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Writing Prompts

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01 “I need you.”

02 “Just tell me that you love me.”

03 “Please wake up.”

04 “Why are you at my house at 3:00 AM?”

05 “I think I’m in love with you.”

06 “Are you going to kiss me?”

07 “Wait, you like me, too?”

08 “I know it’s late, but I just needed to tell you that you’re great.”

09 “If I could, I would get you a million puppies just to make you happy again.”

10 “I know you don’t want to, but you’re going to have to wake up soon.”

11 “We’re going to be in so much trouble if somebody catches us.”

12 “Every time I see you, you have the same exact book as me, and I just need to ask, are you a spy?”

13 “What’s the difference between love and infatuation?”

14 “Can I kiss you?”

15 “Just breathe.”

16 “This is the sixth time you’ve spelled my name wrong. Are you doing this on purpose?”

17 “I love you, but please never break into my house again.”

18 “How many times do I have to tell you before you believe me?”

19 “Let’s just stay here all day. Yeah, that sounds good.”

20 “How would you feel if I told you… that this is for you?”

21 “I just want to hold your hand, and tell everyone that we’re together. Is that too much to ask for?”

22 “You know, you really suck at this.”

23 “Are you scared of me?”

24 “How many times do I have to ask you before you finally say yes?”

25 “Let’s adopt twenty cats together and treat them like our children.”

26 “I swear I didn’t see anything!”

27 “I won’t tell anyone. I swear.”

28 “Hey, can I ask you for a favor?”

29 “What if I kissed you right now?”

30 “Let’s just stop to think about the fact that you’re actually holding my hand right now.”

31 “Shut up. Just, shut up.”

32 “I don’t think I love you anymore. In fact, I’m very much sure that I hate you.”

33 “You’re a terrible person. Why do you have to be such a terrible person?”

34 “I’d love you if you weren’t so nice to me all the time.”

35 “It was part of the deal.”

36 “I can’t explain right now. I just need you to pretend that we’re dating.”

37 “Wait, your name isn’t Eight Ball?”

38 “Let’s play a game: How many more times do I have to give you these until you realize I’m flirting with you?”

39 “I’m sorry, okay? You’re just really cute, and I get nervous around cute people.”

40 “Was that supposed to hurt?”

41 “Out of all the lies I’ve told, loving you was probably the biggest one.”

42 “Don’t say anything. Just… just dance with me. Right here. Right now.”

43 “Of course you can forgive me. That’s all you have to do. Just forgive me.”

44 “I… I thought you were dead.”

45 “Let’s go on a road trip together, and never come back.”

46 “Run away with me.”

47 “You couldn’t have possibly stolen my heart.”

48 “Please don’t tell me it’s you I saw on the World’s Most Wanted list.”

49 “You’re leaving? Again? Why do you always have to leave me?”

50 “If there’s two things I know, it’s that I love coffee… and I love you, too.”

Say it.

Anon requested a smutty drabble, anon gets a smutty drabble. A quick continuation of this little thing, though decidedly more…dirty.

Say it.

Reylo, drabble, 800 words.

“Say it.”

He bites down hard, too hard, on her inner thigh and she cries out. An inelegant, unintelligible warble of sound. He swipes his tongue through her sex, through the hot and the wet, following that sharp pain with pleasure so close in nature that she makes the same sound again. No words, though a plea all the same. Her fingers trip over each other as she brutally clutches at his hair, nearly pulling the knuckles out of joint.

“N-no,” she pants, and he punishes her for it, latching hard onto that part of her that is so sensitive, so acutely tuned to nothing but reaction that she tries to twist away from the hard pressure of his mouth. He grips her with those hands so large that his thumbs can hook into the dip of her hipbones while his fingers nearly lace on her spine and holds her in place. He sucks on her again, hard and obscenely loud, and she can hear the lewd wet of his swallowing her arousal.

He releases her, finally, finally, and speaks against the oversensitive folds of flesh, his low voice vibrating against her, giving her little respite from feeling.

“Say it!”

 She twists beneath him again, fighting against those strong, damnable hands, and he roughly jerks her back into place beneath him.

“Say it or I’ll never let you come.”

She whines, a mewling keen that is so embarrassing that she is sure that she hates this man above her, so slick with how she wants him that she can see the sheen of it on his full lips.


He chuckles and, stars, the dark sound somehow makes her wetter, makes her want even more. “You have no idea, Rey.”

He yanks her down beneath him, so rough and quick that the hard scratch of his prison issued sheets burn her bare back. He’s inside her in seconds, a full and deep stretch and her voice breaks on the next moan he wrenches from her.

And he’s still.

She’s strong, stronger than she has any right to be, but she can’t make a move against his durasteel grip. She can’t so much as rock her hips to gain the slightest ounce of friction, and she’s so close.

“Say it. Say my name.” His voice is as hard as his body, as strong as his hands. And his eyes, they are darker than any of the atrocities with which he’s burdened the galaxy. “Tell me who I am. Who is fucking you, Rey?”

There’s tears in her eyes and she blinks them away. Hating him in this moment, yet needing him so dearly. “Right now?” She swallows. Her voice is nearly gone. He wants his name on her lips, but he wasted her voice on all the other pains he inflicted. Now she has little more than a croak left. “Kylo Ren.”

His eyes slide shut, reeling back into his head as he languidly rolls his neck. Basking, the ass, in the sound of her surrender to his demands. When he opens them again, when he looks down at her, his pleasure in this victory is a tactile thing between them. Such perverse pride in the dark naming of him. He releases a hand from her hip and digs the heel of it into the soft flesh just above her pubic bone.

When he rocks into her, the pressure of his hand combined with the weight of his desire has her climbing the summit to release more quickly than she thought she was capable.

He’s surrendering to her, as well, giving her every ounce of the pleasure he held just beyond her reach. His eyes roam over her, taking in her movements, and he matches this. Rocking into her slower, more deeply. What she needs, what she wants.

“And now?” he whispers, sending a spark up her spine that has her arching into him.

“Oh, Ben.

He sighs, almost smiling, almost crying and continues to move within her just right, just exactly right. “Again.”

“Ben,” she says. She can’t say it enough, now that she has. It’s softer than her earlier cries of anguish, warmer. It hums in her throat and soothes the pain there. “Stars, Ben.”

She shatters then, her tongue still pressing up into the end of his name and she hums the sound along the languid waves of her release. She is only vaguely aware of his own climax, a sharp staccato in the fuzzy haze rolling over her. “Ben,” she whispers again, and it seems to make him come all over again.

He collapses on her, his grip on her making him seem all the more heavy. He’s crying she realizes, and she thinks that tonight, just tonight, she might risk sleeping here with him.

Just to see if she’ll wake up to Ben in the morning.



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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,060

A/N: Anon requested ; “Was wondering if I could request something where Y/N feels stressed out & Shawn helps her unwind? As fluffy as possible, please & thank you! :3” OKAY SO PSA don’t listen to Hold On when reading this and especially not towards the end because I shed actual tears rip.


Shawn enters my room, his grey sweatshirt filled with things for me. “Okay… So I got us cookies to share, I got you some new pens, I brought your headphones that you left at my house, I have a sweatshirt of mine that I know you like and I also brought some muffins because why not?” He says pulling each item from underneath his top and placing it on my bed in front of me, “Is that okay? Did I forget anything? Do you want me to get you anything else?” He’s almost out of breath due to the speed the words are flying out of his mouth. I look up at him, our eyes meeting, as I give him a weak smile. My head has been hurting for about 72 hours straight now and the stress is getting to me. I’ve always hated finals and I have an interview for college soon and the fact that my family are basically at war with each other right now doesn’t help one bit. “That’s perfect, thank you so much.” I say, my voice quiet, not wanting to speak loud enough to make my head pound again. He sits beside me, on the bed, a troubled look on his face. “You’ll be okay, baby. I promise. I’m right here.” He says, placing his hand on my cheek, his large, warm hand heating my heart. My eyes begin to water as a result of my lack of sleep, churning brain and hurting heart. I lean my head against his shoulder, needing nothing more than for him to hold me. “Just hold me, please. I just need you to hold me.” I sob, my head buried in his chest, my hands gripping his soft sweatshirt. “Oh Y/N…” He says softly, placing both of his arms around me and hugging me tightly.

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if it was: part six

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

Summary: Part six of the soulmate/enemy-on-your-wrist au based off of this post. Penny is magic and fixes stuff.

Words: 1700

Warnings: none

hmmmmmmm. a lot of talking that needs to happen before we can move on to the fluff. i’m not sure about this part, i’m not sure i like it, but that’s okay i guess…..hopefully you guys will like it. let me know what you think :)

Fifth Year (again)


I watched Baz’s face twist into something strange and foreign, an expression pained and unguarded that I didn’t recognize, and then he was yelling hoarsely, calling me a bastard, and running and running away. My wrist still hung in the air with his name spelled out on it. I slowly lowered it.

My head spun. Why would he be mad? Mad that I might be his soulmate? Did he hate me so much that the very idea makes him furious? My head hurt and I felt dizzy all the sudden. Agatha was still standing there looking at me. Suddenly she turned, hair swinging around.

“Baz was right, you are a bastard.” Her shoes clicked as she hurried down the hall, shoulders hunched and arms hugged to her stomach. That hurt. Even if she wasn’t my girlfriend, Agatha was supposed to be my friend. But right now she was the least of my problems.

I sat down, head in my hands, and tried to sort everything out. It seemed no matter how I thought about it nothing made sense. Suddenly someone cleared their throat. I looked up. It was Penny and she looked mad. I hadn’t even heard her approach.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, hands on her hips.

“What- What do you mean?”

“Saying no to Agatha!”

“I’m sorry, but I just-”

“You have no idea what she’s going through! And you like her, you asked her out before. Why the hell would you say no, Simon?” I thought of Baz and I felt my face turn red.

“What is it? Why are you blushing?”

“S’nothing.” I mumbled, shrugging. Penny squatted to come face to face with me. I avoided her searching eyes.

“Simon. Tell me.”

“Fine.” I reluctantly flipped over my wrist and showed it to her. She didn’t blink.

“Yeah, it’s Baz’s name. I already know that he’s your enemy, why are you showing me that?” I shrunk away from her and shook my head.

“No what? No it’s not Baz’s name?” I shook my head again.

“I don’t want to play a guessing game, Simon. Just tell me.”

“No he’s not my enemy.” I mumbled.

“That’s ridiculous, what else would he be?” I blushed harder. She scrutinized my blushing face then her mouth dropped open.

“Oh. Oh!” She plopped to the ground next to me. “No way. Baz?” I nodded. She shook her head in disbelief. “Baz? Really?”

