. I stroked over Michael’s chest and held his shoulders in my hand. He kissed over my cheek and under my jaw, sucking onto it. I ran my fingers through his hair as his tongue swiped over my sweet spot and his lips tugging on my skin. 

“Feels so good” I moaned, pushing his face closer to my neck. Calum sped up his pace, digging his nails into my ass. He gave my ass a light slap and groaned into the other side of my neck. I leant my head back on his shoulder as he pinched my nipples in his hand. I groaned running my hands over his as he twisted them in his fingers. Calum started groaning louder in my ear, biting down on my shoulder. Both there cocks were filling me up at the same time and I never felt so much pleasure pushing against my inside walls. 

“Fuck” Calum groaned pulling out of me. He jerked himself off next to us as I bounce on Michael’s cock. Calum came over the table and groaned holding his cock in his hand. I whined wrapping my legs around Michael’s waist tightly as he stood up pushing me against the wall, he pulled my legs up against the wall, bending them slightly. He thrusted his long hard cock into me, it hitting new angels. I hit my head against the wall letting out a raspy moan as Mikey hit my g-spot. I looked down watching him roughly pound into me, him dragging his cock all the way out just to get a couple of harsh thrusts. 

“You close?” he whimpered. I nodded my head clenching my pussy around his cock and pulling on his hair. He growled, his thighs shaking. I reached my orgasm, cumming around Mikey and falling limp. Michael pushed right up against me, holding me still as he came inside me. I placed one of my feet on the floor and Michael let go of the other one, his cock slipping out of me. Michael backed away from me giving me a sexy grin, gripping his cock and squeezing it.

“Baby girl, you think you can cum again for me?” Ashton said, his hands going straight to my core, spreading the juices and dipping his fingers into my entrance. I whined being sensitive from my orgasm and Ashton smirked. He took his fingers out of me and put them in his mouth, sitting on the table. He pulled me in-between his legs and laid back. 

“Sit on my face and suck my cock” he rasped. I smiled to myself climbing on top of him and turning around so I was met with his cock and my pussy was hoovering over his face. I grabbed him in my hand and swirled my tongue around his tip as he did the same to my clit. I moaned and dribbled over his tip and sucking down onto it. I took my mouth off him as he nuzzled his head into my pussy and slurping up my juices. I grinded my heat onto his face, his tongue pressing harshly down from my clit to my entrance. 

“Suck” Ashton groaned, licking over my entrance. I took him in my mouth, all the way so my nose touched his balls. I swallowed around him and bobbed my head.  Ashton moaned into me his tongue circling around my entrance, licking up my previous orgasm. Ash dipped his tongue into me and flicked it around tasting me. I tucked my hand around by my face and started rolling Ashton’s ball’s in my hand. I started lightly bouncing on Ashton’s tongue, in sync with sucking Ashton’s cock. I ran my tongue over the vein pushing onto it and sucking down hard. Ashton’s cock started throbbing in my mouth and I squeezed the base and his hips thursted upwards in my mouth. I coughed around him and pulled off, I pumped his cock in my hand the sound or squelching coming from the wetness created. 

“Mm close princess” Ashton said sending vibrations through my pussy. I sat up straighter and rolled my body onto Ash’s mouth, feeling his lips drag across my pussy.  I fisted his cock quicker, Ashton’s moans picking up and his breathing getting heaver as he sucked on my clit faster. 

“Fuck” he rasped, hot spurts of white cum came out his tip and over his thighs. I jerked him off whilst he groaned underneath me. I got off his face and and Ashton tucked his hands under his head smiling lazily. I looked over the sofa for Luke and he was sat there in his boxers. I sauntered over to him as he looked over my body. I stood in front of him and stroked up his thighs. He patted his lap and I swung my legs over him. I sat down on his bulge and ran my fingers through his fringe.

“You’re so good to us princess” Luke admired, stroking down my sides. I rubbed my clit against his bulge loving the feeling of it pressed up against me. Luke rested his head on the back of the sofa and looked at me with his dark blue eyes. I ran my fingers over his beard and swiped my tongue over his lips. He sucked onto my thumb as I grinded onto him. He moaned around my thumb shutting his eyes and moving his hips up into mine. I felt my clit flutter on him and he grabbed my hips, pushing me down harder onto him. 

