my ritty

“If I give my best and am told that I’m useless, then that’s my own fault. But being considered useless, without having even tried, is something I can’t allow.”

- Onodera Ritsu, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi


the fuck is Ritsu finally going to confess to Masamune?

I started off reading SIH at 17 years of age. I’m now 24 years of age. 

What is the author even actually doing? I wish she would stop with the Tri series because I just honestly don’t care a toss about Yokozawa. He’s just a miserable asshole. 

I just want to finally see my Rittie confess. Why is that so much to ask for? 

Do I have to board a fucking plane to Narita airport, track down Shungiku Nakamura’s pale ass and get her at gun point then force her to finally finish the story? 

I’ve- we’ve waited years. 

I’m TIRED of waiting.