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Hey psssht hey hey guess in what fan-fucking-tastic fandom I got myself in for 3 months in already pls dont kill meh

uhm… … …the last time I was in RPF hell was eons ago (KPop lol) and I have no idea how I got from one place to another this time around…

BUT I digress! There’s this one YuzuVier fanfiction that I’ve been reading since the first day it was published on Ao3 and I adore it so much aaaaHHH WHY IS DRAWING RL PPL SO MUCH AGONY it’s always the same tredding the thin line of ‘does this look okay’ and ‘omg cringe’
  • Sana: Bro you know what I just realised
  • Momo: What bro?
  • Sana: The letter W is produced "double u." Instead of making up a new sound for the letter, they were just like ok let's stick two u's together. But when you write the letter W on paper, it isn't even two u's stuck together, it's two v's stuck together
  • Momo: [softly] fuck

Mulgrew: This one is my heart. An absolute delight to work with - as sharp as they come. A little dangerous, slightly mad.

Lyonne: Kate is a delight to work with, slightly mad. Also very sick, really likes uh ‘the finer things in life’, if you know what I mean.

Mulgrew: You are insane!

Lyonne: You are a wonder.

Yiddish-speakers themselves, including some of the most prominent Yiddish writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, routinely referred to their language as Zhargon – Jargon. It was a bastard tongue, bad German, a linguistic mishmash, hardly a language at all. Jews intent on assimilation found it particularly odious. In Germany for example, Jews tried to reduce Jewishness to a Konfession, a religion divorced from culture, insisting they weren’t Jews at all, but rather “Germans of the Mosaic persuasion” Go make the case in Yiddish, where every word, every linguistic tic, is a reminder of peoplehood. Consider, for example, Max Weinreich’s example of a more or less random Yiddish sentence: Di bobe est tsholent af Shabes – The grandmother eats warmed-over bean stew on the Sabbath. Bobe, “grandmother” is a Slavic word that entered Yiddish in the thirteenth or fourteenth century. Est was adopted a thousand years ago, from Middle High German. Tsholent, bean stew, came from Old French more than a thousand years ago, probably from chaud, “hot”, and lent, “slow” – a fitting name for a dish that Jews keep warm on the Sabbath, when cooking is not allowed. And Shabes, “Sabbath,” is a Hebrew word that dates back several thousand years. Quite literally, Yiddish is a living chronicle of Jews’ historical experience, proof of their peoplehood, and therefore spills the beans on assimilationist aspirations. No wonder Bourgeois Jews hated it; no wonder scholars ignored it. In 1873, for example, the German Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz afforded Yiddish just two paragraphs in his magisterial six-volume History of the Jews. Never mind that Yiddish was then the first or only language of 80% of the world’s Jews; for Graetz, it was “eine halbtierische Sprache,” a half-bestial tongue.

- Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books by Aaron Lansky

So I went to see Beauty and the Beast with my mom today. I had problems with the movie (CGI hurts my eyes after a certain amount of time and I just know I’m looking at pixels) BUT SHE HAD A BIG PROBLEM WITH THE MOVIE.

There was no gay kiss.

She was pissed. My mom tracked down the guys cleaning the floors and asked if they knew why the kiss got cut. She asked the ticket seller why the kiss got cut. She wandered around a movie theater until she found a manager to make sure the theater didn’t cut the gay kiss and it was actually disney that did it.

“I specifically wanted to go see this movie so my horrific friends could eat their hearts out.” She was determined to go home and tell all of her friends that were against the gay kiss to get wrecked and she wasn’t going to have that opportunity now. 

I just trailed behind her going “I’m so sorry, I know you make the opposite of money to do this job. Please ignore her.”

One of the ironies of the fact that it’s taking me so darn long to finish Anabasis is that the vast majority of my worldbuilding, including Tatooine slave culture, as well as a lot of concepts and themes, were all originally developed for Anabasis…

But they’re appearing in published form in all my other ‘verses first.

So by the time Anabasis does come out, people are gonna read it and be like, “Oh hey, you used that thing from DAV again!” When in fact the exact opposite is true.


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[►] “Best friends?” SMH! More like boyfriends because LOOK AT HOW YOU’RE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER! Not to mention the tone of their voices with one another! This is KILLING me and it’s not even scratching the surface of what’s happened today!