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Okay first off to make it clear, this is NOT in the Mystery dads au. ANYWAY, for the 100 ways to say I love you meme #83- Stay there, I’ll come get you and #37- Can I kiss you?

I decided to do both of theses together , because I thought it would be interesting to have the refusal of the kiss be the way someone shows there love.

And this is the second pic or comic in a row I’ve made where Fidds’ is explicitly showing that he respects Stan’s desires and wants him to have informed consent, it seems to be turning into sort of a theme for my Fiddlestan stuff… 


This is my (late) entry for @roxy-davenport‘s Halloween Challenge. I had #49 “You can’t possibly be my soulmate”. Sorry it’s late, but life. This was supposed to be scary, which I’m really bad at, so this is my attempt at something scary. Enjoy!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: Reader gets kidnapped by an old enemy, this leads to Dean finding out some secrets about her past.

Warning: kidnapping, possible rape triggers (no actual rape, but it build up), implied smut?

Words: about 2125

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Everything was dark. The last thing you had seen was the duffel bag you were in the middle of packing. It had been a rough hunt and you and the Winchester brothers were looking forward to a few well-deserved days off at home in the bunker. You had broken a couple of fingers on one hand, and felt the need to adjust to only one fully functioning hand. And the idea of a few nights in your own bed hadn’t seemed too bad either. Turns out someone, or something, had different plans for you.

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Charles Xavier- Couches

Request:  heyo! can you write a v fluffy drabble with charles and the reader? like they’re just cuddling and having a nice time™ and y/n’s making bad jokes about whatever’s on TV and charles kisses them all over their face and stuff idk, tho if you don’t wanna write it that’s chill

Okay, so I’m really bad at writing jokes… so if my comedy attempt is really dodgy you have my apologies, or maybe it’ll make it all the more relatable? Anyway, I didn’t really write a joke as such. This is for all of you out there who think they are funny but can’t ever make others laugh. Hope my wonderful requester enjoys this little drabble.

~Much love, Ive

You’d been lying on the couch with your legs over Charles after you were both exhausted after your latest mission. It was getting to that stage when you were so over tired you had no idea words were going to fly out of your mouth until you’d said something stupid. The TV in the corner was playing a show you weren’t really paying attention to. It was some boring documentary of some kind that Charles had put on. The voice droned on and on and you were trying not to fall asleep.

“Charles.” You said grumbled moving your foot up to poke him in the face. He smirked and printed it didn’t bother him to have your toes poking his cheek. “Charles, I’m bored of this.” You complained poking him harder.

“You aren’t finding it interesting?” He said grabbing hold of your ankle so that you’d stop kicking him.

“It’s boring. And here we have the Charles Xavier in his natural habitat. A mild mannered creature who spends his days making his girlfriend watch boring documentaries.” You said in the same voice as the guy on the TV. Charles let out a short laugh and looked at you with a sigh.

“You’re so annoying sometimes.” He laughed.

“That’s why you love me right?” You said sitting up so you could look at him closer.

“No…” He mocked, making you gasp. You grabbed the pillow your head was on before and used it to hit him playfully across the back of his head. It was his turn to gasp, you saw him grab the pillow from beside him and instead of sitting there and taking the hit you decided to run. You shot up off the couch, closely followed by Charles. You did a run around the couch, knowing he would be able to catch you if you ran in a circle. Charles was laughing as he occasionally swung the pillow, which only missed you my a few centimetres each time. You sped up so you were much further in front of him but with that Charles changed direction and you ran right into him. He dug his fingers into your ribs, knowing your ticklish spots and you squirmed under his hands not being able to hold back your laughter. You were already out of breath from running and now you could hardly breathe from the laughter. Trying to get away you decided it was best to drop to the ground and try to escape him, sadly this backfired and grabbed you by the waist before you managed to fall, holding you in midair. He swung you around onto the couch again and plonked himself next to you. You were both a little out of breath as you faced each other on the couch he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

Here we see the wild Xavier-“ you went back to your documentary voice but was cut off with a kiss from Charles.

“That was the only way I could think to get you to shut up.” He smirked and then continued to kiss you forehead, then between your eyebrows, to the tip of your nose. You crinkled it up in protest, when really you were loving every second of his attention. He stopped kissing you for a second to look at your crinkly face and then decided to kiss both of your cheeks. He kissed every little inch of skin on your face, everywhere apart from your lips. You were getting impatient and you decided it’d be best if you just kissed him yourself. once the kissing finally stopped, and it did go on for a very long time the two of you cuddled up on the couch and just lay there for a while. Completely enjoying each others company.

Ok this is a bad picture because it’s still on the computer, but I got the first line done for this pic. I’m taking a break now to feed apep and clean my room and stuff, but I’ll see about hopefully finishing it tonight! Dang, digital drawing is hard…

This is my bad attempt at writing. All rights go to those deserving.


“For the last time, no!”

“Please, please, please…”

That was when Percy knew Annabeth was desperate. In the six years that he had been best friends with her, he had never seen her beg before. But this was too much. She was asking him to…no there was no way he was going to do it. He hated denying Annabeth anything and he usually gave in to her wants, but this was simply too much.  

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some gifs of the light of my life hobi for @plantylester


I started on something new! It’s going to be a second attempt at an 1890′s dress inspired by the one Edith wears in Crimson Peak. My first attempt turned out really bad - from the fit, length, construction, and fabric, it was all a bit of a fail.

This time around i’m feeling much more confident. I’ve switched the pattern around to a more common 90′s design (which unintentionally made it look a lot closer to the inspiration gown). Instead of beaded details it will have buttons, and the skirt/bodice patterns will be much simpler.

I picked a bright orange iridescent silk taffeta for this. Not a color I usually go for, but I loved the vibrancy and the weight of this fabric is gorgeous, it’s been a joy to work with! 

Alright so I’m dicking around on Fire Emblem: Heroes and restarting my account a lot because I love summoning heroes?? Plus I challenged myself to keep restarting and recording data until I manage to summon a 5* Chrom. Gives me something to do. 

Each restart I have 50 orbs, and that equates to 10 heroes per restart. You can see some of the restarts were really good, while others were really bad. Idk, this interests me tbh.

My fav attempt here had to be attempt 6. 3 5* heroes in one go, it’s crazy. And that Ephraim too??? I was tempted to stop and keep that go but no this is a challenge and I must complete it hdsjgh

So like Lele mod horse is going to @annualponyprom
Dressed like a guy or smth because that’s her aesthetic let her be
And yeah she’s open for being anyones companion at the prom which would include some free art *shrug* if not she’s still gonna go and get nice food and stuff

now its time to go ask out the senpais and get rejected/ignored epically (?? hell yea

Hii my lovelys!! Lily here and nice to meet you all~~ I created my blog back in august and now it had passed 1k!! I could not believe this, so I would like to thank my mutuals so much sticking to this trashy blog!!!! <3333

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