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There is an underground network preparing to hide immigrants
Faith leaders in California don't have hope President Donald Trump won't enter churches or places of worship where immigrants may seek sanctuary. So they are building safe houses and preparing rooms to hide immigrants who fear ICE will deport them.
By Kyung Lah, Alberto Moya and Mallory Simon, CNN

A hammer pounds away in the living room of a middle class home. A sanding machine smoothes the grain of the wood floor in the dining room.

But this home Pastor Ada Valiente is showing off in Los Angeles, with its refurbished floors, is no ordinary home.

“It would be three families we host here,” Valiente says.

By “host,” she means provide refuge to people who may be sought by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE. The families staying here would be undocumented immigrants, fearing an ICE raid and possible deportation.

The purchase of this home is part of a network formed by Los Angeles religious leaders across faiths in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The intent is to shelter hundreds, possibly thousands of undocumented people in safe houses across Southern California.

The goal is to offer another sanctuary beyond religious buildings or schools, ones that require federal authorities to obtain warrants before entering the homes.

“That’s what we need to do as a community to keep families together,” Valiente says.

At another Los Angeles neighborhood miles away, a Jewish man shows off a sparsely decorated spare bedroom in his home. White sheets on the bed and the clean, adjacent full bathroom bear all the markers of an impending visit. The man, who asked not to be identified, pictures an undocumented woman and her children who may find refuge in his home someday.

The man says he’s never been in trouble before and has difficulty picturing that moment. But he’s well educated and understands the Fourth Amendment, which gives people the right to be secure in their homes, against unreasonable searches and seizures. He’s pictured the moment if ICE were to knock on his door.

“I definitely won’t let them in. That’s our legal right,” he says. “If they have a warrant, then they can come in. I can imagine that could be scary, but I feel the consequences of being passive in this moment is a little scary.”

Moira Thoughts

I totally love the look of Moira and can’t wait to play her. I’m definitely into the vibe of this snide smirky lady, and in honesty the David Bowie skin alone was enough for me to decide I’ll probably main her.

BUT I will jump on the bandwagon and say I don’t like this implication that it was Moira who caused Gabe to become His Reapness rather than Mercy. People looking through voicelines are apparently finding out that there is no confirmed ‘You did this Mercy, you asshole’ vibe of a line a lot of us had thought there was. I mean, it was our natural assumption that the good doctor Ziegler had done it perhaps, because it felt so right, and was the most natural to assume at the time… But maybe it really wasn’t confirmed. Some people are saying ‘It might have been the result of the two’s work combined’, and I guess I’d be okay with that, but from what we’ve seen we don’t REALLY have much reason to believe it wasn’t all down to Moira other than hope.

It does bother me. The image of Mercy being this beautiful angel with the sunniest attitude, a media darling…  Having an unfortunate secret where she accidentally ruined a man’s life with her meddling and good intentions and pushed science too far… That’s very appealing to me. The betrayal of Overwatch, Gabe feeling anger at the golden stars who took everything away from him while being celebrated, even if they didn’t mean to. That’s COMPLEX! But instead it could potentially be ‘no the evil wicked witch of the west came along and did all the bad stuff’? That would be so much of a waste… 

I’m not trying to shit on Moira’s character (or what little we’ve seen of it so far), but flat out ‘Morality shouldn’t stand in the way of science’ has been seen before and is a very simple explanation compared to what we could have imagined Mercy got up to. I like people to be more than they initially appear. I want Moira to have her hand on Gabe’s smokey shoulder because she’s saying ‘I know that floaty bitch messed you up and turned you into a cloud but don’t worry I on the other hand got my equations right and restored you to a body shape’. … But that’s probably not gunna be the case. We’ll see huh.

Still frikkin’ love the Bowie skin I’m all over that.

Un grand merci à la France pour avoir choisi de voter pour l’Europe, les immigrants, l’économie, l’environnement, l’éducation, les droits des humains, et enfin le futur. Vous avez restauré ma foi dans l’humanité, après les mauvais choix du Royaume Uni et les Etats-Unis. Emmanuel Macron n’est pas parfait, mais il est mieux que l’alternative. L’alternative n’est pas acceptable, et c’est ce que nous avons besoin de tolérer, ici en Amérique. Mes espoirs vont avec la France dans cette nouvelle époque, et je vous souhaite de la prospérité. Bisous!

A big thank you to France for choosing to vote for Europe, immigrants, the economy, the environment, education, human rights, and finally the future. You have restored my faith in humanity, after the bad choices made by the United Kingdom and the United States. Emmanuel Macron isn’t perfect, but he is better than the alternative. The alternative is not acceptable, and this is what we have to deal with, here in America. My hopes go with France in this new era, and I wish you prosperity. Kisses!