“I already told you, don’t make me say it again.” I was glad the halls were empty now. The after dinner traffic had cleared out so no one was here to witness our conversation (and my humiliation).

“Okay but…wow.”

“Yeah. I was trying to…trying to tell him but then he called me a bastard and ran away.”

Penny frowned, biting her lip. I couldn’t tell if she was upset about Baz being my soulmate. “Huh. That needs to change.”

“What do you mean?”

She smiled at me, nudging my shoulder. “Well I can’t have my best friend’s soulmate mad at him, can I?” I smiled sheepishly back at her. Penny’s the best.



I was alone in my room, staring at my reflection in the mirror. A well-proportioned face framed by long silky blond hair faced me, light brown eyes with long natural lashes beating into my own. The pouty lips were pursed in a frown. Was I not pretty enough for him? Could he tell that something was inherently wrong with me and changed his mind? Didn’t want to date a freak? That must be it. Why else would he say no?

I heard the door swing open but I didn’t turn around. I could see it was Penny reflected in the mirror.

“Hi Agatha. Are you alright?”

I huffed at my reflection. “No.”

She walked in and sat down. “It’s not what you think, Agatha. Simon didn’t say no for…well, for any reason you would think.”

“Really?” I turned and frowned at her. “Then why did he say no? Give me one reason that wouldn’t hurt my feelings.” To my surprise Penny’s eyes gleamed, and she struggled to stifle an excited grin.

“I really shouldn’t tell you but…I just can’t not tell anyone.” She was nearly bouncing in her seat. “Oh, come and sit down Agatha so I can tell you!” I went and sat next to her. I was curious what had her so excited.

“What is it?”

She leaned forward conspiratorially. “Simon and Baz are- Baz and Simon are- They’re-” she sputtered breathlessly, “They’re soulmates.” I blinked at her incredulously.


“They’re soulmates!”

“Yes, I heard you the first time, but what?” Penny grabbed my hands. “I know! All these years, we all thought they were enemies.”

“Yes.” Suddenly I laughed. “That’s ridiculous!” Penny laughed with me. “I know!”

That cheered me up, and we talked and laughed for a while before Penny had to go do homework, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

It seemed everyone had someone but me. Driven by a sudden determination not to feel sorry for myself, I opened my laptop and typed in the search engine:

‘don’t have a soulmate’

I clicked ‘enter’ and scrolled through the images. Lots of dramatic photos with depressing or inspirational quotes. I sighed as I scrolled past several hand-clasped couples lit by romantic sunsets. Then a word I didn’t recognize popped up.


Huh. I typed ‘define aromantic’ and searched.

I stared. And reread it. And stared some more. And reread it. Slowly a elated light feeling blossomed in my abdomen and spread through the rest of my body.

An aromantic is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others. Where romantic people have an emotional need to be with another person in a romantic relationship, aromantics are often satisfied with friendships and other non-romantic relationships.

I brushed my fingers along the words, then laughed at the screen, tears welling up in my eyes. Aromantic. I’m aromantic. I’m not a freak. There are other people like me. I’m not alone. I’m not alone. I’m not alone.

I couldn’t stop smiling and crying. And for the first time in a very long time, I was okay. I was perfectly, utterly okay.



I lay on Niall’s bed, trying not to think and willing myself to not exist. It was the day after Simon had shoved his wrist in my face and I had spent the night in Niall’s room so I wouldn’t have to see him (not that I slept much). It was into the afternoon now and dusty sunlight streamed through the window onto the bed. I turned my head away from the light.

I never wanted to see him again. I wouldn’t be able to without being overwhelmed with humiliation. Even thinking about it made my hands shake and muscles tighten anxiously. I chuckled bitterly, what would my father think if he saw me now, rendered useless because my idiotic crush didn’t like me back. Absolutely pathetic.

Whatever. I had a right to be pathetic. I pulled the blanket up to my chin.

I had almost managed to drift off when there was a sharp knock on the door. Maybe they would go away if I stayed quiet. The person knocked again, insistently. I sighed and dragged myself heavily out of bed and to the door. I cracked it open. It was Bunce.

“Bunce. What are you doing here?” My voice cracked with exhaustion and I internally cringed. She lifted her chin, eyeing me curiously.

“I’m here about Simon.”

“Come to mock me too, have you?” You could hear the sleepless night in my voice.

“No. Baz let me in, I need to explain.” She tried to push in but I blocked her.

“What could you possibly have to explain?”

“Just let me in!” Bunce was scary when she insisted on something.

“Fine, fine.” I grumbled, conceding, and let her past. She promptly walked over and confidently plopped down on the bed. I glared at her but she only smiled.

“Okay, what is it?” I stayed standing. She scrutinized me intently.

“Do you like Simon?” I stared at her. Heat rose to my cheeks and my tongue felt thick, useless.

“Of course not. Why do you want to know?” I stammered, trying to keep my cool.

“Because Simon likes you.”

Was she mocking me too? I looked at her earnest, excited expression. It didn’t seem like it. She had to be joking, but it was a nice fantasy.

“No he doesn’t, don’t be ridiculous Bunce.”

“Yes he does,” she paused dramatically, “He thinks you’re his soulmate.” I stared at her some more, uncomprehendingly.

“That’s what he was trying to tell you earlier.” She said smugly.

No, it couldn’t be. Definitely not. I wouldn’t let myself get my hopes up, I refused to let myself be made a fool of any more than I already had. I was silent.

“You need to talk to Simon.” I nodded, still hesitant. She looked at me carefully, then grinned. “I think you do like Simon.”

“No…” I protested. But it sounded defensive and weak, even to me. Penny’s eyes sparkled.

“Okay, whatever you say.” She leaped to her feet and marched smartly to the door. “Good luck Baz!” She gave a little wave, then disappeared.

I took a deep breath, then another. I would talk to Simon. A little bubble of hope made my heart beat fast but I quickly shoved it down. I would talk to Simon, that’s it. Let him explain how it was all a misunderstanding, that he’d only meant that he couldn’t focus on a relationship when I was tormenting him all the time, and then I would smirk and make fun of him and everything would go back to normal.

I exhaled slowly, then brushed back my hair and quickly changed into fresh clothes that I knew highlighted my physique. I admired myself in the mirror, raising my chin and giving my best self-assured smirk. 

If I was going to thrust myself into a position of humiliation I might as well look hot doing it.

3 Words >> Ravi, You

Okay so This is The first Angst Idea I received from Anon and I destroyed it -_-

You understand that your boyfriend is abusy person, so are you. And it didn’t mean that your feelings would change for one another, but what was happening was different.

Things started to take another action between you.  

You fought a lot lately because you rarely see each other and doubt took a place between you.


Unexpected 3 words…

Three words were said like a sharp knife in your heart. Not only it did stabbed you once, it stabbed you many times with a twist.

It squeezed and shattered your heart. As you didn’t expect something like that from him. Not him, he was something else. Someone who was more important than anything to you in this world.

I H.A.T.E Y.O.U  

Now… You could see it coming. The end of your beautiful love story that you lived with him for five years that lasted since the time the both of you were still just teenagers who were looking for a love.  

The weather outside wasn’t the best. It was windy and it started to rain as a few drops stuck into your window, taking a look at the other storm inside of your house.

There would be only the thunder left for it would be the worst night ever. If it wasn’t by now.

You looked at your boyfriend, wonshik with a watery eyes. Recalling what you did for him to say that and you found it too much! To tell you, he hated you was the most hurtful thing, even if you were at wrong.

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A Cuddle

-coughs- Alright so I never did this thing before, but here’s a thing.. I guess. I DONT KNOW I JUST CREATED something i THOUGHT WOULD BE CUTE And ugh idk. I am ready for death

Fandom: Servamp


Word Count820


I don’t want to sleep. I already know what’s coming if I do, and I don’t want to deal with it. I’m so tired through… I look over to Mahiru, whose face is illuminated by the moonlight coming through the window. He’s asleep unusually fast tonight, normally it would take six times as long, considering we only settled down five minutes ago. I decide to wait another twenty minutes before I climb into his bed, and when I do, I lie down in the small space he makes when he sleeps in the fetal position. Carefully, I flatten the little area with my paws and then curl up beside him, not too close though. Just enough so I can feel his warmth.

Mahiru is always so calm when he sleeps that it makes me wonder what he dreams about. Probably good dreams, unlike the nightmares I’ve had to deal with this past week. I could usually deal with my nightmares with no problem, but this time every one of them is about me losing him. I’m afraid of that, it’s a pain to even think about. Now every night I climb into bed with him and wait there until a few minutes before his alarm goes off. This way I can be on guard just in case something does happen while he’s asleep. More and more, I find myself wanting his protection too even though I’m the vampire. I just want him to give me his usual cheeky smile and tell me that I’m safe with him. Sometimes I want him to hold me, but thinking about it just gives me troublesome feelings that heat up my insides, I could just die. Speaking of death, I probably had never been closer to it than now, when a pair of fingers suddenly start stroking my head.

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“Harry stop flirting with Ava, you can flirt with her after we shoot Perfect, come on we’re almost done!”, “Be there in a sec Liam!” Today I brought Ava, my best friend she lived across from me when she was five and since then we’ve been best friends but I secretly love her I just don’t know how to tell her, I’m just afraid of losing her if I tell her. I stop thinking the worst and just look at her eyes, “Harryyyy, are you awake?” I came back to reality and noticed Ava was snapping her fingers near my face and her giggling, I smile and look at her, “Yeah just thinking of something, now come on before Liam kills me.” I grabbed her hand and walked in the studio, her hand felt so perfect. “Ah Harry, there you are just the boy I wanted to see, perfect timing.” I kissed Ava on her cheek, “Go sit on my chair and wait for me” I watched her turn and walk away, “Where do you want me?” “Laying down on that sofa, singing ur solo.” Ava doesn’t know this song was for her, the boys helped me write it and I want to tell her tonight at Niall’s flat, “Harry, You ready?” “Yeah” 3…2…1.., “And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, oh yeah and if you’re looking someone to write your break up songs about, baby im perfect BABY We’re Perfect!” “Now boys all of you jump in” I see Louis, Liam and Niall join in and we sing the rest of the song, then the lights go out, “That’s a wrap, good job boys you did great Perfect is done and you guys are free to go” “Thank you” I turn around to check if Ava is okay and she’s talking to Niall.


