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recenty I've been feeling super sad... the voltron fandom (The people who do all the nasty stuff) ruined something that made me so happy for so long... but then I remember there is some sweeties in the fandom. and I really enjoy your blogs because your a sweetie <3

Nasty stuff?? Oh man.

Reasons why I mostly keep to myself and my own art instead of interacting a lot with the fandom. I’m glad I could be here for you though!


“Juveswick…it was rotting away with flames. Sirens blared in the air, people screamed in distress, and bombs continued to drop down upon our town. I felt so real…it’s as if I was really there, seeing all of this terrible sight for myself. Did this really happen? Or was my mind playing tricks on me and haunting me with this nightmare?”

“I don’t want to make anyone worry about the nightmares I only have for myself, so I should…just keep quiet about the matter. It’s my problem to deal with, and not for others to take in. I don’t want to make anyone suffer from my experiences.”

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Hi! So, I need some friends in the OUAT (and it's writers') fandom. I'd love to be your friend and if you know of any other writers who are friendly I'd love some recommendations 😊

A) I promised to upload it so I could link it to you, so here’s “Hold On” on ffn for your reading pleasure! Sorry mobile tumblr keeps eating my stories and not sharing them with you!

B) To answer this ask, well, that’s a lot more difficult. I have my friends. And I know my friends. And I love a lot of people in this fandom outside my friends. There are blogs/bloggers I follow that I’m not friends with who I absolutely admire. There are blogs/bloggers I love but I’m not following because I keep my following count low for personal fidget reasons. So it’s more about finding the ones who fit you. And we are totally friends now! So feel free to message me at any time and I’m happy to chat!

I don’t want to do a list of blogs you should check out because ultimately I would miss someone I love and I would feel terrible for it. So just check out who I reblog from, and who others you follow reblog from, and check out those blogs. A friend of a friend is a friend, indeed! 

C) Friends in the fandom! Feel free to reblog/like/comment on this post to show @spiritedquill all the friendly people in this fandom!

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The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)

did i ever show you this edit i made

and only 47 i'm gays in my i'm gay account

@chewbaccafarms asked for pidge in e3 and lance in a2 from this post !!!