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AUs to consider
  • “we live in different countries and got paired up as pen pals for a project for school” au
  • “i crashed your family member’s wedding for the free food but hi there” au
  • “i’m a techie, you’re the lead actor in a show” au
  • “the person running the rollercoaster is really hot” au
  • “sorry that text was meant for someone else but hi there who are you” au
  • “we’re in a breakfast club style all day detention” au
  • “i don’t want to go alone to my ex’s wedding and our mutual friend said you’re free that night” au
  • “i signed up for a dating website to get my mom off my back” au
  • “we’re in the same rocky horror troupe” au
  • “hey asshole quit kicking the back of my seat it’s a 10 hour flight” au
  • “your dad is my least favorite teacher” au
  • “my significant other cheated on me with you, wanna team up to destroy them?” au
  • “i’ve been coming to this club for years but you’re the best performer i’ve ever seen” au
  • “i’m rich and i’m not supposed to talk to servants but the person that scrubs my floor is really cute” au
  • “i was hitchhiking and you picked me up and WHOOPS YOU’RE A FAMOUS ROCKSTAR” au
  • “we met on a reality show” au
  • “my family owns the hotel your family is staying in” au
  • “someone tripped me in the hallway and you’re the only one that helped me up” au
  • “my parents kicked me out and you’re the only person that bothered to ask the crying, obviously lost kid with a suitcase if something was the matter” au
  • “you accidentally left your ID in a library book” au
  • “i had a one night stand the night before i started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” au
  • “i’m on a school trip to another country and one of the locals is seriously hot” au
  • “i’ve never met you before but i went to a huge party at your house with my significant other - who then proceeded to dump me” au
  • “you’re the cutest waiter at my favorite restaurant” au
  • “we didn’t come to this anime convention together but we dressed up as characters that are a couple in the show and people keep assuming we’re together and asking us to pose for pictures so hi there what’s your name” au
  • “you rescued me from the creepy person that was hitting on me in the bar” au

Restaurant/Diner AU ideas:

+FOH crew: Light is the floor manager, Misa is the head waitress, Halle, Takada, and Mikami are servers, Gevanni and Matsuda are hosts.
+BOH crew: L is kitchen manager, Near is second-in-line for the position which particularly irritates Mello considering he’s worked the kitchen for years (yeah, and you’ve also been cussing out customers to their faces for years, L reminds him), Matt is the busboy and refuses to be promoted, B runs the grill and Naomi works back there too but nobody really knows what she does half the time because her main job is to keep B from charring all the food and/or burning the place down.
+Speaking of Mello yelling at customers, the door to the kitchen is a LOT thinner than you think, honey. Halle chuckles nervously and tries to distract said victims of Mello’s fury-rant as she ushers them to the seats furthest from the back.
+L never wears a hairnet or gloves unless they’re expecting an inspection and even then it’s begrudgingly. He licks food residue off his hands instead of washing them, and uses the same filthy cleaning rag for a few days in a row before declaring it dirty.
+Unless he’s schmoozing the customers out of their houses and homes, Light is rarely ever caught doing any actual work, instead ‘doing what a manager should’ and delegating the work to everybody else. He likes to lean on walls and snap at the other employees for not smiling enough.
+Catch Takada and Mikami gossipping by the employee booth. They ALWAYS know EVERYTHING about everybody’s drama. Somehow.
+Misa is so cheery she’s had customers ask if she was on drugs. Little do they know, she goes into the back and furiously discusses with Mello how disgusting and dumb their patrons are for hours on end. Sometimes they spit in food, sometimes worse *shrug emoji*
+Matt rides his bike to work every day and oh my GODDDDDD he stinks and is like drenched in sweat and totally not sanitary but by the end of the night he’s soaked in dishwater and somehow still smells of patchouli too.
+One time, Matsuda bumped into Light carrying a tray of food and spilled it all over the both of them and ever since then Matsuda gets only the tables with the WORST customers and the shittiest shifts. Light swears it’s coincidence.

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Finally made it to Bob’s Burgers for lunch. Can you guess which “special” we had?

“G-gotta admit, Bobby. I’ve been across the multiverse, b-but your burger’s are still the the best.”

“He’s just saying this because he get’s free beer.”

“I still take it as a compliment.”


Title: None the Wiser
Author: Loftec
Status: Work in Progress
Category: AU/Slow Burn

This AU depicts Mickey Milkovich, a waiter in a Chicago diner, in his day to day life and his communications with a certain patron, Ian Gallagher. The work is split into chapters that highlight Ian and Mickey’s interactions on given days in a 167 day span. This slow burn is beautifully written and gives an insight into these two boy’s journey to gradually becoming friends.

read it here!

