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Things that really should have been in the Harry Potter films

-Hermione actually having bushy hair and large front teeth

-Ron making the jokes, not being the joke. 

-Hermione having personality flaws

-Sassy Harry (the ‘pincers’ scene was not enough…)

-Rupert Grint being allowed to play Ron how he was in the books (i.e a three-dimensional character, not a comedic sidekick and walking punch-line)

-No-one else but Hermione fancying Gilderoy Lockhart. 

-Ron’s obvious irritation over Hermione’s said crush on Lockhart



-James, Sirius, Remus and Peter being the Marauders, and making the map

-Ron standing up on a broken leg and telling Sirius that if ‘you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us too!’

-Hermione and Ginny not fancying Cedric Diggory (Why was this even put in the films?)

-The actual Quidditch World Cup final

-Ludo Bagman

-Ron being upset with Harry because he thought Harry had done it without him, not just because he was jealous

-Ron not leaving Hermione crying on the staircase at the end of the Yule Ball



-Ron not saying ‘I’ll go easy on you’ to Hermione. (Noticing a pattern here?)

-Charlie Weasley

-Ginny Weasley having a personality (Bonnie Wright, you deserved so much better…)

-Hermione and Ron both being horrible to each-other during the whole ‘Lavender’ debacle.

-Four words- ‘Weasley is our king’. 

-Harry and Ginny having a relationship that didn’t make you wonder whether she slipped him love potion. These scenes were so weird to watch…

-Dumbledore’s funeral

-Ron and Hermione comforting each-other during the funeral

-Both Ron and Hermione saying they would stick with Harry on his quest for the Horcruxes (I don’t care if Rupert Grint was ill with swine flu when they were filming, they could have easily edited him in later!)

-RON DANCING WITH HERMIONE AT BILL AND FLEUR’S WEDDING RECEPTION! This was a massive deal for their relationship development, and the film-makers threw it out the window in exchange for a ‘Ron still can’t ask Hermione to dance’ bit!

-Ron leaving because he was worried about his family, and thought Harry didn’t care, not just because he suspected Hermione was snogging Harry (FYI Kloves, this wouldn’t have been necessary if you had written the golden trio as they were in the books, instead of trying to force your own OTP into the scripts)

-Harry and Hermione being barely able to talk without Ron around. And no out-of-nowhere dancing either!

-Dobby being present in more than one film before he returned to die.

-Hermione finally kissing Ron because she realised how much he had matured as a person (he remembered the house-elves when everyone-else forgot), and realised that she couldn’t go another moment without letting him know how she felt. Not because they both go soaked in the chamber of secrets after destroying Hufflepuff’s cup (that scene made no sense, and was so uncomfortable to watch, and I’m a Romione shipper, for crying out loud!) 

-Voldemort’s body not changing into magic dandruff and disappearing into nothing. This misses the point of his death entirely.

-Harry fixing his own wand with the Elder Wand. If he was going to break it, he could have at least fixed his own first.

-Not sure about this one, but did Ron even get a line in the ‘nineteen years later’ scene in the films? Because if he didn’t get to say his ‘I’m extremely famous’ line, I am throwing up on my laptop in rage.

-Also, Ronald Bilius Weasley getting some freaking RESPECT and NOT being made into a figure of fun for non-Potterheads to laugh at!

martinlydia  asked:

Hey Sarah how are you? :) can I request a drabble/fic with “Alright, I love you”? If you want to do it of course!

Hey Giulia! 💕 Thanks for the prompt my dear (and I’m sorry that it took about six years for me to write it), I desperately hope you enjoy this!

A/N: Along with Deathly Hallows missing moments, this is an R/Hr trope that I will probably never get tired of. I like what I like, guys.


Alright, I Love You

Hermione must have packed and unpacked a thousand times in the week since the battle - a week that had felt like a year - but then again, she really didn’t know what she was packing for. The beaded bag had been upended all over Ginny’s bedroom floor for the purpose of sorting through the various articles of clothing and bits of detritus that had gathered over ten months on the run, but it all remained strewn over every available surface as Hermione remained inert, frozen with indecision.

From her vantage point near Ginny’s window, she could see Ron and Harry out in the garden, each taking it in turns to fling a garden gnome over the hedges. They didn’t seem to be talking much, just working in a sort of quiet peace, and Hermione found herself almost irrationally jealous. It felt like an entire lifetime had passed since she had been alone with Ron, able to simply exist with him. Not since Shell Cottage, really, when she thought they’d been right on the verge of something, and then she’d kissed him, and sure, it was frenzied and frantic and Harry had yelled at them, but the way he had kissed her back, popped her up off her feet - well. She supposed she had expected more from the past several days, even if that made her feel wildly selfish. He’d just lost his brother, after all, and he hadn’t seen most of his family in months. There was quite a bit to be dealing with, but she still had never envisioned going to Australia alone

Outside, Ginny had entered the garden with a broomstick propped on her shoulder, and within seconds she was leading Harry away by the hand toward the orchard. Well, they certainly hadn’t wasted any time since the war had ended, and Hermione felt another hot wave of envy. Somehow things had just fallen into place for them, and yet she and Ron, once again, were caught in limbo. Down in the garden, Ron got to his feet and raked his fingers through his sweaty hair, sending it into disarray. Even from Ginny’s bedroom, Hermione could see a sort of stressed, anxious look on his face, and part of her wanted to Apparate directly to him, to alleviate it somehow… but lately, he had seemed to keep his distance, so she thought she had better let him have it.