“You’re coming tonight, right?” Niall wanted me to come to a party he was throwing for the finishing of Perfect, I giggled cause this is like the 3rd time he asked me, “Yes Niall, I’m going with Harry.” I felt like someone was staring me down then I noticed in the corner of my eye Harry staring at me and Niall, he looked mad, “Great it’s at 7” We hugged each other and said our goodbye’s, then Niall walked off, “What did he want?” I jumped, “Harry you scared me!” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” “Niall just came over to ask me if I’m still going to the party and I said yes with you.” “Oh okay” He nodded his head and grabbed my hand and walk out the studio, I’ve been noticing his behavior lately before he bump me lightly and hug me like we’re little kids, now he’s always holding my hand, wrapping his arm around my waist and I have to admit I like it, I’ve always had a crush on Harry. Realizing it now, all the guys I dated while Harry was gone was to make me forget the feelings I have for Harry, I bet he doesn’t even feel the same way, “Hey, you okay you seem sad?” I forgot all about Harry, “No, I’m good.” I smiled so he wouldn’t be worried, “Okay good.” he smiled. I looked up and noticed we were outside walking to his car, “Ava, you want to go out to get pizza and then head to my flat.” “Yeah, that sounds great I’m starving”. We get in the car and I put my head against the window, resuming to my thinking of earlier, I know Harry and I never had a chance and never will, whenever he’s on tour he gets connected to hot, beautiful models and singers and I’m just an average girl with a pop star named Harry Styles as a best friend. 


I wonder if I should tell her how I feel when we get to my flat or after Niall’s party, ahh! this is so hard. I look over and it looked like she was sleeping, “Ava, are you asleep?” I didn’t get an answer so I guess she was asleep. I parked where the paparazzi wouldn’t see me and I didn’t want them to wake up Ava, I ran in the pizza shop and ordered. I got the pizza and went back in the car, good no one is around. When I got to my flat, I carried Ava to my bedroom and laid her down softly and kissed her cheek then went to go get the pizza. *2hrs later* I figure Ava was going to wake up soon so I went in the kitchen and warmed up the pizza for her and poured her a cup of coke when the microwave beeped I checked if the pizza was warm enough and it was perfect. I picked up the pizza and coke and went in the living room and set it on the table in front of the couch, it’s only 5:37 pm and Niall’s party is at 7. *6 minutes later* Hey you, how was your nap”, “It was good, felt cold, though.” “Well, I’m pretty warm right now.” “Mind sharing your warmness with me?” “Anytime.” I signaled her over and pulled her into my arms, putting my arm around her shoulder and her arms around me, “Those are for you.” “Thank you” She kissed my cheek and leaned forward to get the slice of pizza, “What time is it” “It’s only 5:45, why?” “Niall’s Party, I promised him we would be on time.” “Will be there on time, don’t worry” “Okay” She laid back on me and I played with her hair.


I could just stay like this forever, but Niall would kill us, it was 5:57, “I’m going to take a shower do you want to go first?” he chuckled, “Ava, look at what I’m wearing.” I looked down and Harry was wearing a suit, guess he got dressed up while I was sleeping, I got up from the couch, “Well I’m going to go get ready, don’t burn anything.” “Ha Ha very funny, that was an accident.” I laughed and went in his room, I’m glad I keep some my clothes here. I wanted to look good with Harry, he was wearing a suit and I decided to wear a short red dress.

I laid it on the bed, alongside my red bra and panties and got in the shower. *15 Minutes Later* I got out feeling fresh and smelling good, I left the bathroom and walked into Harry’s room. I put on moisturizer to make my skin feel nice and soft and smell like strawberries then put on my bra and panties.


I forgot to get my car keys in my room, I think Ava is still in the shower so I’ll hurry up before she gets out. I got up from the couch and walked to my room, I checked if the door wasn’t locked and it wasn’t so that meant Ava was still in the shower. I turned the knob slowly and walked in then froze at the sight I’m seeing. Ava was only in her bra and panties, bending over and putting moisturizer on, I didn’t want her to see me so I walked out slowly and quietly and closed the door, when I closed it I knocked, “Yes Harry”, Act normal Harold, “I just need my car keys” “Okay, come on in” I walked in and she had a towel around her, I went straight for my keys and walked out again. I didn’t realize I held my breath in till I walked out and exhaled, I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, how can ignore what I just saw, don’t even know who Ava would react, maybe she’ll slap me or punch me in the nuts. I stopped thinking the worst and pretended that I didn’t see anything and everything was normal. I went into the kitchen, got a glass of cold water, back into the living, sat down and watched whatever came on. I checked my phone and it was only 6:26 pm, we only have 34 minutes left. “How do I look?” I looked up and there was Ava looking so beautiful, her hair curled up and the dress hugging her body so right, her face looked so beautiful, she never really tried to look good but to me, she was always beautiful. “You look amazingly beautiful.” I told her and watched her look down then blush, I got up from a couch and walked up to her, I lifted her chin up and we looked at each other then I leaned in and kissed her.


My eyes shot open, and pull back fast I don’t know why then I met Harry’s eyes and he looked hurt, “Harry, we should go or Niall will kill us.” I chuckled and walked out the door, I felt heart-broken almost breaking a tear because I can’t believe I just hurt him, I couldn’t even look at him, I felt embarrassed. I got in the car then 10 seconds later so did he, *10 Minutes later* The car ride was so quiet none of us said something, I looked out the window while he was driving. I opened the car and realized Harry was still in it, so I walked around and opened his car door, “Harry..” I called his name softly, I leaned forward and took the keys off the engine, put it in my purse then took his hands and walked up the  stairs, I turned around and locked the car before ringing the bell, “You guys came and just on time.” We both smiled but we both know it was fake, Harry walked in and hug him and then me, after he separated from me. His being gone a while, I hate myself so much right now, I snapped out of my thinking when Liam waved his hand in my face with Sophia by his side, “Hey beautiful, what’s wrong?” I took Sophia’s hand and lead her to a corner, “He kissed me” “Who?” “Harry.” “Then, what happened” “He surprised me and I pull away and he looked hurt.” “Hun go talk to him.” She was right, but I don’t know how, “His in Niall’s room, by the way,” She giggled and went back to Liam. I walked up the stairs and walked to Niall’s bedroom door, “Yeah, right there Harry,” I heard a girl moaning, I opened the door and Harry was sucking and leaving marks on the girl’s neck. I don’t know why, but I was crying, felt heart-broken, so I ran out and downstairs to leave, “Ava, you okay?!” I ignore everyone and since I had Harry’s car keys and got in the car and drove to his flat.


I wanted to be alone in Niall’s room, but then this girl came in here and took off her shirt and kissed me and I kissed back, I didn’t care, Ava didn’t have feelings for me so why should I care, I started kissing her neck and the door knob opened, I thought it was one of the boys so I didn’t stop. Then Ava showed up and saw me and this girl who names I don’t even know, did I hurt her? She started crying then ran off, I tried running after her than the girl grabbed my arm, “Come on baby, ignore that bitch and come have some fun with me.” “Get off me you cunt.” Out of nowhere Sophia came in, “Harry fucking styles, do you realize what you’ve done” “What did I do, it’s not like we’re together, now are we, Sophia?” “Harry, listen to me take Niall’s car, she’s there let her explain.” I walked pass Sophia and grabbed Niall’s keys and headed towards my flat. When I got there, my car was parked and the lights in my room were turned on, I rushed up the stairs and opened the door, “Ava!” “Leave me the fuck alone and go away!” “If you didn’t realize, this is my flat!” “Fine, I’ll leave!” I saw her coming and walk pass by me, that’s when I grabbed her arm, “Let me go! Don’t you have somewhere to be like fucking that girl you were with!” “I don’t fucking understand you, I kiss you because I finally have the courage too and you pull away, I loved you since you turned 6 and you kissed my cheek, I remember on Christmas when I kissed you under the mistletoe with my mask on so you wouldn’t know it was me, our first valentine’s together when we were 8, I told my mom to buy me a rose and a small box of chocolate for you, I didn’t write my name on the box because I was too shy, I have all these memories that I hold close to me because I love every one of them and most of all, I loved it even more because all these memories was with you, so if you want to leave, I’ll let you go.” 


I grabbed his face and kissed him, then pulled back, “I know you were the one who kissed me under the mistletoe because after you kissed me you ran away and I followed you I watched you take off your mask and throw fist pumps in the air like you just won the Olympics,” I chuckled, “I know you were the one who bought me the rose and chocolates because I saw you put it in my locker at school, when you kissed me I was shocked, it’s not because I don’t like you, Harry, it’s because I thought I wasn’t good enough for you, I’m not Kendall Jenner, Harry I loved you since the first time we met, and you tried to impress me but you failed then I chuckled and you didn’t talk to me for two days, I think those were the worst two days of my life, I was always jealous of other girls because I thought that you will always like them, I feared that you would always see me as your best friend and nothing more, but I was okay with it,” “Ava, stop!” He grabbed my chin and made me look in his eyes, “Ava, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, those girls were only my friends and Kendall was nothing to me, the only reason I went out with her was to get over you but it never worked so I broke up with her, your thee only woman I love Ava, that’s why I always want to take you out, bring you on tour, to the studio basically everywhere, Ava your thee only one I think about 24/7, the boys know that’s why they tease me about it,” I laid my finger on top on his lips and leaned close to his ear, “Are you going to tell me about how you walk in your room and saw me in my bra and panties?” I pulled back and looked in his eyes went from light green to a dark on full of lust, “How did you find out?!” “I mean besides that I saw your shoes, and you act weird or pretend to act normally after you see something that you were not supposed to see,” I traced my finger down his shirt slowly, “Oh Harold,” I looked at him and he was angry, I smirked.


I pushed her against the wall, with her ass on my crotch and kissed her neck slowly hearing her moan, then zipping down the zipper. I felt my cock get harder as she groaned, backing her ass into the crotch, “You like that don’t you Ava.” I saw her smirk so I spanked her ass hard, “Ahh Harry” I pushed her dress off her shoulder and watched it hit the ground, once it did I looked up to her ass and traced my finger on her ass and down to her core and her flinched, “you’re so wet.” I got on my knees and pulled down her panties, leaned down and pecked her ass and bite it gently then flicked the tip of my tongue on her wet clit, “Mmm Harry please, I’m begging you.” she shook her ass in my face and I spanked it once more, I gave her what she wanted and ate her pussy.“Oh Harry,” She grabbed my hair, my cock was getting harder by the minute. I didn’t notice her turn around and look at me, she signaled me to get up and I did. She walked around me and pushed me against the wall, “Your turn, Styles.” She smirked as she pulled down my pants and peck my cock throw my boxers, then pulled it down and grabbed it, “You feel so hard in my hand” She flicked her tongue on my tip and I hissed, “Come on love, you know it’s not polite to tease.” She smirked and took me in, “Oh fuckinn.. God!” She jerked me off while sucking my tip and swirling her tongue around it, making me go crazy, I can feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I grabbed her head and pushed her deeper, letting my cock hit the back of her throat and hear her gag on it, “I’m gOnNa C…Um!” I came in her mouth and watched her swallow.