“Are you close?” Luke moaned. I bit my lip and leant forward brushing my nose against his. Luke kissed my jaw as I clawed at his, my fingers running over the stubble. I tucked my legs around him and pressed my chest up against his. I pecked his lips and he smiled bringing one of his hands down to my thigh. He stroked up my thigh to my core, he rolled my clit between his fingers and I let out a whine grinding into him. I felt my second high approach and Luke knew I was about to cum by the way he sped up his movements and had a smirk plastered on his lips. I shut my eyes and came on top of him, my legs shaking as I slow grinded. 

“Shit” I heard whimper against my chest. I opened my eyes to be met with blonde mop of hair leant against my breasts.  I caught my breath back and Luke looked up at me. 

“Oh my god” I said giggling, I moved back off of Luke who was now breathing heavily leant back against the sofa. I looked down at the wet patch on Luke’s boxers and smiled to myself. 

“You think I look hot in eyeliner?” Michael breathed.

Week 6 of College:

-i walked past a dorm room and a black guy throws open the doors, takes a deep breath of fresh air, and opens his mouth and just screams “N****!!!”
-after i was (very noticably) startled, he proceeds to walk very close to me, puts his face very close to mine and whispers “n****.”
- im white
- a guy in my psych class was crossing the street and a car literally almost hits him. he does not move, stares at the car and just says “just run me over. please.”
- my best friend of three years was in an argument with her boyfriend outside my dorm. i go to leave and  the only thing i hear her yell is “STICK. YOUR DICK.
- the aforementioned couple made up, and then the same night were sitting in the library, she goes to put her feet on his lap and he knocks them off, points to his shorts and yells “THESE BITCHES (his shorts) ARE WHITE.” they resumed fighting and have not since made up.
- a friend of mine walks into our 8 am lecture literally 30 seconds before class starts, holds up his water bottle, looks me in the eye, and chugs the whole thing.
-his friend next to him just looks at him and goes “vodka?”
-he just nods and says “yep”

more to follow

Chapter 107: V

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted. 

Pg 1: Hige’s severed arm falls to the ground. It is shown that Hige and Urie are only just entering the room that Donato is in and there is still a wide amount of space between them. Urie tells Hige to get ready and Hige notices that his arm was cut off. He begins screaming.

Pg 2: Startled, Urie turns to Hige. While he is trying to understand what happened to Hige Donato strikes at him. Urie dodges the blow and Donato scolds him for looking away and letting his arm down. Urie tells Hige that he can’t help him right now and he needs to retreat to Saiko. He thinks that Donato is an SS rate and wonders if he can even fight him alone.

Pg 3: Donato strikes again with his kagune. Urie unleashes his kagune and uses his quinque to stop the blow from reaching Hige. Urie thinks that Donato doesn’t make any preparatory movements to attack and he won’t be able to think his way through, he has to feel. Donato compliments him for being sharp and says that his usual toys won’t be enough. Urie thinks that Donato has already been prison once and he will send him back there. Donato vanishes

Pg 4: Urie looks around the room, trying to make sense of where Donato went. Donato’s kagune strikes Urie from above and pulls him upwards, adhering him to the ceiling. (If you’re confused by the perspective change in this panel take a look at the background in the bottom panel of the previous page and note how it shifts).

Pg 5: Donato appears behind Hige. He grabs Hige by the neck and tells Urie that he will dismember him while Urie watches from above. Urie calls out to Donato to stop. Donato tells Urie to have a taste of how it feels to only be able to helplessly watch over someone. He brings Hige’s arm back.

Pg 6: Donato rips off Hige’s other arm. Hige begins screaming and Donato throws his head back and laughs.

Pg 7: The scene changes to members of Goat fighting the clowns. Naki elbows a clown in the face and Kaneki turns towards Tsukiyama. Kaneki thinks that twenty minutes have passed and they were able to take down the clowns quicker than they anticipated. He thinks that if nothing happens then the group will be able to head over to the lab.

Pg 8: Kaneki turns and is suddenly attacked by a member of V. Kaneki moves to dodge the attack and part of his mask is damaged.

Pg 9: Other members of  V begin killing the White Suits. A member of V tips his hat and says that they are members of the “main branch special investigators” and are there to exterminate the ghouls.

Pg 10: The CCG investigators react with confusion at this announcement. Tsukiyama comments that things have become troublesome and Naki replies that V’s appearance is proof that they have rustled them up. One of the investigators thinks that he had heard of the secret aides of the Washuu family but believed them to only be an urban legend. Hirako tells Kaneki that if it looks like it will take a while then he should just go ahead, but he shouldn’t take his eyes off them. He tells Kaneki to think of them as a matured Squad 0. The V members bend (or possibly bow) while holding their quinque.

