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Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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  • Zack: So let me get this straight-
  • Kimberly: More like let me run this bi you
  • Jason: Let's just see how this pans out
  • Billy: We should ace-ess the situation
  • Trini: I'm gay

nina had grieved for her loss of power, for the connection she’d felt to the living world. she’d resented this shadow gift. it had seemed like a sham, a punishment. but just as surely as life connected everything, so did death. it was that endless, fast-running river. she’d dipped her fingers into its current, held the eddy of its power in her hand. she was the queen of mourning, and in its depths, she would never drown.

Happy Birthday to Mob!! You’ve made a lot of friends this year, here’s to another good one!! :DDD


  • Smart boi (Yale graduate)
  • Fought for women’s education rights
  • One of Washington’s “favorite sons”
  • “Loved his God and General Washington in equal measure”
  • A Federalist Congressman, who often debated against Jefferson
  • In favor of abolishing slavery
  • Co-founded a society to help improve the living conditions in Jewish communities
  • Made huge donations to local churches
  • Established a training school for Native American and Asian missionaries
  • Patriotic, confident, loyal, reliable, strong, polite, honorable, brave

I just finished Washington’s Spies, and I now whole-heatedly believe that Benjamin Tallmadge is probably one of the greatest people to ever walk this earth and I love him.

Ryan’s Face When He Unsheathed The Sword On This Week’s AHWU Like I’ve Never Seen Anyone Embody The “Kid On Christmas Morning” Look More Perfectly

The Sheer Joy In His Voice When He Announced “These Are Deadpool Swords!!” Is Something I Never Thought I Would Experience

Also Him Casually Like “It’s Been A Long Time Since I’ve Worked With Nunchucks” “You Worked With Nunchucks?” “Briefly” As If It Should Surprise Anyone At This Point That Ryan Has Used Every Weapon Under The Sun

And Then Him Struggling To Get The Sword Out From The Holster On His Back For Ages

Ryan Killed Me Like 7 Times In This One Video What A Start To The Week

not to get sappy but the fact that taeyong’s dance teacher told him he’d never make it and taeyong himself admitted that the only reason he can dance now is purely out of hard work and not natural ability just proves that…. we can do it too. taeyong is such a good leader not only for nct but for nctzens. he’s a role model. he’s showing us that hard work really does matter and that you can do anything you want as long as you never give up and try your hardest. be kind. work hard. take care of others and take care of yourself. never stop chasing your dreams. don’t give up on yourself. believe in yourselves, my fellow nctzens ily ♥️