I can’t believe he was still hard as fuck, I got up and slowly walked to the bed while taking off my bra, in the corner of my eye, I see him taking off the rest of his clothes and slowly follow behind me. I laid on the bed on my fours and he came behind me, to tell the truth I’m a virgin and I’ve being waiting for Harry. I felt a spank on my ass and arched my back, I moaned and I felt Harry positioning to enter, “Harry… wait.” I whispered, “What is it, my love?” It felt so good hearing him say that, “I’m a…” It was silent for a second, “To tell you the truth, so am I.” I smiled and felt relieved, “I’m ready.” “I promise to take it slow.” I felt his tip go in and I hissed, “I’m okay…keep going.” If his tip hurts this much, I don’t want to find out how his huge cock will feel. He started moving more in and the pain was getting worst, then he shoved it all in, “Ahhh!!!!” I felt a tear go down my cheek and Harry wiping it away, “ Sorry love, I lost control.” I felt the pain go away and pleasure replacing it, “Harry..go” He started thrusting in fast and both of us moaning like crazy, “You’re so tight… FuCK!”


I pulled out and laid her on her back, “I want to make this special for both of us.” I kissed her and slowly entering in her tight pussy again, I felt her moaning in the kiss. I groaned loudly, the feeling of her tight, wet, wariness around my hard cock, I thrust in slowly, burying my face into her neck, slowly letting out a shuddering breath as I thrust deep inside of her. I can hear her let out a whimper as I thrust deep inside of her heat, filling her up. I moved my right hand and reached over her and place it on top of her right breast squeezing it as I fuck her. After a few seconds, I started moving a bit faster, her whimpers and small moans made me go even faster, my hands moving to pinch and play with her nipples, “Harryyyy, I’m so…closeee baby.” I felt her clench around my cock, “Me too…love, cum on 3 alright.” I kissed her lips, “3….2…..1.” We came at the same time and I pulled out and laid next to her and pull her into my arms, “You’re the best thing that happened to me, Ava, I don’t ever want to lose you.” “I love you, Harry” “I love you, too.” *In the morning around 6:27* I got up early because the boys and I have an interview, I kissed Ava on the forehead and wrote her a letter and added a reminder to watch the interview at 7:30. I grabbed my coat and keys and walked out.


I turned to embrace in Harry’s warmth but he wasn’t there, I found a note and breakfast next to me, I sat up and looked at the clock 6:58. I grabbed the note and opened it, “Good morning love, last night was the best night of my life, I’m glad you were my first and my forever lasting, sorry I couldn’t be there, the boys and I have an interview today it’s on channel 7 and it starts at 7:30.” I smiled at the letter, “I’m glad you were my first.” I got up and took a shower then brushed my teeth, after dressed in my girls boxers and Harry’s big white shirt and put my hair in a ponytail, I check the clock again and it was 7:20, I had 10 minutes left, I rushed out the room with the breakfast Harry’s made for me, sat on the couch and turned on the tv. Perfect timing, I watched as the lady asked Harry a question, “Harry, have you guys finished shooting your music video?” “Yes, we have and you guys will see it soon.” He smiled and she asked him another question, “Harry, who is this girl in your car?” I looked closer and noticed it was me, realizing this I chocked on my food, and waited for Harry’s response, he chuckled, “I was hoping I parked where there would no paparazzi’s but I guess I was wrong, that girl right there is my beautiful girlfriend, her name is Ava and I love her, she was sleeping in the car, while I went to get her pizza, she’s probably going to kill me when I get home.” The boys laughed and hugged him and I smiled and continued on watching the rest of thee interview.

Joey / vanilla

this is dedicated to every beautiful black girl in this fandom because there is always a lack of representation for woc when it comes to fic’s and smut.

my hand scrolls down the screen of my phone. tears brim my eyes and slowly fall, sliding down my cheeks. after making all of my accounts private, they have still managed to send me hate and make me feel so extremely insecure.

I would never let Shawn see me cry. I would play it off as reading something online or watching a sad movie. he never noticed. and I didn’t want him to.

a tear escapes my eye as I read all the negative, hateful mentions I received on Twitter. they always managed to make me feel insecure about my skin. the hate started a month after Shawn went public with our relationship. my family was understanding and okay with me dating someone outside of my race. his family was the same, as well. both families were completely accepting of our interracial relationship. we figured that his fans would be okay with it, too.

but they weren’t. some were, some weren’t. there’s love for the relationship, but the hate seems to stomp out the love.

‘i don’t care if shes light skin or not, i don’t want her with shawn.’

'i thought freckles were supposed to look cute on people? how come they don’t look cute on joey?’

I toss my phone to the other side of the couch, wanting to distance myself from the hate. instead, I got up from the couch and walked over to the bathroom to wash my face. as soon as I turn the faucet on, letting the cold and hot water run together to become warm, I look at myself in the mirror.

my freckles went from my nose to some of my cheeks. my dark brown eyes were almost black from having cried for such a long time. the comments they made about my appearance always got the best of me. I even refused to step out in public with Shawn out of fear that someone would take a picture of me and make me feel even more insecure about my appearance and skin.

I tuck my brown hair behind my ears and cup my hands under the faucet. after collecting some water, I splash it onto my face. the moment I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t help but break down again. my back is against the wall and my hand is over my mouth as my body slightly shakes while I cry.


I quickly splash some more water on my face before shutting off the faucet. my hand is on the knob but Shawn opens the door first.

“hey, baby,” he smiles as he looks down at me. his smile slowly fades as he takes a look at me. “why’re you crying?”

I wipe away a tear that managed to escape with my thumb before looking down at my feet. “sad episode of Grey’s Anatomy,” I tell him, looking up. “it’s fine. I’m fine.”

Shawn wraps his arms around me in a hug and I bury my face in his chest, silently weeping into him. “sh, it’s okay,” he says while running a hand up and down my back.

I pull apart from his arms. “no, Shawn, it’s not okay. I’m not okay.” I say before walking out of the bathroom and to the living room.

“Joey, what’s wrong? it’s just an episode,” he tells me as he follows me into the living room.

I grab my phone from the couch and type in my password. with my thumb, I press onto Twitter and scroll through the mentions. “here!”

Shawn takes the phone from me and his eyes are practically glued to my phone as he squints his eyes, his mouth slightly open as he reads the awful things that have been sent to me. I sniffle, wiping away my tears with the palm of my hand. “is everything still okay?”

“why didn’t you tell me this was happening?” he asks me.
“so this is now my fault?” I ask.
“no, baby, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying I could’ve stopped this. I could have stopped this and you wouldn’t be crying.”

Shawn tosses the phone on the couch and looks at the floor. “so all this time, you really weren’t watching sad movies or television episodes?”

“I didn’t want you to know,” I shake my head. “I didn’t want to give them an even more reason to hate me.”

Shawn looks up at me, “you know you’re none of those things they tell you, right?”

“I can’t help but feel like they’re right,” I say, wiping away another tear with my thumb. “maybe I am ugly, maybe my skin is ugly, maybe my freckles are ugly.”

“Joey, don’t think that. don’t you ever, ever think that.” he says as he holds my face in his hands. Shawn wipes away my tears with his thumbs and holds me to his body again.

he feels warm, comforting, safe. everything I needed to feel right now.

“I love you, so much.” he says to me. “I love every little thing there is about you.”

he kisses the top of my head and for a moment, I feel safe in his arms. “I love you.”

“don’t listen to jealous, insecure people behind a screen,” Shawn says to me. “they don’t know how beautiful you are to me.”

Shawn leans down and kisses my cheek. “don’t cry anymore, Joey, please.”

he pulls back and wipes away my tears and slowly leans in. his lips meet mine, and I feel ten times better. I kiss him back in the heat of the moment. Shawn kisses back and our lips begin to move in rhythm with one another. I take off his jacket and it slides off his toned arms and onto the couch.

he placed his hands on my hips before running them down my backside and to my thighs. Shawn lifts me up and carries me down the hall and into our shared bedroom of our loft.

he sets me down on my feet and breaks the kiss to take off my shirt. the fabric lifts over my face and then my arms before he tosses it to the floor behind me. Shawn places his thumb on my chin and leans in to connect our lips for one kiss before he slowly kneels down.

as he takes my pants off, he slowly kisses my thighs. I step out of the pants and Shawn kisses up my thighs and to my hips. his thumbs run light circles against my skin while my hand rests on his hair.

“your skin is beautiful.” Shawn murmurs against my skin.

he stands up and takes off his shirt and let’s it fall to the floor. our lips reconnect while he has a hand at my neck and the other at my hip. my hands rest on his forearms as he leads me over to the bed.

I fall back on the cream colored duvet with a soft thud. Shawn gets on his knees and crawls on top of me. he kisses at my cheek and down to my neck. my hands go down to his pants and I begin to unbuckle them as he kicks off his shoes. after they unbuckle, Shawn shimmies them down and off his legs.

he rests between my legs, his lips attached to mine as he kisses me with such a sweet frenzy.

“Shawn,” I pant as I feel his fingers play with the hem of my underwear. he sucks tenderly at my jawline while he pulls down my panties. I kick them off once they reach my ankles.

our bodies tangle in the covers as we roll over one another. his hands are at my neck, his thumbs on my jawline as he continues to sweetly kiss me over and over again.

my hands trail down the skin of his back before stopping at the band of his Calvin’s. I dip my fingers into the hem and slowly pull them down as much as I can. Shawn pulls back from the kiss and brings his lips to my collarbones. he peppers my skin with kisses as he slides off his briefs.

he brings his lips up to my neck and I feel him slowly entering me. I toss my head back against the pillow and part my lips as I take in the feeling of Shawn sliding himself into me.

“you okay?” he asks me.
“ah huh.” I nod.
“okay,” he says, kissing my jaw as he is fully inside me.

I place my hands on his broad shoulders as he kisses my lips once more as he pulls out slowly. Shawn stops halfway before slowly stoking back into me.

I close my eyes and listen to his soft grunts as he trusts softly inside me. he moans my name softly; his voice tickling my ear. I run my fingers through his hair and moan as he starts to go out and in, out and inside me.

“look at me,” Shawn says. I shake my head, biting my lip to muffle a moan. “Joey, look at me.”

I open my eyes and see his topaz eyes looking into my brown eyes. he nods and smiles.

“I love you,” he pants.
“Shawn,” I whisper.