No chimichangas, No Thank You
  • Wade Wilson: Petey, you're gonna abso-FUCKING-LUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I swear to god almighty they make the best, most perfect chimichangas you have ever had in your entire life.
  • Peter Parker: [hums an affirmative, holding Wade's hand as they cross the street to the restaurant] You're gushing, Wade!
  • Wade Wilson: Only because this place deserves it!!!
  • Peter Parker: It will be nice to have real food for once! [slides into a booth]
  • Wade Wilson: [continues to gush until the waiter delivers drinks they ordered] May we please have two of your finest chimichangas?
  • Waiter: Oh, I'm sorry, sirs! We no longer serve those anymore. Not enough people were buying them.
  • Peter Parker: I'm sorry, Wade! But we can order sketching else. Let's see here-- [picks up the menu, about to take a sip of his drink]
  • Peter Parker: [covers face with his hands] Wade, it's okay!!!! Let's just go!! [starts herding him out of the restaurant repeating strings of apologies to the people around them after surreptitiously placing some money on the table]

ZevWarden Week, Day 3: Fancy Dress 

Allura Mahariel: “… You clean up nice.” 

Zevran Arainai: “And you, my dear, look as beautiful as ever.” 


Part 2 of the Kuuga AU! Part 1 here

Finally done! Check out all those backgrounds and action I had to draw. my greatest weaknesses, along with hands and armor. basically drawing this sucked and i’m glad its over

Lance’s kamen rider form finally appears! It’s basuically just the paladin armor but with some changes to make it more kamen rider-like (and easier to draw lmao) Also I thought about changing the monsters into Galra but then I’d have to redesign all of them and turn Lance’s rider design more galra-like too, so I decided to just keep the Gurongi from Kuuga.

Here’s a quick bonus Hunk because it’s still a while before he shows up in this AU and I wanted to draw him!

fluff friday “food” [izusaku]

so @vesperlionheart and I decided to start up “fluff fridays” to balance out “smut mondays.” this week’s prompt is “food.” 

please feel free to leave prompts/pairings in the inbox! 

(also, I’ve been binge-watching “the great food truck race” so…yeah.)

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The Miraculous Properties of Food

Summary: AU in which Ladybug and Chat Noir save the citizens of Paris by running a secret restaurant that you can only find when you’re in a bad mood. Or: AU in which Chat Noir must be reminded that the kitchen is for cooking food and not for…anything else.
Pairing: Aged-Up Ladynoir/Love Square

A/N: Here, have a 860-word thing that I couldn’t shake off.

For @miraculousturtle​, @thelastpilot​, @panda013​, @magical-awesome-kid​, and @zenwisterias (yes, the whole bunch of you) because their fics and posts have altered my mood from crappy to happy for more times than I can count.

Truth be told, the black butterflies were a little ominous. Aurore wondered why she had never seen them before. Maybe she just never actually looked. They were right there in plain sight, etched on textured brick or painted on already graffitied walls. They were scattered all over Paris at seemingly random spots, angled at seemingly random ways. No one would take too much notice unless they were in need.

Aurore took notice, this time, because she was in need.

Because her heart felt as black as those little butterflies.

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anonymous asked:

Okay the first Mikey/nater baking option is so perfect..... like at first they are hard core competitors, trying to take each other out at every turn, before they realize that they think a like and secretly (well, to the other contestants not the people watching the show) to team up and try to take out the competition. When the show gets to the final 3 competitors it's Mikey, Nate, and someone else, and by now Mikey knows all about mates dreams of getting a down payment 1/2

To open his own bakery, and since Mikey already has a bakery (legacy baker, inherited a bakery with his brothers) he throws the challenge, allowing Nate and the other competitor to move on. Before he leaves he kiss nater, tells him to win and asks him out on a date. Nater wins, but ends up opening a bakery with Mikey instead. They return to the show 3 seasons later in a duos challenge, which they win, and right after that they announce their engagement to the fans as they are known as celebs. 2/3

Their bakery becomes world famous and they have a dedicated following on social media (nater runs their shared public account, Mikey runs the bakery’s business social media account, and they both have privates for family and fellow close friends, including nater’s old hockey team before he retired to bake) 3/3

(Here are the aforementioned AUs inspired by the Devils cooking class pics)

Nate retired from hockey because he loved it but he couldn’t see a future in it for him, and he loves baking too, and he could see a future in that. Mikey throws the challenge in a semi-dramatic way, where he tells the viewers in those one-on-one interviews during the challenge that he wants to throw it bc he was inspired by Nate. The fans eat it right up. Mikey kisses Nater in private, but after Nate wins that round, he mentions what happened and the audience begins rooting for him because of the love story.

