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Teen Dad Three [Finale Part 1 of 2]

Teen Dad Three [Finale Part 1 of 2]

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: I guess it’s kind of sad?

A/N: This would be the Finale part 1 of 2! I was going to make it one big ending but, I decided to cut it into two parts, mainly because this ending gets you more curious about what’s going to happen next. Let me know what you think :) My goal was to make you feel warm and happy inside and also make you cry and hurt your heart a little haha (Though I don’t think I can, I’m not that good of a writer)  | i love you all ! :) <3

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Teen Dad | Teen Dad Two

Peter ran back home, breathing heavily.

It was around midnight, Aunt May should be asleep.

Peter unlocked the door, opening it carefully, and shutting it quietly behind his back.

Walking back to his room, he was startled when Aunt May was watching him from the hallway.

“May. Wh– what are you doing up this late?”

“I should be asking you the same thing, Peter.”

“I– I was just going out for a walk. That’s all.”

“And why are you going out this late at night?”

“I– I couldn’t sleep, but I’m tired now, I’ll see you in the morning.”

And with that, Peter walked past Aunt May, walking straight to his room.

Getting up later than usual, since it is winter break after all, Peter slept till 9am, usually he wakes up at 6:30 for school.

He got up and walked to the kitchen to get breakfast.

“Mornin’ May.”

“Good morning, look, I need to get some stuff from the store, I’ll be back in an hour or two.”

She said, she grabbed her keys, walking towards the door.

“It’s going to take you one to two hours to get ‘some’ stuff?”

She scoffed, hand on the door knob, “you know how I am.” She laughs, making Peter laugh as well, knowing how she gets distracted and ends up buying everything but what she needed.

She gave Peter a soft smile, “I miss seeing that smile of yours sweetie.” Peter looked down, nodding.

“I do too.”

“Do you think you’ll be okay being by yourself for a couple of days?”

Your mom yelled over the loud sound of her hair dryer.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

“Call May if anything happens, I talked to her the other day.”

“Okay, I will.”

She put the dryer down and turned around, looking at you sitting quietly on the foot of her bed.

“Sweetie,” she said, holding my chin up.

“Still haven’t talked to Peter huh?”

You shook your head no. She sighed, caressing your cheek.

“Don’t look so down baby girl, something will turn up, okay?”

You nodded.

Peter laid on his bed, staring at his phone.

He’s been thinking of when he should call (Y/n). He doesn’t know what’s going on with her anymore. Is she okay? Is she happy? Sad? Still mad at him? Will she ever forgive him? Is she feeling sick at all? His finger hovered over her name. One little tap and he would be calling you.

He let out a sigh, jumping and dropping his phone on his face when it started ringing.

Tony Stark.

He let it go to voicemail. He didn’t want to talk to anyone but (Y/n) right now and he doesn’t know if he can even do that.

Tony Stark Misscall (1)

Tony Stark Voice Mail (1)

He clicked on the voicemail, Tony never calls and it left him curious.

“Hey, Spidey. What happened last night? Did you tell her? I really hope you do make the right decision. Think hard about what’s more important, and make the right decision all right?”

Peter thought hard about it alright.

He still wasn’t ready to be a father, but he still loves (Y/n). He still doesn’t know what to do but all he knows is that he loves you.

An hour or two after your mom left, you felt a little dizzy.

Holding your head, you closed your eyes before passing out on the couch.

Aunt May came home, Peter was passed out on the couch.

“Peter,” she cooed, “wake up honey.”

Peter opens his eyes slowly and props himself up onto his elbows.

“What– what time is it?”

“It’s time for you to wake up. Stop sleeping so much, you didn’t use to be so sleepy all the time.”

“I just haven’t been getting any sleep lately.”

She sat down next to him, he scrunching his legs up to his chest, putting his head on his knees.

“Talk to her.”


“Call her, visit her, talk to her when you see her!”

“I– I just can’t May. It’s not as easy as you think.”

“It is as easy as I think Peter. You both are so depressed about being apart. You know how to make that depression go away? BE TOGETHER.”

“But the baby! That’s the only thing I’m afraid of May. I don’t know how to be a father. I’m still a kid.”

She sighs, fully turning to him this time.

“Pete, do you think I was ready to take care of you when your parents passed away?”

She looked straight into his teary brown eyes.

“I was as terrified as you were. But you were my responsibility. You and (Y/n) did what you did and you have to deal with the consequences. I didn’t raise you to be irresponsible.”

Peter had tears streaming down his face, he was silent. May wiped the tears away from his cheeks, and kissed his salty cheeks.

“You’ll be fine Pete, trust me on this. Okay?” Peter nodded.

“Good. I have to go leave again, I have a dinner to go to with some friends. Be good, okay? I brought home some take out if you’re hungry.”

He nodded, still quiet.

She kissed his forehead, “love you.”

“Love you too.”

You woke up a couple hours later, rubbing your head. What happened? You wondered. All you can remember is your mom kissing you goodbye and binge watching Pretty Little Liars afterwards. When you looked down, your eyes open quickly.

You saw some blood, knowing what that meant, you called Aunt May right away.

Peter turns around as he heard a phone ringing. It wasn’t his usual ring tone, so he looked behind him with a confused look. Seeing May’s phone on the table, he sighs.

She left her phone again.

Grabbing the phone, he checked who was calling. Seeing your name popped up on the screen, his eyes goes wide, but he decides to answer anyways. This was his chance to make things right with you again.


“Aunt May!” He heard, her voice was shaky and cracking. You can hear her sobbing, panick was also heard in her voice.