I lean up and kiss his lips, only to pull back to moan in ecstasy. he thrusts inside me and my breath hitches. the headboard begins to softly bang against the wall and the bed starts to squeak here and there.

my legs wrap around his waist and he places his right hand at my left thigh while he holds onto my lower back with his left hand. I lightly dig my nails into his back. he thrusts into me and I accidentally scratch at his back.

Shawn removes his hand from my thigh and takes my hand in his and intertwines our fingers.

“are you okay?” Shawn asks me again.
and again I nod and reassure him that I am in fact okay.

his hands to the mattress and he supports himself as he continues to slowly thrust into me. Shawn starts slowly, then slightly picks up speed, but just enough to allow me to still be comfortable under him.

I kiss his lips over and over, mumbling my love for him in between kisses.

his body is warm on mine. his body is bigger than mine and makes me feel safe under him. all the hate I have read and seen is completely gone from my mind. hearing Shawn’s whimpers of his love for me and his moans remind me that I have him, and that’s the only reason why some of his fans are mad.

“s-Shawn,” I pant, closing my eyes and turning my head on the pillow, “go, go faster.”

“you sure?” he asks me.

I turn and face him, looking him into the eyes and nod. “please.”

he leans down and kisses my lips. as he pulls back he starts to pick up the pace to his rhythm. the bed squeaks a bit faster and the headboard bangs a bit louder against the wall.

I place my hands on his shoulder and dig my nails back into his skin and slightly scratch him. Shawn brings a hand in between my thighs and he rubs my clitoris with his thumb.

“Joey,” he moans as he rests his head in the crook of my neck. “oh, Joey.” my name pours out of his mouth like sweet honey.

with his other hand, Shawn gets a small fistful of my hair and tugs ever so slightly at my hair. I moan and arch my body into his. Shawn takes advantage of my arch and let’s go of my hair and places his hand at my lower back. I wrap my right leg around his waist to help keep my body closer to his.

“Shawn, oh, Shawn,” I pant over and over.

he grunts with each thrust he gives me. I tug at the back of his hair and bite down on his bottom lip.

he kisses down to my neck and then at my breast valley. I flutter my eyes shut and take in the moment.

his thumb circles my clit. his thrusts send me more and more over edge. his lips send my body tingles. I bite down on my lip to muffle a moan.

“Shawn,” my voice cracks.
“I’m almost there, baby,” Shawn replies, “almost there.”

I wrap my arms around him, moaning his name over and over and Shawn slows down the pace. he wraps his arms around my small back and our bodies are close together.

with a few more strokes, I moan louder and my voice gets raspier as I orgasm underneath him. as I come down from my high, Shawn orgasms. sweat lines his forehead as he pulls out and collapses against my body. my chest heaves up and down and my throat feels dry.

we lie there; his head on my chest and my arms around his body.

“I have an idea.” Shawn says.
“what is it?” I ask him.

he reaches over the bedside table to grab his phone. once he has it, he unlocks it and goes to his camera. “smile.”

I cover my face with my hands as he snaps the photo. after hearing the camera shutter I look at Shawn. he rolls onto his side of the bed and I bring the sheets over my chest. he types away at his phone before smiling and putting it on the bedside.


“what did you do?”
“I posted a picture of us, post-sex.” he nonchalantly says.

“why?” I ask.
“so that way everyone can shut up.”

- - -

sorry if this was terrible, I have fallen back into a terrible writers block. so, Joey, sorry if this sucks :/

anonymous asked:

Brooooo u got any dark!percy headcanons?? Preferably with some jercy mixed in lol

(Hi Josalin)

A’ight I guess I’ll FINALLY type these out (though I don’t remember exactly what I sent you.)

Prepare for an almost 2000 word random spew of Dark!Percy that wasn’t what exactly what I wanted it to be but oh well. It’s full of Jercy. Enjoy.

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I told you I keep my promises!  This is the long awaited follow up to my Carenzo BroTP fic “Kindred."  It consists of mostly Carenzo snark with a side of done-with-their-shit Cami, amused Elijah, and jealous Klaus, and a good dose of Klaroline fluff right at the end, to fulfill all those fluffy needs.  Thank-you to everyone who reblogged my plea for followers, and to those of you who saw those pleas and followed - this one is for all of you.

                She really should have known better than to trust Enzo to make their summer vacation plans.

                She had assumed he would do something crazy, of course.  But she thought it would end with them getting drunk and gambling away her college savings in Vegas or Atlantic City.  Maybe, if he was in one of his odder moods, they would end up at a Cirque du Soleil show, which she knew she would find trippy, but would otherwise be harmless.

                She expected crazy.

                She didn’t expect New Orleans.

                “No,” she said to him when she woke up one morning after he had spent the night driving to see the sights and sounds of the French Quarter.  Caroline had never been to New Orleans, but she watched enough TV and spent enough time scouring tourism books to know where she was.  “No way.  Turn this car around, Enzo.”

                “After we spent all this time getting here?  Come on, Blondie, don’t you want to experience the Big Easy?  It’s a hell of a place to party.  A pity we missed Mardi Gras… next time we’ll have to come for it.  You’d adore Mardi Gras.  The beads, the color, the food… getting flashed and getting laid.  It’s a hell of a time.”

                “This isn’t funny, Enzo.  I can’t be here.  I told you I didn’t want to go crawling to him!”  Caroline glared daggers at the brunette, but he was used to her moods and just grinned back easily, and gave her head a condescending pat that had her fangs dropping. 

“There, there, Gorgeous.  You don’t have to beg if you don’t want to… but after five hours, I’d think you’d at least want to consider it.”

                “I told you that in confidence, you ass!” she snarled, wondering if their friendship would survive her snapping his neck, stealing his car, and abandoning him in New Orleans.

                Probably, she knew, which was the one reason she didn’t do it.  Instead she faced the front window and crossed her arms with a pout. Enzo chuckled from behind the wheel, which just made Caroline huff again and pout even more.

                “Cheer up, Caroline.  If you’re that against seeing your Hybrid, we’ll just get some gumbo and continue on.  Maybe you’d prefer if we headed for Florida?”

                “Orlando?” Caroline asked hopefully, peeking at him from the corner of her eye.  “Harry Potter World?”

                “Really?  Harry Potter World, Caroline?” Enzo asked deadpan. “Isn’t that the book about the magical bloke with the scar?”

                “I grew up on those books, thank-you very much.  Hermione Granger is my soul mate… only I have better hair.  So, yes.  Harry Potter World.”

                Enzo parallel parked his car in an open slot and, once he had shifted to neutral and turned it off, he turned a serious expression to Caroline.

                “I take it back.  I don’t care if you don’t want to see the Hybrid.  You’re going to, because you need to get laid.  You were a cheerleader – the most popular girl in your high school – and now you want to go to Harry Potter World.  You’re becoming a geek, and as your best friend, I simply can’t allow that to happen.”

                “Oh, God,” Caroline stared back at him horrified.  “I am, aren’t I?  I should be demanding to go to a beach and get drunk with a bunch of hot frat guys.  What is happening to me, Enzo?”

                “You’ve gone too long without any action, Blondie.” Enzo opened his door and got out and Caroline did the same.  “We can fix this.”

                “Having sex with Klaus won’t fix anything.  It will only make things worse.  Did I tell you he killed Elena? I mean, she obviously didn’t stay dead, but he still killed her.  And her aunt, who did stay dead. Oh, and my ex-boyfriend’s Mom!  Are you seeing the theme here, Enzo?”

                “All I see is the lady protesting too much.  In we go, Blondie” – he held the door to a small, run down bar open – “and by protesting, you’re just convincing me that coming here was the right thing.”

                “I hate you,” Caroline stated, grabbing a stool at the bar.  “I hate you so freaking much right now.”

                “Please, Sweet, you love me.  Two of whatever you have on tap, Love.  And some gumbo, I promised my lovely friend here that we’d try it.” Enzo gave the bartender, a pretty blue eyed blonde, his best charming smile, and she gave her own back along with a raised brow.

                “I’ll have to see your lovely friend’s ID, first.  Bar policy,” she replied easily, holding her hand out to Caroline.

                “Now, that’s not really necessary, is it?” Enzo asked, catching the blonde’s hand and meeting her eyes, working his compulsion on her. 

                The bartender ripped her hand away and took a nervous step back.

                “I’m on vervain,” she said quickly, looking at the pair with thinly veiled panic, and Caroline and Enzo exchanged alarmed looks at this new knowledge.  “And I’m under the protection of the Mikaelsons.  Klaus won’t appreciate it if I turn up drained and dead.”

                “Well then,” Enzo murmured, his alarm fading into another smirk.  “You know Klaus, do you?   That’s excellent.  My friend and I are looking for him and don’t know where to find him.  Perhaps you could help?”

                “How do you know Klaus?” Caroline asked with a stony expression.  She looked at the bartender with new eyes, taking in the hair and the eyes and the vintage dress, and she had to bite back a scowl when Enzo turned his amused smirk to her.

                “Thinking she’s your replacement, Goldilocks?  I have to admit, there are some surface similarities, but I doubt she has your depth.  Have to be tortured to get that many layers, you do.  Have you ever been, m’dear?” Enzo turned back to the bartender, his smirk becoming somewhat sharp.

                “Ever been tortured?” she replied incredulously.  “No, and I think I’d rather not have depth if that’s what it takes.”

                “See,” Enzo turned back to Caroline with a dismissive wave of his hand toward the bartender.  “Weak imitation.  Once we get him the real thing, he’ll forget him.”

                “Yeah, hate you so much right now,” Caroline banged her head on the bar top before looking at the other blonde with resigned eyes.  “I need to be drunk now.  So, do you think we could skip over the ID and just go straight to the alcohol?”

                The bartender looked at Enzo with a tight, unimpressed expression before turning a wry smile to Caroline.

                “You look like you need it.  I’m Camille.  Let me get you that drink, and then I can tell you where Klaus is.”

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Secrets *Jack Gilinsky/ Sam Wilkinson Imagine*

charcharbb  I’m not to good at things getting “Heated” but I tried so I hope you like it 

You were setting up the drink table when someone walked by and slapped your ass making you jump.

You heard someone laughing and turned around to see what of your best friends “Fuck off Sammy” “I’d love to but only if you help” he winked at you “You’re such a creep” “Y/N don’t wear anything to slutty tonight” “Okay Daddy I won’t” you said rolling your eyes and then turning back around

A few seconds later he was behind you “You know I like it when you call me Daddy” you elbowed him in the stomach “You’re so gross” “You like it” “Whatever”

“Sammy!” You heard someone yelled angrily which made you turn around as well to see your other best friend Jack

“You wanted to have this thing so you could fuckin help” “Chill dude I am” Sammy walked over to Jack, while Sammy was leaving you Jack was staring at you and god if looks could kill you’d be dead and buried by now.

