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What we ate at Ma Maison, Bugis Junction for @hungryleow’s birthday! (Where I gave her a knife.) 

Ma Maison calls itself a 洋食屋, which means Western Food Restaurant, and serves japanese-style western food. This branch has survived in Singapore’s cut-throat restaurant industry, and has been there for more than 10 years. This particular restaurant has affordable lunch set meals too with drinks/desserts (not pictured).

Top: Hamburg Steak with Egg (ordered by hungryleow)

You can choose to have it with bread or rice. It was soft and fluffy, but hungryleow said that usually means that it has less meat. Bahaha. The demiglace sauce was awesome, however. 

Middle: Roast Beef Don (ordered by me)

This was the day soon after I found out my Nikumi’s Roast Beef Don pic got stolen, and so I was feeling pissy about it in a dozo-take-this-pic-instead kind of way. This is a more japanese-styled one, and the scallions and cabbage made it feel refreshing. The meat was really tender too. Remember, a don is completed in one bowl!

Bottom: Tonkatsu Set (ordered by the Bottomless Pit)

The Ma Maison group has another tonkatsu-centric chain (Tonkatsu by Ma Maison), but unfortunately this one’s taste was no where near it. (Well, the price was no where near it too, so I guess that’s fair). The bottom of the katsu was a little soggy, and the meat was not as juicy as the ones in their other stall. So I think I’ll rather splurge $10-$20 more at their other place for a tonkatsu to die for. 

One of the things I like the least about militant vegans is how they guilt trip people into thinking that they’re bloodthirsty murderers for eating meat.

If you choose to not eat meat for ethical reasons, I completely support and admire that stance. I was vegetarian for eleven years for that reason. But if you try to tell people that the only reason they eat meat is because they’re cruel monsters who hate animals, you’re wrong. Believe me, I feel guilty whenever I eat meat because I’m well aware my roast beef used to be sentient. But with my combination of an eating disorder and autism-related gut problems, I did not do well on a vegetarian diet. I can’t digest nuts or beans well at all, so that didn’t leave me with many options for vegetarian protein. And plant-based iron supplements make me sick as a dog.

When I eat meat, I do so for the same reason that any predator does: to keep myself healthy and fed. I have no alterior motives behind it. And yes, I do believe in animal rights. And I do believe we need to really reform the unnecessarily cruel meat industry.

However, I also don’t believe in comparing eating meat to rape or the Holocaust. Those last two things are/were acts of pure cruelty and violence, whereas the first is just people doing what organisms are meant to do: feed themselves.

  • stoneface G : You sure are an eager one... Sucking up all this broth. You're loving this, aren't you?
  • you : yes G i love warm meals after work
  • stoneface G : Damn right you do.
  • ---
  • stoneface G : Yeah you like it when I... gently put all these cut vegetables into this steamy pot of thick, boiling liquid, dont'cha? *slides the vegs off the cutting board gently and seductively*
  • ---
  • stoneface G : You really want my gravy on your roast beef, huh?
  • you : ? yes please?
  • stoneface G : Alright, since you asked so nicely...
  • ---
  • stoneface G : I bought this bulk of bratwursts from the grocery store just so you can always enjoy my sausage at night.
  • stoneface G : Every night.
  • ---
  • (sorry everyone)
Imagine Kili and Legolas fighting over who gets to court you


imagine || fic request || Averil of Fairlea || Song inspiration

A/N: To fit the setting, I made some slight modifications to the imagine & request. And also…no Tauriel. Story broken up into sections.


The monstrous spiders were dead - not you or any other member of Thorin Oakenshield’s company. Excellent.

But now there was another problem: you were on your way to a Mirkwood prison cell. Not so good.

What a way to spend your birthday.

To top things off, the Elf called Legolas kept looking back at you, as if he knew something about you – or liked something about you.

After several minutes, Legolas let another guard up front take the Dwarves he’d captured, including Thorin and his sword Orcrist. Legolas fell back and gently took your arm from another Elf.

“Get your mitts off her!” Kili snapped from the very back of the line. He had also seen how Legolas looked at you.

“Kili, we’re about to be locked up,” you called. “He’s not going to carry me to the cell!”

Legolas flashed his eyes at you.

“I could carry you, Gilgalad.

You didn’t know what “gilgalad” meant but now it was obvious that the handsome Elf liked you. You blushed, your eyes wide.

Kili started twisting in the grip of the guard who had him by the arm.


Legolas stopped and just stared at Kili for a moment. The guard who had the Dwarf also stood still, and Kili settled down, returning Legolas’ stare. All the other Dwarves and guards continued walking.

Gilgalad,” Legolas repeated.

“WHAT?! If anyone’s a ‘gilded lad,’ it’s you, blondie!”

“Oh Kili…” You pinched the bridge of your nose.

Gil-ga-lad. It means starlight.” Legolas glanced at the five-pointed diamond pendant on a gold chain peeking from the top of your shirt. You were impressed: no one ever noticed the heirloom, more dear to you than any other possession.

Legolas began walking again. Kili felt like a fool and bit his lip as the guard pulled on him to keep going.

 Then Kili had an idea.

                               “The Better Archer”

“Hey, Gilded Lad! It’s the lady’s birthday. I think she deserves a special dinner with a special companion, despite the circumstances.”

You turned around and narrowed your eyes at Kili, wondering where he was going with this.

“And who do you think this ‘special companion’ should be, pray tell?” Legolas asked.

“The better archer.”

You threw your head back for several seconds and looked at the canopy above, not believing Kili’s audacity - but loving him for it, too.