“I need to go to the hospital. My– my mom is out right now and– and no one can go with me so if you can– can you meet me there? I– I’m so scared. I’ll text you the address. I wish Peter was here.” You whispered the last part to yourself before you ended the call, but Peter still heard. Guilt formed around his heart. He couldn’t stand hearing you so hurt. He doesn’t know what’s going on but he snapped out of his thoughts once he heard a ding. Looking back at the phone, seeing that you sent the address to the hospital you’re going to, Peter ran out the door in a heartbeat.

You sat in a hospital bed.

Heart pounding in your chest.

Constantly rubbing your hands together.

Your whole body was trembling.

Thoughts running through your mind.

Constantly looking at the door.

Waiting for Aunt May to walk in.

Waiting for the doctor to tell you what you needed to hear.

The longer you wait, the more you tried to convinced yourself that whatever happened, whatever was happening.

Happened for a reason.

Maybe losing the baby, maybe it’s suppose to happen. Maybe it wasn’t a good thing. Maybe it was a reality check. Maybe the baby showed you something you didn’t notice in the relationship you had with Peter. That he didn’t love you as much as you thought. Because, without the baby happening, you wouldn’t realize that him being Spider-Man was more important than him being yours.

anonymous asked:

but how do we know that dean "made" the mixtape for cas, maybe dean made it a while back and had it laying around before he gifted it to cas, btw i ship destiel, i just think that our reading of the scene; ya know (dean giving cas a mixtape that he made specially for cas) is too good to be true :(

Hello, lovely!

Well, you have to look at the scene itself and everything around it to know what the scene is actually trying to communicate, right? Aw yiss!

So what does the scene tell us?

Well, not only is the Mixtape Exchange centred around Cas playing Dean (I mean, the fact that Dean later ties his own fury over Cas lying to him to the mixtape itself by using the word “played me” is kind of amazing to me) but more than that, the scene is the first private scene between them in… the entire season? 

And what was their last face-to-face moment? 

Originally posted by thedauntlesshufflepuff

That’s right, it was Cas telling Dean “I love you”. 

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My Reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda's Squad
  • Cora: Okay, can you tone down the fangirling? It's getting embarrassing. And I'm saying this as someone who used to be able to recite the entire Star Wars Original Trilogy from memory. Also, I'm not entirely sure it's legal for a straight woman to have that hair cut.
  • Liam: Well, since my baby brother can't be here, I am officially adopting you. Also, I agree with Vetra. Put on a god damned shirt.
  • Peebee: Hello, my blue space wife? Do you love me yet, or should I wait until tomorrow to buy the engagement ring and wedding set?
  • Drack: Murder Happy Space Grandpa! Can I have a hug?
  • Vetra: My best friend, and the sister of my heart. I will kill anyone who ever hurts you or anything you love.
  • Jaal: Dude, you are amazing, but for the love of god, never walk around my ship naked again.
  • Kallo: I want to hug you. I don't know why, but every time I set foot on the bridge, I am filled with the overwhelming urge to hug you.
  • Suvi: You are sweet, and lovely and Scottish, and I would love to curl up on a couch and talk to you for hours. Also while I am going to wife Peebee, that pink lip gloss is driving me to distraction. Please, for the love of god, stop wearing it.
  • Lexi: Space Mom. Which is slightly awkward because I hit on you the first time we met, but in my defense, you're insanely attractive.
  • Gil: Dude, I like you, but be nicer to Kallo, or I will put itching powder in your underwear.
  • Scott Ryder: I'm out here saving the cluster, and you're over there "in a medically induced coma." Lazy Asshole.
Library Calls

Here’s some bughead fanfiction that nobody asked me to do but I got bored and horny so…Also don’t read this if you don’t like smut or if you know me irl. I will die of embarrassment. This for all my fellow bughead sinners, so here goes my first fic.

Library Calls Pt. II: The Prop Room

Library Calls Pt. 3

Words: 1648

Warnings: Don’t read this if you don’t like Bughead smut, hoe don’t do it *does it*

Betty had just finished up her biology homework in the library when her phone started ring. The ring tone Candy Girl by the pussycats started blasting from her phone and before she knew it the librarian was giving her the stink eye. Great. As if she didn’t hate me more.

“Shush!” The librarian hissed as she fumbled for her phone’s silent switch.

“Uh-uh I’m sorry! I’ll just turn my phone off.”

She quickly silenced the phone before she could see the raven-haired boy’s smirk pop up on her phone. Jughead was calling her. Looking at his quite pleased with himself expression in the picture on her phone made her feel guilty for not being able to answer it. She knew she still had to finish AP English and Algebra homework before she could even indulge in seeing that boy. Having that boy even within walking distance was not going to help with her focus. Resist Betty, resist she thought to herself when imagining him strolling through the library in his leather jacket and oh…

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“Courtney, when I say I love you I am not ashamed, nor will anyone ever, ever come close to intimidating, persuading, etc me into thinking otherwise. I wear you on my sleeve. I spread you out wide open with the wing span of a peacock, yet all too often with the attention span of a bullet to the head. I think it’s pathetic that the entire world looks upon a person with patience and a calm demeanor as the desired model citizen. Yet there’s something to be said about the ability to explain ones self with a toned down, tone deaf tone. I am what they call the boy who is slow. How I metamorphosised from hyperactive to cement is for lack of a better knife to the throat uh, annoying, aggravating, confusing as dense as cement. Cement holds no other minerals. You can’t even find fools gold in it. It’s strictly man made and you’ve taught me it’s ok to be a man and in the classic mans world. I parade you around proudly like the ring on my finger which also holds no mineral. Love Kurt.”

