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poll: which fic should i update???

okay guys, so ive started a new Herc/Laf/Aaron fic, but i’ve just realised how many fucking fics i have that are unfinished???

so like, if yall could reply to this with which fic you wanna see updated the most, that would be real great?? thanks
options are:

Two’s Company But So Is Three (herc/laf/aaron)

The Madison-Burr Alliance (aaron/alex, thomas/james, only has one chapter left)

Find My Soul A Home (unrequited aaron/alex, background alex/herc/john/laf)

Lipstick and Leather (sonny/pete from in the heights, one chapter left)

Cafe Diem - Coffee Shop Shenanigans (next drabble in the series, ot4)

Burrcules drabble series 

Drabble for the Je M’appelle Lafayette universe

((btw, One For Sorrow has been finished, and Someone Looking Pretty and As Subtle As A Train Wreck won’t be updated)

Yeeeah ~ This ship is taking all my drawing time…. but i have to get it out of my system before i can do anything else. It’s also very different from my usual style, so i’m having loads of fun with it!

also had to doodle the lovely and awesome characters of c2ndy2c1d and asphyxion <3 i hope they don’t mind…eek

hi!! i havent got on here for a while cause i got sick; wrist injuries + flu and i went to a trip.. but i’m back now!! hopefully to catch up w/ work backlog and art trades nice and easy ToT it’s taking a while to get back to drawing but i’m getting here! i had a very good weekend nevertheless. i recently bought an aki mini fig! he’s currently at my friend’s place because i’m gonna move anytime soon.. it’ll probably take a couple more months but im so happy and excited to get him!!! i’ve wanted him for soooo long TTvTT 

anonymous asked:

Bill giving Will relationship advice so that he can get his own pine tree and stop bothering his.

I liked this prompt, though it took me, uh, a lot of time to complete. Human!Bills, for no real reason. Not connected with my other Rev!Bill stuff. Thanks for the prompt and I hope you like it!

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Fave people in the world: 13/

Zacky Vengeance

«If it were all going to end tomorrow, we’d still be the same people that we are. I think that’s why we have such a long career. We just stay true to ourselves and have fun doing it.»

for my baby petitrebelle-fleur