Pg 11: Kaneki thinks that they are members of V and are therefore Furuta’s lackeys. The V members thrust their quinques in the air and their leader tells them to exterminate. The V members begin cutting down the White Suits. The members of the CCG react with confusion.

Pg 12: Tsukiyama uses his kagune to block the attack of a V member. The member pulls out another quinque and stabs Tsukiyama in the shoulder.

Pg 13: Nishio dodges several attacks by a V member but is impaled from behind by a thrown quinque and stabbed through the arm in the front.

Pg 14: Kaneki uses his large kagune to cut down several members of V simultaneously. He realizes that if the CCG is pressured then V appears and he thinks that this is how Furuta does things. Irimi lands near Kaneki and calls his attention.

Pg 15: She tells him that he must go. Kaneki looks at the White Suits fighting and Irimi tells him that she will join the fight. Irimi tells him that Hinami and Miza are more capable than he thinks. She tells him that if they are unable to stand against the current threat then they will not be able to achieve anything in the days to come. She says that if he chooses to stand on top of others he should learn to rely on them.

Pg 16: Kaneki thanks her and tells the members of Goat that he needs to leave. He says to follow Tsukiyama’s orders and tells Tsukiyama to strike down the V members and the clowns and show them that they exist and are there to stay.

Pg 17: Tsukiyama rallies the members of Goat to attack. Everyone acknowledges his order and they move forth to attack.

Pg 18: On top of a rooftop Ayato checks the time. He tells Kuro and Takizawa that at the agreed time they will leave to steal the RC suppressor drug whether or not Kaneki is there. He asks Takizawa if he can distinguish the drug from the others and he replies that he can. Ayato thinks that Kaneki needs to hurry or he will be left behind. Kaneki is shown fleeing with V on his tail and Urie is shown watching helpless as Hige is dismembered.


Rearranged my room again, but no surprise there.

Still waiting to find something to put over my desk, and I need pillows for my bed, otherwise my room is finished!

Might also be getting hardwood instead of this old carpet within the next few months…I can only hope.

Happy New Year everyone!

Random thoughts from SNM Shanghai

You can get lost in the space and it’s large enough to feel like people actually live and work where they go. Duncan finally doesn’t live in a studio apartment.

The (superior) medical-rave.

Sam Booth as my taxidermist wet dream come true.

5th floor getting the love it deserves.

Manderley has taken a card from the Black Lodge and upped its red curtain count in a good way.

I appreciate the NYC crowd more now, even if it’s busy. 

It needs more candy. 

Apothecary and Nursery rooms located where they should be. 

The energy of the new space + cast is Punchdrunk firing on all cylinders.

The story of the characters (especially the female) is pure magic come to life.  

Accidental lighting issues during first ballroom scene makes it super eerie and dreamlike in the dark. 

Dual language 1:1′s +++

Getting physically stuck in the woods.

Seeing only my white mask reflecting in Hecate’s eyes as now my top SNM image.

Laundry wolf has a detachable tongue. 

Lack of Turkey. 

Lack of nudity (from what I saw) was fine except for goaty. Goaty should always be naked.


I’ll be back in that area of the world in a few months for work and will attempt to go back to Manderley hopefully a few more times. 

as a black person who does something that’s a mostly white sport (ballet), i really feel all nursey is not really chill because of his experiences as a black man in a white industry headcanons in my soul.

dude the things you don’t say when you’re the only black person in a room. looking around and realizing you’re the only black person in a room. it’s like so shocking and weird, especially if you’re coming for a house filled with poc, like i imagine nursey is.

idk where i was going with this but derek nurse is angry. he’s mad he spent so much time trying to assimilate when he was younger, he’s mad his grandma got his little sister bleaching soap for her 12th birthday, he’s mad he has “"good hair”“ and people think it’s okay to tell him that he’s ”“not like the rest of them.”“ he’s mad about the things their opponents grit out that he can never report, he’s mad about the looks him and ransom have to share across the table sometimes. he’s mad about people saying “i didn’t even know black people could play hockey!” he’s mad that he’s been in love in with poetry since he was eight but poets who look like him are taught as electives instead of core classes like they aren’t all that got him through high school. he’s just . mad . he’s angry and 90% of the time he wants to scream his fucking head off but he already fought back once. when he was at andover.