Photo taken by Kurt.


Request: Could you write me a Brad imagine that has a dark/dirty and dangerous love kind of feel?

Warnings: Smut, Phone Sex, Dom!Brad, BDSM

Punk!AU’s are my favorite kind of AU so I kind of got carried away with this one. It’s the longest and dirtiest thing I have ever written I’m so ashamed.

Let’s write Bradley as a cocky asshole, shall we?

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anonymous asked:

Please oh please continue the Noir series where Claire was being blackmailed to hurt Jamie and Jamie took Claire away. (I don't remember the title)

Mod Note: Noir was on my personal account, Anon. Thank you so much for the ask - I am planning on writing another couple of chapters to finish it off, but have something from Imagine instead as a compromise for the moment. I hope that’s okay <3 

Persuasion: A Show!Verse Alternative Wedding: Part 2.

(Part One: HERE)

Pulling the thick sheets up around me I let my leg fall free of the tight bindings. The fresh air against my skin felt good and the exposed flesh of my back prickled at the sensation of being watched. I’d known the second Jamie had entered the room, his soft footfalls alerting me immediately. He was quiet, but not quite quiet enough.

“Sorry, Claire…” he sighed, shifting the hair away from my forehead as he knelt beside the bed, “I didna mean to disturb ye.”

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We’ll Kill Him for You

An OT5 fic me and @dont-hurt-tony-stark came up with. No actual smut just mentions of it. 

“My hand jobs are not second rate.” Tony blurts from his position sitting on the counter, four heads slowly turn to stare at him. Judgmental expressions on their faces. “Well they’re not, I don’t care what Jason from accounting says”

“No, they aren’t.” Steve agrees, smiling at Tony.

“Who the fuck is Jason from accounting?” Clint demands, jumping out of his seat. Tony rolls his eyes at the dramatics.

“Cute guy, that’s not the point.” Tony lays back across the counter. “The point is that my hand jobs are not second rate.”

“We can all agree to that. But, it doesn’t answer the question Tony.” Natasha points out. “Who is Jason from accounting.” Tony groans, throwing his arms over his head.

“What? Is Jason from accounting not enough information for you, Ms. Super spy? It’s Jason, the one from accounting.” She glares at him, and Tony pales slightly. Might not be a great idea to get snarky with Natasha this late at night.

“Does this building even have an accounting department? I’ve never seen accounting here?” Clint muses. Tony groans loudly.

“Whoever Jason is I don’t remember having talked to him, ever.” Steve muses. Tony glares at him from where his head is buried under his arms.

"What the hell, Tony?” Clint asks. “Who is this guy?”

“ Well first of all, you guys are dumb. Of course, accounting is in this building. Seriously it’s company headquarters.” Tony scowls at them. Steve vaults the couch in his rush to get into the elevator, Clint not far behind him. "Guys it is midnight! And Jason works in the San Francisco department! Seriously guys!”

“You should really mention that first next time.” Natasha informs him, she smiles warmly at him. Tony squints at her suspiciously.

“It’s midnight, I didn’t exactly expect them to go hunt Jason down in an empty office building.” Tony defends. “Hell, I didn’t think they’d try to hunt him down at all.”

“Okay, anyways speaking of San Francisco, I wanted to go check out California sometime soon.” Natasha says. Tony squints at her suspiciously. “What? I’ve heard there’s some great places to shop down there.”

“It’s midnight.” Clint announces as the elevator doors slide open. “Jason is not here.” Tony groans, and slides off the counter, glaring at Clint.

“Guys it was a joke. Jason did not actually say my hand jobs were second rate I was quoting a YouTube video. Please don’t try to hunt down or kill Jason from accounting.” Tony pleads. Steve nods agreeably.

"Okay.” Clint says, and Tony relaxes. “Jason didn’t say your hand jobs were second rate, but did Jason ever experience a hand job from you?” Tony groans.  

“Well, yes. But-” Tony starts to defend himself. Clint sticks his finger in Tony’s face.

“Murder time!” Clint declares. Natasha nods solemnly in the background. Steve at least looks mildly conflicted, and Bruce seems to have fallen asleep on the couch.

“No. You cannot kill someone I slept with three years ago.” Tony scolds, shoving Clint’s hand out of his face.

“Why not?” Clint whines. Tony looks to Steve for support, and gets nothing.

“Well for one thing, he’s a nice guy, and also, he’s pretty. I think his boyfriend and him are looking to adopt soon. No killing him.” Tony says. Steve finally seems to be on his side, glaring Clint into silence. “Plus he’s hot.” Tony tacks on.

“I’m killing him.” Natasha states.

“Nat, no. You can’t just kill every hot person I’ve slept with.” He says, she raises an eyebrow in a way that very much indicates she’s taking that as a challenge. “No, no, no. I will not tolerate the murder of anyone who isn’t actively threatening civilian lives.” Tony says.

“But you let him touch your dick.” Clint whines. Natasha nods along.

“I also let every girl on the playboy calendar in 2008 touch my dick, what’s your point? I’m a slut guys.” He points out. Steve scowls at that.

“You are not-“ Steve starts to protest.

“That’s not what you said last night.” Tony interrupts and Steve goes bright red. “The blushing is cute Steve but you’re dating everyone in this room, there is no need to be so embarrassed.”

“We can kill them too.” Natasha points out, choosing to ignore Steve.

“If you’re killing everyone who’s touched my dick then you’re going to have to kill everyone in this room, including me.” He points at a sleeping Bruce. “Not exactly an easy task. No Clint, that is not a challenge.” Clint’s face falls.

