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Just going to rant here...

A few weeks ago I made a couple of posts about the Darfur Genocide. It is ongoing. Al Bashir, the man responsible, is still in power in Sudan. He is murdering people with chemical weapons. He has been convicted by the International Criminal Court, but is still in power.

This blog is a Jewish issues blog and I often think twice about whether or not to step out of those bounds to talk about other issues in the world because there are so many and the number of Jewish issues blogs seems too few. This blog has grown faster than I expected and I’m grateful that we have as many followers as we do and that we get positive notes that counterbalance all the hate we get. They keep us going.

But longtime followers know that I have a long, lingering, gnawing wound over the failure of the Save Darfur movement of which I was a committed activist until my anger and cynicism at the futility turned so raw that I had to walk away for my own mental health. And the tiny number of notes those posts got compared to the number of notes I got for other recent posts brought that anger and cynicism back in a very real way.

I constantly ask myself the question of why genocide is allowed to continue after the Holocaust and the answer is blatantly clear to me. It’s because too few people have the will to stop it. We develop philosophies that encourage our apathy. On the left we call it “anti-imperialism.” On the right we call it “putting our nation first.” But what short of military intervention stops genocide? When a legitimate government is slaughtering or deliberately allowing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people? We’ve seen over and over and over again that it will continue until either an outside force intervenes or the entire targeted population is annihilated and its few survivors dispersed. 

Instead what we see on the left are people ignoring these issues and using the genocide label on things that, no matter how horrible, are patently not genocide. I see people using the word “Holocaust” interchangeably with “genocide” when it refers specifically to the genocide perpetrated during WWII by the Nazis and their collaborators. I see people who have done absolutely nothing about contemporary genocide lecture people who’ve futilely struggled to prevent it that their priorities are wrong.

I wish Jews were as powerful as people say we are because then, maybe, we could’ve prevented Darfur, Rwanda, Cambodia or one of the countless other genocides we doubtless haven’t heard about because no one reported them in our apathetic media. The Save Darfur coalition, as futile as it was, was overwhelmingly Jewish and Black. If you’d been at the rallies it would’ve been inescapable. But the media didn’t come. The news was drowned out. People just didn’t care. 

And now? Now I’m just bitter. Nothing has changed. And I’m using this platform to vent into the void.