Once they were both gone you sighed, you hated this both Sammy and Jack had feelings for you.

You heard this from Sammy himself but you heard about Jack’s threw other friends and the occasionally flirting but unlike with Sammy you returned the flirting because you had a thing for Jack for awhile but you were waiting for him to admit it to you first and he still hasn’t.

After going home to change you came back a few hours later with your only girl friend.

“Y/N!” Even over the loudness of some song you’ve never heard of that made you jump and then someone hugged you from behind which you discovered was Sammy.

“Damn it Sam why do you always do that?” “Because you’re so sexy” you laughed “Wow this is a record only 20 minutes and you’re already drunk” “Yeah, Drunk in loveee!” he sang terribly in your ear “Oh my god, never do that again” “Whatever you say baby” he let go of you and stepped in front of you.

“Come on Y/N lets do body shots” he said pulling on your hand but you stayed where you were “No ew” “Come on you know you wanna see this naked” he wiggled his eyebrows which made you laugh

You need to make him understand that you aren’t into him like that and that you love him but only as a best friend but you didn’t want hurt him.

“As tempting as that sounds, I think I’d rather you show me what exactly it is that your drunk on so I can be too” “Right this way sexy, I mean Y/N” “Wow” you said before he started dragging you through the crowd of people.

Hours later you were pretty drunk but not drunk as to where you wouldn’t remember anything the next day you knew your limits.
Sammy was still clinging to you but you couldn’t find it in you to tell him to back off

“You’re so pretty Y/N” he laughed and then fell into you “Okay I think it’s time to call it a night for you before you do something you’ll regret” you said trying to hold him up but he was much heavier then you could hold

“I got him”

You looked up to see whole said that and you saw your friend Jack Johnson

“Thanks” “This is what I’m here for” You laughed

After everyone had left you had stayed to help Jack clean up the mess before his parents came home the next day and killed him

“You don’t have to stay Y/N”

You shrugged “I’d prefer to not have to go to your funeral” “Really because it seems like you’d prefer to be whore-ing around with Sam?” “Excuse me?” “Nothing” Jack walked away but you followed

“You just called me a whore? Why the fuck?” “He was all over you and you didn’t seem to mind!” You rolled your eyes “I did but I don’t wanna hurt him and why do you care so much?”

He groaned and unexpectedly slammed a fist on the counter next to him and a few plastic cups fell off of it

“I care because…” he stopped “Because why Jack?” but instead of answering you he grabbed your face and kissed you


You thought to yourself

“I care because I like you a lot Y/N and I don’t want anyone else to have you” Jack finally admitted

“I’ve been waiting months for you to say that” “Really?” he looked shocked and you laughed “Yes” “But you and Sam…” “It’s nothing, and I need to tell him” “Yes, you do because he’s like a brother but I won’t hesitated to kick his ass” “Okay relax I’ll handle it” “You better” “And if I don’t?” “If you don’t I’ll just have to handle you”

Please do

You wanted to say so badly but you didn’t wanna seem desperate

“That’s cute” you said while turning you back to him but before you knew it he grabbed your arm and turned you back around and kissed you again but this one was nothing like the first one that was short and sweet, this one was more intense and you liked it.

A few minutes later you both finally stopped sucking face

“I’ve wanted to throw you against a wall and do some many things to you all night” he told you “Like?” “I can show you better than I could tell you” You kissed him “Is that so?” you were now sitting on the kitchen counter and a hand began sliding under your skirt

“Okay as much as I’d love for you to continue, I’d rather be sober when we did this and I wanna talk to Sam first” “So does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?” “Are you asking?” “Yes” “Then yeah I am, now I’m tired and we need to clean some of this so get off me before none of that happens” “I’d rather do this” he kissed you but you pushed him away “I know but I’d like a boyfriend that’s alive not dead” “Ugh I hate when you’re right” you laughed then kissed him “I’m always right” you said before jumping off the counter

“It’s only been 20 minutes and I’m regretting this” He joked “You love me” “Eh”

You sighed, you were happy you could finally stop wondering if Jack was ever gonna admit his feelings. You weren’t looking forward to your talk with Sam but hopefully he would understand you would do whatever you had to so you wouldn’t lose a friend.

That night you went to sleep with a smile on your face which wasn’t something that happened often



Title: Professor Maximoff.

Summary: Zelda Ruiz is an 18 year old mexican/american mutant, she can stop and travel through time, when she arrives to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, on her first day she meets Peter Maximoff, the silver haired guy with awesome musical taste who turns out to be her teacher.

Parts: 2/?

Part One:

Fandom: X-Men | Days of Future Past | Apocalypse.

Love interest: Peter/Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver.

Characters: Peter Maximoff | Anne Marie / Rogue | Kitty Pryde |

Warnings: Main character falls in love with Peter Maximoff, her music professor. | 12 year age gap | Swearing | Food mention | Spanglish.

Notes: At first this was going to be a Reader x Peter fanfic but it was really hard for me to do it so I created a main character, but you can imagine it’s you.

The story takes place in 1990.

PD: I’m really sorry if my English is kind of shitty but it’s not my first language.

I’m sorry if this chapter is too long, I may have been a little excited.

“Well Zelda,  I’m Professor Maximoff.” He smiled and I felt my heart beating so fast I was sure every single person in the room could hear it. “And today as a special welcome, we are playing a new song, The Cure’s Lullaby.”

While we re-arranged the seats, Maximoff, Bobby and a couple of other guys walked out of the room, they came back with instruments, Maximoff was carrying a bass, Bobby had a Fender Stratocaster, the blond one had a Gibson Les Paul and the blue haired one had a set of bongoes.

The blue guy gave Anne the bongoes and proceeded to hand out sheets with the lyrics.

“Zelda, come here please, do you play any instrument?” Maximoff asked.

“Um, I actually play bass, I sing too, sometimes.”

“I’m sorry to hear that because I’m the best bassist, but you can sing.” He let out a chuckle and handed me a mic.

After spending most of the class trying to play the song, we finally managed to get it right.

At this moment I highly suggest you to listen to The Cure’s Lullaby.

Maximoff starts playing the main riff, Bobby and Johnny (the Les Paul guy) join with the guitars.

I begin to sing.

On candy stripe legs the Spiderman comes, softly through the shadow of the evening sun

Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead, looking for the victim shivering in bed

Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and suddenly a movement in the corner of the room

And there is nothing I can do when I realize

That the Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight

I had never considered myself a good singer but I put my heart in that song, feeling every word, getting lost in my own world, and then, Maximoff joins, stealing the mic.

Quietly he laughs and shaking his head

Creeps closer now, closer to the foot of the bed
And softer than shadow and quicker than flies
His arms are all around me and his tongue in my eyes
Be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy
Don’t struggle like that or I will only love you more
For it’s much too late to get away or turn on the light
The Spiderman is having you for dinner tonight

His voice is soft but deep, with every word he sings, he send shivers through my body, at this point, me importa un carajo if people can hear my heart beating as fast as if I was running a marathon, because he managed to completely change the meaning of the song and made me love it even more.

I join in the last verse of the song, not giving a fuck, sharing the mic with him, less than two inches separating our mouths.

And I feel like I’m being eaten by a thousand million shivering furry holes
And I know that in the morning I will wake up in the shivering cold

And the Spiderman is always hungry

We finish as a duet, when the music stops, I realize how close our faces are.
I take a step back and bump into Bobby.

“Oh, god sorry.” I apologize, blushing and making an inhuman effort to avoid Maximoff’s eyes, thankfully, the bell rings.

“That was awesome guys!” Maximoff says. “Class dismissed.”

I ran to my seat and grab my backpack, Anne is waiting for me in the hallway.

“What happened in there Zelda?” She asks with a quirky smile.

“What are you talking about?” I start walking fast, taking the schedule out of my pocket and checking my next class, Chemistry with Professor McCoy.

“Dude, everyone saw how close you were to Maximoff at the end of the song.” I shook my head.

“It was nothing, it’s one of my favorite songs, that’s it.”

“It’s the first time Maximoff does something like that, we usually play songs but he never interrupts the singer mid-song…”

“Believe me, it was nothing, he’s a good singer though, anyway, is Chemistry boring?”

Chemistry with Proffesor McCoy, who turned out to be the opposite to what I had pictured before, was actually really interesting, he didn’t gave us too much homework.

I only had one class left, Literature with Proffesor Grey, she gave everyone a copy of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and told us to write an essay about the symbolisms in the book, I was halfway through the book when she dismissed the class, apparently I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t done so she said we could hand her the essay tomorrow.

“Hey Zelda, we are going to the mall, do you want to come?” Bobby asks, he’s with Anne and John. “We can go to the movies or eat something.”

“Thanks Bobby, but I rather finish the Chemistry homework before I forget everything I learnt.” I smile, shooking my head.

“Okay, but promise you’ll hang out with us on Friday.” Anne smiles.

“I promise, I wonder if we are allowed to go to concerts because The Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing in Brooklyn next week.”

“We can go if we convince a Professor to be our chaperone.” John explains. “But it’s almost impossible, you can tell Logan…”

“Logan? Nah, you should ask Maximoff, everyone noticed he has a soft spot for you.” Bobby  laughs, I blush.

“Shut up Bobby, you’re making her blush.” I punch John in the shoulder but he keeps laughing.

“Oh, come on guys, shut up.” Anne starts walking “are you coming or what?”

They follow her and Anne waves goodbye.

I walk to the library, I pick a seat next to the window.

Oh god, why is Chemistry so fucking hard?

Two hours later I give up on McCoy’s homework and move to Grey’s assignment.

I finish the book faster than I expected and I start highlighting my favorite phrases in blue and the symbolisms in pink, oficially, The Great Gatsby has become one of my favorite books.

I clean up the table and walk to my room, I leave my backpack on my bed and  look at the clock, 8:00, I’m not really hungry but I’m not tired either, Anne is nowhere to be seen so I finally decide to go to the cafeteria.

When I arrive, it’s filled with students and the line is longer than I expected, I take out my Walk Man and wait for my food while listening to The Smashing Pumpkins, three songs later, I’m sitting in the same place I was in lunch, slowly drinking a Strawberry Ice Cream Milkshake and doodling in my left hand.

I went back to my room and took a shower, Anne arrived at 9:30, she told me about the movie they had watched, It, based on a novel by Stephen King, we chatted a little bit more and went to sleep at 11.

I open my eyes and look at the clock, it’s 2 am in the morning and my stomach hurts, I’m starving and I start cursing in silence, hating on my for only having a milkshake for dinner.

