my religion teacher was there

something I’ve been mulling over for a long while: there are two types of classics teachers. 

Of course, they’re very broad and people can also switch between them (I float somewhere in the middle), but, there are still two very distinct types out there. Let me illustrate this by showing you some examples

type 1: 

my last Ancient Greek teacher. she wore clothes that were most likely from the thrift store, always mis-matched, always a lot of cooky accesoires. Fluffy grey curls and a sweet but naive smile. thought it was a good idea to teach unabridged Martial to a bunch of high schoolers without any supervision, brought stuffed animals to school to teach through them. lived alone and cared for her demented mother. had never heard of mumford and sons and we were able to distract her for 70% of the class every single week without fail. Sometiems we made her cry because we were uninterested high schoolers who took advantage of her positive teaching attitude. Loved the history behind it. 

type 2:

My last Latin teacher. wore her hair in a sharp, steel-grey bob cute, had a sharp nose, and was able to silence the entire class with just one look. taught Latin like we were in military school, but still kept people interested and actually achieved something with us. Has a loving family and was always on top of things, often even managing to work ahead with us. Loved linguistics more than anything.

Do you see where I’m goingith this? You have type 1, the cooky, weird teacher that is a complete mess but still loveable, and type 2, a very down-to-earth family-oriented type that is disciplined, clear and straightforward. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been able to sort my classics teachers into these two categories, while other teachers don’t seem to adhere to types. I guess classics just attracts a very peculiar type of people?

are you a type 1 or type 2 classics person?


My city’s high school is know for my dad’s (a teacher at the highschool) experiments involving chili, like ghost chili and Carolina reapers. Strong stuff. In the experiment students have to find out which chilies are the strongest. They can do this the science way or just eat it and see what happens. A couple of hes students talked about this to there religion teacher who said he was “good a eating strong stuff”. So the next time my dad had the class, a couple of students who had missed the experiment asked for a chili to share with said religion teacher. The students got a Carolina reaper from my dad and they split it in 3, two for the students, and a piece for the religion teacher. The two students were sent home, because they were throwing up, and my dad was called out of his class because the religion teacher thought he was dying.

When my dad came back to class he was laughing so hard he dismissed the class an hour early

So fun story about my religion class

Though most people aren’t going to care I go to a Catholic high school where religion is a required course. Normally I sit in class not pay attention or just laugh at whatever dumb thing comes up (it can be so entertaining). So for whatever reason my school thinks that religion should give sex ed, and they decided to give the sex talk in my class (it was comically awkward and stupid, I just made jokes the whole time with a friend). And then the topic of homosexuality came up (cause of course). So they tried to teach me that gay sex is a major sin, gay marriage doesn’t exist, that we can’t experience love and that loving the same sex is the same as must having a really good friend. A long with a few choice comments.

Long story short I’m now writing a religion essay on homosexuality, and during our mock wedding (cause why not) I’m “marrying” a dude. I can’t wait to see my religion teachers face, hehe hehe I’m so excited.

My religion class is fucked. First of all, the teacher is super old and always tells us her outdated political views that seriously discriminate a lot of students of the school. Second of all, she pretends to be strict with deadlines and shit, but half he class has handed in assignments a month late and she doesn’t do anything. Lastly, she keeps making us watch movies that she somehow connects to religion, such as Mean Girls and the Spongebob movie.

About why INFPs aren’t always pure and sometimes downright dangerous

I usually don’t post anything about MBTI on this blog, but there’s something I really need to get off my chest about INFP.

I’m INFP myself, and what I hate the most is that we’re mostly portrayed as kind, daydreaming beings, too good for this world, too pure. No. We aren’t.

Our dominant Fi means we’re lead by our own ethical agenda and our corresponding emotions - in a lot of cases, this makes us understanding, peaceful, and mindful of others because we believe that’s the right thing to do. We are perceived as Good Beings™ because society values compassion.

But remember, it’s because we believe in this agenda, and made it our very core.

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Hello! How are you?

(OOC: I’m okay; my feelings are a bit contradictory lately. Thanks for asking. I’ve got an APUSH test tomorrow that I’m a bit worried about, but I’ve got a lot of content coming out for you guys, so get excited about that. )

a list of quotes from my school

“So we didn’t light anything in fire? No? Oh, well I guess we have to.”- My (very pregnant) science teacher

“So like, meeting at Waffle House at 3am on Wednesday? Yeah?”- my friend

“BULLSHIT”- screamed by my English teacher

“Don’t use the verb être with the adjective ‘chaud’. Unless you’re into that type of thing.”- my French teacher

“I approve of these memes” and “I’m a VERY bad boy”-my world religion teacher

“But in some art, you might see -GASP- BREASTS”- my art teacher, very sarcastically

“Good play.” “Thanks, I used my long body to tackle him.”- my friend

“HIGH NOON”- also my very pregnant science teacher

“Aliens are real. Mr. Badger said so.”- my friend

“You can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys being fly.”- this horrible kid in my class who looks like a pastry bag

“The trashy one who looks like a bumblebee.”- my friend

Mental breakdown(s!)