With a sigh, she returned to her sorting. Harry’s things had been easy enough to divide up - she simply plopped a stack of denims and zip-tops onto Ginny’s bed - but separating out Ron’s things presented a bit more of a challenge. It felt odd, counterintuitive, to isolate his jumpers from hers, to stop herself claiming a worn-out t-shirt of his as her own; she’d rather merge their things, keep their lives intertwined-

“Er - hey,” came a hesitant voice from the doorway. Ron had poked his head in, his face flushed from the midday sun, sweat shining on his forehead. “What’ve you been doing?”

“Oh.” Hermione looked up from from her seat near the window, now acutely aware that she was holding Ron’s old Keeper gloves (which last July had earned a place in the beaded bag out of sheer sentimentality) on her lap. “Just, erm, going through all our things. I’ll have to start packing soon.”

Ron quirked an eyebrow and stepped further into the room. “Packing?”

“To go to Australia.”

“You’re not leaving, are you?” he asked, alarmed.

Slowly, she nodded. “I’ll have to eventually, I need to fetch my parents-“

“By yourself?”

Hermione tossed the Keeper gloves onto a pile of Ron’s dirty socks and stood. “I don’t know,” she said, brushing her palms off on her denims, “but I’m beginning to think I need to get going on it.”

“You really shouldn’t go on your own-“

“I’m perfectly capable-“

“I know that,” he replied, and instead of the frustration she expected to lace his voice, there was only warmth, only fondness. “I know you can do it alone, but you shouldn’t have to.”

Then come with me. The words were right on the tip of her tongue, but somehow she couldn’t put her voice behind them. It wasn’t as if his feelings for her were some great mystery - she’d heard him screaming her name at Malfoy Manor, and he hadn’t exactly been subtle at Shell Cottage - so she wasn’t quite sure why she had gone selectively mute.

“What are you saying?” was what actually came out of her mouth, much to her own chagrin.

“Just that-“ Ron paused and used the sleeve of his t-shirt to wipe a few lingering drops of sweat from his brow. “Well - no pressure or anything, obviously, erm, but if you’d like some company, y’know, I’d-“ He paused again and shook his head as though chastising himself, then drew a breath. “Alright, I love you, that’s what I’m saying, and I know it’s a bit mad to be saying that to you right now, but it’s true, and I promised myself I’d always be there for you, and that includes this. So.”

Hermione could do no more than blink at him, stunned into silence by his admission, but it didn’t much matter: he stepped toward her, so close that their fingertips brushed.

“So if you’ll have me,” he continued as his hands wrapped around hers, “I’ll be there.”

Of course he loved her. Rather than a revelation, his words were a reaffirmation. It was as if she’d always known it, and the past week of distance and silence seemed to make sense now, as if they’d needed time for everything to settle until they were ready for this one final nudge in the right direction.

And all it took, Hermione found, was the lightest squeeze around Ron’s fingers to make him lean in and kiss her, softly at first, then a bit more deeply.

“Well?” Hermione asked as they broke apart, unable to suppress the smile stretching across her face. “Aren’t you going to help me pack?”

“Yeah,” he grinned, releasing her hands to rub his own up her forearms. “Yes, of course.”

They settled happily onto the floor, and Hermione had just shoved a stack of his woolen jumpers into the beaded bag (it was autumn in Australia, after all) when she suddenly realized what she was forgetting.

“Ron?” Her stomach fluttered as he turned to look at her, his blue eyes shining and warm. “I love you too.”


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everyone talks about “did you put your name in the goblet of fire” being the worst book to movie dialogue fail but lets be real the worst is where hermione answers a question in class and snape calls her an “insufferable know-it-all” and in the book ron is furious and he goes OFF and says “you asked a question and she knows the answer! why ask if you don’t want to be told?” but in the movies they just make him say “he’s got a point, you know” and i’m still mad about it

my teacher, glancing down my phone : great to know that kids these days still appreciate fine literature even if they’re on their phones! these e-books things are very revolutionary indeed

me :

me : literature yeah absolutely

my phone : /furiously/ SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMU- oh and is that fluff i see

have you ever experienced that feeling where you fall in love with your otp all over again? like everyone loves their otps as they progress slowly and they slowly fall in love with them, but then while reading fanfic or watching fanvids or just sitting around but you’re suddenly hit by how beautiful and amazing your otp is all over again and just how far they’ve come and every reason why you ship them and it just makes you emotional and want to cry in the middle of the room and it’s fucking wonderful

Your Harry Potter OTP as things my parents have said to each other


Dad: damn, who pissed in your wheaties?

Mom: is that a euphemism or a legitimate question? Because I know the answer to both would be you


Mom: (snorts at something on her phone)

Dad: why did you just snort?

Mom: I don’t know I was just being stupid

Dad: shouldn’t you be snorting all the time then?



Dad: my two front teeth? Wait


Mom: i like your butt.

Dad: I like YOUR butt.

Mom: this is why we are an example of a good marriage.


Dad: did you change the wall color? When did our walls become blue?

Mom: I painted these walls two years ago. Did you even notice that there were walls in the first place?

Dad: only the ones you put up to block me out :(


Mom: I love you.

Dad: you smell. But I love you. And your smells.


Dad: a navy pilot drew a dick in the sky with a plane!

Mom: stop saying the word dick we’re in a public place



Dad: Come look at this meme!

Mom: what’s a meme?

Dad: The Answer to that question is



Mom: just because you read something about the government on the internet online doesn’t mean it’s true.

Dad: that’s just what the government lizard-people are brainwashing you to think.