I try to get up as silent as possible trying not to wake Anne, I make it to the hallways, slowly walking to the kitchen at the back of the cafeteria, praying  I don’t get lost.

When I find the kitchen I am dissapointed, the food supplies are meant to be cooked and I don’t feel like cooking at 2 am, in moments like this I miss my house, my abuela knew I always wake up hungry in the middle of the night and made sure to left cooked food in the fridge so I just had to microwave it.

I manage to find a box of  Twinkies and a six pack of vanilla coke in a cupboard, behind a pile of pans, I take them and start walking to the door when they run away from my hands, and then I feel someone tapping on my shoulder.

“¿Qué chingados?” I scream, shivering, a second later, Maximoff is standing next to me.

“I don’t speak Spanish so I assume you are apologizing for stealing my food.” He aays in an agressive tone, I blush.

“Oh shit, Professor Maximoff, I’m sorry, I was just leaving…” I whisper.

“Yeah, you were just leaving with my Twinkies and my vanilla coke.”

“God, I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry Professor, I’ll leave now.” Shit shit shit, I hate myself so much right now, I should probably stop cursing but I can’t. “I’m so fucking sorry, I’m kind of starving right now, I only had a milkshake for dinner and I didn’t feel like cooking, I promise it won’t happen again.”

He starts laughing and I’m terrified.

“It’s okay Zelda, today I’m feeling specially grateful so I’m willing to share my food with you.”

“You don’t have to Professor, but thanks anyway.”

“I mean it, I need to make up for almost giving you a heart attack.” He hands me the box and the six pack, walks behind me and grabs my neck.

“W-what are you doing?” I ask, I can feel my heart beating at the touch of his fingers.

“It’s for the whiplash.” He says.

Two seconds later we are in what seems to be his room, but I feel I’m going to throw up, I lean against the wall trying to catch my breath.

“You should seat.” I obey and I drink the vanilla coke he offers me as he seats next to me on the couch , I’m pretty sure my face is as red as a tomato.

“Listen Professor, thanks for the coke but I think I should go back to sleep…”

“Don’t call me Professor Zel, my name is Peter.” He smiles and I shiver.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a teacher?” I asked.

“I thought you knew.”

“I just assumed you were a couple years older than me…”

“Nah, not really, I’m 30, but my mutation makes me age slower than a normal person.”

“Your mutation is super speed right?”

“Sort of, I can run to the speed of sound but it’s really complex.”

“Sounds complex, so, you see the world in slower right?” He nods, opens the box of Twinkies and hands me one.

“But talking about mutations is kinda boring, you are a great singer by the way.” I can feel myself dying inside.

“I’m not, I used to be in a band back in Queens, I began as the bassist but the singer left us and I took his place, I have always enjoyed it though.”

“Just like heaven used to be my favorite son g by The Cure but you made me change my mind about it.”

“Did you picked the song because I told you it was my favorite?” He gives me a misterious smile.

 Seconds later, he has a Walk Man in his hands and headphones in my ears. “Now, Miss Ruiz, it’s time for you to listen to one of my favorite bands.”

Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb starts playing through the headphones, I suddenly realize how tired I am, I close my eyes and  fall asleep.

Never Be (Prince!Luke) pt.2

Originally posted by 2k15luke

A/n: I wanted to give you all this before I went to Disney and was offline for four days. So here it is!

Warning: One swear word but none 

Part 1

The pregnancy so far has been nerve wracking for you. Every time you saw Luke you panicked, scared of what would happen. To be honest, you were scared he would tell your husband about the affair out of anger. Luke didn’t know that he was the father and you were scared to tell him. If you told him then that would just add more stress, but a part of you knew that he had a right.

“Is this the little one?” You turned around from the breakfast you were making, only to be met with your husband. He was currently hovering over the sonogram picture that laid on the marble counter. “Yeah aren’t you glad we got the 3D?” Your hand started to gently rub against your engorge belly out of habit.

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anonymous asked:

magic mike :3

Magic Mike: a scene which takes place in a stripclub

For best results, listen to this awesomely terrible song while you read.

“I cannot believe they convinced me to come here,” Levi mutters to himself as a beefy bouncer peers down at him, glancing from his ID to his face and back again. “I remember when MTV used to play music videos,” he says sharply. “I am definitely over 21.” The bouncer glares at him and hands his card back, allowing him to join his friends in the dim entryway to the club.

“Let’s go look at some boobs and butts!” Hanji yells, throwing her arms in the air triumphantly.

“I get why she’s here. What’s your excuse?” Levi asks Erwin.

“I wanted to see how uncomfortable you’d get when you realize that strip clubs are filthy inside,” the taller man says with a smirk.

Levi grits his teeth. “I hate you guys so much.”

“Shut up,” Hanji snaps. “I paid for your cover, Erwin’s buying your drinks, and you’re going to look at tits until you stop being such a grump.”

“My fucking girlfriend left me,” he mutters. “I think I’m within my rights.”

“And now you’re within your rights to look at naked women with your best friends,” Erwin tells him, putting one hand on his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get some booze into you.”

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Daddy! 5sos (5sos 4/4)

Request: Okay so the boys doing their daughters hair is too cute!!! Daddy 5sos is just assffghjkl! So I’m requesting more daddy 5sos is, and I don’t care what about, but here’s a few ideas. -going out for ice cream -making their kid pancakes -finding out your pregnant again -toilet training? Idk could be cute I guess. Love your blog and thanks!!!

Omg more daddy 5sos! :D Here goes! Oh, also note that these are in the boys’ P.O.V.



“DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” Laura shouts as she runs downstairs

“Yes sweetheart?” I ask her, taking her in my arms.

“Mummy says that if you say I’ve been a good girl then you’ll take me out for an ice-cream” She says

“Oh is that what she said?” I question

Laura nods, “Yeah! So have I been a good girl?!”

“Well I don’t know, let me think…” I say, pretending to think “Well you didn’t finish your lunch today so I don’t know…”

“No daddy, I was making room for the ice cream!” She shouts

“Oh were you now?” I ask, as she nods in reply “Well okay then, go get your shoes on!”

I put her down as she parades to find her shoes. I help her put them on and shout up to (Y/N) that we’re going out.

“So, what flavour are you gonna get?” I ask Laura as we drive to the park

“Erm….” She thinks “Chocolate!”

“Good one.” I smile

“What you gonna get daddy?” She asks

“Vanilla, I think”

When we arrive, there isn’t a queue. We order our ice-creams, then sit on the bench outside the shop.

Laura sits on my knee as we eat our ice-cream. It doesn’t take long before we’re both finished. When it comes to ice-cream, it’s gone in a flash with us two.

“You enjoy that?” I question

She nods, “Thanks daddy!”

“You’re welcome beautiful”

“I love you daddy!”

“I love you too, princess”


“After I’ve put Jacob to bed, I need to tell you something” (Y/N) says as she’s half way up the stairs with our eighteen month old son, Jacob.

It panics me whenever she says we need to talk or she needs to tell me something. I know it shouldn’t. But I think it always would anyone.

It only takes (Y/N) fifteen minutes to get Jacob changed into his pyjamas, his teeth brushed and him tucked into bed, and then back in the living room sitting next to me.

“Hi” I say, anxiously “What is it you need to tell me?”

(Y/N) places her hand on my knee, “So, I found out some news the other day. I didn’t know when or how to tell you this. I know we’re not ones for spontaneously surprising each other, so I didn’t want this to seem too formal and weird. But at the same time…I don’t know, I’m rambling. I always do that when I’m nervous.”

“Why are you nervous?” I ask

“It’s just I don’t know how you’re going to react to it because we never spoke about it that much…” She continues “Well, maybes just after we had Jacob but, you know, we were in a honeymoon faze and how did we know that’s what we wanted. Oh god, Michael, I’m sorry, I’m just so up-a-height about this. I don’t think it’s a bad thing and I am happy about it and I know you probably will be too but how can I be sure? I mean I don’t know bu-”

“(Y/N)!!” I shout over the top of her, causing her to stop talking and look at me, “What is it?”

She looks me in the eyes, “Michael, we’re pregnant…”

My eyes nearly fall out of my eyes, “ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?!”

She nods, “Yeah”


I look at her as she smiles a smile of relief and happiness.

“Why were you so nervous about telling me?” I question

“We’d just never really spoke about it so I guess I just didn’t know how you were going to react” She explains

I kneel down in front of her, “Listen, this is the best thing that you could have told me. I was fretting that you were going to end it or something. But I’m glad you didn’t. Because you and Jacob are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I didn’t think our family could get any better than it has been…but…but this is just the best thing ever. I love you. I love Jacob. And I already love this one. Honestly, how you could ever think I’d react badly to being told I’m going to be a dad again is beyond me. I love being a dad. I love everything about it. This is the best thing ever”

I kiss her stomach as if to prove it, and she strokes my hair with her hands.

“Welcome to the family, little one. We can’t wait to meet you” I mumble against her stomach


“Are you ready for this?” (Y/N) questions

“Yeah…” I begin “I just don’t understand why we have to put a ping pong ball in the toilet”

(Y/N) laughs, “I told you. You put it in the toilet, then tell your son to aim for the ball. It makes sure he gets good aim so that when he’s older he won’t, you know, spray the wall”

“Oh…I still don’t get it” I admit

(Y/N) rolls her eyes, and gets me to hold Cameron. She chucks the ping pong ball into the toilet and makes sure the step is in place for Cameron to stand on.

“Right little buddy, now listen to daddy, and he’ll tell you what to do” (Y/N) smiles at Cameron

I tut, “Why do I have to tell him what to do?”

(Y/N) sighs, “Because you’re a dude, you know how to do it if you’re a dude”

I roll my eyes, “Right, okay”

I stand Cameron on the step, then move round so I could face him.

“Right little man, can you see that ping pong ball floating in the water?” I ask him

“Yeah” Cameron says

“Okay, you’re going to pee in the toilet but when you do, I want you to try and get your pee to land on the ping pong ball” I say, shrugging at (Y/N).

She giggles slightly before adding, “Don’t worry if you don’t this time round, we’ve got plenty of time to practise. Just try your best”

“Yeah, daddy can help with your aim” I add

“Pfft! With aim like yours I don’t think we’ll have clean walls” (Y/N) giggles to herself

“You think you’re funny, don’t you?” I question

“I don’t think it…I know it!” She grins

“Remind me again why I love you?” I ask

“Because I make you breakfast in bed every Sunday morning? Because I give you back massages? Because I’m hella fine? And, most importantly, I birthed your son.” She replies

I smirk, “Yeah, there’s something else as well but I’ll let you show me what that is later”

Her eyes widen, “CALUM!”