“You’d also have to kill a bunch of reporters, a few European models, some MIT Alumni.” Tony rattles off. “Oh, and Tiberius Stone, actually go ahead on that one if you really want to kill someone. Then there’s the Russian Olympic team from 2004-“

“Wait, why is Tiberius an exception?” Steve asks, more like a demand then a question. Tony’s stomach feels cold, and his eyes dart towards the elevator.

“Well,” He hedges, scanning for another exit. “He is an asshole.” There’s someone between him and ever potential exit other than the window, and he isn’t that desperate, yet. He can hide behind a sleeping Bruce if he has to.

“What did he do to you?” Natasha asks, and suddenly there’s a gun on his coffee table and a knife in her hands. “I will kill him for you Antoshka.”

“There is no call for knives on date night Natasha, no call.” He splutters, taking a step towards Bruce. Her eyes narrow.

“Seriously Tony, what did he do to you?” Clint asks, and that is his serious face, Tony does not want to deal with this.

“Can we not? I really don’t need an interrogation on date night.” Tony crosses his arms over his chest and tries for his best kicked puppy look in hopes of making them stop.

“We would like to know why we’ll be killing him, that’s all.” Natasha tries to soothe him. “You should tell us Antoshka.” Tony shakes his head.

“Nope, I’m going to go hide in my lab. Please, don’t kill Jeremy from accounting.” Tony says, pushing past Clint.

“I thought his name was Jason.” Clint mumbles, as Tony gets blocked by Steve. Tony rolls his eyes.

“Yes, it was Jason, I also fucked Jeremy there are a lot of hot guys in accounting, okay?” Tony throws his hands up in frustration.

“Why do all their names start with J?” Clint mutters to himself, the rest of the room decides to ignore him.

“Tell us what Tiberius did, or we’ll have to ask Rhodey.” Steve threatens. Tony decides he’d rather pay attention to Clint.

“Yes, all of their names do start with J.” Tony says, after a moment of thought. “Now Steve, I’d like you to get your boobs out of my face. I’m going to my lab now.” Steve shakes his head.

“No, you didn’t tell us what Tiberius did. We need to know Tony.” Steve says. Tony’s jaw tightens, and he glares up at Steve.

“I am going to my lab now. Move.” Tony says, his voice ringing with a tone usually reserved for people who ruin date night, and super villains actively holding guns to a child’s head.

“Steve, that’s the murder face, and voice. You should probably move.” Clint says. Steve scowls, but steps out of the way, saving himself some serious harm. Tony would never hurt anyone he’s dating, but he also doesn’t kiss people when they’re being assholes. With three other people to kiss, well, he can be stubborn.

“Okay, but I’m asking Rhodey.” Steve grumbles. Tony waves them off, disappearing into the elevator.

“Great, it’s been a joy talking to you all really.” He flashes them a sharp grin as the doors slide shut. Clint winces.

“I think we’re in trouble.” Clint sighs, immediately perking back up though and turning to Natasha. “We’re killing this Tiberius guy, right?” She nods, using the knife to clean under her nails.

“Of course, provided Tony doesn’t attempt to stop us.” She says. “He already gave us permission after all.” Steve looks hesitant.

“Shouldn’t we call Rhodey and make sure this guy deserves to be murdered before we actually, you know, kill him?” Steve asks. Natasha shrugs.

“Tony’s not hiding in his lab avoiding our questions because Tiberius is a nice guy Steve. We’re going to kill him.” She says, it’s a fair point, but he still wants to call Rhodey.

“We’re totally killing him.” Clint agrees, holding out a hand to Natasha for a fist bump.

“Can we at least find out what he did, before we kill him?” Steve asks, Natasha considers this for a second.

“Yes, I need to know how slowly he deserves to die.” Natasha says. “Do it quickly though, it’s not going to take me long to track down someone named Tiberius. It’s like his parents wanted him to be an asshole with that name.” She pulls out her phone, to hunt him down.

“Okay, let’s hope Rhodey’s awake. JARVIS can you call him?” Steve requests.

“Certainly Sir.” JARVIS agrees.

“He’s probably asleep like a normal person.” Clint points out. Steve glares at him.

“Let me hope Clint, let me hope.” There’s a loud beep as Rhodey picks up the phone.

“Tony, I swear if this is another my boyfriends and girlfriend don’t love my crisis.” Rhodey grumbles. “It’s the middle of the night.” Natasha looks up, interested.

“We’re getting back to that. Steve wants to know what Tiberius did to Tony so he won’t feel so bad for letting Clint and I murder him.” Natasha explains. Rhodey groans, they can hear blankets rustling.  

“Just kill the fucker and let me go back to sleep.” He grumbles.

“Can’t you just tell us why we’re killing him?” Steve pleads. Clint is staring eagerly at the ceiling waiting for an answer.

“Nope, it’s not my place to tell you, and I think I’ve spilled enough of Tony’s secrets. Seriously just kill him. Tony didn’t let me because of my career.” Rhodey grumbles, a hint of bitterness coloring his tone at the last sentence. “Can I go to sleep now, or did you need anything else?”

“I’ll let you sleep if you tell us what Tiberius did to Tony.” Steve says.

“Fuck off Rogers, I’m going to bed.” The dial tone rings out, and Steve seriously considers calling back again.

“Well, that was rude.” Clint comments, after a moment of silence.

“I am currently operating under the understanding that harassing people to divulge other’s secrets in the middle of the night could also be considered rude, Agent Barton.” JARVIS chimes in, Clint actually looks slightly ashamed under the weight of JARVIS’ disapproval.

