my real life gets in the way of tumblr sometimes

Beware not of the monsters, but of the Jopper-ness…

So Stranger Things has almost taken over my life and I needed to write this before it took over completely. I fell in love with the show, then fell in love with this ‘ship. I haven’t ‘shipped this hard since 2008.

I’m not a writer, by the way, just a little sad that there isn’t much Jopper-love on tumblr. Here you go. Probable spoilers. Too much fluff.

Chapter 1 - Sometimes.

Nothing had happened. The day that everyone was dreading had arrived and nothing had happened. It was one year since the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers and everyone went about their daily lives, even Hopper. Then it dawned on him. Today he wouldn’t be seeing Joyce.

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Dear future love of my life,

You are taking too long to find me, but I realize that sometimes, God has this way of teaching you all the lessons you need to learn before you get to the real good stuff.

Maybe we’re still learning.

I know it wouldn’t really be fair to you if you met me right now, as my heart still kinda belongs to the man who broke it. It doesn’t make sense. I know. But try telling my heart.

Still, I wish you would get here soon. I know “the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.” I don’t want you to be a transition guy. I want you to be the one, the one who helps mend this broken and shattered thing that still manages to beat inside my chest. I want you to be mine. I want you now. I want you forever.

I’m impatient. When you meet me and get to know me, you’ll get this. You’ll get everything. You’ll understand me the way I’ve always wanted to be understood. You’ll crave me and love me the way I’ve always needed.

I will think the world of you. Sure, you’ll have excellent taste in music. You’ll be funny and smart and you’ll be crazy about me. But you’ll have that something else. The something else I’ve been searching for my whole life.

I’ll realize everything was leading to the moment I met you. Because that’s where everything will really start.

Please get here soon.

Your Future Love

—  Bea | Dear Future Love of My Life

This is the reason why I’ve been sort of missing for a week or so - I’ve been back at school working on this beast. 

I’ve got a couple of unanswered questions hanging around in my inbox that collected during the time I was away, which I’ll get to as soon as I can. (Thank you, you lovely patient peeps)

Also I can finally start doodling again :‘D 

So little time for all the things i would like to do… I really like my job, but 12 hours a day are slowly taking away all my energy from me. 

I want to draw! gosh!!, when will i be able to draw again?(which i couldn’t do for like… 2 weeks now). Sometimes I wonder why this artblock, and I get to the conclusion that I’m tired, just too tired to draw or to talk or to do anything fun that i love doing. So i come to tumblr, I reblogg a pair of posts and go away for …2 days or more…

And that doesn’t feels quite right…in fact, it’s not fair for me!, when tumblr was my way to relaxing and having fun, a corner to stay away from real life problems but due to the lack of free time I don’t have it anymore (not like before at least and I feel this empty space inside of me where the things i enjoy doing should be…blogging, drawing, studying languages for example),  it’s not fair even for you guys!!, because every message i get waits on my ask box for days unil i manage to reply. Oh well, I had to say this because it might seem that I come here at night like a passer by, …but the trutht is that i miss you a lot! Hope all of you are doing well.