“Sorry, I ran away with myself” I laughed

“Too right you did!”

“Erm…mummy and daddy, can we get back to the toilety thing because I wanna go back to playing my game?” We hear Cameron say

“Of course little man!” I respond, “Come on, let’s give it a go”


“Not bad for your first time little man!” I smile, high-fiving Cameron

“You did really well” (Y/N) praises, “You’re better than daddy already!”

I tut.

“Can I go back to my game now?” Cameron asks

“Of course you can sweetie” (Y/N) smiles

“I’ll get you back for that snide comment of yours, (Y/L/N)” I smirk

“Can’t wait” She winks


“Daddy’s making pancakes!” (Y/N) shouts

“YAY!” I hear both Dylan and Ryan cheer

God, twins are so loud!

“Daddy can I have the first pancake?” Dylan asks

“No way, daddy can I have the first pancake?” Ryan argues

I laugh, “Come on boys, toss a coin and we’ll find out”

I pull out a coin and pass it to them.

“I’m heads!” Ryan shouts

“I’ll be tails!” Dylan shouts back

With the sound of a coin hit the table - obviously they need to work on their coin tossing skills - they both rush to see who has won.

“YES!” Dylan cheers “Daddy, I get the first pancake, tails won!”

“Okay, okay” I laugh

“Daddy, are you gonna flip the pancake?” Ryan questions

“Sure am, you gonna watch?” I reply


“Are you ready?” I begin “3…2…1…”

“DADDY YOU DID IT!” Dylan and Ryan shout in unison.

Once the pancake is done, I put it straight on the plate.

“And what would you like on your pancake?” I ask Dylan

“Erm…Nutella!” He replies, excitedly.

I take the Nutella jar and spread some of the Nutella on the pancake, making sure it spreads right to the edges.

“There you go little man!” I smile, handing Dylan his pancake.

“Now my pancake daddy!” Ryan reminds me

“I haven’t forgotten. What would you like on your pancake?” I laugh

“Erm…Strawberry and chocolate sauce please daddy” Ryan answers

“Coming right up!” I giggle

I love how excited they get when I make pancakes. I make them the night I get back home from tour and the night before I leave for tour, as a special treat. I love going on tour. But I love my family just as much, and I hate being away from them for so long. They’re the best thing to happen to me. Sure, the twins can be a handful, but they’re cute and fun and hilarious and my two favourite boys. As for (Y/N), I can’t thank her enough. She’s incredible. She gave birth to these two. She’s pretty much raised them. She understands my hectic lifestyle and doesn’t complain half as much as I expected her to. She misses me when I’m not here, I know that because she tells me when I call her every night, and sometimes she’ll send me a random text. But she never expects me to drop anything to get on a flight back home or whatever. She puts up with a lot and I love her for it.

With another excellent flip of the pancake, I finish off Ryan’s pancake and hand it to him, “There you go, buddy”

“Would you like one (Y/N)?” I ask

She shakes her head, “No, get yourself one”

“I had one before I made the boys’ pancakes” I tell her

She giggles, “Always eating!”

“Daddy, I don’t want you to go away tomorrow” Dylan says, sounding sad.

I walk over to him and crouch down to his level.

“Hey, hey. It’s not tomorrow yet. We’ve still got hours to go. It’ll go quicker than you think, I promise. And it’s the same as every other time. I’ll talk to you on the phone to say good-night every night. You can talk to Uncle Michael, Uncle Calum and Uncle Ashton too, if you want. I know they’d love to talk to you too. Don’t miss me too much, though…I don’t want you being sad and upset. Just remember that I love you - the two of you - and your mum very much. I’ll be thinking of you every second of every day.” I say

“I love you daddy!” Dylan smiles, hugging me.

“Love you too, Dylan” I reply “You as well Ryan”

“Love you” Ryan says, eating a bit of his pancake.

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Take Care of You

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TITLE: Take Care of You
Steve x Reader
Hey dear :) Can I send in a request about Steve Rogers where you both are in love with each other but then during the War in New York with Loki, you get badly injured. As soon as Steve sees this he rushes to you, cradles you in his arms, trying to Keep you awake and that he loves you. Later in the Hospital you’re out for a while but he stays by your side begging you to wake up? Then after you’re awake he cares for you and makes sure you don’t move too much :) both POVs maybe <3 Thank you <3
This is my second request, hopefully I did good and it’s as successful as the first one was. Like I said before, feedback is always great! Very appreciated, so please let me know if it’s good or bad. I won’t take it the hard way.


“Yup, I should’ve listened to Steve.” I say as I continue to run, trying to find a safe place to take cover in.

As I slow down, I find a car and take cover behind it, catching my breath. Fighting was hard and Steve tried to keep me out of it as much as possible, but of course, I’m stubborn. He would’ve get the win just like that.

“You say something?” Steve comes in through the earpiece. “Are you okay? Where are you? I lost sight of you.” Even I can hear that the battle is going on for too long and everyone is getting kind of tired.

Meanwhile, Nat was trying to close the giant hole in the sky that Loki had the damn desire to open.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just needed somewhere to take cover.” I answer back.

“Let’s chatty, more fighty.” Came in Tony, unsure why you two suddenly decided to have a conversation while there were robots flying around everywhere.

I look around for a minute, shooting at whatever came at me but it wasn’t very helpful. I didn’t have much experience with fighting. I was new to the Avengers, new to the whole job thing, but I was getting better at it, plus they needed all the help they could get. Even if Steve refused to let me come on board, everyone kind of helped convince him.


Explosion and I’m being thrown across the street. I don’t know how I still manage to get up, but I do. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but everything is slowly fading and I’m falling. I feel a liquid running down my body, which when I look down, I see it’s blood. Just fucking great. Pain started kicking in shortly after I’m on the ground, and I can’t think of any words to say so I can get help. The only thing that’s clear right now is that everything is slowly becoming black and I’m watching the world burn and fall down around me. I can’t do anything to help.

“Well fuck..” I whisper to myself.

It feels like hours are passing by and nobody notices, until I hear throw my earpiece.

“Y/N is down!” The voice sounded a lot like Tony, but I couldn’t exactly make it out.

Then, Steve is right next to me. He’s not fighting, no. He’s picking me up slightly, watching me with a horrified look on his face. I’m being rocked by him as he whispers some things that I can barely make out.

“Please stay with me,” Steve pushes my hair out of my face. “Please, Y/N. Stay awake, we’ll get you to the hospital soon, okay? Just stay awake, baby.”

There’s a small feeling of fear starting to build up inside me because I know I can’t hold on for much longer, but I did not want to leave Steve. I couldn’t leave Steve. The look on his face. The fear and regret that are swimming in his eyes.

“I love you, Y/N. Stay awake.” Steve whispers again as he kisses my head, standing up with me in his arms. “What happened?”

I open my mouth to speak, but I can’t say anything. The more I try, the weaker I become and the only thing I can focus on is the pain in the stomach. The pain in my whole body. I had to say the words though. What if it was the last time he got to hear them?

“I love you, Steve.” It takes effort to say them, but they come out clear and he knows I mean them with all of my heart.

Then that’s that, everything goes completely black.



“How did this happen? How did I lose sight of her?” I whisper for the tenth time. Nat is next to me, watching Y/N. She hasn’t woken up and she’s badly injured.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Steve.” Nat turns to look at me. “Maybe she got distracted, you know? It happens to all of us at least once.”

But I felt like my whole world had just collapsed. I’m watching my girlfriend lay on a hospital bed, her life is on the line and there is nothing that we can do about it but wait. Wait until she wakes up. Yet, I’m so scared that she won’t wake up.  What will I do next?

I take her hand in mine again and kiss her fingers. “I shouldn’t have let you go. You should’ve stayed home.”

It felt like it was my fault that she was in the position she is in right now. I didn’t want her to fight with us today. I didn’t want her to risk her life for something that wasn’t her fault. She knew I didn’t want her to fight, but of course, her good heart wanted to help.

Nat pat my shoulder before she walked away from the room. I watched her leave before returning my attention to Y/N’s lifeless body. She looked so pale. There were visible bruises starting to form on her skin.

“Please wake up.” As if my begging is going to make her wake up. I still do it though. I still beg her to wake up, like if she can hear me. “I need you to wake up because we have so much to do still. Like, remember what you said you wanted to do on Friday night? We have to get to that dinner, babe. So, please, wake up.”

Nothing. No answer. She doesn’t wake up and it just breaks my heart to see her like this. It’s been hours since she was omitted to the hospital. The pain in my chest is slowly returning at the thought of her being gone, but she’s a fighter. I know she’ll fight till the very end and this cannot be our ending.

“I love you.” I say to her again, placing a small kiss on her lips, wondering if she could feel me? Could she hear me?

“And I love you.” I hear a small, weak voice and it’s coming from her.

I instantly grin, my heart feeling complete again. “You’re awake.”

“Of course, couldn’t leave you behind.” She smiles weakly at me, and attempts to sit up.

“No, no, no. Please, don’t move too much babe. You’re badly injured.” I say and stop her from moving. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself more. What do you need? I’ll get it for you.” I offer, taking her hand in mine again and squeezing it a bit.

I’m glad she’s awake again.

“Did we win?” She asks, her eyes stay on mine. Those beautiful eyes were slowly starting to regain their life back.

I nod slowly. “Yeah, sweetie. We won. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.” I start apologizing. “I should’ve stayed by your side the whole time. I should’ve realized you were hurt sooner.” I sigh deeply and look down. “I almost lost you.”

She squeezes my hand a little tighter. “I’m right here, you didn’t lose me. I don’t blame you for what happened, Steve, so please do not blame yourself.”



I hated when Steve blamed himself for things that were not his fault. This accident wasn’t his fault. I’m okay and that’s all that should matter to us right now. I can already tell that I’m not going to be able to do much when Steve’s around. He’s going to be the sweet gentleman he is and he’s going to try and do everything for me. He’ll take care of me. Very good care of me.

“Thank you.” I say to him and smile softly, earning a puzzled look from him.

“For what?” he asks.

“Staying with me the whole time. I assume you haven’t left my side?” I already the answer. I already knew that there was no way he would’ve left my side.

Steve smiles and nods. “Yeah, been here the whole time. I couldn’t leave you, not even for one second.”

“Well, thank you, babe.” I smile and lean up.

“Ah, ah, what did I say about moving too much?” Steve stops me, raising his eyebrow.

“But I want to kiss you.” I try to reason with him, smiling.

“Then I’ll come to you.” He answers, slowly leaning in for a kiss. Very enjoyable kiss, by the way. Sweet and slow. “I’ll take care of you.”