my robot lady

How I Would Describe the Me3 Squadmates

- Liara T'Soni = Very good, kind of scary, but still draws on eyebrows. Why Liara?
- Kaidan Alenko = Finally came out of the closet, only one person notices because of reapers.
- Ashley Williams = Badass lady gets a makeover, looks badass either way.
- Garrus Vakarian = THATS MY BEST FRIEND.
- Tali'Zorah = Has never done anything wrong in her life, ever.
- Javik = I shouldn’t be attracted to this asshole, yet here I am.
- Edi = My sweet robot lady, I still don’t understand why you don’t wear clothes.
- James Vega = Muscle man sets out to destroy the reapers with his muscles.


Lady Drossel von Flugel 

This little cutie patoodie is from Fireball Charming, a series of Japanese animated shorts from Disney.  It’s a little confusing to watch if you’re not fluent in Japanese word play, because it’s full of puns and other word play and they talk pretty fast and I only took 3 years of Japanese in high school and I don’t remember hardly any of it!

But yea, it’s super cute and Drossel is amazing

She’s available on my RedBubble:

So I uploaded an additional ref of my robot lady and this dude sends me a note asking these oddly-specific questions about various ways to hurt / mess with her. 

It seemed a little too “does she get embarrassed when she lays eggs haha” to me, so a friend and I did some digging and apparently this dude asks these exact questions (usually in public comments) on dozens of different robot / android / cyborg / etc OC uploads across a few different sites.

Weird people.