“We just want to know what he did.” Clint mumbles, defensive. Natasha pats his shoulder consolingly.

“Don’t worry, we can just ask Tiberius before we kill him.” She says.

“Alternatively, and this might be shocking.” Bruce says, sitting up from where he’d been napping on the couch. Natasha absolutely does not jump, Steve absolutely does. “Completely out of left field idea, you could respect Tony’s privacy, and wait for him to tell you.”

“Yeah, we could, but we need to kill Tiberius, and we should know why first.”  Steve says. Bruce blinks at him, a little tired.

“Rhodey says kill him, and Tony said it was okay. I think your morals are safe Steve, he clearly fucked up majorly.” Bruce says. Steve nods along, that makes sense.

“We just want to know though.” Clint whines. Bruce narrows his eyes at him.

“You can want to know all you want, whatever. Respect Tony’s privacy.” Bruce says.

“Fine.” Clint grumbles corssing his arms. His eyes dart over to Natasha, and he leans in to whisper to her. “We’re going to ask Tiberius, right?”

“Obviously.” She whispers back, and Clint smiles. Bruce glares at them.

“Natasha?” He asks.

“What?” She pulls her face into her best innocent expression, it is surprisingly less effective on her boyfriend than it is on international crime lords.

“Don’t act innocent with me.” He says. “I know you, both of you.” He turns his eyes to Clint. She raises up her hands in a show of innocence, the picture is probably ruined by the knife still held in her left hand but the intent is there.

“I didn’t do anything.” She insists.

“And the Hulk is orange.” Bruce snarks back. “Just go kill Tiberius or whatever, but don’t invade Tony’s privacy. I don’t want to have to tag along to protect Tony from you nosy assholes.” She winces at that.

“We’ll be good.” Clint mumbles, and she nods along.

“Promise.” She says, when he squints at her.

“Fine.” He rolls over to go back to sleep, and something occurs to her.

“Wait. Do you know what Tiberius did?” She asks. He fakes a snore, and she jumps onto the arm rest, standing over him. “You know, tell us.” He glares up at her.

“Respect. Tony’s. Privacy.” He says, pulling the blanket over his head.

“Why would Tony tell Bruce, and not us? We’re all dating.” Natasha pouts. Clint shrugs.

“Well, Bruce didn’t interrogate him about it.” Steve points out.

“Shut up Steve, I’m thinking.”


On my view Reaper!Chaser isn’t about death itself, but mostly about a warning to others about their end in hopes they can repent from what they’ve done in their lives. 

The bell tones cause changes in the souls of others, higher tones lift people’s spirits, represent happiness, and  symbolize a closeness to spirit. The lower tones can bring spirits down, instill an unhappy and somber mood.

His weapon is a Khakkhara with six rings.

I’m sure the design is all wrong since i didn’t follow any references and just did what i felt like! 

I’m done with the designs for a little! Time to focus on the comic pages :3

Tatata laters!


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A Dangerous Game [Chapter 12]

Chapter 12 of A Dangerous Game

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6  Ch7  Ch8  Ch9  Ch10  Ch 11

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Angst/Fluff

“Why is she here Jinyoung… at OUR home?” Sana yelled as Jinyoung entered the house.

He froze, unaware that Sana had seen you or where Jinyoung had taken you.

“Who, my pet?”.

He smiled, attempting to play dumb.

“I know that’s her. The other woman. Why is she here?”.


“Answer me, Jinyoung! You promised when you put this ring on my finger that I was the only one. You said she was dead to you”.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write about the RFA reacting to making MC laugh really hard? Does this make sense? Your blog is really awesome! Thanks!

Thank you you are very kind !

It makes sense to me. - I just wish I was funny then I could make jokes up but I think my humour is like Jumins and I find him hilarious – so take that as you wish.


  • You had a bit of a bad day so Zen does everything to make you better.
  • When he finally makes you laugh he feels really accomplished.
  • He tells you that your laughter is the sweetest in whole world.
  • Zen would record it and use it as his ringtone specially when you laugh over a joke that he made.
  • When you laugh hard over other peoples jokes -Jumins-  he gets mad .
  • Zen want to be the one that makes you laugh -pouty Zen face-
  • Now that really makes you laugh hard because its too precious -victory for Zen take that Jumin-
  • -insert Victory pose for Zen here- that makes you laugh even more he is too cute


  • When he tickles you and you laugh really hard he really likes the sound of that.
  • He tickles you more till you are out of breath.
  • You tell him to stop once you out of breath so he does.
  • He is really happy to make you laugh as long you not laugh about him.
  • When you do -because 707 trolled him- he will get mad
  • But not for long since he loves you a lot and he knows your weak spots for tickles
  • Yoosung is more then happy to make you laugh as long its not when he fails
  • canon that Yoosung is a ditz ?