“they’re all the same, you know.” an administrator says under her breath after they pull derek off. his knuckles are throbbing and the words set like concrete.

when he was punching, he felt like he would never stop. like he would keep going and going until the entire world apologized for how fast he had to grow up just to survive. (his mothers look at him like he is so lucky to be alive. they look like the pictures of mary before jesus was crucified, to derek. he realizes this version of the story will end with him on a cross.)

at least, he thinks, when he is laying in leaves and reading poetry, his hands are his own sometimes. at least, he thinks, watching dex peel off his Samwell Republican sticker, there are moments when the anger leaves.

Depression taunts you
Until spines begin to shatter
Backs snap under the intensity
A walk becomes a stagger

Depression waits until one
Is on the cusp of sweet sleep
It screams obscenities between your ears
A lone tear becomes a weep

Depression suffocates you
In a room overflowing with friends
Silently strangling until you fantasize
About the ways to make life end

Depression clutches your throat
Murmurs “You deserve to feel such pain”
One draws blood in greater volumes
Just to feel something again

Depression threatens “You’ll never recover”
Words I know to be all too true
I stare at white washed walls contemplating suicide
Until skies turn from black to blue

Yet nobody observes this part of me
Where depression dismantles my mind
It’s adrift amidst the fake smiles
And the insistence that “I'm fine.”

—  if only they knew how I truly felt, they’d understand why I rue the cards i’ve been dealt // A.S
  • the poc Hamilton fans that the musical is supposed to appeal to: yea i appreciate the meaning of it and its really cool that it opened up so many roles for people of color but it actually has a lot of flaws and the idea of casting poc as white people leaves a lot of room of interpetation for white people to claim it as theirs. plus the historical figures were really racist and disgusting.

“Get closer. Get closer. Good.” The photographer says as Seb and I get closer together. He’s seated behind me in only a pair of jeans and combat boots. I’m wearing a pair of short short cutoffs and a white tank top with a lace black bra peaking out the top. For the first time in my career my male counterpart is wearing almost as little as I am. Almost. I press my shoulder blades to his chest and drop my head back to his shoulder. He throws an arm around my waist. The prop gun in his hand rests on my thigh. It’s freezing in the room so I’m grateful that I’m pressed so close to Seb.
“Are you as cold as I am?” He murmurs into my ear.
“Yes. Maybe colder.” I say through clenched teeth, to keep them from chattering. He chuckles softly looking down at me as I stare into the camera.
“Chris is here.”
“What!” I sit up excitedly, “where?” Seb nods his head and that’s when I see him. His tall lean frame, broad shoulders and small waist, damn I missed him. “Calling a fiver!” I cry untangling myself from Sebastian’s arms and dashing to Chris.

“Hey!” He says a grin lighting up his face. I wrap my arms tightly around his neck and he pulls me flush against him.
“What are you doing here?” I murmur into his ear.
“I missed you.” I bring my lips to his then and kiss him softly. He has other ideas as his hand goes to the back of my head and fuses our mouths together. I whine softly, as his mouth presses against mine coaxing it open for his tongue to dart inside briefly. We pull apart but only enough to actually talk to one another.
“I’m so glad you’re here.”
“Me too. You look so sexy.”
“More like freezing. I’m glad I’m not alone though, Seb puts off almost as much heat as you do.” I’ve always loved that about Chris. He’s basically my human furnace since I’m always cold.
“Go finish your photo shoot so I can warm you up.” He says lowly before giving me another kiss, I laugh softly and move back to my spot on the chair between Seb’s legs.

The photographer wants three more poses before letting Sebastian and I go. There’s one outfit change for me that leaves me even less covered up, instead of a tank top it’s an army green cropped vest, again with the lace bra sticking out of the top. The photographer has me behind Seb with my arms over his shoulders and on his still exposed chest. The last pose he has us do I’m sitting in his lap again, this time I’m facing him.
“I want you to kiss.” He directs, “Sebastian keep her hair out of her face.” I throw all my hair to the far side and Seb wraps a hand around it. He brings his lips close to mine but they don’t touch. He’s worried about Chris. “Kiss.” The photographer says again.
“It’s fine.” Chris’ voice comes from behind me, he knows exactly what’s going on. “Just keep your hands off that ass Seabass.”
“Chris!” I exclaim in embarrassment, he just chuckles from behind me and Seb grins. “Do not encourage him.” I warn Sebastian.
“Yes ma'am.” He teases. I drop my forearms onto his shoulders, the prop gun in my right hand and kiss him. A few flashes go off as Seb tugs my hair back to expose my neck where he places a soft kiss against the hallow spot at the base. The photographer calls it a cut and I climb off of Seb’s lap and give him a high five before making my way to Chris.
“I have to go change and then we can head home.”
“Keep it on.” He mutters and I shoot him a flirty look then wiggle my ass at him.