When you refocused on Legolas, he had a hint of smugness in his eye. In Sindarin, he ordered Kili’s guard to return to Mirkwood’s halls.

The three of you were now alone. Legolas retrieved his knife from its sheath on his hip and pointed it at Kili so the Dwarf wouldn’t try any funny business while he talked to you.

“A birthday dinner for you and a companion of your choosing, beautiful lady, can be secretly arranged,” Legolas said, “but is this your desire, or his?”

“My desire is that you let my friends and me go.”

Legolas slowly shook his head. That wish obviously wasn’t going to come true.

An archery contest? This is so stupid, you thought. But you had to admit, it was a bit flattering, and entertaining, to have two gorgeous fellows compete for your company - and on your birthday, no less.

“Fine,” you said. “I’ll set the rules.”

You took a quick look around the landscape, immediately noticing a curved row of four pine trees, amply spaced. The last one in the line was nearly a half a kilometer away.

“Shoot each of these trunks - no missing, no flubbing.” You pointed to the tree line. “Start with the furthest, and…”

Your directions were cut off by both Legolas’ and Kili’s muffled laughter.

“Too easy,” Kili mumbled. “I’ll have roast beef for my dinner, please.”

“These trees were my target practice 600 years ago,” Legolas said, looking pitifully at Kili. “I was practically still in diapers when I pierced them.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” you said. “You must be blindfolded, and your feet fixed in the same position for each target. The one to hit all the trees, following all the rules, wins.”

The laughing stopped.


“You expect me to let prisoners blindfold me?” Legolas asked you skeptically. He tucked away his blade and stepped up to you both, preparing to grab your arms. “Sorry, this contest is canceled.”

“Here!” You reached behind your neck, unfastened your cherished necklace, and offered it to Legolas. “This is the only worldly possession I have. It’s been in my family forever. Keep it as my vow not to harm you. And Dwarves keep their word! Neither of us will hurt you, right Kili?”

Kili shrugged and said “sure.” Legolas took the necklace in his hand, admiring its subtle beauty.

“Agreed,” the Elf said, slipping the chain in his boot.

You pulled your long tattered scarf from your waist as Legolas painstakingly chose the best position to stand in. Once he secured his footing, you handed him the scarf.

“Don’t try anything,” he warned. You placed your hand over your heart, but he was really talking to Kili, who just stood there, arms folded, smirking.

Legolas tied the scarf around his eyes, lifted his bow and pulled an arrow from the quiver.

Ping!  The first arrow hit the furthest target with ease.

He grabbed another arrow, rotated at his waist, and shot:


Third arrow:




Legolas hit the closest tree, but it bounced off the tough bark and met the ground.

He yanked the blindfold off and let it slip from his fingers as he gazed, crestfallen, at the projectile lying in the leaves as if it had betrayed him.

Kili sauntered over and picked it up.

“Here you go,” Kili sang, tucking the arrow back in Legolas’ quiver.

The Elf stepped aside and tried to hide his embarrassment and disappointment.

                                  “A Deal is a Deal”

Kili reached for the crumpled scarf, fumbled with the knot in it, then tied it around his eyes. Without much consideration, he nailed a spot to stand in.

He picked up his bow, set his first arrow, and loosed it.

Hit. Slight pivot at waist. Release. Hit.

Each arrow seemed to speak, taunting Legolas:

I Like!

My Roast Beef!



Kili slid the scarf down to his neck and spread his lips into a wide grin. You couldn’t help it; you smiled, too.

“Shall I retrieve the arrows?” Kili started walking toward the trees.

“I’ll do it! Don’t move!” Legolas snarled.

Legolas stomped to each tree and ripped the arrows from the trunks. Kili pulled away the scarf and wrapped it back around your waist, smiling up at you cunningly.

When Legolas returned, he practically threw the arrows belonging to Kili in the Dwarf’s face.

After everyone’s arrows were back where they belonged, Legolas got between you and Kili, took you both by the upper arm and began walking toward the Mirkwood halls.

“A deal is a deal,” Legolas muttered after a few minutes of silence. “I’ll make the arrangements for dinner, but if a word of this gets out…”

“It won’t,” you promised, looking past him at a very, very proud Kili. “Thank you.”

Legolas abruptly stopped, remembering something. He let go of you and Kili and reached down into his boot. He pulled out the necklace, then stood behind you and secured it around your neck.

He offered you a genuinely friendly smile.

“Happy birthday, Gilgalad.”

If it helps you breathe (1/4)

Pairing: Hardy x Hannah
Rating: teen and up
Word count: 4300
Summary: “In London, you can keep secrets. You can be anonymous, you can be whoever you want. But as long as one person knows you entirely and loves you still… it’s the best place in the world.”  After what they’ve been through, both Hardy and Hannah need one such person, a kindred spirit to enjoy the city.  

A/N: Many thanks to the lovely fadewithfury for her invaluable help.  


Set right after Broadchurch S2 and about two years after the SDOACG finale.


Staring at the words on her laptopscreen, Hannah huffed. There were only so many synonyms for ‘cock’ she coulduse in one paragraph. Her eyes flitted to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, Facebook was just one click away. No. She inhaled deeply, rolled her neck, and focused back on the text in front of her.

She was on a roll, typing away about a couple fornicating on a train, when she was rudely interrupted by her Beyonce ringtone. Jackie. Hannah winced as she picked up.

“You’re invited to Sunday lunch,” her sister said in a honeyed voice.

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My boyfriend once told me my taint smelled like roast beef when he was giving it kisses in the janitors closet of the funeral home of my grandpas funeral.

relationship goals!!