Hail Hermes,
god of both sides
of the coin,
of the bets
gone south.

Hail Hermes,
god of bad decisions
in the long night,
of bruised knees
and whiskey showers
and cigars smoked
in the first frost.

Hail Hermes,
god of the liars
who once needed
to survive
but now can’t break
the habit.

Hail Hermes,
god of the plea,
of the guilty verdict,
of the last-time promise
and the once-more mistake,
of shaking hands and
loaded pockets and
a bottle that always
runs dry.

Hail Hermes,
god of the felons
with no rights,
of rejected appeals,
of the kids waiting
outside trap houses
and having dinner with
their dads’ POs.

Hail Hermes,
god of mortals with
fire in their eyes
and the world
on their shoulders.

Hail Hermes, god of the forgotten

my parent has been approached to be the lead case in a lawsuit against the Governor of my home state, who refuses to restore the rights of rehabilitated felons, and i wanted to revisit this topic in thanks to Hermes.

The Smol Shiro Fic Rec MasterList
updated: 11/19/17

because there isn’t enough smol!Shiro in this fandom, and they’re hard to find. I’ve compiled a list of all the ones I know of.  

Disclaimer: in the course of making this, I realize that @bosstoaster​ and I have written 98% of the smol!Shiro fics that I know of. There’s so much between us that I guess I forgot smol!Shiro isn’t as prevalent outside….us…? - I must’ve missed some somewhere. I’d love to remedy that. Any other smol!Shiro fics out there?

In the meantime….the list, as I know it!

Toaster Smols

The first half of this list is populated by an excellent smol!Shiro writer herself, @bosstoaster​.

  • Your Grace Is Wasted, ch. 4 - featuring the smol!Shiro that inspired mine. first in the fandom.
  • A Dream Away, ch. 2 - one-shot featuring smol!Shiro and Hunk
  • You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - 3k, smol!Shiro, this was my birthday fic and everything about it is good
  • A Smol Outake - 2.5k, one-shot, Sam suggests Shiro purposefully take an afternoon off. Gold.
  • The Mane Event - 7.5k, double-whammy featuring both Kuron and Shiro as smols. Regardless of how you feel about Kuron, this is entirely too cute to resist. So worth itttttt aka boss tricked me and it’s so cute I’m weak

Onion Smols

by yours truly. 

  • The Size Of Our Actions - 65k, 12/20 chapters. Shiro’s deaged and the rest of the Paladins must cope until he can be restored to rightful size. ….hopefully.

The remainder of my smol!Shiro set has only been posted on tumblr. These range in size from 200 - 2000 words.

Other Smols 

…. I can only think of one I’m sorry

Know some smol!Shiro fic that I’ve missed? Inspired to write your own? Hit me up! The world needs more smol, and I may update this list again at a future point in time. I’d love this corner of fandom to not merely be a toaster-onion party. :) Come join us! And happy reading!

This is an accurate representation of what’s going on inside my computer right now. I’m restoring and sorting through thousands of older files this week, and it will probably take me longer than expected.

So I’ll be taking some time off to try and get things in order, and also to consider some new posts for Our Daily Bird that go beyond “here is a drawing of a bird in profile.” So wish me luck and I’ll be back really soon!

Shared Spaces, part 3


Part 2


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Dean sat at the library table, staring hard at you, drumming his fingers on the table.

“So,” Lucifer said after way too long in strained silence. “You wanna play a game? Scrabble or Monopoly or–”

“Shut it, Lucifer,” Dean said. “I’m tired of your mouth.”

“Well, that seems a little rude.”

“Lucifer,” you warned. “You just have to make it another sixteen hours. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

Sam stepped in, book in hand. He glanced at you and you could see the discomfort on his face. He cleared his throat, glancing at Dean. “You playing nice?”

“He refuses to play at all,” Lucifer said. “I’ve offered to play a number of games with him but he just sits there in sullen silence, like a moody teen.”

“Lucifer, please. Let’s just… go watch TV or something.”

Lucifer sighed but stood, heading for the living room. Sam and Dean watched as your body disappeared.

“I hate this,” Dean said.

“I know,” Sam said. “But what can we do?”

“We could try another exorcism…”

“No, Dean. Y/N made her decision. We’re almost there. Just,” Sam glanced at his watch. “Sixteen more hours. Then Y/N will be back to normal and Lucifer will be far away from us.”

Dean shook his head, frown still on his face. He stood, heading for the garage. “I’m gonna go get some pie.”