“You looked so sexy today. It was driving me crazy, seeing you pressed up against him.” Chris admits as we walk out to his truck, hand and hand. “You know I’m not normally a jealous man but you guys look so good together.”
“You have nothing to worry about. Seb is just a friend, for both of us.”
“I know,” he sighs softly, “I know I’m being stupid.”
“Maybe just a little bit.” I tease running my hands up his bicep. He chuckles and unlocks his truck. I climb in and he moves in next to me. He starts the truck and I curl up next to him sliding my hand across his lap. “Don’t worry, there’s only one guy I want.”
“Babe. I’m driving.”
“Yea? Well find somewhere to pull over.”
“There’s not enough room.” I pout at him and he laughs, “Don’t worry beautiful, I plan on making you scream my name more than once tonight.” I bite my lip and take his free hand in mine place it in my lap. He gets the hint and slides his hand up under my skirt and into my underwear. I moan softly and spread my legs for him as he dips his fingers into me. He’s moving at just the right pace, he works his two fingers into me, curling them and brushing his thumb against my clit until I’m thrusting against his hand. He brings me right to the edge then stops, slides his fingers out and sucks them into his mouth.

“Chris.” I whine sliding my hands to where his had been only to have my wrists trapped in his hand.
“No touching.” He smirks over at me as I shoot daggers at him with my eyes.
“Chris please.” I’m begging and I don’t care. I’m so fucking desperate for release, and he knows it.
“Just wait. We’re almost home.” Two turns later and we’re in the garage. He yanks me into the house behind him then pins me against the wall.

His mouth is hot on mine, crushing his lips against me, his tongue dips into my mouth as his hands pin mine above my head.
“Keep them there.” He says letting go. His mouth travels to my throat and his hands move along my body. One hand dips under my shirt and bra palming my breast. He peels both my shirt and bra off in one fluid motion and then pulls one of my nipples into his mouth.
“Oh god Chris.” I groan as he flicks my nipple with his tongue. He’s got me so distracted with what he’s doing with his mouth that I don’t even notice him undoing his pants until he slides my underwear down and I feel his cock against me.

“I’m gonna fuck you right here against this wall.” He growls into my ear before pushing into me.
“Yes. Shit.” I moan, he pulls my leg up to get a better angle and I wrap my arms around his neck as I cum for the first time. “Oh god. Oh Chris. Yes.” I moan as he continues his relentless pace. When I come down from my orgasm I peel his shirt off of him, I need to feel his hard body against mine.
“I want you to ride me.”
“Couch.” He pulls out and carries me to the couch. He sits down and I straddle him, then guide his cock back into me.

“So. Fucking. Beautiful.” He groans as I set the pace, his thumbs brushing against my nipples again.
“I’m close.”
“Whose ass is this?” He slips a hand behind me and gently presses his thumb against my back entrance.
“Chris!” I scream.
“Whose.” He demands.
“Yours. Fuck.” I say cumming hard, my pussy clenching around his cock. He pounds into me and I can feel him start to cum.
“Fuck. Oh god.” Neither of us move for a minute, catching our breaths I drop my head to his shoulder. “Shower or bath?” He asks softly.
“Bath. I just want to cuddle with you for a while. I’ve missed you.”
“Bath it is.” He kisses my shoulder, “I’ve missed you too.”
“I should make you jealous more often.” I tease. He swats my ass gently then helps me off of his lap.
“You’re gonna be the death of me woman.”
“There are worse ways to go.”

i dreamt about you last night. i woke up and my eyes felt heavy couldn’t even keep them up. the light of morning sun was flowing into the room and i could breath the fresh smell of a new day but something wasn’t right. i still could feel you all around me, in my bloodstream, in my mind, in my mouth, everywhere. they say a dream lasts only some seconds but it felt like an eternity.
i miss you….

