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He looked anxious, the shadows under his eyes more pronounced. Kit wanted to go across the table and put his arms around Ty the way he had the night before, on the roof. He felt intensely protective of the other boy, in a way that was strange and unnerving. He’d cared about people before, mostly his father, but he’d never wanted to protect them. He wanted to kill anyone who would try to hurt Ty. It was a very peculiar feeling.

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Hey guys! So, I’m in the late stages of getting everything ready for chapter 1, but I’m running into one final problem: I can’t make up my mind on how I want to host it.

I’ve narrowed it down to two options: Webtoons or self-hosting. There are big pros and cons to both, and since I know a lot of you are fans of the webcomic scene I figured your insight would be appreciated. As a reader, what format do you prefer? And, as an artist, what would you lean towards in my situation?

I’ve listed my thoughts under the cut, so please have a read and let me know what you think.

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Game Rec: Kisses and Curses

Yes, that’s right, that game which you’ve no doubt encountered as the annoying, cheesy ad on your mobile dashboard with the cringy tagline of “save the world, and fall in love” or something to that effect. 

Well. I am here to tell you that all the assumptions you’ve made about this game are wrong. 

I’ve gotten really into interactive visual novel games recently, so when I got really bored one day I decided to give it a go. It’s probably about five minutes in that I realise that, cheesy advertising and cringe-inducing (but thankfully skip-able) intro aside, this game is a HIDDEN GEM. 

The girl front and center of the main pic is the hella bisexual protagonist and the other five are the love interest options!

They waste no time making her bisexuality super clear, and if you do the Anastasia storyline it gets discussed in more depth (not sure about the others yet). 

Now, if you’re like me and you’re a thirsty gay/bi/pan, being able to play an interactive story where you can romance anyone out of three guys and two girls is probably enough to catch your attention right away. But there’s so much else going for it. 

Firstly, it’s genuinely hilarious. The main character (who I’ll refer to as MC here since you get to name her) is brilliantly snarky and 120% my ideal kind of protagonist. 

(Screencaps are all borrowed from other Tumblr users who have been posting about the game, the way the game works makes it too difficult for me to go away and get some of my own atm - so they’re not the most ideal caps in some cases but the best I could do)

Basically, the premise is that MC is a (bisexual) witch. 

Witches have Birthrights, different abilities they are born with which is usually passed down through the family. MC’s birthright is a Stargazer: she neutralises the wayward magic in starfalls which is dangerous when left unattended. 

The plot starts up when starfalls become starfloods aka way more tricky to the point of dangerously overwhelming. 

Without giving too much of the plot away, it basically turns out that things are headed in a potentially catastrophic direction for the whole world if you don’t do something about it. You have to pick a witch and a human to travel with you to help you with the spell in question (which is how you narrow down which love interest you’re going to go after). 

There’s a lot more to it than that but that’ll give you enough of an idea.  

Each love interest storyline deviates from the others in some way while still sticking mostly to the central plot (which is pretty damn good, with a nice twist at the end which I only worked out just before the reveal, and frankly it didn’t lose its punch), keeping it interesting for playing through the difference romance options. The romance is surprisingly well written, evoking emotion but also…well, it gets pretty steamy! Like, fairly blatant oral sex implications level of steamy. It’s great. 

An element of gameplay I really like is that the choices you face can be genuinely difficult sometimes and you have no idea what kind of repercussions they might have, just like if it was real life. It was surprisingly immersive in those moments - I was worried!

I’ve only done one of the love interest storylines so far - recently started my second choice - but I heard another player talking about how a choice of theirs accidentally led to a character (who they thought was 100% safe) getting killed off, and nothing like that happened to me but, I now have to wonder if I was ever just one choice away from something like that since there were definitely some close calls! 

Quick love interest breakdown: 

Melanie - witch - black lesbian (I think) with awesome hair who is your best friend and honestly just kind of the best person ever, even if you romance someone else her friendship with MC is adorable bc sapphic besties

Anastasia - human - an intense yet awkward lesbian witch hunter who 100% has a thing for you until she learns you’re a witch, and things get really “starcrossed natural enemies” in the best possible way (hers is the only storyline I’ve finished so far and it’s honestly so beautiful)

Rhys - witch - very proper Welshman with a Birthright that lets him see the future, and is apparently secretly into BDSM (I’ve only just started his storyline, but apparently it’s great because he is the complete opposite of a certain Mr Grey, aka super respectful/devoted etc. I’m mostly just curious as to how explicitly it’ll be shown since they haven’t held back much so far, lol)

Niklas - witch - European gentleman who practices Dark Magic and has a Birthright that basically forces people to do what he says, which I know sounds concerning but I’ve seen comments saying that his storyline is actually really great, which I’ll actually believe based on the rest of the game (I suppose I’ll find out!)