  • She impersonates Jumin and its so spot on that I makes you laugh really hard
  • If you heard her impersonate Zen you know she is quite good .
  • Jaehee is glad that she made you laugh really hard
  • She cant help it but laugh too now you feel really blessed laughing Jaehee is really rare after all.
  • Jaehee can´t wait to hear you laugh again
  • Loves to make you laugh with a little performance she will super embarrassed if you tell her that she is better then Zen
  • Jaehee really loves to see you happy so hearing you laugh is the best for her


  • He makes you laugh with his awesome jokes – more likely he will make you laugh by failing to cook -
  • However he does it when he makes you laugh he feels really blessed.
  • It never happens that someone finds Jumin genuinely funny -well maybe V-
  • So when he makes you laugh he just feels really special and he takes a picture of you it´s blurry
  • Its funny how he tries though -he gets flustered when you laugh about that-
  • As long you laugh he does not really care that it is when he fails at something
  • Or when he tries to do commoner thinks for you like : no Jumin you cant let your bodyguards push the shopping cart and no you not need a drivers license for it


  • He lives to make you laugh
  • So when he does he feels really accomplished
  • of course you can laugh over all his jokes but sometimes you laugh when he is too cheesy and tries to hard – also a lowkey ditz like he falls from the couch or the chair when he tries to look cool-
  • He records your laughter  and uses it for ring tones
  • You get revenge by doing the same but he is the opposite of mad he is glad when you have that as your ringtone.
  • He pulls up all his jokes and memes just to make you laugh again till you finally laugh at something minor that he does -like looking for his glasses when he has them right on his nose-

Take a look at my Masterlist my requests are open so drop by !

Rewriting the Past - epilogue

Originally posted by intokai

Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 3.7k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight[m] | Nine | Ten | Epilogue   

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20th Place - Lai Guanlin Requested Scenario


Summary: in which your boyfriend got 20th place and you could tell that he wasnt his normal self afterwards

Genre: fluff

Message?: this is so late oml ALSO VERY SHORT IM SO SORRY


“Guanlin…” I muttered, hearing the ringing tone for what felt like the millionth time today, “please pick up.”

I began biting my nails as I looked at the ground, just wanting to know how my boyfriend was doing.

“Hello?” Guanlin’s voice said, taking me out of my thoughts and making me gasp.

“Guanlin!” I exclaimed, “oh my god! Finally! How was it?! You’re through aren’t you?! What about Seonho?!”

“Y/N,” Guanlin sighed, only now making me notice how depressed he sounded, “yes, both me and Seonho are through.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, suddenly concerned.

“Nothing,” he breathed, “only 20 got through by the way.”

“Yeah but you’re in the top 11 so that doesn’t affect you,” I chuckled, “right?”

Suddenly I heard a sob.

“Guanlin?” I asked carefully, “I thought you said you were through?”

“I am!” he exclaimed through sobs, “and I should be happy but- but..”

“But what?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

“I’ll explain,” he said, “now please come and open the door, I need a hug.”

I dropped my phone, running down the stairs as quick as I could and opening the front door, almost immediately pulling him into a hug and feeling his tears on my shoulder.

I rubbed his back gently as I brought him inside and closed the door.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, “explain.”

He came out my shoulder and looked at me with teary eyes.

“I became 20th,” he said quietly before leaning on my shoulder again.

I tried to take in the information he’d just told me as I rubbed his back soothingly.

“But I tried so hard,” he cried into my shoulder, “why—”

I nodded, trying to soothe his shaking body.

“I-I want to g-go home,” he sobbed.

I gasped quietly. Knowing that this had really affected him, I sighed, “I know. I know you miss home but honestly? Look how far you’ve come. You can’t possibly give up now! You’re in the final for god’s sake!”

He came out of my shoulder, looking at me and wiping his tears away.

“I know it hurts but you need to trust the national producers,” I said, “I know you miss home but look how far you’ve come! I’m so proud of you.”

I leaned up and kissed his cheek as he gave me a small smile, nodding.

“Thank you,” he sighed, “I’m being silly.”

I shrugged, “not really, I understand it’d be upsetting but you need to think about the positives as well.”

He nodded, “thank you Y/N.”

He pulled me into another hug, this time me resting on his chest.

“Now,” I said, “films?”

cathy-press  asked:

Hi! Could I have Cat Lover Dean and Tattooed/Pierced Castiel please?


Dean’s next door neighbor is going to fucking kill him. He thinks. They don’t tend to mix much, even though their apartment doors are side-by-side in the quaint, renovated Victorian house. 

Dean’s been looking for his cat, Lucifer, since the night before. The bastard had door dashed when Dean returned from work, and never showed up despite him shaking bags of treats and making dumbass kissy noises all over the neighborhood.

Lucifer’s back, and he’s having a staring contest with Castiel Milton. God’s gift to Dean’s monochrome life. Castiel is just… everything Dean covets, really. Dark hair tinged with electric blue, thick black glasses, nose ring, fully pierced left ear, and an explosion of color up his entire right arm. Dean’s never seen the tattoo completely, but it looks like angels bathed in cool tones fighting demons in warm tones in splashes of watercolor.

He’s also smoking a Marlboro Light, the white filter of the cigarette casually hanging out of his mouth; stuck to his pale lips in a way that makes Dean want to kiss the life out of him.

He cringes when Castiel, face pinched in his usual grumpy-murderous look, reaches towards the cat. Please don’t hurt my cat, he prays.

To his utter shock, Castiel strokes the top of the Scottish fold’s head so incredibly gently with his knuckles, then he follows the movement forward, stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray on the porch railing, and kisses the cat right between his eyes.

Dean’s whole body stutters as he approaches the porch stairs. He doesn’t think Castiel has seen him yet. But he has.

Without removing his pale blue gaze from the cat, Castiel says in a gravel-rough voice Dean’s sure he’s never heard before because he doesn’t remember feeling these butterflies before, “why would you name a cat Lucifer?”

“Because cats are devils,” Dean answers easily, really about to swallow his tongue. “Awesome little devils.”

Castiel’s gaze shifts up and it freezes Dean in place, even though his body is on fire. “Dean Winchester, apartment two. I’m Cas Milton, apartment one.”