Via - Kristel @fluohrine

A Court of War and Starlight: Part 26

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Rhys and I received a message from Hybern that night.

One moment we were curled up beside each other sound asleep, his fingers on my bare waist and my head tucked against his shoulder, and the next we both jolted awake, stricken by the force of the invasion into our minds.

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Last New Year’s Eve, I had someone read my Tarot cards. The trouble is I forget my what both the question and the answer were. I knew the future and I forgot it – a feat only I can accomplish.

This year, I’ve been sequestered to the T.V. room, where I’ll watch college football and a few black and white movies, drink a couple beers, and wonder who invented the pizza. The room for error is much smaller this time around, though not zero. If I wake up past noon with strange breath and strange dreams, I’ll consider the operation a success.

Happy New Year, if you’re into that sort of thing.

gonna write down my experiences during sac so I don’t forget!!

day 0: drove up. took six hours. got to the hotel and passed out

day 1: kyle ( @computationalcalculator ) and i went out to sushi, then headed back to con center. i decided to go to karaoke room and tried to do the karaoke contest for the first time ever!! hung out with @fabrickind for a bit, and adopted/made friends with quite a few people, but only got the urls of @marc0bot and @animeisforweebs
I didn’t get to the second round but i think i did good considering it was my first time!! i planned to go back to karaoke room on day 2 but it didn’t rlly work out.
met back up w/kyle, we hung around and played cah with some homestucks, i played the BEST card combo. (black card: after the earthquake, sean penn brought _ to the people of haiti. white card: sean penn.) after that we went back to the hotel and got food. pretty chill day for a con.

day 2: THE HELL DAY.
woke up already prepared for death. got into homestuck cosplay. I’m pretty sure we went straight to the upstairs area, which is usually full of homestucks. i found the person running the meetup and offered to help.
it was raining, so we had to move the meetup inside. we gathered people in a small area, only for staff to tell us we couldn’t gather there. i asked where we could gather and was informed of the location and started leading people.
i swear i felt my soul physically leave my body. i spent the next half hour gathering people and leading them to the proper area, but couldn’t find any of the other people helping run the meetup. by the time things were settled, we only had 20 minutes, and had to basically do a mini meetup. everyone was really well behaved tho and I’m very proud of all my homestuck children.
kyle and i went back to the hotel and changed into undertale, then did some pre-shopping, before heading to the ut meetup. i found the person running the meetup and offered to help, and basically ended up running the meetup. it went really well!! everyone was very well behaved. during the alphyne photoshoot i had an undyne ( @fangirldds ) carry me and give me a kiss on the cheek!! it was great.
we did the rest of our pre-shopping, then attempted to play cah with some people. i only got one person’s url, @creepypasta-anime02 . afterwards we got dinner with @spatialapprentice and talked about memes and dnd.

day 3: woke up, got into alphys, made a beeline to the artist alley. I BOUGHT SO MUCH STUFF. got a commission of cinna (HE’S SO CUTE!!!) and a bunch of prints and some gifts for @pastel-clark and even some makeup! i budgeted everything out that morning, planning to spend $100 and have $20 leftover, but ended up with $30 leftover!
so i got myself a plushie that looks like cinna and makeup. also kyle bought me a fucking $50 undyne body pillow.
kyle and i went upstairs, chilled for a bit, then i went down to pick up my commission. it wasn’t totally done so i wandered back over to @enbyhawke booth and talked with them for like half an hour?? which was super nice, they’re very cool and do really good art.
went back, picked up my commission, and we left at 3:00. his mom drove us home, we met up with my mom at applebees and got dinner before driving home.

all in all, it was a really great con. i had a super fun time, met some really great people, saw some old friends, bought cool stuff, and ran some pretty awesome meetups. kyle has most of the pics, so I’ll be posting them once he sends them to me! and if you’ve got any pics from those meetups, please tag me in them so i can reblog them!

My goal

Is to have a nice little three bedroom, two bath house with a wrap-around porch with multiple chairs and a porch swing on one or two acres of land with a pond. I will have the master bedroom, with the attached master bath. I think the walls will be a soft sky blue, my comforter will be yellow and gray with light blue accents. The second room will be my library/office, beige walls and red accents. Maybe oak book shelves. The third room will be for all my dogs and cats. My husky, my pit and my Newfoundland, and my two cats. It’ll have the cat castles, scratching posts, dog beds and toys galore. Even though the dog beds will only be used when I’m not home because the dogs will definitely sleep in my bed. My living room will be a soft lavender, black furniture. Pictures on every wall, posters, play bills. My kitchen will be yellow, there will be a white window in front of the sink overlooking the pond and the wooden two seat swing. Off to the side of that will be my fire pit.