That night, Lucifer laid in your bed, eyes closed. He didn’t need sleep, necessarily, but it gave you comfort to have a schedule to stick to, to stretch out at the end of a long day.



“What’s going to happen tomorrow?”

“Gabriel will bring down my restored vessel. A few words said in the right order, a dash of pixie dust, and we’ll be back to normal.”

You were quiet for a moment. “Will it hurt?”

“No, no. No more than when you let me in.”

You nodded, quiet for a few more moments. “And what… what’s going to happen to us once you’re back in your own vessel?”

“What do you mean?”

“Will we still be… friends?” Is that what you were? Friends? This was a level no one had ever gone to before. You weren’t sure of the terminology.

Now it was Lucifer’s turn to be quiet. “Do you want to be… friends?” He said the word as if it was in a foreign language, unsure of the correct pronunciation.

“Of course.”

“What about your brothers?”

“What about them?” You paused. “What about your brothers?”

“Are you kidding? My brothers love you.”

You couldn’t help but feel flattered. “Well, my brothers will just have to get over themselves. I’m an adult; I can be friends with whomever I want.”

Lucifer smiled. “Good. Then come tomorrow morning, we’ll be friends in two separate bodies.”


Lucifer’s body was stretched out on the library table. You, Gabriel, Sam, and Dean stood around it.

“You ready?” Gabriel asked.

Lucifer nodded. Gabriel began to chant; Lucifer’s body began to glow.

A blinding light filled the library, causing you and your brothers to shield your eyes. You felt a strange sensation in your stomach like the wind had gotten knocked out of you. When you opened your eyes, you saw Lucifer sitting up on the table, stretching his limbs.

“I’m gonna assume that worked,” Dean said, also noting the archangel on the table.

“Unless the spell accidentally took the wrong soul from Y/N’s body…”

“Sam, can we have one day where you don’t think about the worst thing that could possibly happen in any given situation?” you asked.

“Thank God she’s back,” Dean said. “You’re grounded, Y/N.”

“What? Why?”

“How dare you go behind our backs and allow Lucifer to take over your body?”

“She’s an adult, Dean,” Lucifer said. “And you act as though I wasn’t respectful of her.”

“You stay out of this.”

“Leave him alone, Dean.”

“You two, scram. This is an angel-free zone for the next few days.”

Gabriel held his hands up before grabbing Lucifer’s arm. “Come along, Brother Dear.” He turned to you. “Now, you may feel a little weak for the next few hours, might feel like a newborn deer not quite in control of its limbs. Just try and take it easy.”



You opened your eyes, peering into the darkness. “Lucifer?” You clicked on the light next to your bed.

The angel stepped from the darkened corner of your room. “I just… wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Fine. Gabriel was right, I did feel a little uncoordinated earlier. But luckily Sam let me camp out on the couch; he brought me snacks.”

Lucifer chuckled. “Those little cheese crackers you like so much?”

“Yeah. And some dried fruit. Y’know, ‘healthy eating’ and all.”

“Of course.” Lucifer shifted. “Well, I suppose I should let you get some sleep. I’ll, uh… I’ll see you later?”

You smiled up at him. “Goodnight, Lucifer.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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Anonymous asked: Can you write one where Cas’ wings in 10.18 finally heal, but they’re messy af and Dean helps him groom them and for once wing grooming isn’t sexual, just extremely fluffy and cute!

Author’s note: Everyone seems to love the wings, as do I, so here, have a fluffy wing!fic. Tagged as season 10 because it includes Cas having his original grace back, but it doesn’t have much to do with season 10 at all, and no other season 10 events are mentioned. 

“Dean? Did you hear a single word of what I just said?” Sam asked irritably, the look on his face telling Dean that Sam already knew the answer to his own question, and was less than impressed by said answer.

Dean had the decency to smile sheepishly in apology. Sam rolled his eyes at that, turning back to the book that he’d been studying with a mumbled “never mind”.

Truth be told, Dean had been too busy observing Castiel to hear the theories that his younger brother had been firing at him. The three of them were doing research for a case, and Cas had offered to help out. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, until Dean had noticed that something seemed to be off about Cas.

Again, Dean’s eyes rested on the angel sitting across from him, Cas’ nose buried in a book. There it was again; Cas was fidgeting in his chair. As if he was uncomfortable.

And yeah, maybe Dean’s back was starting to ache as well after spending nearly two hours sitting in the same position, but Dean was human. Cas was supposed to be all powered up now that he’d been reunited with his grace. If anything, he should be less human, not more. Dean remembered how Cas could easily stay still as a stone for hours in a row if he wanted too, because angels didn’t feel that natural urge to move. It made him think that something had to be wrong.

