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Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.


#TLOP #IfYoungMetroDontTrustYou

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The Falcon Chisel Affair

So not too far back, @rollyjogerjones came to me with this silly idea of Emma dressing as Old!Hook for Halloween, much to the irritation of her husband. She got to work on the stunning (and hilarious) artwork, and I agreed to write an accompanying fic. Took me a little longer than originally intended, and took a small turn towards some angst briefly, but I hope you all enjoy it all the same!

Amber, thank you so much for putting this idea out into the universe and letting me play around with it for a short while!

(Artwork posted with permission. Please do not repost or crop it.)

Emma paused in adjusting the ratty grey wig on her head and glanced at her husband in the reflection of their bedroom mirror. He was trudging around the room with the same scowl heโ€™d had on his face since Emma had revealed just exactly what she was planning to dress as for Halloween. That had been two days ago.

โ€œYou canโ€™t stay grouchy much longer,โ€ she tried to put a bit of childish whine into her tone, but she figured it came off sounding as amused as she felt by his petulance. Silly, ridiculous pirate.

โ€œI carried a grudge for centuries, darling,โ€ Killian muttered as he fiddle with the utility belt around his waist. โ€œAre you really that keen to see how long I can stay grouchy?โ€ His sharp, blue-eyed gaze snapped up to hers quickly and she could see the hint of that dangerous captain lurking in it. It simultaneously made her want to roll her eyes and sent a jolt of excitement coursing through her.

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I miss summer and all my friends from work.

Im so glad I’ll be back again

hello, it’s me, your local jimin stan 

it’s been two years (and three fandoms) since this trashy blog has started it’s existance so i decided that it’s just about time to do a follow forever

to be honest, i only talk to like 0.3 people on this hell of a website so i’m mainly doing this to appriciate some blogs and people i admire from afar

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Nakamoto Yuta x Mabuchi Kou visual similarities [Part 2✌🏼] 

Part 1 here

A tale of fairies.

She was part an ancient race, He was more than a simple human.  By the hand of her benevolent king they can be together even if the circumstances decide against them.


-I’ll be waiting for you, but please. Come back to me.

-It’s all i could ever ask.


DAY 1| DAY 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5 | DAY 6 | DAY 7

Okay guys i had planned some meaningful short doujinshis but i’m still stuffed with work so this ride will be co-related, i mean the days, this basically will be like a fanfiction of 7 scenes.