So I went to a public school in a reasonably rough area of England and multiple teachers had breakdowns. One time my religion teacher was very clearly upset and this one kid who isn’t quite all there kept asking her what was wrong despite her getting obviously increasingly upset. By the end of the lesson she had the teacher in absolute tears. It turns out she’d broken up with her fiancé.

Another time my crazy history teacher got real mad at our class and just snapped. She shouted at a random kid to go outside, and when he asked what he’d done she just shouted louder. She then picked up all of his books and threw them out into the hallway.

One time my English teacher made me leave the room, and I thought I was in trouble, but she followed me outside and just started crying. She’d gotten so stressed because of my class she’d just broken… she was asking me for help but like I was a 15 year old kid with my own problems??? I had no idea what to do.

I wasn’t actually in the class for this, but one time a science teacher got really angry at this girl, and he sent her out the classroom and as she left he picked up her book and threw it at her head. It was talked about amongst the year for a good while and I think the teacher was suspended for about a week.

actual shit said in my religion class

there are 6 of us, 5 students, one teacher

  • “its 11AM, we’re in Religion class, and i just got sent a dickpic”
  • “You’re like… ¾ of a human”
  • “Do we get to watch Hot Jesus again?”
  • “He bangs harder than a dunny door in the wind” - my teacher
  • “I think this is a cum stain I’m such a bad Islamic Buddhist Christian”
  • “as soon as i got home from that excursion i poured myself a gin and tonic and stared at my dog for an hour”
  • “Slav Squatting is good because like…. like you are getting a good workout but like…. you’re able to just get back up into action”
  • “*starts laughing* i just thought of a meme!”
  • “i almost drank window cleaner this morning.”
  • *does the rap part of fergalicious while the teacher looks on smiling*
  • “do you… do you think brab hates us?? are we a disappointment?”
  • “can this loveable egg have some noodles?”
  • “*in response to anything* ooooh,,, spicy!!”
  • “living hurts my soul”
  • “back when i was your age, a whole group of my friends and i had a seance, and the spirit told them to kill me. ‘kill barbara kill barbara’ it said! i am still scared by that.”
  • “i look like a prostitute but jesus would still love me.”
  • “you’re my favourite wiccan!!”
  • “i like to swallow balls”

oddly specific formative influences are my shit. 

in seminary, my teacher supplied us with blue ink pens, so that our notes and underlining would stand out from the scripture. it was also those that we took notes in our journals with, since it was the only pen available. 

it’s blue ink that always gets me in an educational mood. but only the type of mood that seminary got me – exploratory. divine. 

In my Religion class today, my teacher compared the hidden scriptures we will study to fanfiction and this girl completely bashed it.

Saying that people who did fanfiction were completely and too obsessed, they needed to just leave things alone and get lives and to be honest I got upset.

Fanfiction is a great way to stretch your imagination, to better your writing abilities and to make something your own in a way. But to say people have no lives if they write these types of writing is completely false. Plus I feel like I’ve met a lot of talented individuals that I wouldn’t have met before.

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my religion teacher told us that cosmetic factories use aborted fetuses in skin care products and that pepsi puts fetuses in their drinks.... so I came home and googled and it was false information.. can u believe the ignorance its so funny to meeee

I’ve been sitting on this ask for weeks with no true, genuine reply that serves it justice

Perhaps the best thing I have read today (via Slate):

“[Nez Perce Chief] Joseph never stopped pressing for land in the Wallowa Valley, and up to his death in 1904, the government kept reopening and reconsidering his claims. Joseph became an inspiration to generations of civil rights and human rights activists due his forceful message of universal liberty and equality. “We only ask an even chance to live as other men live,” he famously said. “Let me be a free man—free to travel, free to stop, free to work, free to trade where I choose, free to choose my own teachers, free to follow the religion of my fathers, free to think and talk and act for myself—and I will obey every law, or submit to the penalty.” It’s a strikingly modern expression of the rights that all Americans should expect, marking a bridge from the old values of abolition, the Union, and Reconstruction to the causes of a new century. But Joseph was not simply making a plea for citizenship. He was claiming the right to participate in the contentious, if not unending, struggles built into the American way of governing—the right to speak to the state and be heard.”

I’m!! So!!! Tired!! Of telling people I’m Indian and having them just stare at me! One time a white girl tried to lecture me on racism in South East Asia! One time a core religions teacher told me if I don’t embrace my culture I discriminate! Excuse me for feeling alienated by a culture which pushes me out no matter what I do! I wear saris and bindis and henna as a part of daily life, not for kitchsy fun to go to Coachella. Leave me alone.