“Yeah… I know. Don’t think we’ve ever spoken before. Sorry about that.” Not for the lack of trying, his brain stage whispers. Castiel just seems so… above. Scary, too. He’s intense. And Dean gets the impression that Castiel has found something lacking in Dean by the way his gaze sharpens. 

He can barely look at Castiel. It’s like staring into the sun. He’d always thought it was a stupid cliche, until it wasn’t anymore.

Therefore he’s struck dumb when Castiel says haltingly, “thank you.”

Dean looks up and is rooted by something his brain won’t process. Castiel is staring at Dean with a red face and wide, earnest blue eyes. “For?” Dean prompts hoarsely. What is HAPPENING?!

“Back… when…” he pauses, rubbing the back of his neck. Is he… embarrassed? No way. No fucking way. “When I first moved in,” he rushes on. “You brought me the…” he cups his hands. “The cupcakes. From the local bakery. Left them hanging on the door with the lovely welcome note. They were good. I never thanked you. I didn’t know how.”

Slowly, Dean steps up onto the porch, resting his hip against the railing. “How do you not know how to say thanks? Not that I’m accusing you, or nothing. I’m just surprised.”

Castiel shifts on his foot, arresting eyes falling to his combat boots. “I’m not a people person. I don’t easily relate to others. And you were…” he balls his fists and smacks them against his thighs. “You were irritatingly hot.”

Dean laughs, startled and happy. At least he knows Castiel doesn’t hate him. “I’m not anymore?” The wink is too irresistible to hold back.

If possible, Castiel’s face gets redder. His shoulders hunch. “That’s not what I meant,” he mumbles. “You still are.”

In his distraction, Dean’s almost lost track of Lucifer, who’s starting to get bored. He grabs the cat and drapes him over his shoulder before he can make a second mad escape. “I gotta get this bastard inside, but, like, hey, do you wanna come in? Hang out?”

Castiel blinks up at him looking pleased. “Yes, Dean, I would. I think we would get along if we… hung out. Thank you.”

Grinning, Dean nods over his shoulder. “Come on in.” He thrills at the sound of Castiel’s heavy boots clomping behind him. And if he gives Lucifer an extra chin scratch and treats for bringing about this incredible turn of events, no one needs to be the wiser.

ID #11668

Name: Milo
Age: 16, 17 in October
Country: France

Hey, so I’m Milo, I’m 16 and live in France as you can see above. I’m quite an introvert so sometimes I’m a bit awkward and I’m sorry about that…
Country doesn’t really matter to me but I’d like to meet an English-speaking person so I can improve my English. I’m looking forward to learn new languages too, any language really !
I like drawing and spending time on the Internet, and playing videogames even if I’m not really good at it.
I also enjoy The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit (yes, I’ve read the book and still like the movies), Star Wars, Doctor Who (even if I’ve only watched a few seasons, I’m trying to catch up), Sherlock, Stranger Things, Over the Garden Wall and many other things. I’m open to discover new shows, movies, books, everything.
I’d rather do Skype, Tumblr chat or mail, but maybe sometimes I can do snail mail.
Ah, yes, I’m pansexual and polysexual, and uh, still questionning my gender identity (I know I’m not female as my XX chomosomes would like me to be, but I’m still not sure whether I’m trans or agender, or genderqueer), so please if you contact me, be LGBTQ+ friendly. I’m also an atheist, but if you’re religious it’s absolutely not a problem, as long as you respect my lack of religion of course

Preferences: I’d like to talk to anyone around my age, so 15-25 is good to me. Otherwise gender, sexual/romantic orientation, skin tone, country and religion doesn’t matter to me.

Ring, Ring

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Summary: Gabriel gets a cellphone and discovers elaborate voicemail pranks.

Word Count:  1,000

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: This is for @sdavid09 What If Challenge. My prompt was What if Gabriel had elaborate, over-the-top prank voicemail messages? Tags are at the end.

Ring, ring, ring.


Y/N breathed out a sigh of relief hearing Gabriel’s voice, “Gabriel, I’m so glad to hear your voice. Listen I need your help.”

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Part 6 - Breakfast At Tiffany’s

“baby please, baby please no promises…”

When people would mention the state of depression you could fall into after a breakup, I had never really understood what they meant. Not entirely. I didn’t understand the waves of sadness and melancholy that would hit at the most random times, the lack of appetite and energy, not even wanting to get out of bed or get dressed. I didn’t understand not wanting to see a single person or step foot outside into the fresh air. I didn’t understand how a person could let themselves get that involved; get that immersed in the feelings rupturing inside them that they literally couldn’t care about anything, especially themselves, anymore. Putting their bodies and minds at the hands of such sorrow and pity that nothing else in the entire world mattered except sleeping the day away to let their thoughts finally be void of whoever and whatever was causing such distress.

I didn’t understand any of that until it happened to me.

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Pack Mom - Part 22

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A/N// Here’s part 22! Please Enjoy! Next Part Will Be Out Tomorrow!


After cleaning up breakfast Derek and Liam went to get dressed, while I got Talia dressed into a cute little outfit for the day, which was a pair of dark blue leggings with a white and blue polka dot dress with a pink rose at the top. She was adorable. I grabbed her bag from the side of her crib adding in a few more diapers, extra clothes, dummies, then picking her and the bag up taking her downstairs. To see all the pack sitting on the sofas. 

“Unca Stiles!” Talia shouted wiggling in my hands and made grabby hands to him. Stiles looked over to Derek and laughed. 

“I think I might be her favourite uncle” He smiled taking Talia off of me giving her a big cuddle. 