Lost, Forgotten, Remembered

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Reader remembers Newt from before they were both in the maze, but he doesn’t. Realllllllly bad ending, I’ll probably do a part 2. Hope you like it!!! I’d love to take requests and feed back! Thanks!

It was cold when I woke up. Cold and loud and dark, three things that added to the fact that I was absolutely lost and confused. Alarms were going off, red lights flashing, my head was swimming in forget. I could feel the room I was in (or whatever it was for that matter) surging up into a black space of nothing and only when I noticed the metal door the room was speeding towards did I let out one. long. scream.
Everything stopped to a halt. Alarms were still blaring and the crimson lights cast the oddest hue into the metal cage I stood in , still nothing happened. Suddenly, the heavy doors burst open, sliding aside and letting in bright white light that flooded into everything and blinded me. I shielded my eyes with my arm out of pure instinct, letting everything adjust.  It was the  immediate whispers that caught my attention and made me tense up. Girl was the word I heard the most, over and over again. My weak legs trembled as I made and attempt to stand up, still blinded. Something heavy thumped into the box startling me as I cowered away in the corner.
“Welcome here, Greenie, we won’t hurt you.” The voice said, sultry and soft. The accent was a little off and I couldn’t quite place it where it was from. But, it sounded familiar. Like home. My heart started beating faster. Racing at top speed because I convinced myself that I knew this voice. I didn’t even have to make eye contact with the speaker before I was holding him, clutched tight in my arms.
“Newt?” I wanted to cry into the blonde boy’s shoulder, all the memories we had together rushing back. I didn’t know much of what was happening but if there was anything, it was that I knew Newt, that a growing feeling in my stomach was what was pulling me towards him. I let him go just long enough to take a breather and spit out the millions of questions I had growing in my mind, but before I could ask I was being pulled back by a stranger, a boy with short cropped blonde hair and eyebrows that seemed to be permanently placed in a worrisome expression.
“Woah, woah, woah there Greenie, calm down. We ain’t gonna hurt you but you need to calm down.” His voice was right next to my ear and I flinched. I looked at Newt only to find a confused, dazzled, and most of all, scared look on his face. He was blushing a furiously red shade.
“What do you mean? I know him, Newt, Newt please tell this bastard to let me go! Newt it’s me!” My head was shaking all to fast and I was crazed with how close this unknown boy was and how far away the one person I knew was standing. Newt’s expression remained unchanging, and then he spoke.
“Who the bloody hell are you and how do you know my name?”
                          *                *                *          
I spent 4 hours in the slammer after that, bursting into a mess of tears. The fact that I was stuck in essentially what was a giant, ceiling-less room with a bunch of boys that looked at me like I was their next meal absolutely terrified me. It would terrify anyone. It wasn’t until they got the leader, Alby, to talk to me and explain, that I cleared my throat and calmed down.
“Why am I here?” I asked.
“If I knew I would be the first one to tell you, sorry Greenie. Do you know your name yet?” I shook my head. Alby furrowed his eyebrows and helped me out of the Slammer.
“That’s okay, it’ll come back to you in a day or so, it’s the one thing they let you keep.” He turned to leave before I spoke up.
“But it’s not.”
“It’s not the only thing they let me keep. I remember him. I remember Newt. I know him. Not enough to help me explain what the hell is going on but I know him, I swear.”
Alby looked at me, clearly not yet convinced, but gave it all a second thought.
“Look Greenie, I don’t know why the Creators let you keep your so called memories of Newt, but until we find out you’ll have to be part of the gladers and help us all out. I nodded, finding the statement quite obvious.
“Great,” he said, “you’ll start off by working with Frypan over there. Call it sexist or whatever you want, putting a girl in the kitchen, but we just really need a better cook.” Alby let out a hearty laugh and I smiled as I made way to the little make-shift kitchen the Gladers had set up.