Ty - human - boy next door who is just generally great and chill (I’m romancing Rhys atm but Ty is the human I brought along for the ride and it’s really awesome because even though Ty has a thing for MC, he and Rhys are getting along really well and it’s just nice to not have cliched jealousy between lowkey romantic rivals) 

Gameplay breakdown: 

So basically, you use ‘stamina potions’ to unlock chapters. This is probably the game’s only downfall - you can buy as many potions as you want but for those of us that can’t afford that, you have to wait four hours to get 1 stamina potion and a chapter can cost anything from 2-5. (Though the game will sometimes give you extra as a daily gift.)

While this can be frustrating when you’re getting really into the story, I actually like it because it stops the game from ruining my life/taking up all my time which it totally would if I could just skip through all the chapters. 

You also gain affinity for each of the love interests through your difference choices in interaction with them and sometimes need a certain level to unlock the next scene. If you don’t have enough, you have to play a potion making mini-game. This was initially tedious but they’ve just updated the game and totally fixed it so it doesn’t take too long. (This goes for a couple of other things as well, if you tried the game a while back and got frustrated with how it worked, I’d recommend giving it another go now.)

There are also coins and starstones, both of which you can use to buy different clothing (for the aesthetic/necessity for a scene/extra affinity for a character) for MC and the latter of which you can use to read a chapter even if you are lacking in affinity for a character - which I wouldn’t actually recommend doing because it means you’ll still be lacking later when the threshold is even higher.

In summary: 

Completely against expectation and advertised appearance, this game is LGBT+ inclusive, hilarious, engaging, free to download/play (though with purchase options) and not too likely to ruin your life. I give it a solid 8/10 because as much as I do appreciate it letting me get on with other things, I wish I didn’t have to wait nearly a day if the next chapter needs 5 stamina potions. 


rvb pfl pokemon au where everything is basically the same and project freelancer agents still kill people for a living but instead of AI command gave all the agents genetically modified and/or experimentally manipulated eevees

Wash didn’t get an eevee. PFL instead assigned him epsilon, an espeon of dubious origin, then signed them up for experimental treatment to create a neural link between agent and psychic pokemon

long story short it didn’t end well and Wash now has an aversion to psychic type pokemon.  he probably later leaves epsilon with caboose

even in pokemon au Wash ends up with a lot of shit to deal with i’m sorry, Wash

also luxray because cat (also, you and can bet Wash started with a shinx and spoiled it silly), and rotom to emulate EMP armour enhancement (because possessing electrical equipment is sort of like wrecking electronics) *shrugs

still open to suggestions

Other pokemon AU
Sarge +
Caboose +
North Dakota
Washington +

[Help me, Reddit!] [Serious] Is there a way for red-pilled cuckoldry?

Hey /sjwsinaction/, InsaneClownPepe here. I need some advice from you guys. Recently I got a girlfriend (she’s a 3.5/10 but i keep her around because she can cook and she looks kind of like Zoe Quinn) and I haven’t had sex with her yet. A lot of you guys might be calling me a cuck already, but hear me out; I haven’t had sex with her by my own choice. 

I’ve recently discovered the thrill of denying my girlfriend sex. It’s exhilarating, and it makes me feel like a chad who gets so much pussy that he can afford to turn some of it down. However, at the same time, my girlfriend has noticeably grown withdrawn and distant. She’s been going out a lot of nights and has been very obvious about it as well. At the time I assumed she had been trying to get me to be jealous of her hanging out with her friends but one is a cripple and the other one is a feminazi landwhale so gg. She recently admitted to me, after i pointed out some bruises on her neck, that she had been cheating on me with our neighbour, a big black dude named Phil.

Now for some reason, it was incredibly sexually arousing imagining Phil fucking my girlfriend. I found myself fantasizing about her having really rough, borderline abusive, sex with him and about just how she got that bruise. I told her I wasn’t mad at her and I still (((loved her))) (kek), but I got to thinking about how hot it would be if I actually got to watch the two of them go at it. I haven’t had sex in a really long time and this might actually be better than that. So help me, reddit: is there a way I can be cuckolded without becoming a cuck??? I’ve considered yelling racial slurs at Phil while he goes at it but he’s pretty bilt so I’m worried he’d just rek me. Maybe if I genuinely insult my wife under the guise of dirty talk??? I’m just not sure. Any kind of help appreciated!

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high priestess for you know who

High Priestess: Do you pay more attention to your heart or your mind?

The Nunh let out a tired chuckle. “You asked too late. Was entirely prepared to say that I prefer thinking with my mind. But considering recent choices I’ve been making, it’s been taking the back seat.” The bronzed Miqo’te hoisted his infant daughter up, resting her sleeping form against the front of his chest while his son sat with wide eyes, wondering why his sister got special treatment.

“In most cases? I’ve got my head in the game. When it comes to family…my kids, my sister, my wife?” That last term of affection is almost foreign on this tongue, but isn’t spoken without a tentative smile.

“Heart first.”


Haylijah Appreciation Week #2

Day 2: Favorite Quote(s)