“Chocolate?” She questioned looking at him lifting her arms up. 

“NO STILES” Derek and I shouted, she was not getting chocolate on her outfit already. 

“Later” Stiles whispered into Talia’s ear making her giggle as I went into the kitchen to fill up Talia’s bottles and adding a few snacks into her bag then going to join the pack. 

“I have put Talia’s car seat into Lydia’s car,” Derek told me as he grabbed his leather jacket and slipping it on. 

“Then we’re all set” As I did the same then walking over to Liam giving him his jacket helping him put it on. 

“I know you’re tired, but maybe just nap in the car okay. Then I promise sweetheart you can have a lay in tomorrow” I told him earning a small laugh from him as he hugged me tightly. I returned the hug kiss his head. 

“Be good okay?” I told him and he nodded.

“Love you mom” He smiled. 

“Love you too Li,” I told him going over to Derek taking Talia off him once he had his cuddles and making sure Stiles didn’t give her any chocolate.

I and all the girls left to get into the car, I strapped Talia in the back putting her pacifier in her mouth, then shutting the door putting her stroller into the back then getting into the passenger’s side. 

“So what we getting today?” Lydia asked driving away to our chosen shopping mall, lucky Beacon Hills had two, so the boys wouldn’t bump into us. 

“Well my wedding dress and dresses for you 4 and a ring for Derek,” I said looking at the list. 

“So Lydia you’re my maid of honour, Malia, Kira you are my bridesmaids and Talia is going to my little flower girl” I smiled while all the girls awed at the thought of Talia as flower girl.

“Can I keep mine and Talia’s dress at your Lydia? I don’t want Derek to see them until the day” I told her and she nodded 

“Of course you can,” She told me nodded pulling up into a parking space. We all got out, Kira unstrapped Talia for me and taking her out while I got her stroller then strapping her into that, all of us heading into the shopping mall. 

“Ring first I think” I suggested then all the girls nodded, Lydia dragged us to the best jewellers. 

“Jackson used to bring me here,” She told us when we headed in.

“Lydia, it’s nice to see you,” The cashier said and we all stared at her. 

“Okay, I might come here a bit too much” We all laughed as I started to look around for the perfect ring.  

We looked for ages then I spotted a solid gold two tone wedding ring which I could also get engraved. 

“I found it” Not taking my eyes off it. 

“Y/N, This is beautiful!” Lydia smiled waving the cashier over. 

“He’s going to love that,” Kira and Malia said in unison. 

“Y/N what are you getting engraved” I smiled and handed her a piece of paper with it on. 

“That’s so cute! I love it” She clapped handing it to the cashier. 

“What is it?” Kira asked 

“Hale, then the date of our wedding” I smiled. As both of the girls awed giving me a hug. 

“The ring will be ready in 2 hours. So let’s go shopping for dresses!” Lydia grabbed hold of the stroller taking us to the dress shops.

Derek’s P.O.V

“Right we all need suits okay, ” Derek told them heading into the best shop he knows. 

“Yeah, we know!” Stiles said looking at all the range of suits that had and picking out a pink blazer with a matching waistcoat.

“I think you should wear this” Stiles laughed holding it up to my chest. 

“Stiles. Be serious please this is my wedding day” I told him turning around then spotting a dark blue blazer, waistcoat and pants, with a white shirt and a dark red tie. 

“Yes, dad! That one. You’ll look great in it” Liam told me as he came and stood beside me. 

“You think?” I ask him as I put my arm around his shoulder and he nodded. 

“Try it on!” He said, I smiled and looked for my size going into the fitting room and trying it on. When I got it on and I looked in the mirror. This was the suit, I didn’t want to try anymore on. I stepped out of the changing rooms and Liam ran up and hugged me.

“Please, dad! Don’t change your mind this is the one!” He said hugging me tighter. 

“Liam, I want you to wear something similar Okay, so you look like me” I whispered into his ear and he nodded going to look at the suits. 

“Good choice” Scott told me patting me on the back. 

“I think this beats the pink one. But not by much sour wolf” Stiles laughed. I shook my head going to put my normal clothes back on. 

As I came back out I went over to Liam as Scott and Stiles looked together as Stiles tried on some hats. 

“You alright kiddo?” I asked putting my arm around his shoulder. 

“I-I don’t know which one to pick,” He told me. I looked around a bit then spotted it. 

“Try this on,” I told him holding a similar suit to mine but instead the waistcoat was grey. Liam smiled and nodded taking the suit off me and going into the changing room. 

Whilst I wait for Liam, I went over to Scott and Stiles seeing that they had stopped messing around.

“You chose yet?” I asked.

“Yep we both are going for a grey suit with blue waistcoats,” The boys told me picking out their sizes.

“Good, they look really good, I just need you to try them on,” Derek told them as Liam came out of the changing rooms. 

“Liam. You look great! That is definitely the suit for you!” Derek smiled giving him hug as Scott and Stiles went into the changing rooms and try theirs on. 

“You think?” Liam asked. 

“Promise, your mom’s going to think you look so handsome” I smiled as he went back into the changing rooms to change back as Scott and Stiles came out looking very posh. 

“They look great on you! That’s it all the suits are decided. Now let’s pay and get food!” Derek smiled getting all the suits and paying for all the suits. 

We head to the same place where I took Liam yesterday because they had good food. We sat down and all took a menu. 

“I wonder how the girls are getting on”

Part 23 coming soon!

Live Life Golden Part 1

Jungkook x reader

a big thank you to @lets-go-north for this beautiful opportunity. Thank you <3

How to read: (y/n) is your name.

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2525



He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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