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Scrolling through my Tumblr dash today and wondering:
a) did a few people change their blog names and I not notice?
b) is Tumblr mobile making new friends for me again like a helicopter parent concerned I don’t socialize enough?
c) have I been sleep following peeps again?

anonymous asked:

I'm not really surprised at the huge knife collection, but dude... why do you have a sword?

why wouldnt i? what else am i supposed to do when i need to stab something thats far away but i dont wanna throw something? get closer to it?? it could stab me back maybe. i hate that. swords are great, theyre the perfect middle ground. swords have all the stabbiness of knives but all the range of somebody with longer arms 

i have just realized that i could also solve this problem by using a regular knife and having tony build me a longer arm

but that sounds inconvenient when instead i could just use a sword

Hi I would just like to remind everyone that if your an adult (18+) and sending minors on here hate because of what they ship/characters they like, you need to stop immediately. Not only is it wrong but also can get you into legal trouble for cyberbullying/harassment. Also if any minors feel uncomfortable with an adult (like me) following them/reblogging their edits/commenting on their posts, please let us know and we will unfollow/stop. I understand people are frustrated with the writers and the characters story lines but some of you are crossing the line between stating an opinion and verbal abuse. Also minors please feel free to block/report anyone spewing this hate. Keep a record of what they post but do NOT engage. Stay in your lanes people. Especially if you’re an adult.


TOP 15 THE ORIGINALS RELATIONSHIPS (as voted by my followers)
 8. Davina x Marcel

I’m not a kid. I’m not your responsibility. Honey, you will always be my responsibility. What were you supposed to do? Lock me in an attic and keep the world at bay forever? You didn’t let me down. I just grew up. Thank you for saving me that first time. And for everything else after. I love you, Marcel.

Podcast nails 3/?

riddle me this: why is the photo quality so bad on tumblr?

(minor color correction to get the nails to show up true to life which is why my hand looks pink rip)


  • 😭 - for my muse’s response to your muse shouting at them
  • 💋 - for my muse’s response to your muse kissing them.
  • 🔆 - for my muse’s response to your muse cuddling the,.
  • 💤 - for my muse’s response to your muse climbing into bed with them.
  • 🛒 - for my muse’s response to your muse making mine breakfast.
  • 🛁 - for my muse’s response to your muse showering with mine.
  • 🔪 - for my muse’s response to your muse stabbing mine.
  • 🔫 - for my muse’s response to your muse shooting mine.