There was a sigh from Cas, and he rolled his shoulders with a huff, even though his eyes remained glued to the book.

“Hey… You doing okay there, buddy?” Dean couldn’t help but ask, because this was very unlike Cas.

Only then did Castiel look up to give Dean a forced half-smile.

“I’m fine, Dean.” He replied curtly, immediately dismissing Dean’s concern.

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meanyoongis  asked:

Hi I just had a question, in the FAQ you've answered that "Non E/SE Asians are not really welcome to just restore pics of people from a race/ethnicity that they are not a part of without our supervision or approval." which is fair but 1 of the admins/restorers of this blog is white Brazilian, is it ok for them to restore pictures even if they are not asian? im indian and i am still iffy about my right to restore pictures (based on the blog's FAQ) so i just wanted to know where the line is drawn.

There was a second part to that answer in the faq, which is linked here

But I will answer it here again just in case. A Non E/SE Asian can restore E/SE Asians if they are under supervision / coworking with at least one E/SE Asian admin. 

This not only minimizes racist streotypes when restoring, but it also allows a second opinion in general when editing so you can point out each others mistakes. 

This way a Non E/SE Asian can support and help within the E/SE Asian community without exerting superiority.

If you are interested, we might be looking for a new admin in the near future (because we get swamped practically every week). If you are not interested in joining but want to practice restoring, please refer to the link I gave you above.

Good luck!

Admin Matte

Storm Moon Press: Why Not

Okay, I’ve seen a post going around with suggestions for LGBTQ presses that people might want to sub to, and the original poster lists Storm Moon Press but then a few commenters recommend not subbing to them, though the reasons are left vague. Here’s why not: they are irresponsible, vindictive, and bad for your sales.

Irresponsible: they have missed royalty deadlines for all of the last three quarters, even though they have 30 days after the quarter ends to come up with statements, and the process is largely automated. They have excuses every time, and the excuses are always different, but they are consistently unable to meet deadlines. Books are often released later than they were scheduled; edits are completed late and typesetting even later. You don’t want that in a business relationship. Last summer, they delayed payment to a large number of anthology authors because they had to move in a hurry – they were keeping cats in a no-pets apartment and got evicted for it, which itself seemed to outrage them – and they used the press’s money to fund personal expenses. You don’t want THAT in a business relationship either; company money and personal money are kept separate in any responsible and solvent enterprise.

Vindictive: people who express dissatisfaction with them are treated as badly as possible within the allowances of the contract. The author email list – which in most presses is used to keep contracted authors aware of press happenings – is treated as a privilege only for people they like; authors get kicked off it for doing things that displease them (like asking why their royalties are late again). I know of one person who was accused of “stealing their ideas” and “leaking press secrets” because another house that person worked with announced a serial story before SMP did. (Not only are serials not a new format in general, they’re not a new format in the genre; LT3 has/had been doing them for years before SMP got in the game.) I’m one of the people who’s been booted from the email list at this point, so I do have an axe to grind, but I think it’s justifiable.

Irresponsible OR vindictive, your choice: my sales stats on my account there have not been updated since May. Coincidentally, that was when I lost patience with the constant lateness and sent them a breach of contract letter to ask for my rights back. (They have 90 days to restore a breach, per the contract; within a week or so of the letter arriving they paid up. So I’m still stuck with them.) I know of at least one other author for whom that’s the case also.

Bad for your sales: Their “marketing” isn’t; as far as I can tell it consists of guest posts on m/m romance review blogs. In my experience sales are a bare trickle, in the low single-digits per month when there are any sales at all. They also price stories under 20k below the epublishing “sweet spot” of 2.99, which means the incoming royalty rate is terrible in the first place. I’ve spoken with a few people who are more established than I am – people with multiple novels under their belts – who agree that of the presses they’ve worked with, SMP consistently sells fewer copies.

Authors tend to stay quiet about their bad experience with publishers, out of a fear that we’ll cultivate reputations as troublemakers, or that we’ll somehow get “blacklisted” and not be able to find deals with someone else. But it really needs to be said when a publisher is not a good choice to make. These guys will not do your writing career any favors, and they are far from the only game in town. Sub to someone who will treat you with respect and who will help get your books in readers’ hands.

a smoller problem

a present for cy-lindric, born on the 14th of july

this fic is a spiritual, if not an actual, successor to a smol problem

Content warnings: Maedhros suddenly turning into a toddler, a brief smattering of Quenya (Atar = Dad), potentially problematic assumptions that Fingon may not like kids too much despite being an older bro and generally a perfect Elven being, off-color jokes, Maglor, kissing cousins

enjoy your smol elves, cy-lindric

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