Now Mikey is already known in the culinary world and Nate became famous by winning the baking challenge. Mikey was already planning on splitting off from his brothers and opening his own bakery, and now he gets to do that with Nate, and it becomes super popular bc people love the story behind it

Finally adding a few of my Tumblr drabbles and ficlets to my AO3 account.

A Bit Dull – Ten x Rose.  A Girl in the Fireplace fixit, and my own personal headcanon.

Separation Anxiety – Tentoo x Rose.  An angsty drabble about Tentoo’s first days in Pete’s World.

Decisions – Alec Hardy.  When he’s invited to the Miller’s for dinner, Alec figures he should bring something.  But that decision proves more difficult than he first expected.

Eventually, I’d like to add my Campbell x Bella multichapter, and my Restaurant Critic Ten/Rose AU.  I also want to revise my first fic, Self Division, and add that as well.  Self Division is the prequel to The Woman and The Bell.

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Hi! This blog is wonderful, especially for wide-eyed xmfc newbies stumbling around. (Like me!) So I'm wondering, do you know any fics involving bookshops/coffeeshops/tea parlours? Thank you!

Coffee shop AUs

Sorry it’s taken me so long dear! But there is a gold mine of coffee shop/book shop AUs out there

Summary: Librarian AU. Charles is the young librarian and Erik is the college student who is completely besotted with him.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: Teen, 11,292 words

My Opinion: It’s adorable and I love every character. Even Shaw. If you want a badass Erik with piercings and a sweet, innocent Charles, well then. Enjoy!

Summary: Erik runs a kosher bakery. Charles comes in for baked goods. They play chess, eat meringues, people drop other people’s keys down the toilet, and there’s mutant performance art.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: modern setting, wheelchair, PG, 17,615 words.

My Opinion: It’s cute. I don’t know what it is about baker Erik that pulls me in so much. Huh. Something to think on. He plays with dough guys.

Summary: The best part about Charles’ favorite bakery isn’t the location, and it isn’t the lovely smell, or even the Earl Grey cupcakes. It’s the Baker.

Erik Lehnsherr is a beautiful specimen of a man, particularly when his fussing over Charles takes the form of pastry.

Such a pity Charles doesn’t know Erik is an assassin.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: bakery, modern, Charles rules the world, 11,070 words, PG.

My Opinion: Raven gets angsty in this one, so it does stick true. I like the characterisations and Erik in general being protective. It’s lovely..

Summary: Fill for this prompt: Charles meets Erik Lehnsherr, his favorite novelist of all time at a coffee shop, but doesn’t know it’s him, and Erik just criticizes his own writing in front of his biggest fan.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: clueless Charles, AU, non-powered, NC-17, 39,242 words.

My Opinion: It’s a coffee shop AU with hella high recommendations, I’ve just not gotten round to reading it yet though I trust that it is good.

Summary: An X-Men First Class AU in which Erik owns a restaurant.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: NC-17, 14,531 words

My Opinion: It was cute if memory serves right (it’s been a while since I read it) but it has a happy ending which is what matters.

Summary: Azazel clearly has yet to understand the shattering power of Charles’ disappointment, so Erik takes one for the team, grabbing the cup and downing the remnants of the cappuccino like a shot while Azazel watches with morbid fascination.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: coffee shop AU, modern setting, no powers, PG, 4924 words

My Opinion: Classic coffee shop AU, adorable as hell too :D

Summary: Charles owns a coffee shop, Erik is a corporate lawyer (and owns some really nice suits). Things get a bit hazy from there.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: Hesits, mentions of killings, PG, 23,710 words.

My Opinion: It’s sweet and I like how Charles doesn’t take shit.

Summary: Charles has a terrible habit of multitasking, and that is probably why he absentmindedly tells the pizza man that he loves him when hanging up.

Then the pizza man says it back. And Charles is pretty much smitten from there.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: phone calls, PG, 4349 words.

My Opinion: It’s cutesy and adorable and Sean is fabulous. Not quite what you asked for but too adorable not to not read

Summary: This is the story of how her Charles met my Erik; it’s a modern-day AU, with powers; Charles is the owner of a restaurant called the Chessboard and the leader of its all-mutant staff, while Erik is an engineer working at Frost Industries.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: modern, first time, NC-17, 16,031 words.

My Opinion: The children are perfect. I mean. GAH. And the cute. Oh my. Restaurant AU, similar ish to what you wanted.

Summary: Charles is the owner of a book store, his best friend that he’s known since high school is a cop who’s recently been promoted, and, oh yeah, he’s madly in love with him.

Warnings/Rating/Word count: modern setting, misunderstandings, NC-17, 12,399 words.

My Opinion: It’s been a while since I read it but I remember it being sweet and perhaps slightly awkward but not sure about that (: