my redheaded princess

I was interested in a side by side comparison on how Hinoka would look with her regular hair length and one with long. Then it turned into her swapping for Camilla’s. Unfortunately she looks like a certain purse owner user now.

anonymous asked:

whaat they made st¥dia canon?? 🤢🤢🤢 this is literally the stuff of my nightmares I haven't seen the past like 3 seasons but come they do my redheaded princess like that I hate this trope so much where a mediocre good for nothing boy obsesses about a beautiful intelligent girl that is so out of his league he needs a telescope to see her and like he wears her down and she ends up dating him that stuff makesmy blood boil I love Lydia so much why do I have to see her with a man in 2017


and we have all these young girls, mostly straight white girls, looking at sty/dia and thinking that it’s the epitome of romance. it’s so goddamn unhealthy and toxic and unrealistic. like this is the kind of conditioning that young girls undergo so that later in life they put up with horrific bullshit in the name of heterosexuality. it’s awful.