my relationship with seunghyun

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When Dae had his terrible car accident, Seunghyun was the member that personally went to the scrapyard to get Dae's personal effects out of the wreck. I don't know what the anon wants from him. A shrine featuring a naked Dae in his living room? Couple outfits? I dunno...

I didn’t know that so thank you for letting me know really! In my opinion Seunghyun and Dae’s relationship is based on actions more than words, and those actions most of the times are not seen simply because they are private people. I just wish people didn’t jump to conclusions about Seunghyun (or any other member) just because they can’t see those actions or the ones they want. 

What happens if you love?
I’ll get richer in emotions. Everything I do will go well since I would want to look cool in front of my girlfriend [laughs].
—  「최승현」Choi Seunghyun, L'Officiel Hommes Magazine 2013
If you are in love, what type of man will you become?
In the past, I would become a man that would devote all my time to her but I have changed a bit. I am not good at confessing love directly so I would convey my love to her subtly.
—  「최승현」Choi Seunghyun, With Magazine 2010