Frypan and I had finished cooking up the best meal we could muster up regarding the strange assortment of foods we had. Letting out a high pitched whistle, Frypan called all the boys over and they all stood in line, holding out trays. Winston, one of the Med Jacks, grinned and invited me to sit at the end of “cool” table where Thomas, Minho, and Chuck had already set down their trays. I immediately took a liking to the three boys, scruffing up Chuck’s hair whenever he made a cheesy pun or ridiculous remark. Thomas’s cheeks carved out dimples whenever he laughed and I found myself enjoying just listening to them talk. Everything silenced once we all caught a glimpse of Newt setting down his tray two seats diagonally from me, like he was disgusted to be around me.
“Hey Newt.” I tried, getting only a grumble in response. Minho’s eyes darted between Newt and I.
“Come on you shuck face, just talk to the pretty girl.” Minho winked sarcastically and we all laughed except Newt. (insert gif 1)
“Alright. What makes you think you know anything about me?” He asked, venom laced through his voice. If anything, I thought Newt would be happy that I knew him, happy that there was some familiarity even though he didn’t remember me back.  Familiarity in a place full of questions and again the tension rose and I cleared my throat.
“Your favorite color is green. Not because of the color itself but because of what is means. Because of the life it represents and pretty pastures and mysterious forests,” I said quietly, as if further disturbing the silence would anger Newt even more.
“That doesn’t prove any-“
“And you have a secret sweet tooth, no one knows, but if you could have all the sweets in the world you would eat them in a heartbeat.”
“Frypan could’ve told you that-“
“You absolutely love books because everything is so much better in them than the world could ever be and those fairytales are what give you hope for a better tomorrow, well, gave.”
“Your scared that you’re not enough. That your whole life will amount to nothing because you’re one person. Sometimes you feel empty because you don’t want to die a nobody. You’re scared that in the end, nothing will have meant anything and you’ll just die as an expendability, not a hero. And I know you, Newt, I know that you want to be a hero more than anything-“
“That’s enough. That was not your secret to tell.” He stated bluntly, cutting me off with a sharp remark that made me bite back my tongue immediately.
“I don’t know how you know me or why they let you remember me but, if you do know me then you know that that was a secret.” He abruptly pushed back the seat and left the table without barely having touched his food.
The boys around us looked at me with pity and I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, my cheeks heating up. Chuck reached out to comfortingly touch my shoulder but I plastered a small smile and brushed it away.
“It’s okay.”
But it was certainly not.
Everything seemed so unchanging in the glade. Everything but Newt. I wasn’t ever surprised to be honest, because from the depths of my memory I remembered Newt being this way. He was the mystery boy. The boy made of plaster who pretended to make things right. The boy who didn’t know better.
Newt was avoiding me like the plague. Every time I made eye contact with him he would quickly shut me down, turning around or switching directions. The last straw was when Newt got so panicked that I was walking his way that he literally shoved aside chuck in the process of trying to find an escape. I had had enough. I marched up to Newt whilst he was sat near the gardens, hacking away at a tree. At first, he heard my footsteps and I saw his eyes widen. Before he could do anything, I blocked his path so he was stuck between me and the tree. (insert gif 2)
“Jesus, Newt, just stop it. I don’t know why you’re so scared of me. I’m not going to expose you or anything.”
“Just leave me be.”
“No, Newt, I want to know why you’re so mad! I mean, I don’t even know my own name! All I know is you were part of my life in the past and I know you, Newt, I do!”
“You think you know me because you have memories of me,” he spit out, “but I sure as hell have changed since then. Everyone bloody thinks they have me figured out but they don’t. I don’t have time for any nonsense or lovely, emotional attachments. None of us do. Just, just bugger off!”
“You know what, I will!”

It’s currently 6 am and I’ve been up since 12 am and I’ve lost the ability to write, but I did it anyways! If you would like to see a part 2, I’ll be sure to write it! Thank you for reading it!!! Requests are open and welcome!

Masky: Well I don’t have a room since my old house was sold since the car crash…BUT I lived in the tree house my brother and I built for us ever since then. It was in the middle of woods, in the back of our house so it would be a secret place for us! I have a photo of it! 

Masky: About neighbours, well I only met one family in my old neighborhood and we got along. My brother took a picture of them! Me and him got the love for photos from our father hehe…He was more the type of black and white photos.

Masky: The family was only a couple and their daughter. She was 20 when I met her so I guess she’s 24 now. I haven’t heard of her since she joined the army or something four years ago. She was nice and I loved to mess with her since she would always get mad at badpuns! *giggles* She also had a big love for birds, I saw her taking care of a lot of injured birds she would find around her backyard.

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